Star Odyssey Chapter 371: Galaxy Boat

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Everyone knows who Lu Yin is. He is one of the most evil cultivators in the universe and the most powerful leader. His decisive battle with Tian Huan dazzled the students of Shangwu Academy. know him.

If Afan is defeated by Lu Yin, no one can blame him. In the extreme realm, except for a limited number of two or three people, no one dares to say that they can withstand Lu Yin’s attack. That is a real genius.

Beimen Gang’s eyes flashed and he sneered, “You said Lu Yin, just Lu Yin, okay, even if it was Lu Yin who stole the boundary stone, my eldest brother is a strong man in the exploration realm with 30,000 combat power, ninth on the top 100 battle list It is easy for a thirteen-year-old master to defeat this Lu Yin. Because of your own failure, you elevated this person too much, and you have disgraced me, Beixing Liujie.”

Many people around me agree that the top 100 battle list is synonymous with the best. Although Lu Yin is strong, he is only at the extreme level. It is not easy to challenge the exploration realm by leapfrogging, but the top 100 battle list is different, even if it is only the extreme level. Ranked 100th on the top 100 battle list, it is not something that can be matched by the ordinary exploration realm, and it is enough to compete with the strong ones in the cruising realm.

They didn’t know what happened to Lu Yin recently in the outer universe. Thirty-level strength tied the record of ten finals, and one person crushed two exploration realm elites. If they knew, they wouldn’t be so confident. Of course, Afan’s words It was indeed an exaggeration. He couldn’t decide who was stronger or weaker, Beimen Lie or Lu Yin.

Lily Shuer’s eyes were bright, especially when she heard the word “Lu Yin”, she was even more excited and seemed to be very curious.

Afan did not argue with Beimen Gang and left directly. There is no point in saying anything now.

Beimen Gang did not stop him. Just as he was about to ask Lily Shuer to sit down, he found that Lily Shuer was missing.

Outside the restaurant, Afan walked silently, and behind him, Lili Shuer ran up, “Hey, let me ask you, what is it like to fight against Lu Yin?”.

Afan ignored her.

Lily Shuer frowned and jumped to block Afan’s way, “Hey, I’m talking to you.”

Afan smelled of alcohol and said impatiently, “I don’t know.”

“Weren’t you robbed of the Realm Stone by Lu Yin? How could you not know? Is it a lie?” Lily Shuer shouted.

Afan stood there with his eyes recalling.

Lily Shuer walked up to him, bent down, raised her head, and looked at him strangely, “What? Can’t you describe it?”.

Afan sighed, “One palm, superimposed strength.”

Lily Shuer’s eyes widened, “One palm? You were defeated with just one palm?”.

Afan nodded and continued walking forward.

Lily Shuer hurriedly chased after her, “You are one of the strongest people in Shangwu Academy. My cousin asked me to study at Shangwu Academy and specifically mentioned you. You can’t even block someone’s palm.”

Afan said bitterly, “Yeah, I can’t block even a palm, I’m a waste.” He said, staggering towards the Martial Arts Academy.

Lily Shuer stood there, blinking, “Really so powerful? I want to tell my cousin to try out the so-called ten finalists.” After saying that, she ran away with a laugh.

The starry sky is always so dark. Lu Yin has left San Dios and headed for the northbound flow realm of the inner universe.

The battle between Youxing Gorge and Dark Mist Territory will not end in the short term. Zhaoran was handed over to Barry by Lu Yin and asked to take care of him.

The Moon Fairy did not come out this time and stayed in San Dios.

Compared with Fairy Moon, Lu Yin wants to communicate with An Shaohua more. Shuiyue Villa is not much worse than Hanyue Sect. More importantly, Shuiyue Villa makes Lu Yin feel much better than Hanyue Sect. Unfortunately, An Shaohua Shaohua finally left the inner universe and didn’t want to go back, otherwise he would be taken with him.

“Brother Qi, why don’t you go out without a beautiful woman?” Gui Hou said unhappily.

Lu Yin frowned, “Want to be blocked again?”.

Gui Hou shut up immediately. He knew that Lu Yin was not joking. If he said he would block someone, he would block it. Now that he had figured it out, he also knew how to give a warning. Most of the time, there was no warning and he just blocked it.

In this regard, Guihou was already helpless.

The spacecraft Lu Yin took out this time was the exclusive Sandios spaceship. It was still an Aurora spaceship, but it was not a radiant class, but a black hole class.

The black hole-class Aurora spaceship is an exclusive vehicle for members of the Youth Council. It can protect against attacks by strong hunters in the hunting realm, and its speed is a hundred times that of ordinary spaceships.

It would take at least seven or eight months to travel from San Dios to the northbound flow at the speed of an ordinary spaceship, not counting the time to change the route midway. Now, at the speed of the black hole-level Aurora spacecraft, it only takes less than three months. sky.

The entire route was completed in less than three days. This speed was something Lu Yin could not even imagine before, but now he has actually achieved it.

This is the black hole-class Aurora spacecraft.

Of course, this does not include the time spent in the galaxy.

According to his estimation, counting all the time, it would not take more than five days to reach the northbound current boundary.

Money limits people’s imagination. With money, anything can be achieved. With this black hole-level Aurora spacecraft, he will not waste so much unnecessary time navigating the universe.

Feeling the extreme speed of the spaceship, Lu Yin sighed, maybe even if you have money, you may not be able to achieve everything. At least this spaceship is not something that everyone can enjoy. This kind of extreme speed brings about a body that cannot bear it.

Generally, a strong person in the extreme realm cannot bear this kind of extreme speed. At least he must have the physical body of a strong person in the exploration realm to be able to withstand it.

One day later, the spaceship suddenly stopped in the starry sky. Lu Yin looked into the distance and recalled that there was the pirate port and the place where he transformed, where he experienced death.

It was also there that his thoughts changed. In life, one cannot just be an ant forever and let others decide his fate.

If it hadn’t been for what happened in the Pirate Port, I would now be at most comparable to the Starry Sky War Academy Trial Domain Master, and even the strength of the chief could not be matched, let alone the leader.

People’s chances are really unpredictable. Three years ago, I was still an ordinary person. Three years later, I became famous in the universe.

I don’t know how the family’s investigation of the original incident is going. Returning to the Rennes War Group, those who took action back then may be trembling.

The Pirate Port is very close to the Galaxy.

Not long after, Lu Yin arrived outside the galaxy again.

The last time I came here, I took the Wenfeng Liujie Border Spaceship. I took the express lane, which was equivalent to jumping in line and entering the giant ship of the galaxy. This time, Lu Yin was not exposed. He wanted to enter the inner universe like ordinary people.

The giant galactic boat is extremely huge. Each spacecraft has passed the inspection and entered the giant boat. They will travel with the giant boat to and from the inner and outer universe.

The current owner of this giant ship is Old Goode, and he will continue to stay in this position for many years.

No matter where you are, there are always secret transactions. In addition to the normal procedures for entering the inner universe, ordinary people who want to enter the inner universe also depend on the attitude of certain people on the giant ship.

Back in the trial realm of the Starry Sky Battle Academy, Gul said that there were strong people walking in the starry sky who knelt down and worshiped him just to enter the inner universe. Now, Lu Yin has also seen it.

Under the gaze of countless people, a strong man walking in the starry sky humiliated himself and took out the Ning Kong Ring, requesting to enter the inner universe.

The attraction of the inner universe to the outer universe is too great. Many people believe that only by entering the inner universe can one become strong and have a bright future. Because of this idea, even the strong men who walk in the stars have to put down their dignity.

They think that in the future they can come back to take revenge after cultivating into a strong person in the inner universe, but in fact the people on the Galaxy Giant Boat don’t care at all, because even if those people enter the inner universe, the chance of becoming a truly strong person is very small, not to mention the Galaxy Giant The people on the boat are not weak either.

There were still a few spaceships left and it was Lu Yin’s turn. He was bored when he accidentally saw a familiar figure and his eyes were surprised. It was actually Gur.

Although they had only met once, Lu Yin had a deep impression of Gur. When he first met Gur, the strong man walking in the starry sky was still out of reach for Lu Yin, but at that time he Lu Yin was particularly impressed by what he heard about a star-walking powerhouse kneeling at Gur’s feet.

What’s more, Gur is still Old Gude’s son.

Spaceships are being inspected in orbit. If you want to enter the inner universe, in addition to paying a considerable amount of resources, you also need to have a formal reason. In addition to supervising the giant galactic ships, the responsibility of the Galaxy Realm Envoy is to find ways to prevent more People entering the inner universe are also the unwritten rules of the inner universe.

Lu Yin watched as the people on several spaceships in front left in frustration. He looked at Gur’s proud look not far away, with a smile on his face. It was his turn.

“Where did it come from?” came the voice from the spacecraft communication.

Lu Yin replied “Canglan Territory”.

“No entry allowed, let’s go”.

Lu Yin was stunned, “Why?”.

“Anyone coming from Canglan territory will not be allowed to enter today. Come back tomorrow.” The voice was obviously impatient.

Lu Yin was speechless, “Why?”.

“If you say you can’t enter, you can’t enter.”

At this time, a voice came from the spacecraft behind the orbit, “Brother, this is the rule of the giant ship of the galaxy. If you draw lots, you will not be able to enter which territory you draw. You will not be able to enter that day. If you draw lots again tomorrow, you will not be able to enter. Go, go back and wait for a day.”

Lu Yin was stunned, is this okay? .

“Okay, I know a lot. Since you know so much, you don’t need to go in,” the supervisor next to the track said in a strange tone.

“Ah? Sir, I just saw that you don’t want to talk, so I’m going to explain a few words. Please don’t mind, please put it down and go in.” The people on the spaceship behind Lu Yin quickly wailed.

The supervisor sneered, “I really don’t want to talk today. Since you are so kind, okay, I will stay here and explain one by one. I will go in after my turn in a few days.”

The man was helpless.

Lu Yin watched this scene with cold eyes. The people on the galaxy boat had a very bad attitude and tried their best to prevent people from the outer universe from entering the inner universe.

“Boy, why aren’t you leaving? It’s okay not to leave. Just wait and see. If you spend a few more days alone, I won’t have to deal with so many idiots.” The supervisor raised his head and said.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and was about to speak when Gur came over and appeared beside the supervisor, “What’s the matter?”.

When the supervisor saw Gur, he immediately lowered his eyebrows and said, “It turns out that the young master is here. Young Master, please sit down.”

Gul sat down lazily, waiting for the supervisor to serve refreshments, looking like he was the best.


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