Star Odyssey Chapter 368: Gap

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It can only be said that Yuan Kui is too valuable. A considerable part of the economy of the United Nine Capitals is supported by Yuan Kui. Shita Star is also the planet that produces the most Yuan Kui in the Dark Mist Territory. Without Shita Star, the economy of the United Nine Capitals will collapse. , the consequences would be unimaginable.

Looking at the news on the light screen, Lu Yin exhaled. The fight between Youxingxia and the forces of the United Nine Capitals could temporarily alleviate the crisis in the Shenwu Continent, enough to buy him a considerable period of time.

Across the way, Barry looked at Lu Yin strangely. Others didn’t know it, but he knew very well that Lu Yin was the mastermind behind this incident, but he really didn’t understand why Lu Yin wanted to provoke the conflict between Youxing Gorge and Dark Mist Territory. Fight, deal with Bu You? Impossible. For a Shita star, it is impossible for the two forces to fight. At most, it will be a waste. This move cannot deal with Bu You at all. Barry is puzzled.

The war is not that easy to start. No matter it is the forces in Youxing Gorge or the Dark Mist Territory, they will not start the war easily. All it takes now is time.

In the eyes of the forces in the United States of Nine Capitals, Lu Yin was like a stir-up stick, stirring them up against Youxing Gorge, but standing up for the righteousness of mankind, making them unable to tell their sufferings, which was quite aggrieved.

“You want to know my strength?” Wendy Yushan looked at Lu Yin in surprise and asked.

Lu Yin solemnly said, “The top 20 on the top 100 list, I want to see how big the gap is.”

Wendy Yushan’s eyes flashed, “Top twenty? It won’t stop soon.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Have you mastered it?”.

Wendy Yushan shook her head, “It’s not that easy, but it won’t take long. I’m confident.”

“Impossible, secret skills are not that easy to master, otherwise the terrorist forces with secret skills would have mass-produced masters long ago.” Guihou was the first to deny it.

Lu Yin also thinks it is impossible, because so far he has never heard of anyone possessing the secret technique. If the secret technique was so easy to learn, it would have been spread long ago, but what he saw in front of him was Wendy Yushan, a territory on the edge of the outer universe. A little person, but she suddenly entered the top 20 of the top 100 due to her talent. More importantly, she is the daughter of the immortal Yushan, a descendant of the Seven-Character Royal Court, with the surname Yu, so it seems impossible to become the secret of Yu .

Lu Yin looked at Wendy Yushan and said, “I would like to advise you, don’t show it to anyone even if you have mastered it. You can’t keep it. Think about how powerful the Dayu Empire is, but it still only has thirteen domains after so many years. Think about how the Emperor What happened to my uncle in the Falling Star Sea.”

Wendy Yushan said lightly, “I know,” and after speaking, she raised her hand. There was a long sword in her hand, still in the scabbard, “I only use one sword, you can feel it.”

Lu Yin looked solemn, took a deep breath, and adjusted his breath. Then, the muscles on his body swelled, and his right palm vibrated like a heart. The ripples rippled out, distorting the void.

Watching this scene, Wendy Yushan narrowed her eyes and secretly admired. No wonder she could defeat the joint attack of Bazel and Yan Feng. This power was enough to rival the masters at the bottom of the top 100 battle list. Back then, she was in Lu Yin’s position. He wasn’t this strong when he was older. This is the strength of a real candidate for the Ten Finals.

“You can make the first move,” Wendy Yushan said.

Lu Yin did not hesitate, an air flash appeared beside Wendy Yushan, dark golden light flashed, and the five lines of fighting energy was released without hesitation, he raised his palm, “Thirty times – forty times – wave palm” , Wendy Yushan did not move, Lu Yin was getting closer and closer with one palm, his eyes were fixed on Wendy Yushan, nine stars were rotating on the body surface, the field was fully opened, he wanted to feel the relationship with Wendy at the peak state Yushan’s gap.

The palm prints were getting closer and closer. Just when Lu Yin was hesitating whether to strike or not, he heard a crack and the endless sword light in front of him cut through the void, then turned into a white sword light and cut off He entered the field, causing the dark golden five-marked battle energy to collapse. With a sword, he broke through the superimposed strength, and the sword edge was placed on Lu Yin’s neck, exactly like it was a few days ago.

Lu Yin still maintained his attacking posture, but his original attack was blocked by the crisis of instinctive reaction. He had a feeling that once he made a move, his palm would be gone. This was brought to him by Wendy Yushan The ultimate crisis.

The two looked at each other, the surprise in Lu Yin’s eyes slowly faded, and he smiled bitterly, “It’s just one sword, I can’t even block your sword.”

Wendy Yushan withdrew the long sword and stood in front of Lu Yin with a slim figure, “The sword skill of Wan Jian Shan is very simple, the sword and light are united into one. What I just performed was the uniting of ten thousand swords into one, the great simplicity, returning to nature.”

Lu Yin was puzzled.

Wendy Yushan said again, “We in Wanjian Mountain don’t have as many sword skills as the Sword Sect. What we pursue is only one path, just one sword. To fight against the enemy, we only need one sword. If we lose with one sword, we will be defeated. With one sword, we will defeat.” Win, just win, it’s that simple.”

“That sword strike just now was your strongest attack?” Lu Yin asked.

Wendy Yushan looked at him, a hint of cunning flashed in her eyes, “What do you think?”.

Wendy Yushan has always been cold and cold. Lu Yin has never seen other colors in her eyes. She is as playful and beautiful as an elf. He was stunned for a moment.

Wendy Yushan’s face turned pale and became cold again.

Lu Yin pursed his lips and thought of the sword strike just now. Was it really the strongest sword strike?

Impossible. He can be in the top 20 of the Top 100 Battle Rankings. No fool would believe him if he said he didn’t understand the field or fighting spirit. But that sword strike just now really had no field and no fighting spirit. By the way, there are also Talent, he didn’t even know if this woman had talent. That sword only represented Wanjian Mountain, not the peak of Wendy Yushan.

The top 100 battle list becomes more and more terrifying as it goes up. Lu Yin has finally realized that he can be defeated with just one sword. The key is that he doesn’t even know how big the gap is. He was too naive, thinking that he could detect it by fighting Wendy Yushan.

“Since the birth of the Top 100 Battle Ranking, very few strong ones at the bottom have been able to enter the top 50 due to the increase in their training time, because those at the top are all terribly strong and cannot be made up for by time. , Unless you awaken your talent or obtain a powerful skill, this kind of opportunity will not appear so easily,” Wendy Yushan said, looking at Lu Yin seriously.

Lu Yin asked, “Then how high do you think I can be on the top 100 list once I enter the exploration realm?”

“If you first enter the top 50, you can reach the top 30 in about a year, and finally, it will be enough to rank in the top ten.” Wendy Yushan said without hesitation.

Lu Yin was surprised, “You have so much confidence in me?”.

Wendy Yushan said of course, “You are the real candidate for the Ten Finals. The Ten Finals are above the top 100 battle list. I have lowered my estimate because anyone who breaks through the Exploration Realm will have different changes.” , if you still maintain your current cultivation talent, you will be able to surpass the top 100 battle list one day in the future.”

Beyond the top 100 battle list, what tempting words.

“Brother Qi, congratulations, your fiancée approves of you very much,” Guihou screamed, and quickly changed the subject, “However, a strong woman like your fiancée thinks you have the potential to surpass the top 100 rankings. Others They think so, and the same goes for the Behemoth Star Territory. So, we guess that your position on the sky-swallowing list may be a bit low, and you are likely to be ranked higher.”

One sentence completely ruined Lu Yin’s good mood. He blocked the Ghost Lord again and said to Wendy Yushan, “The Ross Empire is very strong, isn’t it?”.

Wendy Yushan nodded silently, turned and looked outside, “After all, it is one of the three major forces in the Yanlan Realm. There must be strong men with more than 200,000 combat power. You are right, I was too impulsive.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “You actually admitted it?”

Wendy Yushan frowned, yes, she actually admitted it, why? It was obvious a few days ago that she would not admit it, and others had no right to control her, but why would she admit it to this man? Is he any different to me?

The two of them did not dwell too much on this issue. Wendy Yushan retreated again to practice secret techniques, while Lu Yin was paying attention to the entanglement between Youxing Gorge and the Dark Mist Territory, and was ready to add fuel to the fire at any time.

On the other side, at the Zhenyu Star Space Station of the Daewoo Empire, Xiuzi is back.

Looking at Zhenyu Star and the three-ring continent above his head, Xiuzi took a deep breath and came back again. He had a feeling of being close to home. Although he had not been away for a long time, the distance made the time infinite. It was elongated, giving him the illusion that he had been away for a long time.

I wonder what happened to Yutang. When the second prince Duke Yushan betrayed him and took away some of Yutang’s elites, former friends and rivals, are they still there?

After walking out of the space station, Xiuzi was about to go home. A strong wind hit him, and someone attacked him. He glanced hard, turned sideways to avoid it, turned his head and looked back, and a thunderous arrow was shot again.

Seeing the thunder arrow, he knew who it was. A rare smile appeared on his face. He raised his hand and flicked his fingers. The thunder arrow was easily shattered and fell to the ground.

“Gurbach, come out,” Xiuzi said loudly.

“Hahahaha, I know you haven’t forgotten my opponent.” At the corner, Gulbach walked out, followed by Lockon, Huo Zhong, Tianming, and all the original five hall masters of Yutang.

Xiuzi smiled lightly and glanced at the people, “Looking at your eyes, do you want to take action?”.

“Can’t wait” Huo Zhong shouted, raised his hand, it was the claw of the heavenly beast, one claw pressed down, and on the other side, Lockon, Tianming is welcome, Xiuzi was the strongest back then, and now in the starry sky After returning from the Zhan Academy, several people did not think that they could deal with him alone, even though they had all reached the extreme level.

Xiuzi smiled lightly, missing this feeling so much. In the Dayu Empire, he was like a frog in the well. He had no access to the field or fighting spirit, and the use of star energy was still at the most primitive stage. Looking at the ancient Erbach took out the Fruit of Flashing Thunder. As expected, none of them could imitate the power of nature with star energy. They were too weak. If he hadn’t gone out in the first place, he would have been the same as them.

The fifth princess was right to look down on them. It wasn’t until he entered the Starry Sky Battle Academy that Xiuzi understood how much the fifth princess had disdained them.

“Too weak” Xiuzi raised his hand and easily smashed the claws of the beast. He grabbed Huo Zhong and threw him far away. At the same time, he collided with Tianming with one palm. Tianming’s superimposed strength had been raised to five by Lu Yin. Heavy, but in the face of Xiuzi’s palm, the five-layer strength was instantly shattered. Then Lockon was also kicked away by Xiuzi. Facing Gulbach, Xiuzi avoided the thunder arrows, raised his hand, and his fingers sparkled with thunder. , turned into a bow and arrow, the star energy turned into thunder, and an arrow was shot, and the arrow grazed Gulbach’s cheek, bringing out a touch of blood.

In an instant, the four Yutang Hall Masters who had once been able to fight against Xiuzi were defeated without any suspense.


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