Star Odyssey Chapter 367: Layout

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Bu You shrugged, “I’m sorry, Congressman Lu, your opinion is unrealistic. Just like what Congressman Liu said, it cannot be implemented for the time being. We will not waste limited resources on plans that cannot be implemented.”

Lu Yin took a deep breath and looked at Bu You seriously.

Bu You smiled with disdain in his heart. The Youth Council of the Outer Universe can’t play with its combat power alone. Three of the five people in East Saint Dios must be on their side before it can function. Now There are three people, so if he joins forces with Liu Shaoge, Lu Yin will be unable to do anything, even if Wendy Yushan appears, they both use the same identity as a councillor.

“If Congressman Lu is fine, I’ll leave first,” Bu You said with a faint smile.

Lu Yin hurriedly said, “Member Buyou, please wait a moment.” As he spoke, he spread out the map of the outer universe and looked at Buyou sincerely, “I didn’t think carefully about the real Jupiter issue before, so please don’t mind, Senator Buyou.”

Bu You raised the corner of his mouth, “Oh, Congressman Lu is planning to return True Jupiter to Youxing Gorge as a trial site?”

Lu Yin shook his head, “Councillor Buyou, please don’t embarrass me. The order has been issued and cannot be changed.”

Bu You’s eyes turned cold, “In this case, it’s useless to say more.”

Lu Yin quickly said, “But I can give Councilor Bu You another trial location, which is better than True Jupiter.”

Bu You turned his head and looked at Lu Yin with interest, “I’d like to hear this.”

Lu Yin pointed to the corner of the map, “Wuli Territory, Shita Star.”

Bu You’s eyes lit up. He knew that Shita Star produced Yuan Kui and strange metal life forms. It was indeed a good testing ground. Not only could he improve his strength, but he could also make a fortune. “Congressman Lu, Shita Star It seems to be the territory of the United States of Nine Capitals in the Dark Mist Territory.”

Lu Yin said, “Of course not. This is the boundary of the Wuli territory. It was just taken away by the United States of Nine Capitals, but in name, it still belongs to the Wuli territory.”

Bu You frowned. He was very moved, but also a little worried. After all, the Dark Mist Territory was not in his name.

“Councillor Buyou, the Ten Jue Council is not a force fighting for territory. We only supervise the younger generation in name. What we want is just a name. Shita Star is registered in the Council in the Wuli territory. As the person in charge of the Wuli Territory, I, Lu Yin, am qualified to recognize it as the trial site of Youxing Gorge,” Lu Yin said.

Bu You looked at Lu Yin and then at the map. He couldn’t refuse this temptation. Yuan Kui was of great value. More importantly, he lost True Jupiter and his reputation in Youxing Gorge plummeted, especially He also attracted a strong enemy to cut off Youxing Gorge, which has already caused dissatisfaction from many parties. Now he can use Shita Star to restore his reputation, and temporarily reconcile with Lu Yin. At least he will not attract the strong man who cut off Youxing Gorge again. .

As for dealing with Lu Yin, just leave it to Liu Shaoge.

“Okay, I accept Congressman Lu’s kindness,” Bu You said with a smile.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you, Councilor Buyou, for the suggestion just now?”

Bu You smiled and said, “No problem, it’s just reported to the Ten Jue. The specific operation will be decided by the Ten Jue, but it is indeed impossible for the time being. Congressman Lu must be mentally prepared.”

Lu Yin doesn’t care about the plan at all. What he wants is for Bu You to accept the Shita Star and then entangle with the forces of the United Nine Capitals to share the pressure on the Shenwu Continent. Although the effect of this is not too great, there is one thing. Yes a little.

“By the way, Congressman Lu, do you still remember the power that cut off my Youxing Gorge before?” Bu You suddenly asked, staring at Lu Yin, trying to figure out something.

Lu Yin looked surprised, “Cut off Youxing Gorge? Senator Buyou wouldn’t suspect that I did it, right?”

Bu You laughed and said, “Of course not, it’s just that Congressman Lu is well-informed and wanted to inquire about it.”

Lu Yin exhaled, “Mr. Buyou, stop joking. I, Lu Yin, am just a student. How can I recognize such a big shot, haha.”

“Haha, forget it then, leave.”


Watching Bu You leave the tower, the smile on Lu Yin’s face disappeared. He hoped that Youxingxia would adhere to its usual domineering style and compete with the United States of Nine Capitals. With the strength of the United States of Nine Capitals, they would definitely not be Youxingxia’s opponent. Then At that time, it is very likely that the forces on Mafa Star and Dou Street will come together, and that will be effective.

Outside the tower, Liu Shaoge watched Bu You leave happily with strange eyes. He was informed by Lu Yin that he deliberately went against him. This move was used to deal with Bu You, but what was the effect? He didn’t understand, so he turned back to look at the tower. By chance, Lu Yin walked to the edge of the tower and looked at Liu Shaoge. The two looked at each other, then changed their eyes and looked at Bu You at the same time. This man won’t be able to jump for long. .

The importance of Shita Star is self-evident. Lu Yin used it as bait to help Bu You regain his reputation in Youxing Gorge. That night, Youxing Gorge contacted the United States of Nine Capitals and the Youth Council of the Outer Universe. In name, Shita Star is designated as the trial place of Youxing Gorge.

This incident made the United States of Nine Capitals excited and excited.

“We have been fighting with those in the Wuli Territory for so many years for the Shita Star. Youxingxia wants us to give up the Shita Star based on the order of the Outer Universe Youth Council. It is impossible.”

“The Youth Council of the Outer Universe only has the power to judge and monitor the younger generation, and has no right to interfere with the sovereignty of the planet. Why do they ask us to give up the Shita Planet?”

“We don’t agree. Youxingxia has made it clear that it wants to **** Shita Star.”

The reaction of the United States of the Nine Capitals was expected in Youxingxia. Buyou never thought that he could obtain Shita Star with just an order, but those people of the United States of the Nine Capitals said it right. The Youth Council of the Outer Universe has no rights. Determining the trial locations for the major forces. The reason why we were able to obtain the true Jupiter before was because of the force of Youxing Gorge, coupled with Bu You’s power, which forcibly suppressed the bad influence.

Now that he could only do this if he wanted to get the Shita Star, Bu You suddenly thought of something. Did Lu Yin deliberately let him **** the Shita Star and then report it to the Ten Jue to determine his guilt?

This speculation scared Bu You into a cold sweat. He immediately changed the order. Instead of issuing the order in his own name, he decided that Shita Star should be classified as the Youxing Gorge trial site in Lu Yin’s name.

Lu Yin is the person in charge of the Wuli Territory, and Shita Star should indeed belong to the Wuli Territory. It is no problem to confirm that it is Lu Yin’s order.

With a smile on his lips, Bu You looked at the video of the United States of Nine Capitals’ joint resistance on the light screen. Resist, the one who resists the influence will be Lu Yin, and it has nothing to do with him.

On the other side, Barry quickly found Lu Yin and told him about the matter, “Congressman Lu, this matter must be suppressed. Our council has no right to interfere with the sovereignty of countries, especially territorial sovereignty. Once interfered with, the consequences will be The impact will be very bad.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, and Bu You was not stupid, he knew how to push him out, “Barry, give me an order to recommend that Shita Star be a public trial site, and encourage all parties to provide as much resources as possible to enhance the strength of the younger generation. It is a testing ground for strength, contributes to the development of the human star field, and aims to enhance the strength of the next generation of mankind.”

Barry blinked, “Suggestion? Advocacy? Enhancement of human power?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Yeah, I’m just a suggestion. I didn’t explicitly specify that Shita Star must be the trial site of Youxing Gorge. As for Youxing Gorge wanting to trial, I won’t refuse, it’s that simple.” .

Barry thought for a while, it was a bit confusing, but he quickly understood that as long as he was not completely sure, Lu Yin could not be blamed for this incident. At most, he would be scolded for borrowing flowers to offer Buddha statues, and the council could not convict him. After all, he It’s just advocacy and suggestions from a righteous perspective.

Seeing Barry leave, Lu Yin immediately contacted Huo Qingshan and asked the Daewoo Empire to contribute several famous trial sites for the younger generation of Canglan territory and even surrounding territories to trial.

It’s okay to do a complete show, set an example himself, and then use his righteousness to overwhelm others. At most, he will be criticized for being careless.

Bu You is different. Youxing Gorge has oppressed the United States of Nine Capitals and cannot escape. Once they escape, it will be them who will be embarrassed. Lu Yin has never thought of using this matter against Bu You. All he wants is to share the burden. The pressure from Shenwu Continent is nothing more than that.

Bu You soon learned of Lu Yin’s order, and he was not angry. He just needed to make sure that Lu Yin did not intend to use this matter to frame him. Moreover, it was Lu Yin who was being scolded now, and all he had to do was to rob the soldiers. Tower Star, turn Shita Star into the Youxing Gorge trial place, replacing the real Jupiter.

Lu Yin’s order was quickly conveyed. The Outer Universe Youth Council itself poses no threat to the major territories, but the Ten Final Council behind it is so terrifying that any order from the Outer Universe Youth Council members will be ignored. It caused a shock, and Lu Yin’s order was no longer as simple as causing a shock, it caused a lot of anger.

Especially the United States of Nine Capitals hated Lu Yin to death.

“Why did that **** sell our Taxi Star? What the hell? Why didn’t he use Saint Dios as a testing ground?”

“This is too much, sue him, sue him to the Ten Judgment Council of the Inner Universe.”

“It’s useless. He is just suggesting and advocating. Without confirmation, even prosecution is useless.”

“Several planets in the Daewoo Empire have been used as testing grounds for the younger generation of the universe. That **** Lu Yin is so disgusting. Who the **** would go to the Daewoo Empire to test, this bastard?”

The United States of Nine Capitals was full of scoldings against Lu Yin, but no matter how much they cursed, it had no effect on Lu Yin. He didn’t care about the United States of Nine Capitals, or even the entire Dark Mist Territory, which was originally located in the Shenwu Continent. On the other hand, he will definitely take possession of the Shenwu Continent in the future, and he will also be his enemy by then, so it doesn’t matter.

Furthermore, the Rennes War Group gave him great confidence. Although the Pirate King’s work in St. Rennes was very unreliable and it was easy for him to make enemies, he had to admit that the backstage was too tough. It was so tough that Lu Yin even dared to To directly challenge the Zhenwu Night King, there is no need to fear the White Night Clan. This is the deterrent power of Shang Shengren.

As Saint Rayon said, just play, and you will end up **** him up.

However, the United States of Nine Capitals soon had no time to scold Lu Yin. Youxingxia had already sent a fleet to Shita Star and planned to investigate. This decision made the United States of Nine Capitals furious. Without even thinking about it, they would never do it. Agree, but they also know the strength of Youxingxia. It is a powerful force with 200,000 combat power. There is no such strong person in the United States of Nine Capitals.

Helping, they can only contact other forces that they have good relations with, such as Mafa Star, Doujie, etc., which have been fighting fiercely for nearly a thousand years, and want to jointly boycott Youxing Gorge. Of course, the price to pay is not small.


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