Star Odyssey Chapter 355: Decomposition

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Of course, he will not be too arrogant. There are still people at the same level who surpass him. Lu Yin, this genius, let alone his strength, just his ability to decipher language, this person is a bit unfathomable. This person is very good at deciphering. The time spent walking along the path of Yu is quite short, but the results are not cheap, especially when he has seen the video of Lu Yin’s battle at the San Dios wedding scene, where he single-handedly defused the attack of Yan Feng, a strong man in the Exploration Realm. It’s not unusual. This person is hiding very deep. I don’t know if he will come. Saint Dios is not far away.

On the other side, a girl is flying in the air. It seems normal at first, but there is a fish on the girl’s head, which is abnormal, and the fish is still nagging, “Hurry up, What should I do if the other bipeds explain? It really breaks my heart. How did you find me in the first place? You have **** but no breasts, and you have a **** but no butt. What did you say you ate to make you drink more papaya milk? I just don’t believe it…”.

Veins were pulsing on the girl’s forehead, and she was always on the verge of explosion.

In the starry sky, on a large spaceship, hundreds of fully armed mercenaries were waiting solemnly. In the command room, a glamorous woman looked at the light curtain and asked, “How long until the arrival?”

“One day”.

“As soon as possible”.


Outside the Planet of the Storm, a fleet appeared with the logo of the Prehistoric Sect on it. However, the fleet did not block the Planet of the Storm. It just expelled the passing spacecraft and isolated the Planet of the Storm.

As for the spacecraft that blocked the violent ape planet, the Prehistoric Sect did not intervene.

On the violent ape planet, Lu Yin kicked the violent ape away, looking like stars in his eyes, “so handsome”.

Fairy Moon rolled her eyes, this girl is so innocent.

Lu Yin was in a good mood. There was a girl next to him who looked very comfortable and kept praising him. Even a man was happy.

“What a pity. He looks average but has a very good temperament. Brother Qi, do you like him?” Guihou asked.

Lu Yin ignored him.

Not long after, more than a dozen figures flew past in the sky, wearing uniform uniforms. At first glance, they were from the same force.

The Moon Fairy raised her hand, and the cold air froze the void, “Cold Mountain Ice Plum Palm”.

The dozen or so people had no combat power in the melting realm and were easily frozen by the Moon Fairy. They fell to the ground like ice cubes.

“Where is the tree-shaped original treasure?” Lu Yin asked directly.

The dozen people who were frozen looked at Lu Yin in fear, pointing to the northwest with trembling hands, “Nine, over there at Jiuyuan Mountain.”

Fairy Yue removed one of them’s personal terminal and checked it, then nodded to Lu Yin, “That’s right.”

Lu Yin said favorably and did not take action against them. The three of them headed towards Jiuyuan Mountain.

Jiuyuan Mountain is easy to identify. Nine mountains that resemble the heads of violent apes are connected together. That is Jiuyuan Mountain. It is better to say Jiuyuan Mountain than Jiuyuan Mountain.

Didi Didi

Lu Yin’s personal terminal rang. He connected to the communication and was surprised to find that it was Master Wu Sheng.

“Hello, Master Wusheng,” Lu Yin greeted.

“Lu Yin, do you know about the explanatory exchange meeting of the Wild Ape Star in the Ancient Territory? Have you been there?” Teacher Wu Sheng asked directly.

“The students are on the violent ape planet,” Lu Yin said.

“Okay, I’m still worried that you don’t dare to participate. It’s better to go and experience it. It will be helpful for you to see other people’s language interpretation methods up close,” said Master Wu Sheng.

Lu Yin felt warm in his heart and said, “Thank you, mentor.”

“This exchange meeting has been certified by the Research Association and is only for the younger generation. The older generation of experts are not allowed to intervene, so seize the opportunity as much as possible, but don’t be impulsive. It is impossible to successfully interpret the language with your current ability. Once an accident occurs, it is difficult to recover, so remember the warning from Master Wu Sheng.

Lu Yin said with grace, “The students know it and will remember it.”

“Just remember, there should be very interesting people appearing on the Violent Ape Planet. Watch more and think more.” Teacher Wusheng told him again, and then cut off the communication.

Lu Yin was speechless, why did everyone only speak half of what they said? Very interesting person, who? The teacher Wu Sheng couldn’t explain it clearly either.

Half a day later, there were still several hours away from Jiuyuan Mountain. Lu Yin and others were still on their way. High in the sky, a spaceship passed by. Suddenly, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he looked up at the sky. I don’t know when, a huge A shadow covered the ground, and a violent ape hundreds of meters high rose into the air and slammed into the spacecraft.

The spaceship fled immediately, but still failed to escape. It was slapped into pieces by the violent ape, and the void was scattered.

Zhaoran turned pale with fright.

Fairy Yue also shrank her pupils, and the personal terminal transmitted the combat power value—52,000, a violent ape with cruise-level combat power.

Lu Yin and the others immediately landed and stared at the violent ape with vigilance.

Violent apes are ferocious by nature and will fight among themselves. Therefore, violent apes have a strong sense of territory and can easily sense unfamiliar atmosphere entering their territory.

The violent ape with cruise-level combat power crushed the spacecraft that was scattered with one foot, and blood flowed from the soles of his feet, staining the ground red.

This scene scared Zhao Ran again.

Fairy Yue’s face was pale. Even if she didn’t have wisdom, she couldn’t resist the combat power of the cruising realm. Thinking about it, she looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and looked at the violent ape with scarlet eyes sweeping over him. His scalp was numb. He was in the cruise realm and had to fight hard. Fortunately, the violent ape had no fighting skills, otherwise he might not be his opponent. Thirty-heavy strength , you can regret it.




The violent ape approached step by step, and a huge shadow enveloped the three of them. Zhao Ran was trembling in fear, and the Moon Fairy narrowed her eyes.

The violent ape raised its foot and wanted to trample the three people to death.

Lu Yin was about to take action when a person appeared in the sky. A middle-aged man with a ruddy complexion, outstanding temperament and a majestic expression. This man appeared directly in front of the eyes of the violent ape and shouted, “You evil beast, you are seeking death.” .

The violent ape roared and slapped the man hard.

The man avoided it and appeared above the head of the violent ape in a blink of an eye. He pressed it with one hand. The next moment, the scalps of Lu Yin and the others were numb. The hundreds of meters high violent ape was directly decomposed, whether it was flesh, blood or internal organs. All the six organs disappeared into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

Lu Yin’s pupils contracted. This was a means of interpreting the words, directly disintegrating the violent ape.

“I’ll go, at least I’m in charge of an intermediate interpreter, that’s too cruel” Guihou screamed.

Xiao Ran looked at the man in fear. In her eyes at this moment, this man was more terrifying than a violent ape.

A violent ape with cruise-level combat power just disappeared without leaving a body.

The man stood high in the sky, glanced at Lu Yin and the others, his eyes brightened, especially on Lu Yin’s face for a moment, he nodded in a friendly manner, and left.

Lu Yin looked at the sky where the man disappeared and fell into deep thought. This man knew him and had no hostility towards him.

“Lu Yin, look” Yue Fairy pointed at her personal terminal.

Lu Yin looked at it, his eyes changed, and he saw that the combat power value was unmeasurable, “What do you mean?”.

“My personal terminal can detect combat power within 100,000, which means that the person just now has a combat power of more than 100,000, and is a strong hunter,” Fairy Yue said solemnly.

Lu Yin nodded, “Without such strength, he wouldn’t have been able to do what he just did. This person is very strong.”

What just happened was just an interlude. The three of them went to Jiuyuan Mountain again, but Zhaoran was much quieter, maybe they were frightened.

A few hours later, the three of them vaguely saw Jiuyuan Mountain and couldn’t help but speed up.

Originally, the three of them were extremely fast, almost breaking the void. Now they accelerated, surpassing other cultivators they met along the way. The crack in the space was shocking.

The moment the three of them reached Jiuyuan Mountain, they suddenly stopped. Lu Yin raised his hand, and the front was blocked by invisible ripples. He frowned, and there was another force blocking the route.

“The front has been blocked, please go back.” A huge voice resounded through Jiuyuan Mountain, followed by the cracks in the void falling down. This was a strong man in the exploration realm.

Before Lu Yin could speak, Fairy Yue walked out, “You dare to stop the members of the Outer Universe Youth Council?”.

After the words fell, in front, two exploration realm experts walked out of the void and looked at Fairy Moon in surprise, “Are you members of the Youth Council of the Outer Universe?”.

The Moon Fairy raised her hand, and on her finger was a hollow gray silver ring with black trim, with flying wings and swords engraved inside, and ten black shadows surrounding it. This was the ring of the Outer Universe Youth Council, and was the same as Mi The only difference between the Ten Jue Council rings worn by La is the color. It is hollow gray silver, while the Ten Jue Council rings are hollow silver.

Seeing the ring, the two exploration realm experts immediately let them go. They did not dare to stop the members of the Outer Universe Youth Council.

Lu Yin also has an Outer Universe Youth Council ring. At the same time, he also has a Ten Jue Council ring. The members of the Star Wars Academy Student Council wear the Ten Jue Council silver hollow rings.

Lu Yin and the others had just entered Jiuyuan Mountain when a loud noise occurred in the sky. The expressions of the two Exploration Realm experts changed drastically and they rushed into the sky at the same time.

Not long after, the ripples blocking the Storm Planet were destroyed, and a large spaceship landed directly on Jiuyuan Mountain, with a logo engraved on the spacecraft.

“Hey, it’s Daystar Shipping Company” Yue Fairy was surprised.

Lu Yin was curious, “Day Star Shipping?”.

Fairy Moon nodded, “The big chaebol connects the inner and outer universes and is very popular. Its businesses include mechanical decomposition, transportation, manufacturing, etc., and it is one of the industry giants in the technology field.”

“Very rich?” Lu Yin’s eyes shone.

Fairy Yue nodded, “Of course, some of the rewards for the Ten Academy Competition are provided by Day Star Shipping. Like the Nalan family, they are definitely a very wealthy plutocrat.”

Lu Yin looked at the large spaceship with envy. It would be great if he was born into such a wealthy family and didn’t have to worry about money.

Not long after Daystar Shipping appeared, another spaceship appeared. Lu Yin recognized the logo on the spacecraft at a glance, Clover Company.

“More and more powerful people are gathering, and every interpreter exchange meeting will attract a lot of people,” Moon Fairy exclaimed.

Lu Yin looked eagerly not far away. The people coming were all rich people. If he succeeded in interpreting the words, he could sell it for a sky-high price on the spot. Thinking about it, he immediately rushed to Jiuyuan Mountain. The tree-shaped original treasure was close at hand.

At this moment, many people have gathered inside Jiuyuan Mountain. Among them, there are no less than thirty people who interpret the language alone, and there are almost ten people who have meritorious interpreters. They all look nervously at the tree in the distance. Shape original treasure.

Except for a few corpses within a kilometer radius of the tree-shaped original treasure, it was completely empty, not even weeds. It was truly barren.


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