Star Odyssey Chapter 353: What do you think

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Looking at An Shaohua’s back, Lu Yin admired that many people have misunderstandings about powerful children, thinking that powerful children are just trash waiting to die. In fact, the education these people have received since childhood is far better than ordinary people, and they have With a magnanimity and self-cultivation that ordinary people cannot understand, An Shaohua is obviously the descendant of Shuiyue Villa, but he can still be respectful and dare to lower his attitude when facing a person like him who lives on the edge of the outer universe. Based on this, many ordinary people do Less than.

Their inner persistence and resilience to achieve their goals are the result of education, and this kind of character is more likely to succeed. At least Lu Yin admires An Shaohua, and doesn’t mind taking him with him if possible in the future.

But one thing is very annoying. These people think too much. They clearly said that they are short of money, but these people can actually think of financial trouble.

Soon, the Moon Fairy came.

Lu Yin was not so polite to Fairy Moon. The Hanyue Sect and Shuiyue Villa were about the same strength, but the Hanyue Sect was in the White Night Realm. Lu Yin was not stupid. It was impossible to believe that the Hanyue Sect would give up the White Night Clan for him. The Moon Fairy came here just to express her goodwill, but it was impossible to expect them to do anything to help her.

“Long time no see Fairy Moon, how are you doing lately?” Lu Yin asked casually.

Fairy Moon pursed her lips and said, “Brother Lu, congratulations.”

“Congratulations to me for what?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Fairy Moon forced a smile and said, “Congratulations on taking charge of the Outer Universe Youth Council.”

Lu Yin quickly raised his hand to stop her, “Young Fairy is trying to trick me, I don’t have power, I’m just helping Councilor Wendy deal with it. I will abdicate when she comes back.”

Fairy Yue sat opposite Lu Yin, looking at Lu Yin with a pair of beautiful eyes, “Brother Lu, there is something I have always been curious about. Can you explain it?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Go ahead.”

Fairy Yue narrowed her eyes, “Back in Shenwu Continent, Bei Qing’s behavior was very strange. Brother Lu, does he know why?”.

Lu Yin almost spit out the tea he drank in his mouth and coughed several times, “This is your business, how could I know?”

“Yes, but I see that Bei Qing is often with you, Brother Lu. Every time you meet, his behavior becomes even weirder. Brother Lu really doesn’t know?” Fairy Yue stared at Lu inquiringly. hidden.

Lu Yin put down the tea cup and felt quite embarrassed, “If you don’t know, you just don’t know. By the way, Fairy Yue, I remember that you have a pair of twin junior sisters, why didn’t you bring them?”.

Fairy Yue’s eyes flickered. It was only after she returned to the Starry Sky Battle Academy that she figured out what happened to Bei Qing. Bei Qing’s behavior was too weird, and sometimes he said strange things. It’s strange that it had nothing to do with Lu Yin. This guy He tricked her again, “Brother Lu is talking about Can Xue and Can Mei. Why, does Brother Lu like them? If I like them, I will give them to Brother Lu to warm his bed.”

Lu Yin was speechless.

“Okay, warm the bed, seventh brother, agree quickly, they are twins, cold on the outside and hot on the inside” Guihou screamed.

Lu Yin was so noisy that his head was numb and he immediately blocked it. He rejected Yue Fairy’s kindness and had her sent out.

From now on, Fairy Yue and Zhuang Shaohua will officially stay in San Dios to help deal with the affairs of the younger generation within the jurisdiction of Wendy Yushan.

And Lu Yin also learned that Wendy Yushan was coming to San Dios, and his time to stay here was running out.

The reason why he wanted to come to San Dios was firstly because of the wedding between Jenny Ona and Yan Feng, and secondly because he wanted to see what he needed to do at home. Now that the wedding has been ruined by him, even the Flame Refining Star is gone. , my family has also returned to the Rennes War Group, and it seems that I don’t need to do anything, which means that I will be free in the future.

Now that Wendy Yushan has come to San Dios, the Dayu Empire will definitely need someone to take charge. Lu Yin thought for a while, and he should go back to the Dayu Empire and unify the Canglan territory.

Mastering the strength of a territory still has a certain deterrent effect on the outside world.

More importantly, the Daewoo Empire would have money at that time, and it could also have stronger strength.

Break through the exploration realm as soon as possible and be able to walk in the starry sky. This is Lu Yin’s biggest pursuit now. Money, what he lacks is money.

Sometimes what comes to mind comes to mind. Just when Lu Yin was thinking about how to make money, a notice came from the Interpreter Research Society that an internal exchange meeting would be held on the Planet of the Storm Apes.

The Tyrant Ape Planet is located in the prehistoric territory. It is a very young planet. Civilization has not yet been born on it. There are only countless species without intelligence. The ruler of this planet is the Tyrant Ape, a creature that is hundreds of meters tall and very violent. , extremely powerful, every violent ape possesses extreme combat power, and there are even powerful violent apes among them with a combat power exceeding 10,000.

The Honghuang Sect, the dominant force in the prehistoric territory, once wanted to capture the violent ape to help fight, but failed. The violent ape was ferocious and violent and could not be controlled at all.

Just half a month ago, a large spacecraft accidentally landed on the Storm Planet and discovered a tree-shaped original treasure with mysterious murderous intent. Even the strong ones in the exploration realm could not approach it. It was rumored that went out and attracted the attention of the Speakers Research Association.

Because of this, many interpreters went to the Planet of the Wild Apes, intending to interpret the tree-shaped original treasure.

This kind of thing happens often. Unowned original treasures can easily attract many interpreters. This is an exchange meeting. Whoever can interpret the original treasure will definitely sell the contents at a sky-high price.

The prehistoric territory was not too far from San Dios. Lu Yin set out immediately without even thinking. He was quite short of money. As long as he had money, he was confident that he could beat Ye Xingchen and others.

Originally, Lu Yin planned to go alone, but he didn’t expect Fairy Moon to follow him, and one after the other they all took their personal spaceships to the prehistoric territory.

When the communication was turned on, Lu Yin had no choice but to ask, “Fairy Moon, why are you following me?”.

“The interpretation of the language is very magical. Naturally, the little girl wants to follow Brother Lu to experience it.” Fairy Yue’s voice came from the communication.

“It’s up to you.” Lu Yin turned off the communication and glanced back. He saw a personal spacecraft hanging tightly. It was also a Yaoguang-class spacecraft, and its speed was almost the same.

After finishing the call with Fairy Yue, Lu Yin contacted another person, Meng Yue, the Young Master of the Prehistoric Sect.

Lu Yin and Meng Yue were not familiar with each other, but they were both students in the Tenth Academy, so he still wanted to inquire about the situation on the Ape Planet.

“Lu Yin?” Meng Yue was surprised that Lu Yin would contact him. The two had never spoken much. The most common thing they had in common was the examination of the Tenth Academy, where Meng Yue was defeated by Lu Yin.

“Brother Meng, I have something to inquire about from you. You seem to be the young sect of the Prehistoric Sect in the Prehistoric Territory, right?” Lu Yin asked.

Meng Yue said favorably, “That’s right, what’s the matter?”.

“Have you ever heard of the Ape Planet?” Lu Yin asked.

Meng Yue was surprised, “Planet Violent Ape? How do you know that planet?”.

“The original treasure was born there, and many interpreters went to interpret it. I will try it too,” Lu Yin said directly without hiding anything.

Meng Yue was silent for a moment, “You’d better be careful. Many of our Primordial Sect’s masters were lost to the Violent Ape Planet.”

“What’s the reason?” Lu Yin was curious.

“I don’t know the specifics, but the violent apes on that planet are very ferocious. They don’t have the means and wisdom of the powerful people who roam the stars, but they have comparable attack and defense power. There are even some with a combat power of over 100,000. “Bao Yuan, if it weren’t for the lack of wisdom, the strength of this planet would not be small. You can regard this planet as the Flame Refining Star of your Canglan territory,” Meng Yue said solemnly.

“That’s it, thank you Brother Meng,” Lu Yin said.

Meng Yue grunted and cut off the communication.

Lu Yin put down his personal terminal. The universe is very magical. Intelligent creatures can practice and walk in the stars. Non-intelligent creatures can also practice. The combat power they display is different. Those violent apes definitely cannot tear through the void and move around. There is no way to explore space. desire, but their attack power is not bad.

It seems that there is still some danger in this trip.

It takes about seven days to go from Saint Dios to the ancient territory at the speed of a Yaoguang-class spaceship. If it is replaced by an ordinary spaceship, it will take more than two months. The distance is still very far.

With the continuous planning of the route along the way, nine days had passed when Lu Yin and Yue Fairy entered the prehistoric territory.

Fortunately, in nine days, the original treasure was not solved.

With the ability of interpreters from the outer universe, it is not easy to interpret the original treasures recognized by the research community. Most of the interpreters who can successfully interpret the language should be interpreters from the inner universe.

“Brother Lu, you seem to be just a junior interpreter with two-star bright eyes. You won’t be of much use after leaving.” Fairy Yue asked, her tone was very polite, but Lu Yin still listened to the tone of gloating and mocking. Got it.

“It took me nearly three years to cultivate from an ordinary person to now, what do you think?” Lu Yin said calmly.

Fairy Yue was speechless for a moment. Not to mention her progress in cultivation, even a top genius from a terrifying clan like the White Night Clan couldn’t do it. This is why the Hanyue Sect asked her to get close to Lu Yin. Lu Yin was so amazing.

“Cultivation is different from interpretation,” Fairy Yue replied.

The corner of Lu Yin’s mouth raised, “It only takes about a year for me to go from an ordinary practitioner to a junior interpreter with two-star bright eyes. What do you think?”

Moon Fairy rolled her eyes, “It’s just good luck.”

“So far, as long as I can decipher the language successfully, I have never lost the original treasure. What do you think?” Lu Yin asked again.

Fairy Yue suddenly realized that she hated those four words ‘what do you think’. These four words came out of Lu Yin’s mouth like a taunt, but she couldn’t refute them. It was really disgusting.

“Seventh Brother, your achievements even amaze me, aren’t you very proud?” Guihou said exaggeratedly.

Lu Yin laughed, “Of course I’m proud. If you do well, you should be proud.”

“Okay, feel free to be proud of yourself, but don’t forget that these achievements of yours have made you higher and higher on the sky-swallowing list, especially the thirty-fold strength you used to destroy the wedding. Among the younger generation in the human star field, you are the best The height on the Tiantian Ranking should not be low.” Gui Hou smiled strangely.

Lu Yin was speechless. Guihou’s words completely put him in a bad mood. The Tiantian List was always a hidden danger and trouble.

With a bang, the spacecraft vibrated, and its surface rubbed against the atmosphere, turning into a fireball and slamming towards the ground.

After a while, with a loud noise, the spacecraft smashed a huge cone-shaped hole into the primitive earth.


The cabin door opened, hot air billowed, Lu Yin slowly walked out, looked up, the sky was blue, swarms of strange birds were far away, waves of hot air were generated in the void, distorting the air.


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