Star Odyssey Chapter 343: Famous name

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It is useless to say anything until now. The result is already determined. All he can do is to try to give Jane Ona a good ending. She is not wrong. What is wrong is the family and the situation. For women, , marrying the one you love is the only one.

Lu Yin thought of Ming Yan, what if one day she couldn’t marry him because of her position? Thinking of this, Lu Yin’s chest tightened. He would not let this happen. Ming Yan must belong to him and no one could object.

Feeling unhappy, Lu Yin went to the prison where Bazel was being held, looking for someone to vent to.

After a day of treatment, Bazel’s injuries eased and he regained consciousness.

Seeing Lu Yin come in, he stared angrily, “Lu Yin, I regret not killing you.”

Lu Yin casually shot out a powerful shot, piercing Bazel’s shoulder. Blood flowed down the shoulder and dyed his clothes red, “There is no regret medicine in the world. You say that and you want to force me to kill you?”.

Bazel sneered, holding back the pain and roared, “Kill me? Do you dare? Your so-called evidence of guilt is all forged. Lord Buyou has sent people to the Daewoo Empire to collect information, and your perjury was quickly discovered. Expose it, you dare to kill me? Master Buyou will not let you go.”

Lu Yin rubbed his forehead, “You are really stupid.” As he said that, Lu Yin put one hand on Bazel’s shoulder, “You said, if I add more strength to the injury I gave you yesterday, can you Can’t you fake the appearance of death from injuries?”

Bazel’s pupils shrank and he narrowed his eyes, “How dare you? Don’t think you can do whatever you want. You are only a member of Parliament in name only. Everyone else listens to Master Bu You. My injuries have been reported to you. How dare you? If you do it, you will definitely be discovered.”

Lu Yin nodded, “That’s right, but it shouldn’t be a problem to aggravate the injury, for example, completely destroying your meridians.”

Bazel’s face changed drastically, and he glared at Lu Yin angrily without saying a word.

Lu Yin looked at Bazel for a while, shook his head and laughed, and took back his hand, “Actually, I’m very grateful to you. It’s not you, and I don’t have that deep motivation to practice. You see, this is the difference in talent. I just It took less than three years to surpass you, but you have been practicing for decades and still have the gift of life, so what?”

“What do you want?” Bazel said in a low tone.

Lu Yin looked at Bazel. He didn’t think of anything else, he just wanted to take revenge. After all, the bad breath back then was quite serious. But as Bazel said, he couldn’t cover the sky with one hand. Bu You was watching, maybe this was the case. People just hope that he can do something to Bazel so that he can sue him to the Ten Final Council and kick him out completely.

“It’s not good. Until the evidence of the crime is clarified, you can stay here.” Lu Yin turned and left.

Bazel breathed a sigh of relief and stared at Lu Yin angrily, hoping to kill him one day.

Leaving the prison, Lu Yin looked at the sky. There was no pleasure in revenge. This kind of person could no longer arouse his interest. No wonder many people don’t want to take revenge overnight. After too long, the resentment has been forgotten. When faced with it again, there will be no more. Passionate.

“I thought you were going to kill Bazel” came the cold voice, which made Lu Yin’s hair stand on end. He suddenly turned around and stared at the person leaning against the wall not far away, who was Bu You.

“Why are you here?” Lu Yin was alert.

Bu You looked at Lu Yin, a chill flashed in his eyes, “Why was the trial of Youxing Gorge on True Jupiter canceled?”

“True Jupiter is located in the Wuli territory and falls under my jurisdiction. I don’t need your advice on what to do,” Lu Yin said coldly.

Bu You stared at Lu Yin, “You are challenging my patience.”

Lu Yin showed no signs of weakness, “You are also challenging Shi Jue’s patience.”

Bu You’s eyes changed and he looked into the distance. He raised his feet and left. Before leaving, he said lightly, “Don’t walk too fast, you may fall to death.”

“You can easily get trampled to death if you walk too slowly,” Lu Yin said calmly.

He would never give up True Jupiter to Bu You. That planet was very important to him and he had to take time to go there.

In the inner universe, there is a place called Kunze. Those who enter Kunze have no way to go to heaven or earth. This place is called the deepest prison in the universe.

Shui Chuanxiao was imprisoned in Kunze and served a term of ten thousand years.

Outside Kunze, King Zhenwu Ye personally sent Shui Chuanxiao in, with a hint of melancholy and unspeakable emotion in his eyes, “A generation of famous marshals could not expand the territory for mankind, but they were imprisoned in this place. Kunze, who will never see the light of day, is pitiful.”

Behind King Zhenwu Ye, a man walked out and slowly bent down, “He asked for this. He betrayed humanity and no one can save him.”

Zhenwu Yewang raised his personal terminal and looked at it. His eyes turned cold. He pondered for a moment and looked at the man behind him, “You were also born on Earth. Are you sure you can deal with Lu Yin?”

The man is Liu Shaoge. At this moment, he is following Zhenwu Night King and “his subordinates are confident.”

The corners of Zhenwu Night King’s mouth curled up, “You have a lot of hatred against him, I hope you won’t be played to death by him.”

Liu Shaoge raised his head with bright eyes, “This subordinate will definitely win.”

Zhenwu Night King nodded, “Get ready, I will fuse my power with you, so that you can use my power for a short time, which is comparable to the masters at the bottom of the top 100 battle list. It should be enough to deal with this Lu Yin.” .

“Yes” Liu Shaoge responded, a strange light flashed in his eyes.

For two days, Lu Yin visited San Dios and gained some understanding of the Liaoyuan Continent.

This continent is very vast, and many masters have been born in the past. But from the moment the headquarters of the Outer Universe Youth Council was established here, this continent was tantamount to being enslaved. The masters who resisted were slaughtered, and the remaining people were Saint Dios could only maintain awe and fear like a god.

This continent is equivalent to the gatekeeper of Sandios.

In San Dios, there are no restrictions outside the arch, and anyone can ask for a meeting. However, within the arch, generally only the younger generation can enter. This is also the reason why no master appears at the Yanfeng Wedding and the Flame Refining Star.

San Dios guarantees pure status as a younger generation without restrictions.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the Ten Final Council is so popular in the universe. All young people unite and compete for a certain position in the universe, and there is also a stable ladder to climb up.

Nowadays, there are only five members of the Outer Universe Youth Council, and Dongsheng Dios is Bu You and Wendy Yushan.

Wendy Yushan is really not suitable to be the person in power. No matter how lazy Lu Yin is, he will read through the information that probably needs to be reviewed. However, Wendy Yushan gave almost full power to Bazel, which is equivalent to handing over the power to Bazel. Bu You, a stupid woman, this is Lu Yin’s evaluation of her.

“Brother Qi, you’ve been reading this information for two days. Didn’t you say you didn’t want to care about it before?” Guihou asked.

Lu Yin had a headache, “I don’t want to care about it. Who knows what Bu You has done to the four territories.”

“You should find someone to take care of you,” Guihou said.

Lu Yin believed that he was not suitable to do this kind of thing, but when looking for someone to take care of it, who should he look for? That person must be absolutely trustworthy and there is no one he can use.

Suddenly, Lu Yin remembered the group of people who entered the Shenwu Continent for trials before. Why didn’t he see any of those people?

Thinking about it, Lu Yin immediately called for inquiries from his subordinate members.

The person who appeared in front of Lu Yin was Barry, a strong man with 23,000 combat power in the Exploration Realm. He was born in the Haoyuan Territory and was one of Wendy Yushan’s former subordinate councilors.

“Congressman Lu, are you looking for me?” Barry asked respectfully.

Lu Yin exclaimed, “There must have been people who passed the previous outer universe trials. Why didn’t I see any of them?”

Barry said, “They are just in name. Most of the disciples in the inner universe participate in the trial to express themselves. In the eyes of the Ten Finals, few people actually come to San Dios. Of course, some of them come, but they are all ignored by Councilor Buyou. Taken away, or went to West San Dios”.

“So, I don’t have any here?” Lu Yin raised his eyebrows.

Barry said bitterly, “Yes, Representative Wendy Ushan is missing, and those trialists who joined San Dios will not choose here.”

Lu Yin was helpless. Those who could pass the trial were not simple people. They almost all had backgrounds. These people could be handled well enough to do a lot for themselves. This Bu You was quick enough.

“By the way, you just said it was under our name. Who is under our name?” Lu Yin asked, staring at Barry.

Barry is weird. Generally speaking, people with names don’t need to come to San Dios. This is an unspoken rule. Even Bu You didn’t look at it, because no one forced those people, and those people’s backgrounds were not weak. But Lu Yin wanted to see it, and Barry didn’t refuse and called up a list.

Lu Yin looked at the list and his eyes lit up. This was really interesting. He knew Fairy Yue, Zhuang Shaohua, and someone named Huichuan, who came from the Divine Rank Hall of the Beast Controlling Realm, and Arrogant Similarly, there is also a person named Zhan Jin, who was born in the Fire Realm, and Tieshan Baiye, etc. There are three or four of the Baiye clan.

“Are these all in name?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Barry quickly replied, “Yes, they are all in name, they are all people who passed the trial but did not come.”

Lu Yin pondered, in name, in name, the forces behind these people are not easy to deal with. Even Bu You doesn’t interfere in these people’s affairs, what can he do?

“Is there anything else besides these?” Lu Yin asked.

Barry called up another list, “This is the tester named under the name of Councilor Buyou.”

Lu Yin looked at it and asked, “Who is this Wen Qian’er?”.

“Wen Qian’er is a child of the Wen family in the literary world, and is said to be Wen Jue’s cousin,” Barry replied.

Lu Yin was surprised. He looked further, Yan Hua, a disciple of the Sword Sect, Lu Qiao Na, a disciple of the First Grade Hall of the Beast Mastering Realm, A Fan, eh? They were actually students from Beihangliujie Shangwu Academy. After looking at them for a while, Lu Yin looked away. He realized that these names were the ones with real value.

The reason why the Ten Jue Council can run rampant in the universe is not only due to the terrifying combat power of the Ten Jue Council, but also the support of these young people with backgrounds. If the Ten Jue Council is disturbed, it is equivalent to affecting the interests of countless people. These The forces behind young people will not ignore them.

Lu Yin felt more and more that the Ten Jue Council was another platform for a battle over the structure of the universe. If he fought for supremacy here, he would gain far more than he imagined.

The purpose of these people’s names is to fight for power in the Ten Finals Council in the future. They really look far enough, and it also illustrates the importance of the Ten Finals Council.


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