Star Odyssey Chapter 342: Right and Wrong

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Jenny Ona was taken down by someone arranged by Lu Yin, and returned directly to Zhenyu Star in two days. Her future was destined to be locked up in the Ona family, and she could only be a canary. Lu Yin was absolutely He won’t marry her, and she can’t marry anyone else.

The evidence of Bazel’s crime was conclusive, and Lu Yin arranged for someone to imprison him. As for Yan Feng, although Lu Yin wanted to kill him, he had not committed a crime, but his stance was different. However, Lu Yin arranged for someone to treat him. Deal with it again.

There were many people from the Flame Refining Star in San Dios, all of whom were imprisoned together. Among them, Lu Yin saw an acquaintance, Yan Gang, who had crossed paths with him during the Earth Trial. , I remember he was Yanfeng’s servant and had a very good relationship, but now, he is not even qualified to participate in the war, and he is still in harmony.

Yangang noticed Lu Yin’s gaze and lowered his head, not daring to look at him, for fear that Lu Yin would deal with him.

Lu Yin didn’t care. This kind of person was no longer worthy of his care.

On the other side, Mira returned behind Wen Sansi and said “Wen Jue”.

Wen Sansi smiled lightly, “The show is good, and the people are even better.”

Mila raised her head with a serious expression, “Wen Jue, Lu Yin can actually exert thirty-fold strength. Looking at the universe, the only two people in the extreme realm who can truly compete with him are those two.”

Wen Sansi nodded, “Yes, the real invincible, the real candidate for the ten finals, haha, it’s really interesting.” At this point, Wen Sansi suddenly said, “Mira, pass on Murong’s information. Lu Yin”.

Mila was puzzled.

Wen Sansi’s eyes were bright. He was looking forward to the confrontation between the two. Once Murong was defeated, he was curious about whether the person behind Murong could hold back. He was looking forward to it even more.

As a member of the Youth Council of the Outer Universe, Wendy Yushan is responsible for four territories, namely the Canglan Territory, the Haoyuan Territory, the Larsu Territory, and the Wuli Territory. The four territories are connected together, and the younger generation all belong to them. The Outer Universe Youth Council is responsible for many things.

The Ten Final Council networks are connected together. Lu Yin can directly log into the regional network in charge of Wendy Yushan in the outer universe through the Ten Final Council networks. At this moment, all he needs to worry about is the northbound flow realm of the inner universe. Four territories.

A territory is so huge. The combined scope of the four territories is enough to make ordinary people think their brains are broken. And there are countless academies in each territory. There are countless trials, assessments, etc. every day, a series of Lu Yin was confused by what happened. He was not suitable to take charge of this, so he simply let it go like Beixing Liujie.

What he wants is a name and to disperse Bu You’s power, but he doesn’t want to worry about the rest for the time being.

After casually browsing the Internet, I suddenly saw a strange trial message – young people from the Youxing Gorge will go to the Wuli territory to participate in the trial in ten days.

This piece of information itself is nothing, but the name Youxing Gorge made Lu Yin think of Buyou, and Buyou was born in Youxing Gorge.

He quickly opened the Internet and checked the real Jupiter.

The more he looked, the more excited Lu Yin became, even a little excited. True Jupiter is a strange planet. All water resources on the entire planet are hidden underground. The ground is covered by countless plants. There are no animals, only plants. Some of these plants are aggressive. , but some are rare treasures of heaven and earth.

Generally speaking, it is impossible for no one to care about this kind of planet where various natural materials and earthly treasures grow. Unfortunately, the natural materials and earthly treasures born on this planet generally do not exceed ten years, and their life span is only ten years. , it gradually withered after ten years. Many scholars have investigated and tried to find out the reason, but they all failed. With only ten years of life, no matter how good the treasures are, it is useless.

It is for this reason that True Jupiter was gradually abandoned and turned into a testing ground.

Ten-year-old treasures of heaven, materials and earth are useless to powerful cultivators, but they are still useful to those who explore and even merge into realms. Especially since this planet occasionally has long-extinct treasures of heaven, materials and earth. If you are lucky, you can Changing the physique has also led to many forces in the Wuli territory wanting to test on True Jupiter, but unfortunately they have been controlled by Bu You.

Lu Yin silently discovered that even when Wendy Yushan was around, True Jupiter was the trial site of Youxing Gorge. There were only two reasons for this situation. Either Bu You completely controlled Wendy Yushan, or Wen Di Yushan didn’t care, she didn’t argue with Bu You at all, otherwise this kind of planet should have been a trial place for the Daewoo Empire.

No wonder Wendy Yushan couldn’t even find out her identity as the interpreter. This woman probably has nothing else on her mind except cultivation. It’s not unreasonable for Bazel to seek refuge with Bu You.

Lu Yin decisively deleted this trial, which means that from now on, the true Jupiter trial does not belong to Youxing Gorge. Lu Yin can give it to whomever he wants. More importantly, this planet is What he values ​​​​is that what others get is only ten years of natural resources and earthly treasures. As long as he has money, he can get it in a hundred thousand years, not to mention ten years. This planet is perfect for him.

One day later, there was a ding, and Lu Yin was looking at the real Jupiter introduction, when a notification appeared, from Mira.

Lu Yin clicked it, looked at it, his eyes were surprised, and he raised his head, what does Mira mean? Why tell him this person’s information?

There are many top geniuses in the universe who are called candidates for the Ten Finals, but most of them are just words of praise. Just like when Lu Yin mastered the five lines of battle energy and was called a candidate for the Ten Finals, at that time, he His strength is only about the same as that of Han Chong and others, and he is not Tianju’s opponent at all. However, among these praised candidates for the ten finals, a few are truly recognized.

Mira told Lu Yin the information about one of them, Murong, a genius who was absorbed by the Ten Jue Council since he was a child and possesses powerful talents. Looking at the younger generation under the Ten Jue Council’s exploration realm, this person is well-deserved The strongest one, and was even hailed as invincible under the starry sky by one of the Ten Juemen.

The Ten Academy Competition, the Most Powerful Competition has made Lu Yin’s name spread throughout the universe. This is his honor. Although most people don’t know the name of Murong, it is well known to the top powerful people. This person has fought against his peers. Never defeated.

Every once in a while, there will always be some outstanding talents who do not fit in with the contemporary era, and Murong is one of them.

Before, Lu Yin was not qualified to know that even after defeating the most powerful leader, he was still not Murong’s opponent in the eyes of many people, but at this moment, when he exerted his 30th strength, he was qualified, because He tied the record of the Blue Finals that year, and he became a real candidate for the Ten Finals.

Lu Yin exhaled, Murong, could this person be his enemy? The real candidates for the ten finals are Mu Rong and Ye Xingchen from Universe Sea. Who else is there? He has already entered this level, surpassed Liu Shaoqiu, and officially entered the Ten Jue Eyes.

Lu Yin was glad that he had improved his strength before coming. Whether he reached the 30th level was the difference between heaven and earth.

“Congressman Lu, Miss Jenny begs to see you,” a maid stood behind Lu Yin and said respectfully.

Lu Yin frowned and said, “No.”

“This, Miss Jenny said, if you don’t see her, she will commit suicide.” The maid was embarrassed.

Lu Yin snorted coldly, thought for a moment, and said, “Lead the way.”

Although he doesn’t care about Jane Ona, if this woman dies because of him, the Ona family will be in trouble, because it is not cost-effective for a woman who doesn’t care to affect him.

Jiniona is now leaning against the wall with an ashen face. The moment she saw Lu Yin, deep-seated hatred flashed in her eyes, and then quickly disappeared, replaced by pleading, “Please, let me go.” .

Lu Yin stared at Jeanne Ona coldly, “Do you know that because of you, I was almost doomed?”

Jenny Ona shook her head, “I don’t understand. I just want to marry the person I love. Is that wrong?”.

Lu Yin’s heart trembled, and he was silent, looking at Jenny Ona’s sad eyes, his eyes flickering, yes, she just wants to marry the person she loves, is that wrong? The fault was someone else’s and had nothing to do with her. She never admitted anything from beginning to end. She just passively accepted the family’s arrangements. She was just a poor woman.

Lu Yin’s original dissatisfaction with Jeanne Ona disappeared instantly. This woman did not feel sorry for him. As a woman, there is nothing wrong with wanting to marry the person you love, but unfortunately, she was born into the wrong family.

“You are right, but you love the wrong person.” Lu Yin softened his tone and said calmly.

Jenny Ona closed her eyes, “Lian Yanxing and the Dayu Empire are not hostile forces. I like Yanfeng. What’s wrong with me? The fault is that my family promised me to you. Lu Yin, you really like me. Me? You have never liked me. I can tell that the ring does not represent love, but only your commitment to the Ona family. In your eyes, I am just a marriage tool.”

Lu Yin didn’t say anything. What Jenny Ona said was wrong. She was not even a marriage tool, because he never wanted to marry this woman from the beginning to the end.

“Seventh brother, you have ruined a woman’s life’s happiness” Guihou screamed.

“My father has never cared about my thoughts and wants to marry me to you. How could he not know that you have never cared about me? But he doesn’t care. All he wants is to marry you, that’s all. I want to escape. “I want to leave that cage, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with marrying the person I like? I don’t intend to hurt anyone,” Jenny Ona said hoarsely, looking at Lu Yin sadly and despairingly.

Lu Yin did not look at her. He could not refute. What this woman said was right. She only needed to be responsible for herself and marry Yan Feng. As for any harm to herself, it was indeed beyond her scope to consider. She was not Who is she?

Lu Yin sighed, “Yan Feng has never liked you.”

Jenny Ona’s tears fell to the ground and she squatted down, “I know, I know it’s not me he wants to marry, but I don’t care, I just want to marry him, I just want to leave that cage, even if it costs my life.” .

Lu Yin didn’t know what to say. Men and women have different ideas. One is rational, the other emotional, and the contradictions are also different. He couldn’t help Jenny Ona, “Go back, if possible, I will let Xueshan Ona will arrange a better destination for you. It’s good to be an ordinary woman and live an ordinary life.”

Jeniona held her head and cried silently.

Lu Yin turned and left.

“Wait a minute” Jenny Ona raised his head, looked at Lu Yin’s back, and whispered, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Lu Yin didn’t look back and left directly.


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