Star Odyssey Chapter 341: Thirty strong strength

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Lu Yin’s eyes changed. The sword was fired when he attacked Bazel. It was very fast. He could not avoid it, but there was no need to avoid it. Seeing the flame approaching, he raised his hand and flipped his right hand rapidly. , the flame disappeared inch by inch, and finally became invisible.

Countless people are stunned. What kind of combat skill is this?

Bu You’s eyes were filled with fear. This was a method of interpreting language. Is this person’s ability to interpret language so strong?

Mila was also surprised. She didn’t expect Lu Yin’s ability to interpret words to be so powerful.

Even Wen Sansi was surprised. He had come into contact with many talented interpreters. However, Lu Yin, who had just become an interpreter, was able to neutralize the opponent’s combat skills in battle. This kind of interpreter talent was quite high. .

Yanfeng is far from Lu Yin’s level. Although he is a genius of the Flame Refining Star, and he has cultivated in the unique environment of the Flame Refining Star to a strength that can barely touch the top 100 battle list, Lu Yin’s current strength It has reached the top 100 battle list. According to Lance, 30 strength is enough to defeat the strong ones at the bottom of the top 100 battle list.

The several enhancements of Qiang Shengguo made Lu Yin completely arrogant among the others. In the extreme state, he did not believe that anyone could be his opponent, including the ten finalists at the same time.

With a bang, the Yanfeng sword was shattered by Lu Yin, and his right shoulder was slapped, and he flew out, just like Bazel.

Whether they were in front of the light screen or in San Dios, everyone was stunned. Lu Yin, who was in the extreme realm, not only jumped into the challenge, but also defeated two genius exploration realm experts. This scene is almost impossible to happen in the outer universe. But the facts emerged.

The difference between the inner and outer universes is quite obvious, but even looking at the inner universe, Lu Yin’s achievements are shocking.

In the distance, Jenny Ona shivered and looked at Lu Yin in fear. Why is this happening? Today is obviously her happiest day. She can be very happy, but that person appears and wants to destroy her happiness. No way. , we can’t let him destroy it, thinking, Jenny Ona jumped up and suddenly attacked Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes were cold, this woman had gone crazy. With a flick of his finger, he pinned Jeanne Ona to the wall with a force of strength, “This wedding has not been recognized by the Ona family and will be canceled immediately.”

Jenny Ona’s face turned pale, “Lu Yin, this is my business, why do you cancel my wedding?”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and clicked on his personal terminal. The certification certificate of Xueshan Ona was revealed in the light screen, “Your father, the leader of Xueshan Ona, asked me to take you back. Without the recognition of the Ona family, You can’t decide your own affairs.”

“It’s not your turn to make the decision.” In the distance, Yan Feng was soaring into the air in embarrassment, staring at Lu Yin viciously, “If you mess up the wedding, I, Yan Feng, will kill you.” After saying that, his combat power completely exploded, and another On the side, Bazel roared, and the power of the star-devouring bear also fully exploded.

Refining the Flame Star, Yan Wujiu’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. San Dios did not allow others to enter, and could only accommodate the younger generation. Otherwise, he would have gone there long ago and killed Lu Yin with his own hands. Seeing Lu Yin, he had the guts The terrible feeling is that if this person is not eliminated, Lianyan Star will be destroyed in his hands. Feng’er must kill him.

Yan Feng and Bazel attacked Lu Yin with all their strength at the same time.

Lu Yin turned around, raised his right hand, made a fist, and then released it. The powerful force distorted the void. He raised his head, faced San Dios and countless people in front of the light curtain, and displayed a terrifying and terrifying power. “Thirty times – forty times – wave palm”.

In an instant, the scalps of countless people in the universe who saw this scene were numb, and they were thirty strong. Others had no idea of ​​this at all. They didn’t know how powerful it was. Only a few people knew it. For example, Wen Sansi stood up immediately and looked at Shocking.

For a long time, many masters have been called candidates for the Ten Jue, such as Liu Shaoqiu, such as Yan Qing Ye Wang who used the body of the Night King, such as Zhanlong Baiye, etc., but they were truly recognized by the Ten Jue and had power comparable to theirs at the same time. Only a few fixed people, such as Ye Xingchen from Universe Sea, are the real candidates for the ten finals, and even Liu Shaoqiu is just a hair away.

Lu Yin was also at this level. Calling him a candidate for the Ten Finals was more about praise and encouragement than recognition. But the moment he exerted his thirty-seventh strength, his status changed drastically. , he is comparable to the achievements created by Lance. He truly has the power to compete with the original Ten Finals. He is a real candidate for the Ten Finals, becoming one of the limited number of people.

How terrifying the power of thirty-fold strength is, Yan Feng and Bazel quickly realized that it was an indescribable and overwhelming force. Bazel had experienced this power before, and he was a top 100 fighter. Lu Yin’s power at this moment was completely comparable to that of the top 100 master.

With one palm, he defeated Yanfeng and Bazel, seriously injured them, and smashed them to the ground.

Countless people have not yet reacted. Lu Yin was only at the extreme level, but he defeated the joint efforts of two elite exploration level experts. Many people thought it was like a fantasy, especially people from the outer universe, who simply could not imagine the extreme level. Why does the environment have such power?

In the distance, many people from the inner universe forces looked at each other. Lu Yin at this moment gave them a feeling of invincibility. The words “invincible” once appeared on a person, and that person was It is called the invincible state under the starry sky, and its name is Murong.

This kind of thing rarely happens in San Dios. No one dares to do it in San Dios. This is the first time for Lu Yin.

Bu You finally couldn’t help it anymore, glanced at Mira with fear, and walked out, “Your name is Lu Yin, right?”

Lu Yin turned around and looked at Bu You, “Are you Bu You?”

A cold light flashed in Bu You’s eyes, “This is Yanfeng’s wedding.”

“The wedding is invalid” Lu Yin answered simply.

Bu You’s eyes were cold, “This wedding is approved by me, Saint Dios.”

Lu Yin laughed, raised his head, and looked at Bu You, “Can you represent Saint Dios?”

“What did you say?” Bu You was furious. No one had dared to talk to him like this for a long time. Regardless of his identity, he was ranked thirteenth on the top 100 battle list, which was enough to easily crush many people.

Lu Yin sneered. This person and he had already been opposed to each other. They were incompatible with each other. There was no need to worry. He glanced at it and didn’t see the people from the New Human Alliance he met in the Dieying Territory. He frowned unconsciously. Could it be that he was Found? This is not good, it is a nail in the face of Bu You.

“Bu You, you are a congressman, not an elder of the family. It is not your turn to worry about the wedding.” Mira walked out, stood in front of Lu Yin, and looked at Bu You teasingly.

Bu You narrowed his eyes. San Dios only allowed the younger generation to enter. Except for him, no one was Lu Yin’s opponent. Yan Feng and Bazel were defeated again. He was restrained by Mira. This The murderous intention created by this wedding has failed, Wen Sansi is also staring at this, there is no need to get entangled.

“I just can’t stand it, ruining the wedding of the person you love, Lu Yin, is this the way the Starry Sky War Academy taught you to be a human being?” Bu You shouted loudly.

Lu Yin frowned, “Are you blind and can’t see the certification?”.

Bu You was furious again. This Lu Yin didn’t take him seriously at all, “Okay, okay, you are a member of the Starry Sky War Academy Student Union, and you also represent Shi Jue. What you are doing is to discredit Shi Jue. I, Bu You, If you can’t take care of it, someone will take care of you from now on.” After saying that, he glanced at Bazel who was lying on the ground in a panic, with a glimmer of light in his eyes, and left directly.

Jiniona was still pinned to the wall by Qi Jin, unable to break free. She looked at all this in despair, and at Yan Feng who was already seriously injured. Today was a day of great joy and great sadness for her.

Lu Yin glanced at everyone around him, “Everyone who is not under the command of Representative Wendy Yushan has left. From today on, I, Lu Yin, will temporarily exercise the powers of the Outer Universe Youth Council on behalf of Representative Wendy. Is there anyone who is dissatisfied?’.

Wendy Yushan’s subordinate council members include not only Bazel and Yan Feng, but also five others, all of whom are strong in the exploration realm. Although they are older, they are still considered to be the younger generation. At this moment, they all looked at Lu Yin, feeling a little confused. .

They didn’t know how to choose. Before Lu Yin came, they discussed it and ignored the young man, but it wouldn’t go too far. This was also the reason why they didn’t join forces with Bazel and Yan Feng to deal with Lu Yin. They didn’t want to offend him too much. This person was unwilling to ask them to surrender immediately.

Mila came forward at the right time, “Following Wen’s decision, Lu Yin temporarily takes over Wendy Yushan’s position. Does anyone have any objections?”

“Meet Senator Lu” The five exploration realm experts saluted at the same time.

Lu Yin nodded with a smile on his face. Fortunately, he had improved his strength too much. Otherwise, when he came directly from the Dayu Empire to San Dios, he would definitely be suppressed by Yanfeng and Bazel. None of these people would know how to do it. He had convinced him, but now it was different. He defeated Yan Feng and Bazel alone, and his strength was the best among all. In the entire San Dios, except for Bu You and the other three council members, no one was his opponent.

This is the most important reason why he can replace Wendy Yushan. No matter what, strength always comes first.

A wedding was supposed to be a murder plot plotted against Lu Yin by various forces, but he was able to neutralize it with his absolute strength without the help of anyone. This scene spread to many forces and expanded Lu Yin’s reputation once again.

If we talk about the Ten Academy Competition, he is only a master in the Star Battle Academy, and the most powerful competition makes him the most popular master in the universe, then this battle has completely pushed Lu Yin to the list of candidates for the Ten Finals , the real candidate for the ten finals, is qualified to call him – extremely invincible.

Extreme Realm includes not only the younger generation, but also many older generation masters who are in Extreme Realm. Among those people, there are also extremely talented people, but they are unable to break through the Exploration Realm. Among these people, there are also monsters and geniuses. .

Even Lu Yin, who is the most powerful and the leader, is not qualified to be called the ultimate invincible and will not be recognized by others. Now, he has been recognized because he equaled the record set by the ten finals at the same time. Jue is synonymous with invincibility. It is invincible if it is comparable to ten jue.

“Congratulations, Senator Lu.” Mira looked at Lu Yin with a smile.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “If you hadn’t helped me block Bu You, I would have been in trouble today.”

Mila smiled and said, “Thank you Wenjue, I won’t help you.” After saying that, she left with a gust of fragrant wind.

Lu Yin looked thoughtfully, Wen Jue? It seems that he wants to win over him. In the ten finals, he has to choose one. Who should he choose? Now that Lance is showing favor to him, Wen thinks twice that the enemy is Zhenwu Night King, which is really a headache.


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