Star Odyssey Chapter 340: Domineering

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There are five arches in San Dios, guarding five strong men respectively. Anyone who wants to enter San Dios must pass through the arches. Even if the strong men walking in the starry sky try to tear the void and enter, it will not be possible because of the strong men guarding the arches. These are not members of the Outer Universe Youth Council, but masters employed by the council, or in other words, masters directly under the military. These masters are not necessarily from the younger generation.

San Dios represents the Youth Council of the Outer Universe, and also represents the Ten Final Council. It is impossible for anyone to break into it at will. This is a face.

Lu Yin tore through the void and rushed into San Dios. The strong man guarding the arch in the Wendy Yu Mountain area suddenly opened his eyes and raised his hand to shake the void. Lu Yin was forcibly forced out and stared cautiously below.

“Who dares to trespass into San Dios?” Below, a middle-aged man with a downcast face shouted, staring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat. This person was very strong, at least a master of the cruising realm. He didn’t want to waste time, because Yan Feng was still a few steps away from Jenny Ona.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin opened his personal terminal and poked out the light screen, “Look clearly, am I qualified to enter?”.

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Yin’s message on the light screen, especially the two glory dots behind his name. His eyes changed and he slowly stepped away, “Please come in.”

This is the privilege of glory points. Two glory points bring too many privileges, one of which is unconditional admission to the Youth Council.

Lu Yin was qualified to enter with his own identity, but it would take time to prove his identity. He didn’t have time to wait, so he could only open the way with glory points.

Putting down his personal terminal, Lu Yin disappeared in a flash.

At the corner of San Dios, Wen Sansi raised the corners of his mouth, and the fun began.

On the carpet of burning flames, Yan Feng walked up to Jenny Ona, slowly bent down, reached out his hand, and wanted to hold Jenny Ona.

Jenny Ona blushed, showed a happy smile, and raised her hand.

Suddenly, many people present looked at him, and a powerful aura appeared.

Yan Feng paused for a moment, his eyes were cold, what was supposed to come had come.

“Who allowed you to get married?” A voice sounded from behind Jenny Ona and spread throughout San Dios. Everyone looked there, some were excited, some were mocking, and some were looking forward to it.

Hearing this voice, Jenny Ona’s whole body went cold, and she felt as if she had stepped on the wrong foot, as if she had broken free from the ocean of happiness, thinking of reality, and thinking of a certain person.

She turned around blankly and looked at the man not far away in disbelief, “You, why are you here?”.

Lu Yin stared at Jenny Ona coldly, then shifted his gaze to Yan Feng beside her, frowning, “Are you Yan Feng?”.

Before Yan Feng spoke, Bazel walked out not far away and glared at Lu Yin, “Classmate Lu, you are not invited to this wedding, please leave.”

Lu Yin glanced at Bazel, “I will deal with your matter later, get out of here now.”

Bazel was furious and sneered, “What a big tone, why do you have to deal with me?”

“It seems that you are the first dog to bite someone. In this case, I will let you know clearly.” Lu Yin’s tone was cold, and he raised his hand to reveal a light curtain, “Bazel, a member of the Outer Universe Youth Council , supervising the Daewoo Empire Youth Council on behalf of Councilor Wendy Woo-san. During this period, he left his post without permission, engaged in nepotism, accepted bribes, and ignored the law. The evidence is conclusive. What do you have to say? ”

Many people were making noises and staring blankly at the light curtain.

Bazel was furious, “You’re talking nonsense, I didn’t, how dare you accuse me unjustly.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and said, “If you were wronged, someone will investigate. Now you can get out.”

Bazel clenched his fists and said, “Give me your personal terminal.”

Lu Yin ignored him and looked at Jeanne Ona, “You are very courageous. You dare to betray your family and get married privately. Go back to Ona’s house.”

Jeniona’s face turned pale and her body trembled.

Yan Feng took a step forward and stared at Lu Yin in a low voice, “Who do you think you are? You dare to disrupt my wedding.”

“Give me the personal terminal.” Bazel suddenly grabbed Lu Yin and winked at Yan Feng. He was not stupid and could not **** the personal terminal in front of so many people. He just wanted to take the opportunity to follow Yan Feng teamed up to deal with Lu Yin. They didn’t intend to kill him, they just wanted to make him embarrassed. People’s reputation is very important. Their plan was to make Lu Yin embarrassed at his fiancée’s wedding to someone else and become a laughing stock for the rest of his life.

This approach is very poisonous. Once successful, no matter how high Lu Yin reaches in the future, this incident will always be an indelible stain. Especially Yan Feng’s live broadcast of the wedding scene from the beginning is enough to make Lu Yin irreversible. .

Moreover, it may not be impossible to accidentally kill him. After all, he was the one who disrupted other people’s weddings and deserved to die. No one would stand up for him.

In San Dios, Lu Yin had no helpers, and this was the starting point of his weakness.

A wedding creates a unique murderous intention, a murderous intention that no one can stop and for which no one is responsible. There is no need to worry about Lu Yin’s various identities. This is a murderous intention specially designed to deal with him.

Lu Yin never thought that a few words could solve the problem. Seeing Bazel grab him, he snorted coldly, flicked his hand, and the wave of air shook his clothes. He raised his palm and slapped it out.


There was a shocking roar, and the majestic air wave erupted like a tsunami, sweeping across the entire courtyard and even spreading to the entire San Dios.

On the Liaoyuan Continent, many people looked up at the sky and saw a circular air wave from San Dios spreading out and shattering the clouds.

Many experts took action at the same time to resist the aftermath, and Jenny Ona was pulled behind Yan Feng.

With a bang, Lu Yin and Bazel stepped back at the same time. The difference was that Lu Yin took five steps back, while Bazel took seven steps back.

This scene shocked countless people. Bazel is an elite exploration realm expert, not an ordinary exploration realm. He is qualified to join the Outer Universe Youth Council, which represents his status as a genius of the younger generation. This kind of person is far more powerful. Beyond the ordinary exploration realm, he was actually repelled by Lu Yin with a palm, and Lu Yin was passively defensive.

A palm shook the entire San Dios. Even Wen Sansi was stunned. Lu Yin’s physical strength exceeded his imagination. This person’s strength has improved again. How come it is so fast?

Bazel looked at Lu Yin in shock. According to the strongest strength, even if Lu Yin could fight with him, it would not be so easy. Why did this person’s strength become completely different in a few days?

Yan Feng also stared at Lu Yin in horror. This was the first time for him to face this person. He had only heard Yan Gang mention it more than two years ago. In less than three years, this person had become so powerful. This person cannot stay.

“You should be killed if you dare to disrupt the wedding.” Yan Feng shouted and rushed towards Lu Yin. He took out a long sword from the Ning Kong Ring, surrounded by flames, and slashed at Lu Yin with one sword.

At the same time, Bazel also took action, roared, and a huge violent bear appeared outside his body. This was a star-devouring bear. It was rumored that it could swallow planets. This was Bazel’s talent.

Lu Yin clenched his fists, making a clicking sound, and his eyes were excited. When Bazel appeared for the first time on Zhenyu Planet, the pressure on him was unattainable, especially after hearing other people’s introduction to him. He had defeated Cruise. He couldn’t imagine the strength of the creature in this realm, but in less than three years, he was strong enough to fight with him, or even surpass him. What would be impossible in the future?

He will never forget the humiliation that Bazel brought him, the unspeakable aggrievedness. Today, he has to repay it all. He has waited for this battle for too long.

With a whoosh, Yan Feng pierced the void with his sword and landed in front of Lu Yin. This man had a combat power of 30,000 and was a genius among the strong men in the exploration realm. He was on the same level as Bazel, and his strength was far superior to what he had encountered before. The leader of the pirates in the Exploration Realm.

Facing Yanfeng, Lu Yin was not careless. He raised his hand and turned it into a claw. The Flame Refining Star was just an outer universe planet. To deal with him, the Heavenly Beast Claw of the Dayu Empire was enough.

With a bang, the flames flashed, the claws of the heavenly beast collided with the flaming sword, the scorching air waves rolled, the void completely twisted and collapsed, turning into countless space cracks and scattered away, followed by exhaustion. of flame.

On the other side, Bazel punched Lu Yin. He used the star-swallowing bear talent to assist with combat skills. This punch was enough to make a strong person in the cruise realm fearful or even retreat. Facing him, Lu Yin didn’t want to retreat even a step. , “Today I’m going to beat you into a dead bear”, Lu Yin shouted, and raised his palm, “Twenty heavy – forty times – wave palm”.


The shocking roar exploded again, and the terrifying force of the collision forced the Yanfeng back. Countless people around felt their chests stagnate, and many people even vomited out a mouthful of blood and hurried away.

Further away, Bu You stepped out. He was about to take action, but Mira appeared in front of him, “Congressman Bu You, don’t you want to interfere?”

Bu You’s face was grim, “This is San Dios, not a school ground.”

“Yes, this is San Dios, not a wedding venue,” Mira mocked.

Bu You’s eyes were cold.

Many light curtains lit up across the universe, watching the wedding.

Zhen Yuxing and Snow Mountain Ona were nervous.

In the inner universe, King Yan Qingye sneered. No matter how strong Lu Yin was, there was no way he could deal with two exploration realm experts who were qualified to join the Council. As long as this wedding could continue, he would be finished, and his reputation would be finished. The higher the most powerful ratio holds him up, the more painful the fall will be.

Many strong men appeared in all directions of San Dios to prevent the spread of the aftermath.

The courtyard has been completely reduced to ruins. Lu Yin and Bazel collided and retreated at the same time. The result was the same as before, Bazel once again fell into a disadvantage.

He looked at Lu Yin in disbelief. He had already tried his best, and his strength even exceeded that of an ordinary cruiser, but he still couldn’t defeat this person.

“I said, I will beat you until you turn into a dead bear.” Lu Yin shouted, an air dodge appeared in front of Bazel, and he threw out his leg. Bazel roared, and the air waves on his body exploded, trying in vain. After forcing Lu Yin back, five lines of fighting energy appeared on Lu Yin’s body. Dark golden light appeared in the sky above San Dios for the first time. Like a miracle, it pushed away Bazel’s air waves. He pressed his hands on Bazel’s chest, ” Twenty-five times – forty times – wave palm”.

Bazel’s pupils contracted violently, twenty-five times?

With a bang, Bazel spit out blood suddenly, and his whole body was blown away. At this moment, the sky turned red, and in the distance, the Yanfeng burned with indescribable hot flames, and he slashed with a sword Xiang Lu Yin, “Flaming Heart Sword”.


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