Star Odyssey Chapter 32: Fugitive

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Zhang Dingtian was also stunned for a moment and said, “He is Zhou Shan’s friend and a heaven-level powerhouse.”

Dean Lian exclaimed, “Heaven level? Earthling?”.

Lu Yin nodded.

Even the dean was even more surprised, “I didn’t expect that besides the seven of you and the Tianzhu monk, there would be someone who could reach the heaven level at this time. It’s unbelievable, young man, how did you do it?”

Lu Yin replied lightly with two words, “talent”.

Even the dean accepted it, and seemed to have no other explanation besides this.

“Dean, what happened?” Bai Xue asked.

Dean Lian sighed, “The Academy of Science and Technology was breached, and all the information was taken away by that alien kid.”

“What information did he get? It seems that the Academy of Science and Technology has no information that he cares about” Zhang Dingtian asked confused.

Even the dean shook his head and frowned, “I don’t know either. He connected the thing on his wrist to the optical brain of the Science and Technology Institute, and he was ecstatic not long after.”

“Personal Terminal” Bai Xue said solemnly, “This is alien technology, far beyond earth technology. Perhaps the information that the Science and Technology Institute cannot recognize was recognized by him. No wonder he wants to destroy the Science and Technology Institute. It seems that he doesn’t want us to Know”.

“No, I destroyed the Academy of Science and Technology,” Dean Lian said.

A few people were surprised.

Dean Lian smiled bitterly, “That person killed all the researchers as soon as he came in to explore the optical brain. I must destroy the Institute of Science and Technology, otherwise it will be exposed underground, and this is the only way to notify you.”

Lu Yin admired the old man for being so courageous and not afraid of burying himself.

Zhang Dingtian frowned, “The Science and Technology Institute was destroyed and all information was burned. We can’t find them if we want to seek revenge.”

Dean Lian shook his head, “Who said the information is gone? If the Academy of Science and Technology is destroyed, the information will be gone. What does it mean for me to be the dean?” As he spoke, Zhang Dingtian opened his eyes in the eyes of others. Underground, “There is a backup of all the information of the Institute of Science and Technology underground. You should have alien technology. Give it a try. Maybe you can analyze something.”

Zhang Dingtian, Bai Xue and Lu Yin went down immediately.

Not long after, several people looked at the light curtain ejected from their personal terminals with shocked expressions.

What was played in the light screen was the big explosion more than half a year ago. In the light screen of the Academy of Science and Technology, the big explosion was nothing special. Everything was destroyed. However, under the personal terminal analysis, a black shadow rushed out of the explosion. To the west, it passed in a blink of an eye. Except for personal terminals, earth technology could not analyze this scene because the black shadow was too fast.

Zhang Dingtian and the other three looked solemn.

Dean Lian was shocked, “What is this black shadow? A human?”.

Lu Yin said calmly, “More than half a year ago, I remember that the Seven Saints had not yet reached the heaven level. This speed is equivalent to the heaven level. If I guessed correctly, it should be that corpse. The only corpse in the place has this possibility. “.

Dean Lian was surprised, “You mean, that’s not a corpse at all, that person is not dead?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Use energy to cover your body and stop all functions of your body. It’s just like being dead. It’s normal for Earth’s technology not to be able to tell the difference. It seems right. This corpse is the student’s trial mission. Fugitives in “.

A few people were silent, staring at the light curtain.

Lu Yin looked at Dean Lian, “Well, let me ask, why did you move the body in the first place? Zhou Shan told me that he couldn’t control any matter.”

Dean Lian glanced at Zhang Dingtian and Bai Xue and said, “We analyzed that there was a strange substance on the corpse. Once this substance breaks out, the consequences are unpredictable. We really cannot control it and must move it.”

“No. 1 was originally worried about the material explosion during the transfer, so he spread out the seven of us just in case. Unexpectedly, it came true. The end of the world is coming. Fortunately, the seven of us guarded one side, so that we could protect the survivors.” Bai Xue said in a deep voice.

Lu Yin sighed with emotion, “No. 1 is really a great person. If he had let the seven of you protect him back then, he might not have died.”

Dean Lian sighed, “There is no way, no one expected this to happen. Now it seems that the culprit is that corpse. He caused the explosion and created the doomsday.”

Lu Yin frowned, feeling something was wrong. Why did that corpse want to create an apocalypse? The end of the world is evolution for the earth. Isn’t he afraid of attracting the Daewoo Empire?

“When we were studying the corpse, our Institute of Science and Technology placed nano-trackers in his skin tissue. I’ll see if I can find the location information.” Dean Lian said, and kept tinkering with the optical brain. After a while, Yes, I opened the world map and said in surprise, “I found it. The place where the tracking signal last disappeared is here.”

Everyone looked at it, “Europe, the Mediterranean.”

“That alien student is going to the Western Mediterranean,” Zhang Dingtian said in a deep voice.

“Should we go?” Bai Xue asked.

Zhang Dingtian stared at the screen and said, “No.”

Lu Yin said calmly, “That corpse was once a strong man walking in the starry sky. Now even if it is seriously injured and dying, it must still be able to save its life. It is too dangerous for us to go.”

Dean Lian said, “Don’t worry, if those alien students fail to catch him, he will definitely come back.”

Lu Yin looked at Dean Lian in confusion.

Dean Lian said, “His things are in the Academy of Science and Technology and he will never give them up.”

“What?” Lu Yin asked. When the body was brought back to Earth, no one knew what else was brought back at the same time. They only knew that there was a sword.

Dean Lian was about to speak, but Bai Xue stopped him, “This is a state secret and cannot be leaked.”

Lu Yin was funny, “The end has come. The top managers of the country are you, the Seven Saints. What secrets are there?”

Bai Xue stared at Lu Yin, “We don’t know your details. Who knows if you are an alien student?”

“Zhou Shan can testify to me that I was in the torture camp before the trial students arrived,” Lu Yin frowned.

The corners of Bai Xue’s mouth curved beautifully, “I remember those students said that the earth has been under the supervision of the Daewoo Empire for a long time, so it is not impossible to enter in advance.”

“I have to say anything with strong words.” Lu Yin was unhappy. This woman seemed to be against him at every turn. I heard that she had an affair with Liu Shaoge and she needed to be beaten.

Bai Xue said lightly, “I’m just telling the truth.”

“I must tell you that those students just now are just the first batch of trialists. The second batch of trialists are coming soon. There will definitely be enemies that you can’t deal with. I can help you, don’t fail to recognize good people,” Lu Yin said .

Bai Xue snorted, “If you are from Earth, you should help us, otherwise you are a traitor. If you are not from Earth, there is no point in begging you.”

Lu Yin had a toothache, and this woman’s analysis was quite reasonable.

Zhang Dingtian looked at Lu Yin and said solemnly, “Your identity is unknown. Zhou Shan can only represent himself. If you want to know the national secrets, you must vote with the Seven Saints.”

Lu Yin waved his hand, “Forget it, the communication is interrupted now, where can we vote? Besides, this woman’s appeal should be pretty good. It’s me who suffers from the vote.” After that, he left directly.

Zhang Dingtian looked at Lu Yin’s back and thought deeply.

Bai Xue said, “This person is very powerful. I don’t understand how anyone, except the seven of us and the few foreigners who the country compromised to accept the inheritance, can break through to the heaven level at this time.”

“It’s not impossible. The Tianzhu monk is the first person to break through the heavenly level without accepting the inheritance. He can only be counted as the second one,” Zhang Dingtian said.

Bai Xue nodded. She was not targeting Lu Yin, but she did feel that Lu Yin was suspicious, a little strangely strong, and a little greedy. She remembered that Lu Yin snatched the Ningkong Ring from the two alien students in front of her. She felt uncomfortable.

Stepping out of the underground, Lu Yin looked solemn. Now that the earth is in doomsday, alien students are acting recklessly, and there is a fugitive of uncertain strength hiding. Coupled with the second batch of trialists who are about to arrive, the earth is becoming more and more… It’s exciting, but my strength is still a bit slow to improve.

The Daewoo Empire is just an empire within the territory of Canglan. There are many territories in the outer universe, and countless geniuses have been born. I can’t even handle the students of the Daewoo Empire’s ordinary colleges, let alone Yutang, the top school in the Daewoo Empire, and the imperial emperor. The young and powerful members of Team Thirteen must speed up their progress.

“Granny, come here” Lu Yin shouted.

In the distance, Granny came over, “What’s going on?”.

“Release the news that the fugitive is in the European Mediterranean on Earth,” Lu Yin said calmly.

Granny was surprised, “Really?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Go ahead.”

Granny frowned, “Since you know why you don’t go.”

“Just do it as you are told. Why are there so many?” Lu Yin said impatiently.

Granny was frustrated, opened her personal terminal, and sent information to the Star Network.


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