Star Odyssey Chapter 316: Earth changes

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When King Yan Qingye heard the fourth sword, he felt depressed in his heart, and the fighting spirit of the four lines receded. Let alone the fourth sword, she was not even sure of taking the third sword. This was Liu Shaoqiu’s strength.

After speaking, Liu Shaoqiu left the Third Hospital.

King Yan Qingye did not dare to take action from the beginning to the end. Just as Liu Shaoqiu said, among the extremely powerful Baiye clan, only Zhanlong Baiye was worthy of being his opponent, and no one else was qualified.

Zhan Long Bai Ye, Zhan Long Bai Ye again, this person should have died in the Shenwu Continent, his name should not exist, King Yan Qingye is angry, Bai Ye has no harm, she must understand.

The news that Liu Shaoqiu defeated the powerful master of Universe Sea in the Third Academy quickly spread, along with the news that the two masters of Universe Sea withdrew from the most powerful competition.

Lu Yin looked at his personal terminal in surprise. The two people from Universe Sea were really unlucky. One was solved by himself and the other was solved by Liu Shaoqiu. It was also their fault that they were too crazy and pretended to go to the Sword Sect and provoked the monster Liu Shaoqiu.

However, Liu Shaoqiu has also made great progress. He dared to say the fourth sword, which proved that he had fully understood that he would face the fourth sword in the next battle. This made Lu Yin feel excited and a little bit… Looking forward to it, I don’t know what the fourth sword is like.

Seeing Liu Shaoqiu, Lu Yin thought of Li Zimo on the Shenwu Continent. This person’s talent in swordsmanship was no less than Liu Shaoqiu’s. He was a true swordsman wizard. He didn’t know what would happen if this person went to the Sword Sect.

With a ding, a notification appeared. Lu Yin looked at it with surprise.

‘The most powerful ones are determined, including the star girl of the Human Star Domain Starry Sky Battle Academy, Han Chong, Grandini Mebis, Lu Yin, the Behemoth Star Domain Jian, Yan Mane, Transformed into a Beast, Feng Jiu , Science and Technology Star Cloud, Ben, Duomi, Alpet, Universe Hailiu Shaoqiu, Zijun’.

Lu Yin looked at this notice strangely. Liu Shaoqiu actually represented the Universe Sea in the competition. Jian Zong was really shameless. He could think of all this, but who is this Zi Jun?

“Lu Yin, where are you hiding?” With a sweet shout, Lulu appeared.

Seeing Lulu, Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, he raised his hand and shot out a blast of wind.

Lulu avoided it cautiously. She turned around and saw Lu Yin. She raised her lips and said, “So you were hiding here. Why are you afraid of participating in the competition?” She jumped up and jumped onto the tree. Sitting less than three meters away from Lu Yin, swaying his snow-white calves, looking carefree.

Lu Yin laughed, “You just finished the mission and you’re going to teach me?”.

Lulu laughed playfully, “I’m not trying to teach you. On the contrary, I’m here to give you information.”

“Send information?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Lulu pointed to herself and said, “Mavis.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, “You want to tell me about Grandini?”.

Lulu nodded.

Lu Yin was weird, “You are all from the Mavis family, you won’t betray her, right?”

Lulu snorted, “That woman dares to show off her power in front of me, of course it makes her look good, but I didn’t betray her, I just said something. Many people know these things, but you are the only one who has no background, If you don’t have friends, you don’t have adventures, you don’t know.”

Lu Yin was speechless. He admitted that he had no background and no friends? Just kidding, he has a lot of friends, etc., it seems, there are really not many. As for adventures, Khan, there are many, but none of them can be mentioned.

“What a tough girl, the Mavis clan is a very scary race,” Guihou said.

“Okay, what are you going to tell me, little traitor?” Lu Yin teased.

Lulu rolled her eyes at him, “Don’t underestimate Grandini. Don’t think that she can be easily dealt with with only four lines of fighting spirit. Let me tell you, that’s because she didn’t work hard and didn’t really use her talent. Once she really Show off your power and you won’t be able to see it enough.”

“Talent?” Lu Yin was curious.

Lulu rolled her eyes, “Don’t expect me to tell you the talents of the Mavis family. That’s impossible. I can only say that once she really uses her talents to improve her strength, drastic changes will occur in the short term. During the Ten Academy Competition, Don’t even think about her strength, it has no reference value at all. Of course, if she didn’t use her talent to improve her strength, I didn’t say anything.”

Looking at Lulu, Lu Yin remembered that during the Earth Trial, this girl used her original strength to regain the exploration realm turtles. That was the exploration realm, which was extremely far away for them at the time, and it was recovered just like that. For Lu Yin, He couldn’t understand it. He knew at the beginning that it must be the talent of the Mavis family, but what kind of talent did the Mavis family have? So scary.

“I understand, and I will take it seriously,” Lu Yin said.

Lulu raised her head and thought for a while, “Actually, no matter how strong her strength is, judging from how insignificant the old guys in the Starry Sky War Academy are, they will definitely not let their own people beat their own people. If you want to fight, it will be at the end.” .

“You seem very sure that I can fight to the end.” Lu Yin was surprised.

Lulu smiled, “I’m not sure, I just hope. After all, you are our chief, and we won’t look good if you lose.” After saying this, Lulu jumped down and left.

“Monkey, what is the talent of the Mavis family?” Lu Yin asked.

“Seventh brother, how do I know what their clan’s talent is?” Guihou said.

“You don’t know?” Lu Yin suspected that the dead monkey knew everything.

Guihou was helpless, “What I know comes from the records of strong men. Those strong men have no records of the talents of the Mebis family. Naturally, I don’t know. But one thing is certain, that is, the Mebis family is quite terrifying. , absolutely terrifying beyond your imagination.”

“Nonsense, an ancient strong man who can control the economic lifeline of the universe and has at least hundreds of thousands of combat power is sitting here,” Lu Yin said.

The Ghost Lord solemnly said, “Hundreds of thousands? Then you are underestimating the Mebis family. Although there is no record, there are definitely terrifying strong men in the universe with a combat power of over one million, and there is more than one, Mebis. There must be a clan.”

Lu Yin was shocked, with a million combat power, what is that concept? That’s not hundreds of exploration realms, it’s a qualitative change. The kind of realm where a strong man can destroy a planet with just his breath, wipe out a fleet with one glance, and everything in the world is immortal. This should be that kind of realm.

Time passed slowly, and there was only one day left before the most powerful match.

On this day, many light curtains were set up again on the True Universe Star of the Dayu Empire, enough for everyone to see that Lu Yin, as the regent and the supreme ruler of the Dayu Empire, his competition is the most important thing in the Dayu Empire today. , even the Thirteenth Team of the Royal Court dropped everything and tried their best to build momentum for Lu Yin.

The most powerful competition is not the Ten Academy Competition. The number of viewers is limited. Not everyone can watch it. Lu Yin is a contestant and can be seen by the Daewoo Empire. At this moment, he is qualified to see the most powerful competition. They are all people with a certain status.

The Earth is honored to be able to see that Lu Yin’s file records that he was born on the Earth. For this reason, the Ona family specially sent people to the Earth to take charge of the light curtain in order to please Lu Yin.

Today’s Earth is completely different from what it was back then. Technology is changing with each passing day. Especially when Lu Yin became the Regent, the identity of the Earth changed drastically. Many Daewoo Empire combat skills and technologies poured in, and even a space station was built. Now the Earth is selecting A group of people receive the most advanced education from the Daewoo Empire to enhance the strength of the earth.

Many subordinates of the Seven Sages of China were selected to go to the True Universe Star, including Snow Girl Zhao Yu, Jingcheng Huansha, Jinling Feng Hong, Luo Yun, Qin Xuan, etc. Unfortunately, Zhou Shan and Wu Sheng still did not trust the earth and did not plan to leave.

Among the selected people, several even showed talents, which shocked the Daewoo Empire. Talents are rare. Several people appeared on Earth at once. Even Ikaruga, the captain of the 12th Imperial Court Team, became interested in Earth.

On a gravel planet in the Canglan Territory, Wendy Yushan looked pale and looked at her personal terminal. The most powerful competition was about to begin, and her injuries were almost recovered, soon.

East Saint Dios, under the huge light screen, many people watched. This competition made Lu Yin, who originally planned to come here, return to the Tenth Courtyard. The person who replaced Lu Yin was Mira. For Baze As far as you and others are concerned, no matter who it is, the power left by Wendy Yushan cannot be taken away by others.

Lian Yanxing, Jenny Ona’s face turned red with excitement. She had just been notified that Yan Feng might marry her in the near future. She had waited too long for this day, and even broke up with her family for this.

In the distance, flames were burning on the ground. This was Lian Yanxing. She was not used to it and felt uncomfortable, but she could bear the pain when she thought of being with Brother Yanfeng.

Looking at the huge light curtain rising, Jenny Ona was surprised. After asking around, he found out that after the Ten Academy Competition, the most powerful competition was about to begin. This competition not only included the top four of the Starry Sky War Academy, but also included other stars. area.

Looking at the light curtain, Jenny Ona thought of Lu Yin. For some reason, the original joy of marrying Yan Feng was suddenly diluted. There was a strange hesitation in her heart, like standing on the edge of a cliff, no matter which direction she went. It seemed like it would fall if she walked. She suddenly remembered something and checked the Ning Kong Ring. Only then did she remember that she had thrown the ring away.

Forget it, just throw it away, lest Brother Yanfeng see it and misunderstand it in the future, Jenny Ona thought complicatedly and kept staring at the light screen.

In the inner universe, the huge Sword Sect, countless disciples looked at the light curtain, Liu Shaoqiu challenged Lu Yin with the fourth sword, and participated in the most powerful competition. At this moment, countless people in the Sword Sect decided that Liu Shaoqiu was the strongest, Thirteen Swords Even if he is invincible, Lu Yin will still lose.

Deeper in the inner universe, in the huge space sea, the waves are enough to tear apart a spaceship.

The huge ancient warship rises and falls with the waves.

There are many powerful and obscure auras on the warship. Each of these auras is enough to scare the strong men walking in the starry sky. But above these obscure auras, there is an aura that dominates everything. Although it is weak, it is extremely domineering, as if as long as When this breath appears, the entire universe should surrender.

“Captain, the little guy will not let you down.”

“Yes, Captain, the little guy has been walking here alone without anyone’s help. It’s not easy.”

“That’s right, Captain, just take a good look.”


With a loud noise, ripples spread out of the warship and crushed the cosmic sea. Waves of unknown size within a radius instantly subsided and were forcibly suppressed.

“What is his relationship with me? Why should I care about him, why should I be disappointed? Shut up, or I will deal with you one by one.” The huge sound spread across the sea, causing countless sea creatures to tremble and tremble.

The universe sea that everyone fears is also afraid of this voice.

“The leader is mighty, don’t be angry.”

“It’s just a joke, don’t mind, leader.”

“Captain, do you want to drink?”.

“Shut up, you idiots.”


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