Star Odyssey Chapter 313: Lu Yin’s value

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More than half a day later, Lu Yin finally received his second fame. Since encountering that united front, he has become more sober. He knows that it is possible to encounter the ten finals in the battle of the world, and his thirst for luck is getting stronger and stronger. The bigger.


The earth shook, and a figure disappeared in the swamp.

“The Tenth Academy of the Starry Sky” Lu Yin spoke again and gradually disappeared into the swamp. He succeeded and grabbed the second boundary stone.

At this moment, his record is 134 wins and 108 losses, with a winning streak of 19 games. If it were not for a unified battle, he could successfully reach 30 consecutive wins and get the chance to challenge the top 100 battle list. One of the qualifications.

“Teacher, the student has grabbed the second boundary stone,” Lu Yin said respectfully.

The Realm Master opened his eyes, nodded, “Ask.”

Lu Yin wanted to ask if there was an original treasure as big as a planet, but the words came out before he could speak. This question was meaningless to him, at least not to him now. There would be many opportunities to ask in the future, so it would be better to ask more questions. Those who are useful, or whose qualifications are reserved, can explain the language in front of the realm instructor.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he said, “The student has no problem. I want to explain it in front of the tutor. Please ask the tutor for permission.”

The Realm Master said kindly, “Okay, you have one chance.”

Lu Yin was overjoyed and said, “Thank you, mentor.” After saying that, he wanted to continue to enter the battle of the realm, but was stopped by the realm mentor. “There is someone who wants to see you,” he said, taking out the ancient personal terminal.

Seeing this scene, Lu Yin knew who wanted to see him, Yuan Jingye King.

He has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Only King Yuan Jingye can do many things for him, “Monkey, the person you have been waiting for is here.”

The ghost prince smiled strangely, “Hey, I didn’t expect that I would also be able to mentor the elders of the Night King clan one day.”

As the light curtain appeared, King Yuan Jingye appeared in front of Lu Yin, looking at him with soft eyes, “Little guy, we meet again.”

Lu Yin saluted respectfully, “Student Lu Yin, please see Elder Yuan Jing.”

King Yuan Jingye waved his hand and said with a smile, “No need to be polite, you and Zhuo’er are friends, and they are friends of my Baiye clan. I will call you Xiaoyin.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “Yes”.

Yuan Jingye King nodded, “I have accepted Zhuo’er as my disciple, Xiaoyin, you can rest assured.”

Lu Yin was overjoyed and said, “Thank you very much, elder.”

“Haha, Zhuo’er is very talented. I would like to thank you for finding a good disciple for me, haha.”

Lu Yin lowered his head and did not answer.

Behind him, the Realm Master said, “I’m still playing the tricks of those in power at my age, and I’m not afraid of worrying myself to death.”

Yuan Jingye King glared at the Realm Master, then looked at Lu Yin, “Xiao Yin, I have something to ask of you this time.”

Lu Yin was shocked and said quickly, “Elder, please tell me if you have something to do. Xiao Yin can’t afford to ask for anything.”

“Little guy, you’re welcome. If you can really help, just ask the old guy to call you grandpa.” The realm instructor said unkindly, and King Yuan Jingye immediately looked as if he had eaten a fly. Ugly.

“Old Tan, no one will think you are dumb if you don’t interrupt,” King Yuan Jingye shouted angrily.

Lu Yin still lowered his head, pretending to be well-behaved.

Exhaling, King Yuan Jingye looked at Lu Yin and asked, “Xiao Yin, when you heard the traces of Senior Third Night King, did you hear anything else? For example, the air outlet?”

Lu Yin scratched his head and looked thoughtful.

Original King Jingye did not disturb him, just stared at him.

Lu Yin thought for a while and suddenly said, “It seems so. The strange beast said a lot of things in order to save its life, but it has been such a long time that I don’t remember much.”

King Yuan Jingye breathed rapidly and stared at Lu Yin eagerly, “Don’t be anxious, think slowly, I have time, take your time, you must think of it.”

The realm instructor’s cloudy eyes also looked at Lu Yin with complicated expressions.

Lu Yin thought for a long time and said distressedly, “Elder, I’m sorry, too many things have happened during this period, and there are too many troubles. I still allow Xiao Yin to go back and think about it carefully, and tell the elder as soon as possible after thinking about it.”

King Yuan Jingye waved his hand, “Trouble? What trouble? Speak up and Grandpa Yuan Jingye will solve it for you.”

Lu Yin was speechless, the name changed too quickly.

The Realm Master rolled his eyes.

Lu Yin was in a dilemma, “It’s not okay, the elders are dealing with many things in the Yewang clan, so it’s not easy for Xiao Yin to bother the elders with this matter.”

King Yuan Jingye waved his hand, “You’re welcome. If Xiao Yin has any trouble, just ask Grandpa Yuan Jing. Grandpa Yuan Jing will definitely solve it for you.”

Lu Yin nodded and said helplessly, “In that case, please ask Grandpa Yuan Jing to help Canglan Territory. Xiao Yin’s hometown is being bullied. It is really uncomfortable, but there is nothing we can do.”

“Who was insulted?” King Yuan Jingye glared and asked angrily.

Lu Yin thought about it and felt very embarrassed.

Prince Jingye’s eyes flashed, “It can’t be that girl Yan Qing, right?”

Lu Yin sighed and bowed, “Senior Yan Qing didn’t mean it.”

“Hmph, that dead girl still dares to interfere in the Canglan Territory affairs. I have warned her a long time ago. Okay, I know this matter. Don’t worry, the Baiye clan will not interfere in the Canglan Territory war again.” Then , King Yuan Jingye continued, “Xiaoyin, is there anything else you want Grandpa Yuan Jingye to solve?”

Lu Yin said, “I wonder if Grandpa Yuan Jing can delay the selection of members by the Outer Universe Youth Council?”

Original King Jingye was surprised, “Delaying the selection of members by the Outer Universe Youth Council? Why?”.

Lu Yin was helpless, “There is a person in the Outer Universe Youth Council who is Xiao Yin’s enemy. If he is elected as a member, Xiao Yin will be in trouble in the future, and it will also affect Xiao Yin’s hometown.”

King Yuan Jingye nodded, “Okay, I promise you, contact Zhenwu and ask him to delay the selection time.” He said, looking at Lu Yin again, “Is there anything else?”.

Lu Yin knew that there was not much to do. He had crushed Zhan Long Bai Ye and others on the Shenwu Continent. The former Jing Ye King in front of him must have known about this. The Bai Ye clan must have been very angry, but he tolerated it because of the Third Night King. , this is a degree, and you cannot break this degree, otherwise, as the realm instructor said, even the tenth hospital will not be able to protect you.

The original King Jingye’s attitude towards him now is because of his status as a student in the Tenth House, and perhaps because of his contribution to the Interpreter Research Association, but being afraid does not mean that the White Night Clan can’t do anything to him, two things Enough is enough.

“Thank you Grandpa Yuan Jing, there is nothing else. By the way, Xiao Yin remembered it.” Lu Yin raised his head, blinked, and said, “There are indeed many air outlets in the great void world. These air outlets can give birth to nothingness. Even the mighty and powerful can’t do anything about the wind, and some of these wind outlets are the entrances to the Great Void Realm.”

“Yes, how to find the entrance?” King Yuan Jingye stared at Lu Yin with excitement.

The realm instructor also looked at Lu Yin, his eyes no longer cloudy.

Lu Yin said, “There is a way to find the largest air outlet, and the smallest air outlet closest to the largest air outlet is the safe entrance.”

King Yuan Jingye’s eyes lit up, “The smallest air outlet closest to the largest air outlet? Are you sure?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “Not sure. This was what the strange beast said to save his life. The student didn’t know if it was true or not, he just told it truthfully.”

Yuan Jingye King nodded, “Okay, I know. If it is true, Xiaoyin, you will be a distinguished guest of the Baiye Clan from now on.” After saying that, the light curtain disappeared.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. The words of King Yuan Jingye had another meaning. If it was false, he would be finished. This person did not care about Zhan Long Baiye, nor did he question why he didn’t tell everything in the first place. Shen The palace is very deep, and this kind of person either doesn’t take action, but once he does, he will be absolutely thunderous. If he wants to save his life, he must show his worth, otherwise once the Third Night King is really released, he will not be far away from death.

“Little guy, the original King of Night is not to be trifled with,” the Realm Master said slowly, then closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Lu Yin bowed to the realm mentor and silently exited the realm entrance. He was not in the mood to challenge the realm battle again. There were still a few days before the most powerful competition, and he needed to get enough rest in the past few days.

“Monkey, the King of the Third Night really won’t be able to get out of trouble?” Lu Yin asked worriedly.

Gui Hou said helplessly, “No, absolutely not, no matter how many times you have asked me, I swear by the Tianlu Bingfeng Clan that I will never get out of trouble.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “What does the Tianlu Bingfeng clan have to do with you?”.

“That is my future harem, of course it matters. This is the most poisonous oath I have ever sworn. Also, you have to have confidence in the ancestor of Xu Fuyou. That old guy can be regarded as the leader of the Behemoth Star Territory. One of the oldest existences, not to mention the White Night Clan, even if you old guys from the Hall of Glory of the Human Star Territory go there, you may not be able to rescue the Third Night King, don’t worry,” Guihou said.

Although Gui Hou was very sure, Lu Yin was still worried that the Baiye clan had inherited it for too long, hundreds of thousands of years? Millions of years? One generation after another, the inheritance has never been cut off. I don’t know what means.

The thing that impressed Lu Yin most deeply about the Baiye clan was the inheritance stone. Qingyu stole the inheritance stone. The Baiye clan was not in a hurry at all, saying that anyone who got the inheritance stone must hand it over, otherwise they would be in danger of death. This is Baiye The self-confidence of the clan, this self-confidence reflects strength. This strength is beyond what Lu Yin can imagine, and it is difficult for him not to worry.

It’s time to prepare for the Third Night King’s escape. He has to prepare for the worst.

Not long after, King Yan Qingye, who was in the third courtyard, received a notice from the clan, ‘From now on, the Baiye clan is not allowed to interfere in the war in Canglan territory, and any violation will be punished.’

Wang Yan Qingye was shocked, why? Why is this happening? The last time he warned himself not to interrogate Zhuo Baiye, not long after, Zhuo Baiye was accepted as a disciple by Elder Yuan Jing, and now he warned himself not to interfere in the Canglan territory. Lu Yin must have taken action. What did he do to make the elders speak for him? , for which he did not hesitate to offend himself, who is the younger sister of Shijue.

Ye Wang Yan Qing looked at the notice with deep fear in his eyes. Lu Yin, this person is so hidden that he can actually influence the Ye Wang clan elders.

Not long after King Yan Qingye was warned, Outer Universe, East Sandios, and Yan Feng also received a notice, ‘The evaluation of the Outer Universe Youth Council members has been postponed for six months. Please do what you are reviewing. Be prepared – Ten Jue Zhenwu’.


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