Star Odyssey Chapter 31: Shocking

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The scope of this battle is not wide, but it is quite shocking. Several people have the strongest combat power in the academy. It is difficult for such a battle to break out in the major academies of the Daewoo Empire.

Academy elites like Granny have no way of getting involved.

This battle made Lu Yin realize his own strength. He has the combat power to suppress the strongest person in the academy like Willow.

Looking at Bailie and Willow lying on the ground, Zhang Dingtian raised his knife and planned to kill them directly.

Lu Yin quickly stopped, “These people can be used as bargaining chips in future negotiations.”

Zhang Dingtian was confused, “Bargaining chips? Negotiation?”.

Lu Yin nodded and said solemnly, “You should know that the purpose of these students coming to Earth is to undergo trials. Although trials involve life and death, the backgrounds of these students who dare to participate in trials are not simple and involve a wide range of things. We can use Negotiate their lives with the top brass of the Daewoo Empire.”

Bai Xue looked at Lu Yin with both eyes and said coldly, “With their lives, in exchange for the freedom of the earth?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Planetary evolution sounds good to improve human beings, but in fact it is the Daewoo Empire’s method of conscription. As long as the earth’s evolutionists are not valued, they will be sent to the battlefield, whether it is the Daewoo Empire or other empires The battlefields in the world and the battlefields outside human territory are countless times crueler than the trials. There, even the strong ones walking in the stars may not be able to survive. These students can give the earth a few more survivors.”

Zhang Dingtian remained silent and put away his long knife.

A trace of sadness flashed through Bai Xue’s cold eyes. They originally thought that the earth was the only intelligent life in the universe, but since a corpse was found on Neptune, everything changed. The earth was just a place under the supervision of the Daewoo Empire. It is a primitive planet, so what if it can explore space? It has just learned to walk, and everything is under surveillance.

Now we are facing the most terrifying apocalypse, not mutant beasts and zombies, but the Daewoo Empire. After the trial, I don’t know how many people were sent to the battlefield. Even existences like the Seven Saints may only be higher-level soldiers. .

Granny looked at Lu Yin in surprise. She did not expect that this person actually had such a plan. He not only wanted to seek skin from a tiger, but also dared to negotiate with the senior officials of the Daewoo Empire. Since the founding of the empire, she had never heard of any natives daring to make demands to the empire. This It was seeking death, but I had to admit that it might be useful. Granny didn’t know about others, but Willow had a great background. Someone from his family even served in the Royal Court’s Thirteenth Team.

“Ahem, you, you think too simply. The Daewoo Empire is famous for its iron-blooded military management in the universe, and will not accept the threat of the indigenous people,” Bylie mocked.

Lu Yin looked at him, “You don’t have to worry about this, just live well, you are all chips.”

Baile smiled disdainfully. These natives didn’t know the situation of the Daewoo Empire at all.

Bai Xue looked at Lu Yin in confusion. It might be useful to use students to threaten the Daewoo Empire, but in this case, this person will be at the forefront of the storm and will never be tolerated by the Daewoo Empire. Does he have anything to rely on? No one would selflessly dedicate themselves to others, so Bai Xue was secretly wary of Lu Yin.


There was a sudden loud noise from the north. Zhang Dingtian looked towards the north, his face changed, “Science and Technology Institute, not good”, and he quickly rushed towards the north.

At this moment, two figures flew to the west in the sky.

Baile looked at the sky and gritted his teeth, “Oed, Hydian.”

Zhang Dingtian soared into the sky and saw two people flying to the west. At the same time, two people flew to the west in the other direction, following closely behind Erd and Er.

Zhang Dingtian’s eyes were cold, and the energy outside his body exploded to form ripples visible to the naked eye. He raised the long knife, and the energy that shook the sky disappeared at the same time. The long knife made countless people’s scalps numb at this moment, and a wave of spontaneous The fierce energy in his heart rose, as if it was about to cut off the world.

The clouds in the sky tore apart invisibly, and the sky and the earth fell silent.

Lu Yin was shocked, combat skills? No, this is the strongest sword.

In the west, Erde and others turned around and their expressions changed. Zhang Dingtian hid his strength. This sword was frightening. Although it was not a combat skill, it was extremely close.

“Don’t hesitate, let’s go!” Erd shouted.

Not far away, Gurez and Ballaro were shocked, “This native is going to rebel, run away.”

A cold light flashed across Zhang Dingtian’s eyes, and he slashed out with his long sword. In the horrified eyes of countless people in the capital, the huge slash across the capital swept toward the west. The sky was cut open, and the air was distorted. The fierce energy made everyone hallucinate, and the high sky seemed to be cut off.

Od, Hydian, Gurez, and Balaro turned around at the same time and struck hard.

In just a moment, the slash was torn apart and turned into five air waves and disappeared into the sky.

Ode’s face was solemn and his eyes were in disbelief.

Hedian’s black robe was torn open, revealing his upper body covered with scales, and a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth dazzled the sun.

Gu Leisi gasped and looked at Zhang Dingtian in surprise.

Barraro was the worst. He vomited blood, his originally green skin turned greener, and there was even a crack on his body surface.

“Let’s go” Erd shouted again and rushed towards the west.

Hedian glanced at Zhang Dingtian unwillingly, and also flew towards the west.

Guresi and Ballaro didn’t say a word, and chased closely behind Erd.

Zhang Dingtian stands high in the sky, showing his domineering power. One man and one sword silence the four directions, and countless people cheer in reverence.

Granny was dumbfounded. There was actually such a strong person among the natives. A cross-border strongman, definitely a cross-border strongman. Looking at this monster, there were probably very few students who could compare with him among the Daewoo Empire’s border exploration students. And less.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Zhang Dingtian’s blow made Lu Yin’s heart surge. He didn’t know how powerful his Heavenly Star Palm was, which could move three stars, and whether he could defeat Zhang Dingtian.

Bai Xue exhaled and showed a smile, worthy of being the head of the Seven Saints.

Baile and Willow were shocked. This was a cross-border powerhouse. They underestimated Zhang Dingtian. If they had known that he had such strength, they would never have taken action in the capital.

Zhang Dingtian turned and flew towards the north, where was the Capital Science and Technology Institute, one of the most important places in China.

Lu Yin and Bai Xue hurriedly chased after him.

Granny also grabbed Bailie and chased them.

The Institute of Science and Technology is in the north of the capital. The body brought back by Neptune was originally handed over to the Institute of Science and Technology for safekeeping, but it was unknown why it needed to be transferred. At the moment of the transfer, the top management of China, including No. 1, were present. Only they had the authority to give orders, but But a big explosion occurred, leading to the end.

It can be said that the Science and Technology Institute is the origin of everything.

Bailie and Willow only thought about going to Zhang Dingtian’s residence and office No. 1 to search, but they didn’t even think of the Science and Technology Institute. Only Erde thought of it.

When several people rushed to the Science and Technology Institute, they saw wreckage all over the ground and the bodies of many people.

Zhang Dingtian clenched his fists and asked the army to seal off the surrounding area and look for survivors.

“Hua Sheng, the company director wants to see you” a soldier reported.

Zhang Dingtian was surprised, “The dean is alive?” and asked the soldiers to lead the way.

There is a depression a few kilometers away from the ruins of the Institute of Science and Technology. This is the underground entrance of the Institute of Science and Technology. It is also blocked by the army. An old man in a white coat leaned tiredly against the wall of the ruins, drinking water, and beside him was a man wearing a white coat. Beautiful woman in black business attire.

“Huansha, how is the dean?” Zhang Dingtian arrived and asked hurriedly.

The woman named Huansha said, “It’s okay, I was just a little frightened.”

“What a fright, I just sprained my foot. I was not frightened,” the old man said unhappily.

Huan Sha smiled and said, “Yes, yes, I just sprained my foot.”

Zhang Dingtian looked at the old man and said, “Dean, what happened?”.

Lu Yin and several others appeared at the same time.

Bai Xue looked at Lu Yin with a strange look. Just now, Lu Yin searched all over Bailie and Willow’s Sky Condensation Rings in front of her, and took away everything he could, which made her very happy. For weirdness.

It’s natural for Lu Yin, he also contributed in this battle, and he is very poor, so he must not waste it.

Baile and Willow’s star energy crystals together made up a cubic meter, and they could roll the dice again. Thinking of this, Lu Yin got excited. He didn’t know what he would get. He was really looking forward to it.

Dean Lian asked Zhang Dingtian to disperse the army. Zhang Dingtian waved his hand and Huansha was also driven away, leaving only Bai Xue, Lu Yin and Granny.

Lu Yin asked Granny to leave, but Granny was quite reluctant. After Erd left here, he rushed to the west and obviously found something, and she also wanted to know.

Lu Yin glared at her fiercely, and Granny reluctantly left.

Besides, Bai Xue stared at Lu Yin, probably wanting Lu Yin to leave.

Lu Yin ignored him at all, but looked at Dean Lian curiously.

“Who is this?” Dean Lian looked at Lu Yin and asked.

Lu Yin said, “I’m here to listen on behalf of Zhou Shan.”

Bai Xue was speechless.


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