Star Odyssey Chapter 286: The power of literary decision-making

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Everyone below looked on in surprise. Han Chong was not polite, jumped up and rushed out of the sixth floor, appearing next to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at him.

He knew what Lu Yin wanted, so he took out the commitment agreement of those below and placed it in front of Lu Yin, “Brother Lu, you can check it.”

Lu Yin glanced at him and said, “No, I trust Brother Han.”

Below, Fairy Moon was speechless. She had already seen it and still said that. It was so shameless.

After putting away the promise agreement, Lu Yin felt a lot happy. Suddenly, the cracks became a little bigger, and everyone came out one after another. Most of them said thank you to Lu Yin. Only a few people saw that he was unhappy, but they did not dare to say more. He said that with Lu Yin’s strength, one finger could crush them to death.

“By the way, a friendly reminder, Minghao has a lot of eyeliners around, don’t expose it” Lu Yin smiled lightly.

Everyone left the Zhenguang Tower one by one.

Fairy Moon glanced at Zhan Long Baiye and wanted to ask something, but she still didn’t say anything.

Han Chong smiled at Lu Yinyou and said, “Brother Lu, I’m looking forward to the semi-finals battle.”

Lu Yin looked at Han Chong seriously, “You are very strong. I couldn’t see you before. Now, I can clearly feel that you will be one of my biggest opponents in the semi-finals battle.”

Han Chong smiled lightly, “Brother Lu underestimated the star girl and Grandini. It seems that Grandini is the weakest, relying only on the four lines of fighting spirit and strange strength, but in fact the Mabis family Their talents have never been shown before, and there is also the star-collecting girl. No one can figure out her background. Brother Lu, don’t underestimate them.” After speaking, he glanced at Zhan Long Baiye and left.

The Baiye clan was able to send out the war dragon Baiye, which proved that they did not underestimate the top four, but it was a pity that they met Lu Yin.

In Han Chong’s view, Zhan Long Baiye’s defense was amazing, and he was not sure about dealing with it. There was a high possibility of a draw, but Lu Yin was the one who restrained him the most, using violence to fight violence.

Lu Yin looked at Han Chong’s back and thought of the scene on earth, where Lulu conquered the exploration realm turtles with the strength of the Fusion Realm. He had forgotten this scene, but now he remembered it, it was the Mabis clan. talent? It would be terrible if Grandini had it too.

When will the semi-finals begin? Cai Lao said that the Starry Sky War Academy is waiting for an opportunity, and he is looking forward to it.

Looking across the ground, passing by Li Zimo and others, Lu Yin grabbed Zhan Long Bai Ye and the Bai Ye tribe members and flew away. These people could not be put back safely. The first purpose of his coming here was to join the outer universe. The Youth Council, on the other hand, is also diverting the attention of the White Night Clan.

However, the group of people who left before will definitely publicize his defeat of the war dragon Bai Ye. This is also a trouble. He does not want to be entangled endlessly with the Bai Ye clan, and must join the outer universe before the Bai Ye clan takes revenge. In the Youth Council, his status would be different at that time, and he could also speak to the outer universe.

In Prince Mu’s Mansion, Ming Zhaoshu took Ming Yan to the palace, and the four palace halls were still there.

Lu Yin threw Zhan Long Baiye and others to Tang Si.

Tang Si took it in surprise and looked at Zhan Long Bai Ye. His eyes changed and he recognized him. This person was the strong man who attacked Ming Yan that day. That palm impressed him deeply, making him unable to move and shocked. People on the street fainted, “Who is he?”.

“Tie the outsider and throw him in jail. Don’t let him escape,” Lu Yin said casually.

Tang Si looked at Lu Yin solemnly, “Prince Mu’s Mansion is not a place for you to seek revenge.”

Lu Yin laughed, “You can ask King Mu to see if he wants these people. Let’s not talk about their status as outsiders. The mere fact that they are outsiders is enough to greatly increase King Mu’s reputation.”

Tang Si took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I will arrange it.”

After leaving Prince Mu’s Mansion, Lu Yin reluctantly looked back. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to say goodbye to Ming Yan, but he didn’t like the emotion of parting. Maybe one more look would make him not want to leave. He would never get that in Shenwu Continent. The girl’s chance, Lu Yin’s eyes were determined, he would come again to the Shenwu Continent, and it wouldn’t be long.

Ming Zhaoshu gave him ten years, but he only gave himself five years at most. After five years, he must return to Shenwu Continent and get the girl.


A black crack in the sky spread to the endless distance, and the surging power made the entire Mingdu tremble, and even Mingzhou trembled.

Minghao stood up with an ugly face. He felt that Ming Zhaotian’s aura was getting weaker and weaker. He couldn’t help but clench his fists. Has the extraterritorial strength increased again?

Ming Zhaoshu’s face was solemn, and he also felt that Ming Zhaotian was weakening.

Suddenly, a huge crack appeared in one of the Five Luck Stars. This scene shocked the entire Shenwu Continent. Countless people knelt down and prayed to God.

Minghao didn’t even notice when his glass spilled. He clenched his fists and held on. He must hold on.

Mingzhaoshu gritted his teeth. At this moment, no matter what position the people on the Shenwu Continent held, they did not want the Five Luck Stars to collapse.

Ming Yan’s face turned pale, she bit her lip stubbornly and looked up into the sky.

No one was in the mood to celebrate birthdays, everyone looked up to the sky.

The black space cracks are getting wider and wider, followed by strange words, forming a cage-like scene, trapping a figure in it. The figure howls miserably, with blood covering its body.

Minghao stood up suddenly, his gums bleeding from his bite. The figure was none other than Ming Zhaotian of the Shenwu Empire. He was beaten miserably.

Countless people were stunned. In the hearts of everyone in Shenwu Continent, the strongest one was Ming Taizhong who opened the crack a thousand years ago, followed by Ming Zhaotian, but at this moment, Ming Zhaotian was crushed by others.

“Think twice before doing anything.” A huge young face appeared in the sky, as if covering the entire Shenwu Continent.

Lu Yin was rushing towards the departure place provided by Cang Yu before. When he looked up and saw Gao Gong’s face, his pupils shrank and he saw Wen Sansi, the scholar of the Ten Jue.

The Dark Mist Territory actually invited Wen Sansi. No wonder even the Five Luck Stars almost collapsed this time. Even the Five Luck Stars that can defend against powerful men are trembling in the face of the Ten Jue. This is the Ten Jue. A super strong person who has reached the top of the younger generation.

Wen Sansi’s face was remembered by the entire Shenwu Continent and engraved in everyone’s mind. This person crushed Mingzhaotian.

Suddenly, Wen Sansi’s face disappeared, the huge space crack restored, the Five Luck stars no longer trembled, everything returned to normal, only a slight space crack swept across the Shenwu Continent, bringing Lu Yin and many trialists with him Walk.

A big battle started suddenly and ended quickly. The scene where Ming Zhaotian was crushed just now seemed like an illusion.

“It’s an illusion, this is a conspiracy from outside the territory, how could His Majesty be defeated?” someone shouted, in a crazy state.

Many people agreed.

Minghao’s eyes flashed, “You’re right, that’s an illusion created by the strong.”

Countless people breathed a sigh of relief. It turns out that’s the case. Let’s just say that His Majesty Ming Zhaotian is a super strong person in the Martial God Realm. How could he be defeated so easily.

This kind of words can only deceive ordinary people. Even Ming Yan didn’t believe it. Ming Zhaoshu even showed a sarcastic smile, but then he solemnly raised his head again, what happened to the Starry Sky Battlefield?

Everyone looked at the crack that appeared in one of the Five Luck Stars with worried eyes.

After a while, vast force swept across all directions, and a huge voice of “The war is over, the birthday celebration begins” echoed over Mingdu. Countless people cheered. They could hear that this was the voice of Ming Zhaotian. Sure enough, what happened just now Just an illusion.

In the secret room of the palace, Mingzhao Tianlang walked out of the void, spit out a mouthful of blood, and his whole body fell down. There was lingering shock and disbelief in his eyes. Why was that young man so strong that he actually crushed him? He was learning martial arts. , the strong man in the Martial God Realm who inherited the resources of the Shenwu Continent was crushed by a young man. Is this the Ten Jue? He’s just a younger generation, why are he so strong?

Ming Zhaotian, who originally didn’t care about the Xingkong Ten Jue, was now filled with awe of those ten people, especially the Ten Jue scholar who crushed him – Wen Sansi.

Lu Yin’s body felt torn apart, but it was different from the previous time, which was completely passive. At this moment, Lu Yin could observe the void, and even observe the strong man who led them through the void.

It can be done, but he doesn’t dare. Once he is discovered, he will be in trouble. Just like the five body shaping arts, the strong can observe the strength of the person who created the body shaping arts through the body shaping arts. This is The reason why the Five Body Shaping Techniques are rare is that every time you make a Body Shaping Technique, there is a greater chance of someone discovering your own weaknesses, and no one wants to do that.

With a bang, Lu Yin heard a loud noise as soon as he was thrown out of the void. Another trialist was thrown out and hit the wall hard. Lu Yin’s body disappeared in an air dodge to avoid tragedy.

This is a huge transparent mask, and trialists appear one after another.

Every time he goes to the Shenwu Continent for a trial, Cang Yu will give the trialists different locations. Every once in a while, space cracks sweep across and bring the trialists back, but not many can come back.

Lu Yin saw the star-collecting girl at a glance. This woman stood out from the crowd. Although she was silent, her mysterious temperament was as eye-catching as a beacon.

“She is a star collector, a human star collector. If she is killed, I will immediately become famous in the Behemoth Star Territory, surpassing the other four palace masters, and becoming the top student of Lingkong Academy.” Gui Hou envied.

Lu Yin was speechless, “Aren’t your eyes very powerful? See what’s mysterious about her.”

“I can’t tell” Guihou replied simply.

Lu Yin was unhappy, “You are perfunctory with me.”

Gui Hou said quickly, “Of course not, how dare I deal with the great Seventh Brother? You have even understood the secret steps. The universe is too big to accommodate you.” “Shut up, say”, “Shut up after all. Or?”, “Talk about Caixing Girl”, “Xingxing Girl? What is it?”, “Look at her with your eyes.”

Gui Hou was helpless, “Seventh Brother, I told you, I really can’t see through it. Caixing Girl comes from Caixing Sect. She is a pervert on the same level as Butian. That kind of person can predict the future. She is not me at all.” You can see through it.”

Lu Yin didn’t press any further. What Guihou said must be true. If the star-picking girl was so easy to see through, she wouldn’t be a star-picking girl. He moved his eyes sideways and saw many acquaintances who had established relationships with him. Those who committed to the agreement, and of course many others.

Grandini Mebis looked at Lu Yin from a distance.

Lu Yin happened to meet her eyes.

Grandini Mavis raised her fist, and Lu Yin smiled lightly, knowing that she meant the confrontation in the hut.


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