Star Odyssey Chapter 285: Secret Steps

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Lu Yin was ecstatic. He did not expect that he would understand the field under such circumstances. He had every inch of the territory under his control. He felt all the movements within a hundred meters of radius. He could feel it without looking, and heard the voices of the people below. Heartbeat, feeling their gaze.

No wonder Master Guanyu said before that understanding only occurs in a moment, but Lu Yin is more willing to believe that this is the credit of Tianxing Gong, just like the second sword among the Thirteen Swords of Sword Sect, it has its own field, which can be It can be said that Liu Shaoqiu understood the field before he could use the second sword. It can also be said that the second sword helped Liu Shaoqiu understand the field.

And the Tianxing Sect where his Tianxing Skill is located is even better than the Sword Sect in the words of the Realm Master. This skill can be named after the word Tianxing. Presumably it is also a Zongzong skill. It is not surprising to help him understand the field.

Huh? Lu Yin suddenly looked at Han Chong. He hadn’t noticed it before, but now, he really felt Han Chong’s power. It was a kind of power that could be induced but not released, and it was gathering momentum, and there was an indescribable power in him.

This power gave Lu Yin an indescribable sense of familiarity, and he couldn’t recall it for a moment.

The moment Lu Yin understood the field, Han Chong’s eyes lit up. He felt that this was the collision of fields. The corners of his mouth curled up, with five lines of fighting spirit. Field, this person did not let him down. .

Having no time to think about Han Chong, waves of energy hit him. Lu Yin stood up, took a few deep breaths, opened his eyes suddenly, and slightly shifted his right foot a few centimeters, directly avoiding the energy hit, and then deflected it again. Moving a few centimeters to avoid the next wave of energy impact, the whole person seemed very relaxed and at ease, completely different from before.

If Lu Yin was like a rock in the rapids before, then at this moment, he was like a boat swaying in the waves. No matter how big the waves were, they could not submerge him.

“No, no, it can’t be. You, Seventh Brother, you, have you understood the secret step?” Gui Hou screamed in complete disbelief.

Lu Yin glanced around, “What secret step?”.

“The supreme footwork of the interpreter has been held on the altar by countless interpreters. They have spent their whole lives pursuing the footwork that can avoid the murderous intention of interpreting the language. That is the secret step. Don’t tell me that I just realized it.” Hou exclaimed.

Lu Yin was confused, “I don’t know. Anyway, these energy shocks are useless to me now. Besides, I can see more clearly. I should be able to make a gap to let them out.”

“Fuck your uncle’s third aunt and grandma, you have just understood the secret step, and the second uncle of the universe can do this? That is the secret step, a supreme skill that is unique in ten thousand. If you understand the secret step, you can interpret the language safely. Sexuality will be improved a hundred times. This is what countless commentators pursue, but you have understood it like this. It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting.” Guihou shouted jealously.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, do you understand? It shouldn’t count. He relied on the Giant King’s third eye, the Heavenly Star Skill and the field to achieve this step. It should be regarded as a pseudo-secret step. Without any link, the secret step cannot be established.

So, what’s the real secret step? Lu Yin suddenly remembered the original treasure catalog he had seen, and the video explaining the original treasure of a large mountain. The man kept patting the original treasure, and his body was shaking slightly. Is that a secret step?

Without time to think too much, Lu Yin easily avoided all energy impacts like a swimming fish. He pressed one hand on the materialized energy seal, his eyes flashed. With the help of the Language Interpretation Weapon, Tianxing Technique and Field Blessing, he saw It goes deeper, and the materialized energy is decomposed layer by layer.

Below, everyone opened their mouths in surprise. They saw the substantial energy seals dispersing and turning into light spots and disappearing. Although there was only a little bit of space, this also proved that Lu Yin succeeded and that he could complete the interpretation of the language.

Lu Yin held down the materialized energy seal with his left hand, raised his right hand high, his arm muscles bulging, “Nine Levels – Twenty Times – Air Splitting Palm”, with a cry, Wu Jin crossed the void and hit the ground where he had fallen. On the body of the war dragon Bai Ye.

War Dragon Bai Ye suddenly opened his eyes and hurriedly avoided, but was still hit. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his whole body was hit far away.

Lu Yin sneered. The moment he understood the field, he realized that the war dragon Bai Ye’s heartbeat was wrong. He was pretending to be faint at this moment. Bai Ye’s No-Injury Kung Fu was really terrible. He actually managed to withstand the strongest palm, but he was still seriously injured. , was completely knocked unconscious by this cracking air palm.

Everyone below looked at him with fear. That was Zhan Long Baiye. He was beaten like this. Who would believe it?

In the extreme realm, no one is really Lu Yin’s opponent. This sentence suddenly popped up in everyone’s mind, and they were very sure.

Just when Lu Yin was trying his best to explain the words, the star-collecting girl who had been staying not far from the prince Minghao left without anyone noticing, and Minghao didn’t pay much attention either. He had great trust in the inheritor of Tianji.

Similarly, Grandini Mebis, who was originally following Ming Zhaocai, also disappeared.

The palace is heavily guarded, with one post every three steps and one sentry every five steps, and they are all experts. However, these experts are just ordinary in the eyes of the star collector and Grandini. Without the strong ones above the exploration realm, They went in and out of the palace as if they were playing.

Two women met in a rockery.

“What are you looking for?” Grandini asked.

The star-collecting girl smiled lightly, “What are you looking for?”.

“I’m asking you”.

“I’m not obligated to answer.”

“You are such an annoying woman. You pretend to be serious when you have nothing to do, but you are faster than anyone else when it comes to things.” Grandini rolled her eyes.

The star-collecting girl smiled lightly, “Our purpose should be the same. I suspect that Zhenguang Tower is not one of the five luck nodes.”

Grandini frowned, “It should be so, it took hundreds of years to find out.”

“Don’t underestimate the people on the Shenwu Continent. The Tianji Ball can be invented. It’s not difficult at all for them to spend hundreds of years digging holes,” the star-collecting girl said calmly.

Grandini looked at the star collectors, “We have never believed in the people on the Shenwu Continent. What we believed in was you, or the previous star collectors. Back then, you star collectors were sure that the Zhenguang Tower had Otherwise, the trialists wouldn’t have colluded. Others don’t know, but I know that you star-collecting girls are the leaders of the attack on the Zhenguang Tower. If it wasn’t the Five Luck Node there, you would have tricked a lot of people.”

The Caixing Girl said lightly, “I don’t deny that there must be something wrong with the Zhenguang Tower, but I don’t know where the problem is, and I don’t intend to let Han Chong and the others die, so I came to investigate.”

Grandini is disdainful. The abilities of the Mavis family are not understood by others. She knows more than others. The star collector is the leader of the attack on the Zhenguang Tower, regardless of whether the Zhenguang Tower is a five-luck node or not. , the star-collecting girl determined that there was a problem there, so she took the lead in letting the trialists attack, and the credit belonged to her. If she failed, it was only those people who died, and it had nothing to do with her. Moreover, she never came forward from the beginning to the end, regardless of others. No matter how hard you guess, she can’t blame her, and the most she can blame is the Dark Mist Territory.

This woman was indeed ruthless, and Grandini glanced at her warily.

“Stop guessing.” The star collector looked at Grandini helplessly.

Grandini snorted coldly.

At this time, there was a loud noise in the distance. When the two women looked, they saw several figures being knocked to the ground. They didn’t know whether they were alive or dead.

“They are trialists like us, and they also want to sneak into the palace to find the location of the Five Luck Nodes, but they underestimate the palace. How could there be no exploration level expert here, and there is definitely more than one person?” said.

“Then what should we do?” Grandini raised his eyebrows.

The star-collecting girl smiled lightly, “One for you, one for me, let’s make a quick decision.”

Grandini snorted, “That’s a strong person in the Exploration Realm. Do you think he’s in the Extreme Realm? Why don’t you fight quickly?”

“You are Mavis. Don’t hide anything from anyone. You understand me and I understand you,” the star collector said solemnly.

Grandini curled his lips. The Mavis family spans across the stars and controls the economic lifeline of mankind. It is a super terrorist force. It is impossible to rely on monster power alone. Countless people in the universe have explored the secret of Mabis, but this secret has never been It has not been exposed, but it is not easy to use in front of the star collector. Although she also cannot know the secret of Mavis, she can guess one thing, which is enough for her to have full confidence in Grandini.

“As agreed, one person per person.” Grandini walked out of the rockery and stepped lightly. His movements were obviously very slow, but the surrounding guards could not detect them. He only felt a gust of wind passing by.

Similarly, Caixingnu also walked towards Mingzhao Tianyu’s study step by step.

The two women walked toward the imperial study room without anyone else around. When they reached the door, they were stopped by a sharp shout, “Outsiders who trespass into the imperial study room will die.”

The star collector did not move and looked at Grandini. Grandini rolled her eyes, closed them, and then suddenly opened them. Green light flashed past, just like the color of the Mavis family, green. The green of life, this green contains a refreshing vitality, just like returning to the origin of birth, covering the imperial study. For a moment, the exploration realm expert who attacked the two people stopped and looked at Grandini blankly. Then he stood aside blankly, motionless.

This scene made the star-collecting girl’s pupils shrink. Although she had guessed something, she didn’t expect it to be so terrifying. It could unconsciously affect the powerful people in the exploration realm. This is the guarantee that the Mavis family is invincible in the starry sky.

Suddenly, another huge force pressed down, and there was also a strong man in the exploration realm.

The star-collecting girl raised her head, stretched out her jade finger, and pointed at the void. The surrounding area turned into a starry sky, dotted with stars, spreading into the endless distance. At this moment, this was not the royal study, but the boundless starry sky.

Combat Skill—Lost in the Starry Sky! !

With one finger, Grandini’s hair stood on end. Even with the strongest talent of the Mavis family, she could not guarantee that she could defeat the star collector girl. This woman was too mysterious. At this moment, she was competing with the Tenth Academy. It was completely different back then. Although she was mysterious at that time, she could still see it. But now, it seemed very illusory, just like the star collector was not the star collector, but another woman.

The Exploration Realm expert’s pupils were suddenly big and small. He stood there as if he was groping for something. He was lost in the starry sky.

The two women looked at each other, feeling each other’s difficulty.

Postponing the semi-finals of the Ten Academy Competition is indeed beneficial to Lu Yin. Whether it is Caixingnu or Han Chong, they all have indescribable trump cards. Even Grandini has the Mavis family’s secrets that have never been exposed. The secret is that if the battle between the top four had continued, Lu Yin would have definitely lost the fastest, even the five lines of fighting spirit would be useless.

Mingzhao Tianyu Study Room has two exploration realm experts sitting in charge. It should have been foolproof, but it was easily resolved by the two women.

And here, they saw a huge secret, “Zhenguang Tower is not the node of the Five Lucks, it is actually the burial place of Ming Taizhong. Those people are finished,” Grandini exclaimed.

The star-collecting girl didn’t look very good. She silently wrote down some information about the Zhenguang Tower and left quickly.

Grandini did not stay long and left quickly.

In the Zhenguang Tower, the substantial energy seal cracked slightly. Lu Yin’s eyes were bright. He tilted his head and easily avoided the energy impact. He made a soft bang with one hand and said, “Brother Han, you can come out now.”


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