Star Odyssey Chapter 284: Field

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Anyone who keeps his word betrays the oath he has made, which will affect his state of mind. This kind of oath may seem to have no binding force, but it is more binding than anything else for those who want to cultivate to a higher realm.

“Okay, I can promise Brother Lu.” Han Chong was the first to agree.

Lu Yin is weird, is this guy so friendly to him?

The Moon Fairy was weird, “Brother Han, you’re not asking for help, are you?”.

Others also looked at Han Chong strangely. It was true that Han Chong was too tolerant of Lu Yin and too friendly, too friendly.

Han Chong smiled lightly, “Some people can become close friends once we meet, and some people can’t communicate with each other sincerely in their lives. I think Brother Lu is very suitable for me.”

“I said, this guy is going to fall in love with you, isn’t he? It’s disgusting.” Gui Hou’s voice rang in Lu Yin’s ears.

Lu Yin was speechless and looked at the others, “What about you? It’s best to do it as soon as possible. Prince Minghao and his gang don’t know when they will appear, and the powerful ones in the exploration realm among the trialists may not be able to stop them.”

“I agree,” Moon Fairy said.

The others looked at each other and agreed one after another.

Lu Yin nodded, “Okay, swear, in addition to verbal words, you must also write it down.”

“Write it down? Lu Yin, who do you think we are? Since we have promised, we can definitely do it.” Xun Jiong from Tianjin Liujie was furious.

Lu Yin shrugged, “Sorry, I don’t believe in verbal promises.”

“Shu Zi refuses to talk to me, Brother Han, can you recognize this kind of person?” Xun Jiong said with an ugly face.

Han Chong smiled lightly and naturally took out the paper from the Ningkong Ring to write. The others had no choice but to start writing one by one.

Lu Yin is very satisfied. The universe is very realistic. For the forces behind these people, interests outweigh everything. It doesn’t matter even if they give up the elite disciples they cultivated. At worst, they will cultivate another one. The oath only binds the swearer himself, not them. Lu Yin didn’t want to be fooled by others. Of course, even if he wrote it down, he couldn’t restrain the forces behind them, but it was still a means, and he had no other means.

Credentials depend on strength. Even if they cannot restrain the forces behind them now, these credentials will be useful one day when he becomes stronger.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, yes, why didn’t I think of it before? We need to collect more of this kind of evidence, it will be a good thing in the future.

“Brother Han, please keep it for me,” Lu Yin said.

Others threw their credentials to Han Chong in displeasure.

They felt more and more that Han Chong was Lu Yin’s supporter.

The five sculptures form a pattern similar to the Five Luck Stars and seal the sixth floor of the Zhenguang Tower. This is the first time Lu Yin has seen this original treasure pattern. He is really not sure, but he has to give it a try.

Holding the third eye of the Giant Emperor in his hand, with the nine stars on his body rotating, Lu Yin’s eyes glowed as he looked at the materialized energy seal. He saw a vast sea like other original treasures, but it was different from the original treasure he had seen before. The treasure is different. The vast sea in front of him is flowing. On the surface, there is only a layer of materialized energy seals. In fact, it flows invisible between the five sculptures, forming a strange force field. This is the first time Lu Yin has seen this. A force field.

“Generally speaking, this level of surface layer of original treasures only exists on Haoran’s high-grade original treasures. That kind of original treasures have life in themselves and are very strange. Some Haoran’s high-grade original treasures can even give birth to strange things. “Damn it, Seventh Brother, this kind of seal is not something you can touch,” Gui Hou said seriously.

Lu Yin stared at the five huge sculptures, “This is a man-made seal, it should be possible to break through it.”

On the arm, a very cute monkey tattoo with eyes blooming, “You can’t do it, don’t blame me for beating you, you really can’t do it.”

“I have to give it a try.” Lu Yin said firmly. He has speech-deciphering weapons, the Star Technique, and Caron’s speech-deciphering experience. He really wants to try it. He is becoming more and more like a real decryptor. , I always want to try when I encounter difficult original treasures.

Press your hands on the materialized energy seal, and the surging forceful breeze blows on your face, turning into layers of ripples. In an instant, the materialized energy seal ripples.

Everyone looked at this scene with excitement. They tried their best to attack but it was useless, but Lu Yin took action and really reacted. This is the interpreter, an extraordinary method.

At this moment, in Lu Yin’s eyes, the vast sea turned into energy in front of him suddenly rolled up the waves, forming a strange and turbulent scene. This kind of scene was invisible to others, but only a strong person like Han Chong who understood the field could feel it. , even ordinary interpreters cannot see it. This is a picture that only belongs to those with strong Tianxing skills.


Lu Yin spat out a mouthful of blood, and the sea formed by the energy seals on the surface of the original treasure from the five sculptures shocked him. Gui Hou was right, this is not something he can touch at the moment, not to mention that he is just a beginner. However, even those who master the intermediate language interpretation may not be able to interpret the seal at this level.

“I’ve said it all, give up. You can’t find even a single crack. This is the complete flow of life, the symbol of Haoran’s high-grade original treasure. Even if it’s man-made, it’s not your little bright-eyed primary explanation. “You can succeed,” Guihou said helplessly.

Lu Yin knelt on one knee, breathing heavily, with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. The energy impact was too terrifying. That blow was by no means weaker than that of a strong person in the exploration realm. He was equivalent to fully withstanding the blow of a strong person in the exploration realm. Jieyu It was already very dangerous. If he didn’t have a strong defense, this blow would be enough to kill him.

He just touched the sea a little bit, and he hasn’t started to explain the language yet! It will cause restlessness and harm yourself.

Below, everyone is disappointed. They are not idiots. Naturally, they can see that the five sculptures are very similar to the Five Luck Stars. The Five Luck Stars can withstand the attacks of powerful people. No matter how weak these five sculptures are, they can resist exploration. There is no problem for those who are strong in the realm or even the cruise realm, but Lu Yin is still too weak.

Han Chong’s eyes did not change and he still looked up.

Suddenly, a murderous intention came from behind Lu Yin, and a reflection flashed on the fifth floor. This was the light of the blade, hidden by a powerful master.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened sharply. The blade had already entered the range of the Star Technique at the moment it was exposed. He saw all the changes clearly. In Lu Yin’s eyes, the blade was very fast, but it was weakened by the Star Technique more and more slowly.

He turned his head to avoid the blade, and a ray of light flashed across Lu Yin’s face, leaving a bloodstain on Lu Yin’s face. With the reflection of the blade, Lu Yin saw clearly the attacker. He was a young man with a dull expression and his hands. The eyes are very vicissitudes of life.

With a whoosh, the blade passed by Lu Yin and slashed high into the sky, completely destroying the fourth floor. More light shone down, allowing everyone to see the attacker clearly.

The attacker looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “You actually escaped?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes were cold and he touched his cheek. He was able to leave scars on his body. Even Zhan Long Baiye didn’t do it. “If I’m not wrong, you are the top of the list of evergreens.”

The young man held the handle of the knife and stared at Lu Yin, “That’s a good guess.”

“Tear off the disguise,” Lu Yin said solemnly.

The corners of the young man’s mouth raised, and the muscles on his face squirmed. Gradually, his appearance changed from a young man to a vicissitudes of life. “Since I broke through to the King of Martial Realm, in the past one hundred and thirty-seven years, I have killed 365 people. They are all strong enough to enter the evergreen list. Among them, there are only three people who are qualified to be ranked in the top five of the evergreen list. No one can avoid my sword. Even Li Zimo, I asked myself that the sword just now was enough to kill him. Life, but I didn’t expect to be avoided by you.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Your knife is very fast, very sharp, and well hidden, but it is useless to me. If you only have the power of one knife, go to **** today.” After saying that, an empty Shen rushed towards the old man. The old man’s eyes suddenly opened and he suddenly slashed at one of the sculptures with his sword. Lu Yin was shocked and said, “Stop.”

The old man laughed wildly, “You can defeat Li Zimo and that outsider at the same time. I think I am no match, but I can feel the strange aura of this place. Once destroyed, the entire aura is enough to tear everyone into pieces and die. Well, let’s die together, I can be considered loyal to His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Under the blow of the knife, the sculpture was unharmed, but the originally calm sea of ​​energy was stirred up. Impact after impact hit wantonly, and the old man was directly torn into pieces by the energy impact.

Lu Yin also received a blow and vomited blood again. His fighting spirit was almost shattered.

“This old guy is seeking death, please find a way to escape!” Guihou screamed.

Nonsense, if he could, Lu Yin would have wanted to escape, but he couldn’t escape. The sea was already churning, and he had to avoid being killed before it calmed down, otherwise he would die here today.

Lu Yin has truly realized the danger of interpreting words. Thinking back to the catalog of original treasures he had seen before, some interpreters were torn into pieces as soon as they got close to the original treasures. This was probably the case, as the surface of the original treasures was disturbed. energy field.

Lu Yin moved a few meters sideways in an air dodge, and an invisible energy whizzed by. He breathed a sigh of relief, and there was another energy impact on the other side. Lu Yin just dodged like this. Occasionally, he would spit out a mouthful of blood when he was bombarded. .

Below, everyone looked at him strangely. They could not see the energy. They could only see Lu Yin dodging left and right inexplicably. He even vomited blood, just like a performance.

Only Han Chong, Yue Xianzi and a few others had solemn expressions. Lu Yin was suffering from an unimaginable disaster. This was the most likely fatal disaster for Jie Yu.

For half an hour, Lu Yin was avoiding the surging energy impact. The five sculptures connected with the material seal formed the flow of life. The endless power of the sea almost drowned Lu Yin. He had no strength left, but this surge The energy impact still has not stopped.




Lu Yin suffered another bombardment, bent down and fell to the ground, gasping for breath, his eyes suddenly stared at the ground. Others could not see it, but he could see the energy hitting the ground drop by drop, splashing out. In an instant, Lu Yin It was as if he had returned to the rain viewing platform of the Tenth Hospital and saw the drizzle. Every drop of rain was a world. As the raindrops splashed, the world was expanding, and the place he saw was also expanding. What he heard and felt Yes, wait, wait…

Strange waves emanated from Lu Yin’s body, causing his whole temperament to change drastically. Without raising his head, Lu Yin saw an energy impact coming from him. He raised his eyes and looked intently, and the energy of the impact was refined again. , he saw something deeper. He tilted his head slightly, and the energy passed by. Apart from lifting up his hair, it did not cause any harm to him.

This feeling, is this – a field?


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