Star Odyssey Chapter 273: Threats

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Moon Fairy’s pupils flickered, and she looked at Lu Yin in shock. This scene was so familiar. In the Ten Academy Competition, Caron walked in front of him so easily, leaving her helpless and defeated. Now, the same scene appeared again, but the difference is Caron relied on the field to resolve it, while this person relied on his fighting spirit to hold on, “You, you, Lu Xiaoqi, Lu, are you Lu Yin?”

Lu Yin’s face changed and returned to its original appearance, “Long time no see, Moon Fairy.”

The surrounding water vortex dissipated, and Fairy Moon closed her eyes. After opening them again, her face changed and transformed into the beautiful Fairy Moon, the Young Master of Hanyue Sect, “Long time no see, Brother Lu.”

“Follow me” Lu Yin said, turned around and left. The battle here would definitely attract many people, even the Ming avant-garde, so he couldn’t stay here.

Fairy Yue doesn’t want to be with Lu Yin. The trialists are also enemies of each other. No one wants to be with someone who can decide their own destiny. But she has no choice. Lu Yin only needs one move to kill her.

More than ten minutes later, Lu Yin and Yue Fairy stood opposite each other by the stream, looking at each other, “I didn’t expect Lu Xiaoqi to be Lu Yin. No wonder you look so familiar to me.”

“Thanks to you, I was almost discovered by Mingzhao Shu,” Lu Yin said in a regular tone.

Fairy Yue smiled bitterly, “Sorry, Brother Lu, I was just testing it out and didn’t want to cause you any trouble.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “I’m very curious about what Fairy Moon wants to do when she enters Mingdu.”

Fairy Yue’s face changed slightly and she stared at Lu Yin, “This has nothing to do with Brother Lu. You and I are both trialists, so how about we not interfere with each other?”.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “But you have already caused me trouble. Because of you, I was targeted by Mingzhaoshu. Now he sent me to go undercover in the Prince’s Mansion. You should know where the Prince’s Mansion is. If you are not careful, I have to lose my life there, this is the trouble you brought me, don’t you plan to compensate me?”

“Brother Lu looks up to the people of Shenwu Continent too much. With Brother Lu’s strength, it will be fine as long as he does not encounter a strong Martial Master. There must be no strong Martial Master in Mingdu now. They are all defending on the Five Luck Stars.” Yue Fairy Changed the topic.

Lu Yin disdainfully said, “People in the bright side don’t tell secret stories, so don’t force me to kill you.”

Moon Fairy clenched her fists, her eyes flickered, and there was a hint of murderous intent in her eyes, but it dissipated immediately. She couldn’t beat the man in front of her, so she had no choice but to say, “Brother Lu, senior, do you really want to bully the junior sister?”.

Lu Yin frowned, “This trick is of no use to me. Tell me your plan.”

“What plan?” Fairy Moon was puzzled.

Lu Yin approached Moon Fairy step by step. The closer he got, the stronger the murderous intent in his eyes became. “I said, don’t force me to kill you. There must be someone from the Hanyue Sect who has been lurking in the mainland for thousands of years. Your identity is a forgery. You will definitely enter Mingdu.” There’s a purpose, I’d love to know”.

Fairy Yue was helpless, “Brother Lu, even if there is a purpose, it is my Hanyue Sect’s business and has nothing to do with you.”

“Curious” Lu Yin replied casually.

Fairy Yue was startled and smiled bitterly, “Brother Lu is so straightforward, okay, I said, I will join the Divine Guard Mansion when I enter the Ming Dynasty.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Shenwei Mansion? What are you doing there?”.

“Except for the two fixed tasks in the Shenwu Continent Trial, the results are all based on performance. The Shenwei Mansion is a killing organization that specializes in dealing with the remnants of the sect. Once you join, your results will definitely improve a lot. The same goes for Brother Lu entering the Continent Trial. For the sake of grades, you don’t really want to complete those two tasks, that’s impossible, it’s better to be realistic,” Fairy Yue said in a serious tone.

Lu Yin nodded, “That’s right.”

Fairy Yue’s eyes were bright, “As long as Brother Lu does not hinder our Hanyue Sect, we are willing to create an identity for you, Brother Lu, to sneak into the Divine Guard Mansion, which will be enough to improve your performance, Brother Lu.”

“Are you willing to let me follow you?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Fairy Yue smiled and said, “Of course, my little sister’s purpose is just to join the Divine Guard Mansion, nothing else. Brother Lu just happens to have someone to take care of him when he joins.”

“Besides the Divine Guards Mansion, where else can you help me join?” Lu Yin asked.

Fairy Yue thought for a while, “Except for the Imperial Palace and the Prince’s Mansion, other places should be fine. There won’t be any problems in a short time. Even if the problems are discovered, it will be several months later.”

“I want to join the Ming Dynasty” Lu Yin said.

Fairy Yue was surprised, “Da Ming Mansion? Why did you join Daming Mansion?”.

The Daming Palace is an organization that specializes in killing trialists. Naturally, Lu Yin joined to find the Baiye tribe, but he would not say, “The difficulty of the Daming Palace is higher than that of the Divine Guard Palace. The results will not be bad after joining. I want to To join the Outer Universe Youth Council, Daming Mansion is the minimum requirement.”

“You want to join the Outer Universe Youth Council?” Yue Fairy said strangely, “Brother Lu, you are a member of the Star Wars Academy Student Union, why do you join the Outer Universe Youth Council?”.

“It has nothing to do with you” Lu Yin said indifferently.

Fairy Yue looked at Lu Yin carefully and thought for a moment, “Da Ming Palace is not the Divine Guard Palace. With our forged identity, it would take two months for the Divine Guard Palace to discover the flaw, while for the Daming Palace, it would take at most one month. Have you figured it out?

Lu Yin nodded, “Okay.”

Fairy Yue took out a letter from the Ningkong Ring and handed it to Lu Yin, “Give the letter to the Daming Mansion and you can join. Everything is written in detail. You can continue to use the name Lu Xiaoqi, or you can It doesn’t matter if you take it as you like, but within a month at most, the authenticity of this letter will be identified. Don’t blame me for not reminding you that there is a Martial Lord in the Ming Dynasty. Once discovered, he will be dead.”

Lu Yin took the letter, opened it and read it. He would not completely believe what Fairy Yue said. Just now, this woman said that there was no Wu Zun in charge, and now she said that the Ming Dynasty did. This woman was dishonest.

The content of the letter surprised Lu Yin. Everything about him was described in detail, and it was stamped with the seal of the former head of the Ming Palace. There were also a series of seals below, all of whom were people from the Daming Palace. He looked at it in admiration Moon Fairy, “It’s good to have a background, you can fake anything.”

“It’s not a disguise, it’s real. Except for the seal of the former palace master, everything else is real,” Fairy Yue said seriously.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows. It was quite cruel. These people might not even know they were working for the Han Yue Sect. “Let’s clear up the two sides.”

Fairy Yue’s eyes flashed, “Brother Lu, actually we can cooperate.”

“Oh? How to cooperate?” Lu Yin asked with interest.

Fairy Moon said, “In fact, since the war a thousand years ago, many powerful people in the universe have been hiding in the Shenwu Continent, waiting for opportunities. Our Hanyue Sect is just a small sect attached to the Baiye Clan and has no words. Quan, if Brother Lu is willing, you can join forces with me, Hanyue Sect, to compete with other forces.”

“What about?” Lu Yin asked.

Fairy Moon pondered for a moment, “White Night Clan.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. He had just been thinking about how to get information about the Baiye Clan, but he didn’t expect this woman to say it herself. It seemed that the Baiye Clan was not popular, “Is the Baiye Clan’s power to enter the Shenwu Continent very strong? “.

Fairy Yue said bitterly, “They are very powerful in the entire universe. No matter how remote your Canglan territory is, if you see black and white hair, you will know that you are a member of the White Night clan. This is the influence of the White Night clan.”

“Who did they send here?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

A trace of fear and fear flashed in Fairy Yue’s eyes, “Zhanlong Baiye, a wizard of the Baiye clan who defeated King Yan Qingye.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Defeat King Yan Qingye?”.

Fairy Yue nodded, “Yes, this matter is very secret. Only a few people in the Baiye world know about it, and our Hanyue Sect is one of them. This person has understood the super powerful combat skills that no one in the Baiye clan has learned for countless years. Skill – Bai Ye Wu Huang Kung, known as the White Night clan’s prodigy second only to the Zhenwu Night King, he is the opponent we face in the Shenwu Continent.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. He knew the strength of King Yan Qingye very well. He could actually defeat King Yan Qingye. The strength of this battle dragon Baiye was definitely comparable to him. This is the powerful clan in the universe, with geniuses coming one after another.

“The White Night Clan didn’t send a strong man from the Exploration Realm?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Fairy Yue shook her head, “Probably not. The strong people in the exploration realm are too eye-catching. Their purpose is to send people to join the Outer Universe Youth Council to interfere in the affairs of the outer universe. If they send strong people in the exploration realm, they will Feared by Shi Jue.”

Lu Yin understood that the Ten Juemen were also fighting openly and covertly. If the Baiye Clan really sent exploration-level experts to the outer universe, the other Ten Juemen would definitely do the same, and the outer universe would be in chaos.

“One more thing” Fairy Yue looked at Lu Yin seriously, “They want to wash away the shame of King Yan Qingye’s defeat.”

A cold light flashed in Lu Yin’s eyes.

“Brother Lu, don’t you think it’s too strange? All the top four from the Ten Academy Competition have entered the Shenwu Continent. This is because the White Night Clan has intervened. The fight between you and King Yan Qingye was also arranged by the White Night Clan,” Fairy Yue said.

Lu Yin knew this, he was like a chess piece, allowed to be arranged by the Baiye Clan.

“The White Night Clan needs the dragon Bai Ye to defeat the top four, stand out in this trial, and reverse the shame of King Yan Qingye’s defeat, and the shame of the White Night Clan being suppressed by you in the trial realm,” Fairy Yue continued.

“You talk too much,” Lu Yin said.

Fairy Yue said in a low voice, “The White Night Clan is so domineering and there is no need to hide their actions. Our Hanyue Sect knows them too well. That’s it. Brother Lu, you can think about whether you are willing to cooperate. I am in the Divine Guard Mansion. My name is Xiaoyue.” After saying that, Fairy Yue left.

Lu Yin laughed. This month, Fairy tried every possible means to arouse his hostility towards the White Night Clan. In fact, it was not necessary at all. He and the White Night Clan had already had an irresolvable hatred. From the moment the Earth discovered Qingyu, the hatred between the two parties has been Cannot be resolved.

In Mingdu, a huge bank is located at the intersection of main roads. It occupies two main roads, extends in all directions, covers an extremely large area, and is surrounded by expert guards. This is the Wuyun Bank, one of the largest banks in the Shenwu Empire. .

After the war a thousand years ago, the Wuyun Bank rose up and crushed the Imperial Bank. When the Empire was about to intervene, it accepted the royal family’s shareholding and became an economic master that only belonged to the royal family but was independent of the royal family. In this way Over the years, the empire’s disaster relief, military rations, salaries and even rewards have been supported by the Five Luck Bank. Over the past thousand years, the Five Luck Bank has become an unimaginable behemoth.

Although the people of Shenwu Continent look down on businessmen, Wuyun Bank is an exception.


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