Star Odyssey Chapter 271: Exposed

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Listening to Ming Zhaoshu’s words, Lu Yin lowered his head and did not dare to answer.

“Lu Xiaoqi, are you willing to serve me?” Ming Zhaoshu suddenly shouted, staring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s brain was shocked, and there was that kind of pressure again. The strong man walking in the starry sky may not be able to accurately attack the essence, but he himself has undergone transformation, and the oppression of the lower ones can naturally form. This is also a lot. The reason why geniuses can’t leapfrog and challenge the strong men who walk in the starry sky has no effect on Lu Yin.

“I am willing to be loyal to the prince,” Lu Yin pretended to collapse and hurriedly expressed his position.

Ming Zhaoshu nodded with satisfaction, “Okay, raise your head.”

Lu Yin raised his head and felt a strong wind blowing against his face. His expression changed drastically, and he once again resisted the desire to do something. The strange fragrance was inhaled into his body, causing a tingling sensation.

“This is my king’s unique secret medicine. It can enhance your strength and five senses, but it also has side effects. It must be absorbed every once in a while, otherwise you will be turned into pus and blood,” Ming Zhaoshu said coldly.

Lu Yin trembled, “Your Majesty, I know I was wrong.”

“I said, you are right. You have done something for me. Once it is done, I can remove this secret medicine for you permanently. Otherwise, you know the consequences.” After saying that, Mingzhaoshu stood up and walked to Lu From the invisible side, he whispered “Enter the Prince’s Mansion”.

Lu Yin was shocked, “Prince’s Mansion?”.

Ming Zhaoshu’s eyes were cold, “You have been to Qianshan Village, and you are somehow involved with the royal family. You are also very smart. You should be able to enter the Prince’s Mansion and gradually gain the trust of Prince Minghao. Some time ago, Wu Xia, the head of the Prince’s Palace, dies, this is your chance.”

“My lord, I understand,” Lu Yin replied, is Wu Xia dead? As expected, this person learned the location of the Five Luck Star Nodes, and was threatened at first. It would be strange if he did not die.

Ming Zhaoshu is very satisfied with Lu Yin’s attitude. The key is that the secret medicine cannot be solved without a certain amount of strength. In his opinion, Lu Yin is just an ordinary person, and it is impossible to dissolve the secret medicine. Moreover, he is very smart and should He knew that even if he told Minghao, Minghao would not be able to resolve it for him. This was a dead end.

“If you complete this matter well, I can betroth Yue’er to you,” Ming Zhaoshu said indifferently.

Lu Yin looked up in surprise, Yue’er?

Ming Zhaoshu had a smile on his face, “Do you think that only young men from aristocratic families like Bei Qing can get Yue’er? You’re wrong, you can too. I promise you that Yue’er will never leave the palace or be married off. The other person, she, is yours.”

Lu Yin quickly responded in a low voice. This Mingzhao book has a terrible grasp on human nature. If he were really an ordinary coachman, his blood would be boiling, and he would be qualified to get the woman he once looked up to. This kind of mentality is incomprehensible to ordinary people. Poison plus beauty, this It is the method of clearly illuminating the book.

“Okay, you can retreat,” Ming Zhaoshu said calmly.

Lu Yin bowed and backed away. When he walked to the door, the voice of Mingzhaoshu came to his ears again, “I will let you leave before arriving in Mingdu and send someone to contact you. One more thing, you Please remember to me, don’t be too smart and never meddle in your master’s affairs.”

Lu Yin bent down to salute and exited the study.

Outside the door, Tang Si looked at him indifferently.

Lu Yin bowed again and left.

Tangsi looked at Lu Yin’s leaving figure and walked into the study, “Your Majesty, is it necessary?”.

Ming Zhaoshu smiled lightly, “This man is very smart and ambitious. He also has opportunities. Let him go to the Prince’s Mansion to try his luck. There may be unexpected gains.” After saying this, he paused and said, “Besides, he We also have a connection with Bei Qing, and this connection may help us in the future.”

“Bei Qing won’t care about him. To Bei Qing, he is just a slave asking for rewards,” Tang Si said.

Ming Zhaoshu smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter whether I care or not, all I need is that trace of connection.”

On the other side, Lu Yin stayed away from the study and kept thinking. The Prince’s Mansion had no attraction for him. The biggest secret there was the location of the five luck star nodes. After the Wuxia incident, Minghao would definitely increase his focus on this secret. The level of protection was difficult to achieve with his own strength. There was no need for him to go to the Prince’s Mansion. As for the poison, he had a way to force it out.

What he is thinking about now is the person Ming Zhaoshu. Through Wu Xia’s memory and folk rumors, King Mu Ming Zhaoshu was an upright person, loyal to the emperor Ming Zhaotian, caring about the country, the country, and taking care of the people. His only shortcoming was force. Slightly weaker, his eldest brother Ming Zhaotian is not much older than him, but he is already at the Martial God realm. Even the prince Minghao is at the Martial Emperor realm, but he is still at the Martial Emperor realm. It is said that he is not even as good as Minghao.

This is the only criticism of the Mingzhao Book.

But if this person understands the field, it will be different. Lu Yin never believes that a person who can understand the field will be weak, and he has a very accurate grasp of human nature, and he allows Bei Qing to pursue Ming Yan through This move can show that his Shen family is very deep. This person is by no means simple, he hides too deeply.

Everyone knew that Prince Mu’s Mansion was targeted by Prince Minghao and sent many people to infiltrate. Lu Yin was very surprised when he heard the news. Minghao was not stupid. He sent people to infiltrate the city. I know, but now it seems that Lu Yin feels that this move is more like a means to suppress Minghao’s reputation.

Of course, these are all his guesses and random thoughts, but they may also be true. Lu Yin was thinking and walking when he accidentally bumped into someone at the corner.


With an exclamation, Lu Yin subconsciously reached forward and grabbed the woman who was about to be knocked down. He hugged the woman who was about to be knocked down. A burst of fragrance came, so familiar. Is this Ming Yan?

Time seemed to stand still. Around the corner, Lu Yin hugged Ming Yan, staring at her with big eyes.

Fairy Yue was the first to react and slapped Lu Yin on the shoulder, knocking him back, “You are so bold, you dare to blaspheme the princess.”

Lu Yin took a few steps back and quickly lowered his head to apologize.

Ming Yan looked at Lu Yin strangely, “Are you the coachman? Is your name Lu Xiaoqi?”.

“Yes, little Lu Xiaoqi,” Lu Yin quickly replied.

Ming Yan looked at him strangely and “raised her head.”

Lu Yin was speechless, Ming Zhaoshu said the same thing just now.

He slowly raised his head, pretending to look at Ming Yan in fear.

Ming Yan stared at his eyes, a flash of fluctuation flashed in her eyes, as if she was thinking about something.

“How dare you stare at the princess?” Fairy Yue shouted and raised her palm again. Mingyan quickly stopped her, “Yue’er, it’s okay, let’s go.”

Fairy Yue glared at Lu Yin fiercely, and left with Ming Yan. Ever since Lu Yin used those moves last time, she no longer cared about this person, thinking that this person was a native of Shenwu Continent, and just now She didn’t feel any force in that palm.

Lu Yin lowered his head. After the two women left, he raised his head and rubbed his shoulders. Fortunately, the woman didn’t use any force, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to hide the injury.

Two days later, the sun shone brightly, white mist rose, and fresh air spread across the land.

Prince Mu’s fleet left Antai City and continued towards the center of Mingzhou.

Not long after leaving Antai City, a crack in the sky spread down and crashed into the forest in the distance. At the same time, several figures landed quickly.

Lu Yin’s eyes were sharp, the tester.

“Prince” Tang Si shouted.

Ming Zhaoshu jumped out of the air, “Don’t move, I’m coming.” After saying that, he raised one hand and twisted the void with majestic force, pressing hard in all directions.

In the distance, a majestic force also appeared, competing with Mingzhao Shu.

“There is actually a strong man in the Martial Emperor Realm seeking death.” After saying that, Mingzhaoshu jumped out and rushed into the distance.

Just as Ming Zhaoshu left, dozens of figures rushed out from the underground, and everyone in the hall screamed, “Kill the remaining members of the sect.”

The entire convoy was in chaos. The remnants of the sect took advantage of Ming Zhaoshu’s opportunity to pursue the tester and launched an attack on the convoy. The scene was extremely chaotic for a while.

The seventh butler hid under the carriage and shivered.

They are in the middle of the convoy, surrounded by troops, and are safe for the time being.

Suddenly, a sharp slash struck from the distance, cutting through the void. Tang Si jumped up, raised his spear and thrust it out. With a bang, the air wave crushed the ground, killing dozens of people.

Tang Si was knocked back more than ten steps by the slashing attack and looked at him in shock.

This is the Trialist, an extremely powerful person from the inner universe.

The descendants trained by many big forces in the inner universe are very strong. This person’s strength is almost as strong as the chief of the Starry Sky Battle Academy. He can defeat Tang Si, proving that he has the strength to enter the top 16 of the Starry Sky Battle Academy.

Farther away, the battle between Mingzhaoshu and the Exploration Realm trialists became increasingly fierce. The cracks in the earth even spread to the convoy, splitting the entire convoy into two.

Lu Yin and others were separated from Tang Si.

Underground, blood spattered out, and Moon Fairy’s pupils shrank, “There are still people underground.”

After the words fell, more than ten masters attacked Rong Hu.

Lu Yin clenched his fists and stared at this scene closely.

Rong Zhu was overthrown, Fairy Yue took Ming Yan out, and looked forward coldly. More than a dozen Martial King Realm masters attacked. Fairy Yue pushed Ming Yan to the carriage to “protect the princess.”

Fierce fighting spread in all directions.

A burst of energy broke through the void and shot toward Ming Yan. Lu Yin grabbed Ming Yan and pulled her into his arms, “Be careful.”

Ming Yan lay in Lu Yin’s arms, looked up at him, her eyes moved, and she whispered, “Why are you following us?”.

Lu Yin was startled, “Princess Princess, what did you say?”.

Ming Yan pursed her lips and asked, “Why are you following us?”.

With a soft cry, Fairy Yue fought off several Martial King Realm masters. Just as she was about to rush over, she was stopped again.

Masters from Prince Mu’s Palace began to gather around Lu Yin and Ming Yan. The safety of the princess was more important than the convoy.

In such a chaotic battlefield, Ming Yan stared at Lu Yin without any fear, “What exactly do you want? Lu Yin.”

Lu Yin was shocked, “Do you know me?”.

“Another person told me your name. Your name is Lu Yin. Why are you following us?” Ming Yan stared at him, her beautiful face full of stubbornness. She didn’t understand the importance of ruined reputations in this era. She just didn’t want to think too much about sex, it had already happened, and she didn’t want to be looked down upon.

She can pretend to be nonchalant when facing anyone, but not when facing the man in front of her. It is this man who has ruined her reputation in her life. She will never be able to get rid of this man in this life. This man has harmed her and beaten her. It messed up her mood and made it impossible for her to have a clear dream. She had been dreaming about this person for more than ten days in a row.


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