Star Odyssey Chapter 256: Student Union

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Not long after, the world of the undead drummed in the sky, and the star-collecting girl arrived.

Lu Yin sat on the sky-facing drum and watched the star-collecting girl walking slowly with calm eyes, “I was just wondering who was the first person to come forward, but I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“Did you guess that someone would come forward?” The star-collecting girl looked at Lu Yin with a smile, and sat down next to him naturally, showing no trace of her unrivaled reserve.

The look of surprise in Lu Yin’s eyes flashed away, “Everyone in the universe knows that the Night King’s family is very proud. If I take over the Chaotian Drum, there will always be someone to speak up for King Yan Qing. However, I have disappointed you. Since I have taken action I have no intention of returning it.”

“I know. Come on, I just want to ask you a question. Do you really think that being the Interpreter can protect you from worries?” The star-collecting girl looked at Lu Yin and spoke calmly.

Lu Yin was silent. Sure enough, the identity of the Interpreter cannot be hidden from these people. As long as you want to check it, you can always find it. The Interpreter Research Association does not attach too much importance to the confidentiality of the identity of the Interpreter. The Interpreter is a treasure of mankind. , there is no need to hide it, this is the idea of ​​the research association, and Lu Yin has no intention of hiding it anymore.

However, one identity can identify two types of people. Wendy Yushan was not found, which proves that she is not powerful enough, or too one-sided, and failed to get in touch with the Interpreter Research Association, the Star Girl and Nalan Fairy These people can be easily found. These are two types of people.

“Two-star junior interpreters can indeed make King Yan Qingye dare not attack you openly, but it is not difficult to do it secretly. Although the interpreter research association protects shortcomings, they are not stupid. They will not fight for a person. The dead man is an enemy of the Night King Clan. So what if there is evidence? King Yan Qing Ye will be fine. The most he can do is compensate and apologize. The Interpreter Research Council will ask for an explanation. The Night King Clan can hand it over easily. As for the Tenth House, you can’t You will never leave the Tenth Courtyard,” Caixingnu said.

Lu Yin looked at Caixing Girl, “I know what you said, but sometimes I can’t control my temper. Since you showed up, it proves that you have dealt with that crazy woman Yan Qing.”

The star-collecting girl smiled lightly and said, “You won’t be merciful with your hands, and you won’t be merciful with your mouth. She’s still a girl no matter what.”

“A crazy woman” Lu Yin disdained.

The star-collecting girl had a smile in her eyes, “You, the people behind you, your relatives and friends cannot bear the oppression of the Night Royal Family, you have to think about them.”

Lu Yin stretched and said, “Just tell me the result.”

“Don’t target the White Night Clan again,” Caixing Nu said.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Is it that simple?”.

The star-collecting girl nodded, “It’s that simple.”

Lu Yin stared at Caixing Girl, “Although I have known that crazy woman Yan Qing for a short time, I know her very well. She cannot end the fight without any cost.”

“I’ve already paid the price for you,” the star-collecting girl said slowly.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “You paid for me? Why?”.

The star-collecting girl sighed, “You know the student union has a president, and I am the president. The stability of the students in the Starry Sky Battle Academy is my responsibility, and it is also the responsibility entrusted to me by the Ten Final Council. For this reason, I You can only pay some price.”

Lu Yin is not stupid, how could he believe such words, but if Caixing Nu really paid the price, then there would be a problem. There is no free payment in this world, what does this woman want from him?

The star-collecting girl stood up, brought with her a burst of fresh fragrance, and smiled at Lu Yin, “Don’t think too much, I have no intentions towards you.”

Lu Yin also stood up, “It doesn’t matter, I won’t suffer.”

The star collector smiled lightly and said, “You are very interesting.”

“Well, I always thought that I had low emotional intelligence and was just a blockhead,” Lu Yin said with a smile.

The star-collecting girl turned her head and left slowly, “You are already a member of the student union. Let’s take some time to meet with everyone. This will be considered as officially recognizing your identity.” After that, she left the undead world.

Lu Yin looked at the disappearing figure of the Star Girl, his eyes pondering. Although the Starry Sky War Academy is a school, it is not simple inside. The Star Girl is mysterious, King Yan Qingye is domineering, and Han Chong is hidden aside. , and the major forces. The school is rather a microcosm of the struggle between the major forces in the universe. So, if he joins the student union, he will be roasted on the fire. Maybe, someone will contact him soon.

“That woman is the Star Picker Girl? No way, she seems to be still a student. Isn’t it said that the Star Picker Girl is very strong? Enough to compete with the Ten Jue?” Guihou asked in confusion.

Lu Yin said calmly, “There is more than one star collector, they have to compete.”

“Competing for jobs? It’s really interesting. You have to be careful about that woman. Even in our star field, we have heard the name of Star Girl a lot. Most of them are not good things. This woman is quite good at calculating people. Don’t be sold by her.” Count the money for her,” Guihou warned.

Lu Yin is also thinking about this problem. Facing this woman, he really has no confidence that he will not be plotted. The main reason is that he knows too little about the pattern of the universe and can easily be plotted. The only way is to have less contact with her.

“Speaking of which, brother, you are so ruthless that you directly slapped the Baiye tribe in the face,” Guihou praised.

Lu Yin was silent.

“But sometimes you have to consider the consequences. What if the White Night clan sends a master to assassinate you? I’m scared when I think about it. That’s a powerful clan that dares to directly attack the Behemoth Star Territory. You are in the extreme realm and have small arms and legs. It’s easy to break, and I’ll be unlucky then, I…” “Shut up, just answer my question if you don’t want to die.” Lu Yin was impatient.

“What’s the problem?” Guihou asked.

“Are you sure the White Night Clan can’t save the Third Night King?”.

“I’ve said it all, I’m sure and sure.”

“That’s good. As long as the Third Night King is not rescued, I will be useful.”

“It’s worth nothing. Do you think the Night King will think you can help them?”

“Even if there is a glimmer of hope, the Night Royal Family will not let anything happen to me.”

The Ghost Lord agreed, “That’s true. The Third Night King is too important to them. Even if they are sure that you don’t know anything, they won’t let anything happen to you. This is human psychology.”

“But what if they come to me? I have to provide some useful information.” Lu Yin said, this is the key point, there is no use value. Even if the original Jingye King can protect him for a while, he cannot protect him forever. His opponent can Not only King Yan Qing Ye, the first one to take action was King Zhen Wu Ye, that was the formidable enemy.

Gui Hou was silent.

Lu Yin is not in a hurry. The two of them are already one body. If he dies, Guihou will not survive. When the time comes to face King Yuan Jingye, he will have to guess a few pieces of information even if he guesses.

The fight between Lu Yin and King Yan Qingye was temporarily stopped due to Cai Xingnu’s dealings. In the next few days, experts from the Baiye clan came to Chaotiangu from time to time, but it was already occupied by Lu Yin.

The Tenth Courtyard can freely enter the Chaotian Drum. Coco had a lot of fun there, but Hui Baiye didn’t go, and the Baiye tribe didn’t take action against Lu Yin. His position was very embarrassing, and King Yan Qingye never found him. None of them, including Sky Baiye, who once protected him, looked for him.

The gray night is like being exiled.

In this way, half a month passed normally. Dao Bo and Han Chong both returned from the border, and Lu Yin officially held a student union as the chief of the Tenth House.

In Shinto, under the Leaning Tower, Lu Yin stood quietly. Not far away were Liu Xiaoyun and Kuang Wang. The three of them arrived first, followed closely by Han Chong. He looked at Lu Yin with a strange look, or in other words, Marvel.

Lu Yin looked calm. The incident between him and King Yan Qingye was widely spread and everyone knew about it.

The star-collecting girl also arrived, smiled at Lu Yin, and stood not far away.

In the distance of the Leaning Tower, many students appeared. They looked at each other in surprise. This was a rare scene where the chiefs of the student union and the ten major colleges gathered together.

Wu Da is also here. He is absolutely indispensable wherever there is news, but unfortunately the student union has discussed that he has no right to get close. He can’t hear anything, and he can barely even see. The void is distorted.

Subsequently, Daobo and Liuyin also arrived.

Feng Shang also arrived and smiled apologetically at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin didn’t care, he didn’t suffer any loss, and it was a bit funny. After all, the opponent in the first battle of the World Transmission was this style, and he was defeated directly, which caused him to be a little less confident. Now he has returned.

Now there is only one person left, King Yan Qingye.

Xueliuyun has died in the battle at the border. There is currently no chief in the Fourth House. However, in Lu Yin’s opinion, the most likely person is Sha. His strength is obvious to all. He defeated Xueliuyun and is recognized as the strongest in the Fourth House. , but he hasn’t come back yet.

With a whoosh, King Yan Qingye appeared, looking down at everyone from high in the sky, and glanced at Lu Yin angrily. Without saying anything, he landed, his whole body filled with an unpleasant aura.

“Okay, except for the **** clouds who died in the battle, the chiefs of each college have gathered together. The little girl represents the Ten Finals Council and the Star Wars Academy, and officially announced that Lu Yin has joined the student union and has supervision over the students of the Star Wars Academy. The responsibility of judging and guarding is to supervise the younger generation authorized by the Ten Jue Council. The responsibility of judging and guarding is to protect the Ten Jue Council…” Caixing Girl said a lot, and other people said these words I’ve heard it all before, but this was Lu Yin’s first time.

He is quite concerned about one sentence, what does it mean to have the responsibility of supervising, judging and protecting the younger generation authorized by the Ten Jue Council? Could it be that the student union is responsible for more than just the Star Wars Academy?

Lu Yin thought of something, and vaguely felt that King Yan Qingye took so much trouble to prevent him from joining the student union. It seemed that it was not only because of his physical fitness, but also for other reasons. This student union might not be simple.

Soon, Cai Xingnv had a long conversation as usual. After finishing, she looked at Lu Yin with a smile and asked, “Classmate Lu, is there anything you don’t understand?”

“I almost don’t understand” Lu Yin replied quite simply.

The star-collecting girl was startled and grinned wildly. Daobo also laughed and shook his head.

King Yan Qingye looked with disdain and a hint of ridicule.

“It seems that you don’t know anything about the Star Wars Academy Student Union,” the star-collecting girl said softly.

Lu Yin nodded, “No one told me.”

The star-collecting girl was helpless, “Okay, let me briefly introduce it. Generally speaking, the student union is an organization that helps the college manage and supervise the students. However, the Star Wars Academy is special. The instructors rarely ask questions, and the students take care of themselves. , Over time, the authority of the Student Union will be larger, and now with the development and growth of the Ten Final Council, the scope of the Star Battle Academy Student Union is not limited to the Star Battle Academy, but also includes the universe.”


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