Star Odyssey Chapter 255: Lu Yin’s background

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“From now on, this place belongs to me.” Lu Yin’s voice was proud. The arm that grabbed King Yan Qingye’s fist suddenly used force and directly shattered King Yan Qingye’s right arm. He reached out with his palm and hit King Yan Qingye’s abdomen. Blast her into the distant mountains.

At this moment, a chill suddenly appeared behind him, and Feng Shang appeared, “Sorry, the last blow.”

Lu Yin did not look back. He had been guarding against Feng Shang. He had seen how fast Feng Shang was. This person had rich combat experience, more than any other chief in the academy. He could not be easily defeated. He did not know who the star-picking girl was at the time. How to kill him instantly? Being killed instantly does not mean that this person is weak.

The green halo between heaven and earth dissipated, and Feng Shang swept a palm towards Lu Yin’s neck. The speed was so fast that it crossed the void. This palm cut through the void.

Lu Yin did not move, letting Feng Shang’s palm pass by, and the figure slowly dissipated. This was an afterimage, and Lu Yin himself was no longer there.

Fashion changes, when?

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my back, and my entire body dissipated into the realm of immortality.

Lu Yin walked out, and the afterimage slowly dissipated. He broke through the extreme realm, his physical body became stronger again, and the speed of air flash naturally changed again. So what if he cut through the void, he can now – tear the void apart, just like walking Like the strong men in the starry sky.

With a roar, King Yan Qingye rushed out of the mountains in a panic, staring at Lu Yin with a murderous intent, “I want you to die.”

Lu Yin was disdainful. This woman was no longer worth his while, but this matter still needed to be brought to an end.

As Lu Yin’s body disappeared in a flash, King Yan Qingye, like Feng Shang, dissipated into the undead world and died directly.

Everyone was silent. All members of the Baiye tribe were killed, including King Yan Qingye. From this moment on, the leader of the undead world was replaced by Lu Yin.

Many people swallowed their saliva. This matter has become a big deal. The Baiye clan will never let it go. It may involve people outside the Starry Sky Battle Academy. Isn’t this Lu Yin afraid?

Xi Yue was stunned. She just felt that Lu Yin was so domineering at this moment.

Wu Da was excited and stared at Lu Yin excitedly. This person would bring him an endless stream of news materials.

In the distance, Liu Xiaoyun left. There was nothing interesting about this battle other than showing that Lu Yin was stronger, but then there was trouble. The White Night clan’s revenge would never be simple.

Kuanwang gave Lu Yin a thumbs up from afar. He was cruel enough. Although he was arrogant, he did not dare to provoke the Baiye clan in this way. This Lu Yin was a talent.

Farther away, a woman in white with a gauze face looked at Lu Yin quietly. No one noticed her, and no one remembered her. But if you watch the Ten Academy Competition again, you will find that this woman is from the First Academy. The representative of respecting the ancestors. After paying respect to the ancestors, this woman disappeared and did not participate in the drawing of lots.

Lu Yin looked down and saw countless pairs of eyes, filled with shock, wonder, admiration, ridicule, sympathy, etc., all kinds of emotions spread.

He knows the consequences of what he has done, but he has no regrets. A man born in heaven and earth cannot be cowardly or look forward and backward. Maybe the White Night clan will retaliate very harshly, but if he does nothing because he is afraid of revenge, it will affect him. state of mind.

He has glory points, has the identity of interpreter, is a student of the Tenth House, and has secret help from his family. The chance of the Baiye clan taking action against him is very small. It may implicate the Dayu Empire, but he himself has a relationship with the Dayu Empire. It’s not that big, and the Daewoo Empire is by no means as simple as it appears. The New Human Alliance is also there, and the family is also paying attention there. That place is not that simple, and maybe the disguise of the Daewoo Empire can be revealed through the White Night Clan.

As for the Earth, he is even less worried, because the conflicts between the students will not involve the distant planets. The White Night Clan may take action against him because they are afraid of his physique, but they will never go to the Earth to cause trouble.

But maybe, he might guess that his physique is related to the earth. Lu Yin mused that this matter must be solved, but he should not be too proactive. The more proactive he is, the easier it is to be targeted. The only way is to divert his attention.

But in the final analysis, the real reason for Lu Yin to take action was not the previous reasons, but one person, the original Jingye King. The disputes between the younger generations in the clan will never be as important as the Third Night King. Unless the Third Night King is rescued, Otherwise, he would still be of use value. Even the slightest bit of use value would be enough for him to protect himself. The Baiye clan would not take action against him. This was Lu Yin’s confidence.

In a battle, everyone in the White Night clan was expelled from the trial realm, and the master of the undead realm was replaced. This news spread quickly, not only in the Starry Sky Battle Academy, but also shocked countless people.

The wider the spread, the more embarrassing the Baiye clan will be.

On the top of the Third Yard’s Boundary Mountain, King Yan Qingye shouted crazily, his eyes red, “I will definitely kill you, kill you…”.

At the foot of the realm mountain, Cangshi opened his eyes. He joined the Starry Sky Battle Academy for the Ten Academy Competition. However, after the Ten Academy Competition, he became interested in the trial realm and had no plans to leave for the time being. Fortunately, he did not leave. , otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see such interesting things.

Luanshenshan is one of the masters of the dark side of the inner universe. Darkness corresponds to light. Without light, there is no darkness. Many strong people in Luanshenshan were forced to do so. The White Night Clan’s style is ruthless and overbearing, forcing many strong people to despair. , had to go to the dark side. Now, he had a premonition that Lu Yin would be the next person to be persecuted. Thinking, he left and contacted Luan Shenshan as soon as possible. He could not let the Baiye tribe play him to death. This person was very talented.

After screaming for a while, King Yan Qingye opened her personal terminal and contacted the Baiye clan. She wanted to make Lu Yin regret his behavior today, and she wanted to take revenge on that bitch.

“What did you say? No rights? I am King Yan Qingye, I have no right to interrogate that woman? I am King Yan Qingye.” King Yan Qingye was extremely angry.

“I’m sorry, Zhuo Baiye is temporarily imprisoned and no one is allowed to be interrogated. This is the order of the elder Yuan Jingye King.”

King Yan Qingye was shocked. How could it be possible that a small Zhuo Baiye actually involved King Yuan Jingye? He was an elder and had a high status in the clan. Why did he intervene in this matter?

Closing the personal terminal, King Yan Qingye pondered. She had a bad feeling. Is it because of King Yuan Jingye that Lu Yin dared to attack her unscrupulously? Why can he have a relationship with Elder Yuan Jing? Or is there someone behind him who can reach out to the Night Royal Family?

The more I think about it, the more timid King Yan Qingye becomes. There are very few forces that can reach out to the Yewang clan. I think that Lu Yin only mastered the five lines of battle energy after entering the academy for more than a year. Behind this person is really just that little Daewoo Empire? Impossible, there is someone else, and this person is very hidden.

But no matter how deep he hides it, he can’t relieve the anger in King Yan Qingye’s heart. She is the sister of King Zhenwu Ye. No matter how strong the power behind Lu Yin is, the power of Shijue lies not only in strength, but also in power. , even the powerful forces in the new universe have to give Shijue face. She doesn’t believe that Lu Yin can really oppress her.

Thinking about it, she immediately sent an order, as the Night Royal Clan, to order the White Night Clan to intervene in the war in the Canglan Territory. She wanted to attack the Dayu Empire.

Suddenly, there was a soft sound from the personal terminal. She frowned and looked in surprise. Why is it her?

“Can we talk for a while?” A pleasant female voice came from the personal terminal.

“What are you talking about?” King Yan Qingye said in a low tone.

“Your grudge with Lu Yin”.

King Yan Qingye clenched his fists, “What is your relationship with him?”

“Does it have to be related?”.

“Of course, otherwise why would the dignified star-picking girl speak up for him?” King Yan Qingye mocked.

The person who contacted King Yan Qingye was the chief star collector of the First Academy, “I am not trying to help him, I just made a prediction on him. Based on the position of the leader of the Ten Academy Competition, it can be deduced that this Whether you will be helpful to me in the future, I don’t want your grievances to affect the semi-finals of the Ten Academy Competition.”

“It has nothing to do with me” King Yan Qingye refused directly.

“You have been defeated. The Heavenly Drum of the Immortal Realm belongs to Lu Yin. This is an indisputable fact. The masters of the White Night Clan were expelled from the Trial Realm by Lu Yin all because of you alone. Maybe you, King Yan Qingye, don’t care about the Starry Sky War Academy. Trial Realm, but this is still a stain for you, it will damage not only your face, but also the face of Zhenwu Night King,” Caixing Girl said calmly.

King Yan Qingye said in a cold tone, “I will **** the Chaotian Drum back, and I will completely eliminate that Lu Yin.”

“He is a interpreter, a junior interpreter with two bright eyes,” Caixingnu replied.

King Yan Qingye was shocked, “What did you say? He is the interpreter?”.

“Yes, you can check it yourself. He is not only the Interpreter, but also has glory points. The Tenth Institute is not as simple as it seems. Even if you can deal with the Daewoo Empire and the people around him, you can’t deal with it. He, you have nothing to do, unless Zhenwu Night King takes action, but because Lu Yin offends the Interpreter Research Association, do you think Zhenwu Night King will do this? The result of all your revenge is to hurt both sides, he hurts his relatives and friends, you It’s the face that’s hurt,” Cai Xingnu said calmly. She had grasped King Yan Qingye’s thoughts. For the Night King, nothing is more important than face. This is why King Yan Qingye wanted to take revenge crazily.

King Yan Qingye’s eyes were downcast, and the identity of the Interpreter was indeed terrifying, but it was not impossible to kill him secretly. The Interpreter Research Association had nothing to do with her as long as there was no evidence.

“Give me some face. This matter is over. In return, I can let you use the mirror,” said the star-collecting girl.

King Yan Qingye was shocked. The bright mirror is the most cherished thing in the afterlife world. Just like the Chaotian drum, whoever masters the bright mirror will be the master of the afterlife world. The bright mirror has always been controlled by the star collector, and no one else can use it. , I didn’t expect that she would be willing to pay such a price for Lu Yin.

“How about it? The right to use Mingjing, and the fact that you, the White Night Clan, will not be targeted in the trial realm, just take a step back for the sake of the peace of the Starry Sky War Academy,” Caixingnu said.

King Yan Qingye took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I can let him go temporarily.”

“Thank you very much”, after saying that, the star collector cut off the communication.

King Yan Qingye’s eyes flickered and he snorted coldly. The worst happened was that she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t let this matter go. After thinking about it, she planned to find other forces to take action to deal with Lu Yin.

But today King Yan Qingye seemed to be in trouble. Just when she was thinking about who to find, an order came that made her feel chilly in her heart, ‘Don’t touch Lu Yin – the elders of the Yewang clan’.


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