Star Odyssey Chapter 243: Lu Yin VS Yin

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Shui Chuan said with a smile, “Take him to Zang Yuan Star. From now until his service period in one month, he will be there.”

“Yes” Enya responded and led Lu Yin away.

Looking at Lu Yin’s leaving figure, Shui Chuanxiao’s eyes pondered. He originally thought that he was really a borderline person who didn’t know anything, but since he chose the glory point, it proved that he didn’t know everything.

In the corridor, Lu Yin asked about the situation of Zang Yuanxing.

“Zangyuan Star is one of the one hundred stars for central protection. Its geographical location is much more important than that of Kona Star, and there are naturally more powerful people. Its guardian is Long Zhan, the elder of the Dawei Xiaolong clan…” Enya gave a brief introduction , Lu Yin had a little understanding of Zang Yuan Star.

“Actually, you don’t need to pay too much attention, because there will be nothing to do in the next month. You will have to take a break after the decisive battle. War will rarely happen,” Enya said.

After a while, Lu Yin took the warship to Zangyuan Star.

Compared to Kona Star, Zangyuan Star is much larger, and its geographical features are completely different.

Lu Yin was assigned to a disposal base and began his one-month service.

Enya is right. There will be almost no war after the decisive battle. When we first arrived on Kona Planet, we were faced with an urgent war. There was one every few days, which made people breathless. And here, Lu Yin Transformed into an ordinary soldier, he began to truly adapt to the ordinary life apart from the tension of the border army.

Here, the personal terminal can be used. He immediately checked his identity information. Sure enough, there were more glory points at the back.

“That’s really stupid!” Gui Hou’s voice came out.

Lu Yin ignored him.

“Hey, I said you are really stupid, you don’t want so many rewards, but you want the most useless one” Guihou shouted.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Lu Yin replied lightly, standing outside the protective fence of the sub-base. His mission was to perform duty.

“I feel pity for you. I know the glory points of you humans. We even have a special task in our Lingkong Academy to kill those who have glory points,” Guihou said.

“Why?” Lu Yin was surprised.

“Nonsense, glory points are something you humans can only get if you contribute to the entire human star field. If you don’t kill anyone, kill anyone. People like you who have a little glory points are our favorites. If you kill them, you can get a lot of them. Credit, it may not be too risky, you are just stupid,” Guihou mocked.

“Continue” Lu Yin said calmly.

“Continue? Continue with what? Continue to scold you?” Guihou screamed.

Lu Yin frowned, “I kind of want to kill you.”

“Hey, don’t threaten me. My existence will be of great help to you. Because of me, you may become a superpower in the universe in the future. Don’t make the mistake of yourself.”

“Too much nonsense, I don’t like it.”

“Okay, okay, I guess you don’t know the function of glory points from your tone. It’s really embarrassing. You actually asked me, an enemy, to explain to you the glory of your human race. Do you think this is ironic?”

Lu Yin clenched his fist, and the star energy on his body began to boil, pressing against his right arm.

The Ghost Lord quickly shouted, “I’m afraid of you. Let me tell you, your human glory points are indeed very useful, but only after two o’clock. The more points, the more privileges. As far as I know, some people His glory points can even reduce his sentence after committing a major crime, just like Shui Chuanxiao, the commander-in-chief of the coalition forces you met before. Even if he betrays humanity, as long as his guilt is not serious enough, he can use his glory points to reduce his sentence, and once If he dies, you humans will dispatch countless experts to investigate the cause, and there is no way the murderer can escape.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “It’s so useful? What about the Hall of Glory he mentioned before? I didn’t find anything through my personal terminal.”

“The Hall of Glory is an organization for you humans to evaluate glory points. I don’t know much about it. Only the strong people who walk in the starry sky can know it. But I know one thing. Looking at your entire human star field, the Hall of Glory is the strongest. One of the forces, it is rumored that there is a half-ancestor sitting there,” Guihou said solemnly with a serious voice.

“Half Ancestor?” Lu Yin was surprised and asked, “I forgot. You mentioned the Supreme Ancestor before, and now you mention the Half Ancestor. Is Ancestor a kind of cultivation realm?”

The Ghost Marquis solemnly said, “Ancestor is the supreme word. It represents the sages and the supreme realm. It is the highest realm that humans can reach, the end of the cultivation realm. There are only a handful of ancestral realm experts born in the universe over countless years. “I don’t know the number of you humans, but there is only one Supreme Ancestor that I know of in the Behemoth Star Territory.”

“What about now? Are there any strong people in the ancestral realm?” Lu Yin asked.

Gui Hou laughed, “How do I know? To be honest, I don’t even know how you have cultivated to this point, so no one told you this?” After a pause, Gui Hou changed the topic, “Actually, that’s right. You humans like to hide, hide everything, and only tell the people closest to you. As a result, many people now don’t even know basic common sense.”

In this way, Lu Yin spent a month of service peacefully while chatting with Gui Hou.

This month has been very dull. Perhaps this is military life and the life that soldiers look forward to most. No one wants a war.

Lu Yin completely adapted to the ordinary life of the army within this month, and chatted well with several soldiers. However, the next time he comes to the border, these soldiers may not exist anymore.

Even the **** clouds will die, let alone these ordinary soldiers. Most of them are guerrillas. They have no body shaping skills, slow cultivation, and poor qualifications. They are just cannon fodder.

Standing calmly in the corridor of the spaceship, looking at the starry sky, Lu Yin liked this very much. Every time he looked at the dark starry sky, it made him feel insignificant.

“Long time no see, captain” Yin smiled and stood not far away to say hello.

Lu Yin said calmly, “I heard that you have made a lot of contributions.”

“Captain, don’t say that. Compared with your achievements, I am nothing. I heard that you have even met Commander-in-Chief Shui Chuanxiao,” Yin praised.

Lu Yin turned to look at him, “Have you heard of the Hall of Glory?”.

Yin’s eyes opened for a moment, and his smile disappeared in an instant, but quickly recovered, “Of course, one of the strongest forces in mankind.”

“How does it compare with you?” Lu Yin was curious.

Yin was surprised, “Captain, how can you say such a thing? I’m just an ordinary student, how can I compare with the Hall of Glory? Captain, stop joking.”

Lu Yin said calmly, “Let’s have a fight.”

Yin’s eyes suddenly opened, “Okay.”

The corner of Lu Yin’s lips raised. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Since he met Yin, the two of them had only seriously fought twice, once under the moonlight outside Jinling City on Earth, and once when he assassinated Zhang Dingtian in the capital of Earth. The earth seems not to be serious about fighting. It’s time to give the fox a good slap in the face.

There are many places for combat discussions on the warship, and Lu Yin chose the place for the battle in a gravity room.

“This is a gravity room specially designed for combat. How much do you want to adjust the gravity to?” Lu Yin asked casually.

Yin shrugged, “Whatever.”

Lu Yin directly adjusted to a hundred times gravity, which is the highest gravity that ordinary extreme realm experts can withstand.

When gravity fell, the smile on Yin’s face disappeared, and a silver-white brilliance appeared in his palm, which was the butterfly knife.

Lu Yin turned around, and there was a flash of light before his eyes. He instinctively retreated. A wave of air passed in front of him and struck the wall of the gravity chamber. A crack was torn open in the wall that could withstand the battle of the strongest in the extreme realm.

This is Yin’s field and the art of killing. Even Lu Yin didn’t notice when he was approaching. This was a hundred times gravity. You can imagine how fast he was under normal gravity.

Continuous flashes of light, the butterfly knife cut through the void, the blade swept through the space cracks and slashed towards Lu Yin, Lu Yin stepped back step by step, his eyes fixed on the trajectory of the blade, nine stars rotated on the surface of the body, when the butterfly knife struck again When it appeared within the scope of the Tianxing Kung Fu, every trace of the trajectory appeared. It looked like an ordinary blade passing by, but it was filled with the power to shake the void.

Lu Yin reached out and grabbed Yin’s wrist. Yin was surprised and his eyes widened. The butterfly knife in his palm rotated and slashed towards Lu Yin’s palm. Lu Yin blasted out with a single palm, shaking the void with nine levels of strength, deflecting the blade and slashing To the other end, at the same time, Yin’s left palm hit Yin’s abdomen, but Yin seemed to be able to predict it beforehand. The moment Lu Yin took out his palm, he avoided it in advance. His entire body disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already several meters away from Lu Yin. Lu Yin struck the air with a palm. , the void twisted, and the air waves bombarded the gravity chamber with a loud noise.

This loud noise attracted the attention of many soldiers, but no one dared to go in and take a look, because few soldiers could bear the hundredfold gravity.

There was no earth-shattering explosion in the fight between the two, they were just like a dragonfly passing through water.

“Captain, it’s a bit disrespectful not to use your fighting spirit,” Yin said with a careless smile.

Lu Yin’s face was solemn, “Have you seen through my attack methods?”.

“What do you think?” Yin looked at Lu Yin with a smile.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. Not only did he have many ways to attack, but the field also had all kinds of unpredictable abilities. He could control every inch of the land. This was no joke. Yin did not use any combat skills and only blocked it with a butterfly knife. His attack shows the depth of his attack on the field.

Lu Yin asked himself that he was at the top of the fusion realm, but it was not that easy to defeat Yin without using battle energy. This person was too weird, but it was not impossible. Tianxing Gong could create all possibilities. , thinking, stepped forward again, and stretched out a palm.

Yin is surprised, don’t you use fighting energy? So confident.

The butterfly knife cut through a strange arc and flew directly across the void towards Lu Yin’s neck. Lu Yin saw the trajectory clearly and retreated decisively to the wall. He slapped the wall with his palm and tore out a piece of metal. At this time, , the butterfly knife flickered like a tarsal maggot and slashed out from the back of the neck again. Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and he clenched the metal piece and slashed towards Yin.

Yin’s pupils shrank, this trajectory? He backed away directly and looked at Lu Yin in shock. This time, he was really surprised. This kind of expression rarely appeared on his face. Even when he faced the star-collecting girl, he was not so shocked, because Lu Yin just said The attack came completely opposite to his trajectory.

“You learned my trajectory?” Yin was surprised.

Lu Yin rotated the metal piece with one finger, smiling at the corner of his mouth, “Maybe, come again”, saying that, he stretched out his palm again, a nine-fold and nine-fold wave palm, the void was shaken, and the butterfly knife in the silver palm rotated rapidly, dividing it into two. , divided into two and three, the entire gravity room seemed to be shrouded in invisible power, killing people was like an art, several butterfly knives phantom slashed out to tear the void.


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