Star Odyssey Chapter 242: Yaugu and Butianbang

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“Don’t be ignorant of good and evil. There is no distinction between races when creatures reach a certain level. The inheritance of the Supreme Ancestor can be inherited by both giant beasts and humans. Let me tell you, as long as the news about the inheritance of the Supreme Ancestor spreads, there will be Sensation to the entire universe, I am talking about the entire universe, including your human star field and the remaining technological star field.” Guihou screamed.

“For the time being, this thing doesn’t appeal to me. I’m more curious about Yaogu. Tell me about his situation,” Lu Yin said.

Gui Hou was surprised, “You care so much about Yaogu? By the way, the Void Thunder Beast identified you before and said that you have the aura of their clan. What on earth have you done? It stands to reason that you are a human star domain It is impossible for a Fusion Realm practitioner to interact with Yao Gu.”

Lu Yin’s tone became colder, “Just say what you say. Listen clearly. Your life is now in my hands. Once you are no longer of use, I will kill you without hesitation. Also, you’d better Pray that I become strong, otherwise if I die, you will die too”.

Guihou was helpless, “I know, you don’t need to remind me, you want to know about Yaogu, right? It was born from the Void Thunder Beast clan that ranks third on the Heavenly Beast List. It is an adult Void Thunder Beast. This is everyone’s Everyone knows the information, you can catch any intelligent beast and you will know it.”

“Celestial Beast List?” Lu Yin was confused.

“There is a boundless and terrifying powerful force in the Behemoth Star Territory, called the Sky Demon Empire. The national master of the Sky Demon Empire is named Butian. It is a mysterious beast. No one knows its identity, only it. It has the power to predict the future and determine the starry sky, which is similar to your star-collecting sect in the human star field. The Heavenly Beast Ranking is the list it determines, including the strongest races in the Behemoth Starfield. All races that can enter the Heavenly Beast Ranking will Be famous in the Star Territory, and even in the entire universe.” After a pause, Guihou continued, “The Mending Ranking is just like your human’s Ten Battles. Only the strongest alien beasts of the younger generation in the Behemoth Star Territory can step into it. Gu Zheng is one of them, and it has even tied with you in one of the ten battles of human beings.”

Lu Yin understands that the so-called list is not only a judgment of strength, but also an incentive. Whether it is major forces, colleges, or star regions, territories, there are all kinds of lists. Facts have proved that lists Single ranking has a great effect, and it has become popular even in the Behemoth Star Domain.

“By the way, I have one thing to remind you. It’s best not to overdo it before you break through the exploration realm and have the power to protect yourself, otherwise it will be bad to get on the Heaven-Swallowing Ranking,” Guihou said suddenly.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Swallowing the Heaven List?”.

“Butian once said that the universe has the same sky, the power of the sky, the destiny of the beasts descended from the sky, the giant beasts are the favored sons of the sky, and humans are the ones who rebel against the sky, and even claim to be the sky, so they want to swallow the sky, This sky refers to humans, and the Heaven-Swallowing List includes the humans who pose the greatest threat to the Behemoth Star. Whether they are older or younger generations, if there is a threat, they can step into the Heaven-Swallowing List, and the Behemoth Star Yu has a will to kill those on the Heaven-Devouring Ranking, even if they both die together, which means that once you step onto the Heaven-Devouring Ranking, you will have endless enemies,” Gui Hou introduced.

Lu Yin thought, “Can this patch really predict the future?”.

“No one knows, just like your human Star-Collecting Sect, a star-collecting girl made countless people freeze themselves with just one sentence, waiting for the great changes in the universe to come, including countless alien beasts in the Behemoth Star Territory who also frozen themselves “Who knows whether the calculation is accurate or not?” Guihou said.

Lu Yin has heard of this. I don’t know which generation of star collectors once said that the universe will undergo great changes. This sentence caused many people to freeze themselves, waiting for the great changes that the star collectors said to come. So many years have passed. , great changes have really come, and the birth of Shijue is the best example.

Once upon a time, no matter how hard the younger generation worked, no matter how talented they were, they could not compete with the older generation because it took time to practice. However, when the Body Shaping Art appeared, the practice time was shortened indefinitely. This is a Change, the indescribable power of Shijue is also a change. These two changes invisibly prove that the universe is undergoing a major change, but Lu Yin always feels that this is a coincidence. How can anyone predict the future?

The Kona Star Command Center was completely destroyed, leaving only the War Drum Land intact.

Lu Yin’s performance in this battle has won the respect of countless people. War drummer is one of the most respected positions. He even found a way to survive and avoid further losses. This contribution made him Got the qualification to meet Shui Chuanxiao.

In the war ship, Lu Yin looked at the starry sky. Five stars on the thirty-seventh star on the right were destroyed in the decisive battle. All the soldiers on it died in the line of duty. The deaths were countless and too tragic.

The cruelty of the border war is beyond people’s imagination. Lu Yin now understands why the captain who picked him up and his family asked him to be careful. Even with his strength, he narrowly escaped death several times. Without Mira, really It’s dangerous.

Among the students from the Starry Sky Battle Academy, Tasha died, Ranke died, and another one, Xue Liuyun, also died.

Xue Liuyun’s death shocked Lu Yin. A chief of the Starry Sky War Academy died like this. He died tragically, and he died together with several powerful beasts, including the two monsters and Sheng Ao. After the decisive battle, the army was completely His body could not be found, all he saw was a pool of blood, and news of his death spread to the Starry Sky Battle Academy.

The realm masters who can overlook all living beings in the Ten Jue Competition are equally vulnerable in border wars. Here, perhaps only people like Shi Jue can truly protect themselves.

“Let me tell you, how did you get that animal skin?” Gui Hou suddenly asked.

Lu Yin said calmly, “Call me Seventh Brother.”

“Seventh brother? There are six brothers above you?” Guihou was confused.

Lu Yin ignored him.

Guihou said helplessly, “Okay, Qi brother, how did you get that animal skin?”.

Lu Yin raised his hand and rubbed the Ningkong Ring. Gui Hou hurriedly stopped him, “Don’t take it out, don’t take it.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he looked at the cute monkey tattoo on his right arm, “Why?”.

“Anyway, don’t take it. My life is in your hands. Whatever I do is for your own good,” Guihou said hurriedly.

Lu Yin snorted coldly, “I’ll take it if you don’t tell me.”

“Hey, why are you so stubborn? Okay, I can tell you. It also lets you know what it means to know the inheritance of the Supreme Ancestor. Do you know why there is a sudden decisive battle? Just because of the beast skin” ghost Hou spoke seriously.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Because of it?”.

“Yes, I told you that this is related to the inheritance of the Supreme Ancestor. Once it is taken out, it will be sensed by people who also hold the animal skin. There is an animal skin in Yaogu. Why do you think it appears at the border? I was looking for this thing, and I hid from it many times without being exposed. This time, I had no choice but to use the animal skin to protect myself.”

“It sensed the animal skin, so it launched a decisive battle and always stared at the Kona star?”.

“Now you know the importance of this thing. Don’t take it out before you reach the hunting realm, otherwise you will definitely be killed. It is the same whether it is the giant beast star domain or your human star domain. Cultivating reaches a certain level. There is no distinction between races at all,” Guihou said.

Lu Yin pondered, it seemed that he really got something incredible, but who did he steal the animal skin from? It’s so big, I think the person holding it will never be weaker than Yao Gu.

As the spacecraft shook for a while, it was successfully connected to a very large war spacecraft. This is the Wenfeng Liujie Border Command Center and Shui Chuanxiao’s location.

Lu Yin also met Shui Chuanxiao, who was known as the wisest war commander in human history, ten minutes later.

There is nothing special about Shui Chuanxiao’s appearance, but one glance at it makes people unable to forget it. She seems to have a unique charm, which covers temperament and cultivation. Both men and women may be attracted to her.

The status between people is sometimes determined by their temperament. Shui Chuanxiao’s temperament is the kind where one word can resolve everything.

“Kona Star Wars drummer Lu Yin, I have met the commander-in-chief.” Lu Yin saluted respectfully.

Shui Chuanxiao nodded and showed a smile, “Lu Yin, I am optimistic about you in the Ten Academy Competition. You really did not disappoint me. There are not many people who can beat the drum of war with fusion.”

“Thank you, Commander-in-Chief, for the compliment,” Lu Yin replied.

Shui Chuanxiao said with gratitude, “Anyone who has made great contributions to the border will be rewarded. This is a reward given to you by the entire human race. Take a look and see what you need.” As he said this, Shui Chuanxiao asked someone to turn on the light. There are countless prizes on the screen, including star energy crystal essence, skills, combat skills, original treasures, weapons, various rights, and even regional rewards. At the bottom of these rewards is a glory point, only one.

Lu Yin was amazed. There were hundreds of rewards on the light screen, which made his eyes dazzled.

Shui Chuan looked at him with a faint smile. He had seen this scene many times. Even when he received the reward from the Tenth Finals, it was the same. The resources provided by humans to the border were endless. As the commander-in-chief of the border, he would never be stingy. The contribution Lu Yin made for the first time was even higher than that of the ten finals. These rewards were basic, but I didn’t know what he would choose.

Lu Yin took a deep breath. He wanted to take them all, but that was impossible.

“Commander, I have decided, I want this.” As he said that, Lu Yin pointed to the bottom, where there were only four words, “Glory Point, One”.

Many people were surprised.

Shui Chuanxiao was equally surprised, “You choose this?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Yes, I choose the glory point.”

Shui Chuanxiao looked at Lu Yin intently, “Why?”

Lu Yin did not answer.

Shui Chuanxiao nodded, “Okay, since you have made your choice, I can give you, Enya, to connect to the Hall of Glory and add Lu Yin’s name to it. From now on, he will be the one carrying the glory points. “.

Enya nodded, glanced at Lu Yin curiously, and went about her business.

Lu Yin looked at Shui Chuanxiao in confusion, wanting to ask but didn’t ask anything.

Shui Chuanxiao also looked at Lu Yin, “It is not difficult to get one glory point, but it is difficult to get the second one. You still have one month of service time and you have just experienced a decisive battle. You will not be able to get it in the short term. If you go to war, you won’t get any merit, which means you won’t get the second glory point at the border.”

Lu Yin nodded, “I understand, Commander-in-Chief.”

Not long after, Enya reported, “Commander, Lu Yin’s name has been added, and he has a little glory behind his identity.”


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