Star Odyssey Chapter 241: Top Ten Scholars

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There are two terrifying battlefields in the starry sky. One is Yao Gu and Wen Sansi, and the other is Fei Yanhuang and Shui Chuanxiao. The two battlefields can change the celestial phenomena, making it difficult for the protective planet to withstand. Only continuous The constant sound of war drums stabilized the defense line, allowing the human army to gain the upper hand.

The most dangerous thing on the battlefield is not the soldiers, but the drummers. Any drummer will be attacked and killed by strange beasts.

Generally speaking, war drummers are exploration realm warriors with amazing courage and powerful bodies. Only Kona Star Wars Drummer is a fusion realm. With only a mere fusion realm, he has become the jealous target of many powerful alien beasts, killing them. Killing a war drummer is a great achievement.

Lu Yin held the black war hammer and slowly lifted it. His expression changed and became heavier and heavier. He unconsciously activated his fighting spirit and directly lifted it with the five lines of fighting spirit and smacked the war drum fiercely.


The shocking sound radiated out, spreading across the battlefield and into the starry sky, connecting with the sound of war drums from other planets. In an instant, countless soldiers on Kona Star were shocked and erupted with inexplicable power.

Countless strange beasts howl.

On Lu Yin’s right arm, the ghost prince was speechless. It had become the beast controlled by Lu Yin and was not affected by the war drums. “You are actually a war drummer. This is the rhythm of death. Do you know how many war drums die on the border every year?” Hands? Let me tell you, there are no less than twenty people, twenty war drummers with strong bodies and amazing courage. With your small body, any powerful beast can kill you in an instant.”

“Shut up” Lu Yin shouted. The weight of the war hammer and the evil energy entering his body left him with no time to be distracted. Boom, the war drum was beaten again, and the sound spread across the starry sky.

Outside of Kona Star, the Dan Gang Fire Beast, who was fighting fiercely with Qu Ao, was furious and said, “Kill that brat.”

Lu Yin gritted his teeth and felt faint, but compared to the unstoppable fainting force of reciting the full text of Shibi, this evil spirit was not enough to make him fall to the ground.

The war drums beat louder and louder. When the war drums from the nearby planet also sounded, there were more and more drums in a line, and their impact on the alien beasts became greater and greater.

Suddenly, a wisp of murderous intent came, and a sharp claw was thrust out from the void to stab Lu Yin. This murderous intent was unavoidable. It came from the powerful alien beast walking in the starry sky. Lu Yin could not avoid it even if he dodged in the air. The entire void was filled with energy. Being frozen, he opened his eyes sharply and ignored the Ghost Marquis screaming. At this moment, the red lotus arrows came and collided with the sharp claws. The air waves hit Lu Yin’s back. He vomited a mouthful of blood on the war drum, but still nothing. Pay attention and continue knocking.

Mila walked out of the void and stood beside Lu Yin with a solemn expression.

Lu Yin glanced at her.

Mila smiled at him and said, “Well done, keep going, don’t worry, even if you die, I will be there before you.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were heavy, his fighting spirit became more solid, and he beat the war drum fiercely.

The sounds of war drums are heard, and the human beings are magnificent, but the alien beasts are suppressed layer by layer.

Although the sound of war drums was interrupted from time to time, it did not affect the overall situation.

In the starry sky, Yaogu slammed into all directions. A total of sixty-four ancient words formed the super powerful combat skill inherited by the Wen family – the text prison, trapping Yaogu in it.

Yao Gu was shocked, “You can actually practice the Literary Prison to an eighty-eighth level. Looking at your literary family, there are only a handful of people who have been able to practice to this level for countless years.”

“How can my ancestors of the Wen family be evaluated by strange beasts like you?” Wen thought twice and shouted, and the starry sky text prison radiated light.

Eighty-eight words, each word connected with each other, formed a prison of words that trapped Yaogu in it. It isolated a starry sky and shocked many powerful people, even Emperor Fei Yan was shocked.

Yaogu roared, a ray of thunder pierced the void, directly shattering the text prison, and his huge body crashed towards Kona Star.

Wen Sansi was surprised, “It’s so strong, no wonder he can fight with Emperor Serratia.” As he spoke, the words that had been shattered reappeared, forming a prison of words for the second time. This time the light was even stronger than before, illuminating several Ten planets.

Even Lu Yin, who was in Kona Star, looked up and was shocked. Who made such a big noise?

With a cry, the void was pushed away like a wave, forming a huge black hole that swallowed everything. Yao Gu left without looking back. Before leaving, he glanced at Wen to think twice. This man, known as Shijue Scholar, ordered He had no idea and was a little unfathomable.

The ancient demon capital left, Feiyan Emperor no longer entangled, and the decisive battle came to an end soon.

As the decisive battle came to an end, the alien beasts fled in all directions, leaving corpses everywhere.

The battlefield began to be cleaned, the soldiers numbly burned the corpses, and everything returned to normal.

Lu Yin put down the black war hammer, his arms were shaking, he had used too much force. Even if he wanted to beat the war drum, it was not easy. No wonder only those in the Exploration Realm with a strong body could beat the war drum. Maybe even Mira would find it difficult to do so. arrive.

“I didn’t expect you could really beat the war drum.” Mira looked at Lu Yin in amazement.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “We’ve reached our limit.”

Mira looked at Lu Yin, “How long has it been and you have actually come to this point? To be honest, even the Ten Jue in Fusion Realm will not do much better than you. Just take it as a joke. You can already do it. Talked to the members of the Outer Universe Youth Council on an equal footing.”

Lu Yin’s heart moved and he looked at Mira seriously, “You mean the Starry Sky War Academy Student Union?”.

Mira nodded, “The Starry Sky Battle Academy Student Council is at the same level as the Outer Universe Youth Council. You have become the top four of the Ten Academy Competition and the chief of the Tenth Academy. Entering the Student Union is a sure thing.”

“No, I still need to join the Outer Universe Youth Council,” Lu Yin said.

Mila was surprised, “Why?” After finishing her words, Mira suddenly smiled charmingly, “Because of your fiancée?”.

Lu Yin laughed and nodded, “So be it.”

“Stingy man” Mira rolled her eyes.

Lu Yin did not explain. There must be a reason why his family asked him to join the Daewoo Empire Youth Council. Now he is on par with the entire Outer Universe Youth Council. He doesn’t know if it will have an impact on his family. Anyway, joining the Star Wars The Academy Student Council can also join the Outer Universe Youth Council. There is no contradiction. One is from the Star Wars Academy and the other is from the Outer Universe. You can join both.

Lu Yin still remembers the humiliation of Bazel back then. When he goes to Saint Dios, the sky city in the outer universe, it will be time to settle this debt.

“You won’t regret it,” Lu Yin said, looking at Mira.

Mila smiled, her eyes like crescent moons, pure and charming, “What do you think?”.

Lu Yin blinked and did not answer.

Mira tilted her head and said, “I want to ask you a question. If the answer satisfies me, I can recommend you to join the Outer Universe Youth Council.”

“You ask,” Lu Yin said.

Miara squinted her eyes and approached Lu Yin, “Who is more beautiful, me or Xue’er?”.

Lu Yin was shocked. He never expected Mira to ask this question. This was a battlefield, but he reacted quickly and immediately said, “Of course you are more beautiful.”

“Haha, really?” Mira smiled happily.

“Really” Lu Yin nodded seriously.

Miara approached Lu Yin and exhaled softly, “How about I marry you?”

Lu Yin’s heart trembled, what a tempting proposal. He subconsciously looked at Mira. The snow-white neck, the moving curves, and the indescribable charming fragrance all attracted him deeply.

But it only took a moment, and the next second Lu Yin quickly backed away. Compared to Nalan Fairy, Mira’s charm was not enough. He was also experienced and would not lose his composure.

Looking at Mira’s cunning eyes, Lu Yin suddenly became angry. He was actually being teased. He had experienced life and death, but he was still afraid of a woman. Thinking about this, he immediately stepped forward and stretched out his fingers to hook Mira. Chin, in Mira’s surprised eyes, said very seriously, “If you dare to marry, I dare to marry you.”

Mira was stunned, teasing others was her hobby, but this was the first time she was teased. She was Mira, the Red Lotus Demon Bow, a person on the top 100 battle list, and more importantly, there was someone standing behind her. In Shijue, because of this status, countless elites from big powers did not dare to be rude to her, but she was actually teased by a little man in return. This experience made Mira stunned for a moment.

Lu Yin felt the silky touch of his index finger and quickly stopped. He couldn’t do this too much, otherwise the joke would turn into real teasing. He was still no match for Mira.

“Okay, the joke ends here. I wonder if you are willing to fulfill your promise and recommend me to join the Outer Universe Youth Council,” Lu Yin said in a deep voice.

Mila was startled, then she realized what she was doing, and rolled her eyes at Lu Yin fiercely, “You really dare to do anything, be careful of the people behind me to settle accounts with you.”

“The person behind you?” Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, quite curious.

The corners of Mira’s mouth curled up, “How about the first of the ten finals, are you scared?”.

“Who?” Lu Yin asked.

Mila pointed to the starry sky and said, “Ten Jue scholars, Wen Sansi.”

“Ten Jue – Scholar?” Lu Yin was confused.

“Scholar is what everyone calls Wen Sansi. I warn you, don’t be rude to me in the future, otherwise he will find out that you are good-looking. Men are stingy.” Mira threatened, and then said to Lu Yin again Smiling, “By the way, I have recorded your answer just now and will send it to Xue’er. You can take care of yourself.” After saying that, he stepped into the void and left.

Lu Yin was stunned. This woman actually tricked him and sent it to Michelle? Lu Yin had a headache. He could already imagine Michelle’s anger after seeing the video. It seemed that he still lacked Michelle’s promise to help her understand the fighting spirit. With this incident, he should be careful when seeing her in the future.

“This woman is quite interesting” Guihou’s voice sounded in Lu Yin’s ears.

Lu Yin had forgotten about it, “Are you going to follow me from now on?”.

“There is no other way. If you want to kill me, I can only protect myself.” Gui Hou said helplessly. If there was a choice, killing it would not allow it to be used as someone else’s beast.

“Can I summon you to fight?” Lu Yin asked.

“Of course not,” Guihou said matter-of-factly.

Lu Yin said disdainfully, “Then what’s the use of keeping you? You can destroy him as soon as possible.”

“Hey, don’t mess around. Although I won’t help you fight, I know many ancient secrets, such as the Supreme Ancestor. Don’t you want to get the inheritance of the Supreme Ancestor? As long as you get it, you can travel across the stars. “Invincible Hand” Gui Hou’s temptation.

Lu Yin didn’t care, “Your so-called Supreme Ancestor inheritance must be in the Behemoth Star Territory. Do you think I can get there with my strength? And I’m not interested in your Behemoth inheritance.”


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