Star Odyssey Chapter 2375: Boss

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Wan Zhiyi has been staring at Bai Xian’er’s image, wondering where she is. He would rather die than drag this woman to die with him, to avenge his main family, and also for Tu Qiming, and for those crazy Lu family survivors. The minister takes revenge.

After Lu Yin looked at Bai Xianer for a moment, he slowly said, “Actually, I wanted to tell you last time in the Red Garden.”

Tu Qiming and Wan Zhiyi all looked at Lu Yin, while Bai Xianer also looked at him with a smile.

Lu Yin opened his mouth, “You are such a bitch.”

The smile on Bai Xianer’s face disappeared.

Tu Qiming opened his mouth wide and looked at Lu Yin blankly, as if he had met Lu Yin for the first time.

Wan Zhiyi was also stunned without any image.

The atmosphere was silent for a moment.

Tu Qiming spoke first, “You, what did you say?”.

Lu Yin looked at Tu Qiming and smiled, “Am I wrong?”.

Tu Qiming shook his head vigorously, grinning excitedly, “Yes, that’s so right, how could it be wrong, hahahaha”, he glared at Bai Xian’er, “Bitch, did you hear that, **** Lu, no, the boss said Yes, you are a bitch, hahahaha.”

Wan Zhiyi looked at Lu Yin in shock. If it were the former Lu Xiaoxuan, he would never say these two words to Bai Xianer. At that time, Lu Xiaoxuan was too obsessed with Bai Xianer. Now, is he still Lu Xiaoxuan? ?

Although he cursed, Wan Zhiyi felt that Lu Xiaoxuan, no, Lu Yin at this moment, was more overbearing, which is what the helmsman of the Lu family should be like.

“Hahahaha, bitch”, Tu Qiming yelled excitedly.

Below, Lu Xuanjun changed defenses. Someone looked up and looked weirdly. It was too weird to hear laughter on this fighting battlefield.

Lu Yin and Bai Xianer looked at each other with undisguised murderous intent.

Bai Xian’er looked calm and looked deeply at Lu Yin. Without saying a word, the image disappeared.

“Hey, why are you running away? I haven’t scolded you enough yet. Come back here, bitch.” Tu Qiming cursed, which was quite enjoyable.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “Okay, everyone is gone, it’s useless no matter how loud you sound.”

Tu Qiming looked at Lu Yin excitedly, “I’m convinced, **** Lu, no, you’re still Grandpa Tu’s boss, boss, I’m really convinced by you today.”

Lu Yin looked at Tu Qiming and asked, “Has the co-authorship been fake before?”

Tu Qiming waved his hand, “I was convinced by you before, but now I am convinced. You are my boss, my boss for life, hahahaha, so cool.” After saying that, he left, laughing as he walked, “Bitch. Man, hahahaha, bitch”.

Looking at Tu Qiming’s leaving figure, Wan Zhiyi sighed, “He hasn’t been this happy for a long time. In the Folding Mountains, although I didn’t communicate with him, I kept an eye on him, just because I was afraid that one day he wouldn’t be able to think about committing suicide. That Sometimes suicide is a kind of relief, but I believe that the master will come back, and he should believe it too. Fortunately, he did not let me down.”

After saying that, he looked at Lu Yin and said, “You scolded Bai Xian’er because of him. This can relieve his knot.”

Lu Yin said seriously, “I scolded her for the Lu family and all the remaining members of the Lu family. Not only did I scold her, I would also kill her if possible.”

Wan Zhiyi reminded, “Don’t underestimate Bai Xian’er. She is not the Seven Heroes, nor is she recognized as the Eighth Hero, but she is the most hidden. No one knows what her abilities are. It is better to deal with her than to deal with her.” Even the ancestral realm is difficult.”

Of course Lu Yin knew this, otherwise when Wu Zu reported the news, Bai Xianer would have gone to the Fifth Continent to deal with him, and he would not have taken the initiative.

Although this woman Bai Xianer is not in the ancestral realm, she is a greater threat than the ancestral realm.

In the upper realm of Tree Starry Sky, in the mountain col below the Wang Family Continent, cultivators from the Fifth Continent walked out one by one. They were the first group of people to freely come to the Fifth Continent to practice in Tree Starry Sky, except for the army and half-ancestors. By.

For them, Sifang Balance will not do nothing.

Any cultivator from the Fifth Continent who comes to Tree Starry Sky must cooperate with Sifang Tianping to register and go to the Zhongping Realm under the arrangement of Sifang Tianping.

It is not that easy for the local cultivators of Tree Starry Sky to go from the middle realm to the top realm. They also have to search for the Ning Kong Ring and collect weapons, not to mention the fifth continent cultivators.

If it weren’t for the fact that the new empty corridor couldn’t be transferred, they would definitely transfer it to the lower world. Even the Zhongping world wouldn’t let them go up easily.

“Name”, outside the mountain col, a Wang family cultivator was busy registering.

There is a long queue in front of you. No matter what your cultivation level is, as long as you come, you have to queue up to register, and go to a fixed place in the Zhongping Realm under the supervision of the Sifang Balance. After that, you can move around freely.

“Cold sign”.


“Twenty-two cycles of enlightenment”.

“Why come to Tree Starry Sky?”.


“Can’t you practice in the abandoned land?” The Wang family cultivator looked up, with disgust and contempt in his eyes. All the people in the Starry Sky naturally have a sense of superiority towards the Fifth Continent, calling it an abandoned land. This has been accumulated in thoughts for countless years, and no matter how powerful the Fifth Continent is, it cannot be changed for a while.

Leng Zhao raised his head and said, “No.”

“What’s your attitude?”, the Wang family cultivator was furious. All around, the Wang family cultivators looked at each other with cold eyes, as well as the powerful Star Envoy.

Leng Zhao did not panic at all, “Daozi said, we can freely travel between the Starry Sky and the Fifth Continent.”

The Wang family cultivator snorted coldly, “This is the Starry Sky of Trees, and this is my Wang family’s territory. Pay attention to your attitude when speaking, otherwise you may not be destined to go back if you are destined to come.”

“Hey, I still don’t believe this. Your Wang family is going to start a war with our Fifth Continent?” A figure walked out of the team, with a stern look and arrogance, and squinted at the Wang family practitioners. It was the leader. Holy power.

A person also came out from behind the practitioners of the Wang family. It was Wang Yan, the branch clan leader. He became the acting clan leader when Wang Zheng disappeared. However, Wang Zheng came back not long after, and he abdicated, but since he came to the front desk, he It was difficult to go back, and Wang Zheng asked him to handle the matter of registering practitioners from the fifth continent.

Wang Yan didn’t want to come. Everyone knew that this was not a good job, and Sifang Tianping still had tasks for him, but he had to come.

“Our Wang family has no intention of starting a war, but we cannot allow you to act recklessly in our Wang family’s territory.” Wang Yan spoke with dignity. After all, he is also the leader of the branch clan.

“What attitude do you want? Kneel down and talk to you?”, the Holy Spirit was disdainful, and his temperament was somewhat similar to that of Holy Rain.

Wang Yan had a headache. How could it be possible to start a war? The Fifth Continent took over the Fourth Formation. It was absolutely forbidden to start a war. “That’s not a problem, but you must cooperate with the registration and answer whatever you ask.”

“You are asking about the secrets of practicing combat skills, do we also want to return them?”, Shang Shengwei retorted, and the practitioners of the Fifth Continent simultaneously refuted it.

The practitioners of the Wang family were naturally unwilling to be outdone, and the quarrel between the two parties became increasingly fierce.

Some practitioners from the Wang family suggested killing chickens to scare monkeys and killing the Supreme Saint Shenwei. The practitioners from the Fifth Continent naturally stopped, but this suggestion was scolded by Wang Yan.

Come out

He knew the identity of the Holy Spirit before. This was why he was cautious. After all, how could ordinary people dare to jump out and confront them.

Shangsheng Shenwei is a disciple of Changtian Island, and there is a half-ancestor on Changtian Island. Leaving aside this, what really worries him is that the relationship between Changtian Island and Lu Yin is so good that anyone who dares to touch Shangsheng Shenwei Suddenly, Lu Yin was able to break into the Wang family.

The Wang family doesn’t want to be ridiculed like the Xia family.

What did Wang Yan say to Shangsheng Shenwei? Shangsheng Shenwei raised his hand and the fifth continent cultivators stopped arguing, and Wang Yan also stopped the Wang family cultivators from arguing.

“There’s no point in arguing. Don’t worry, we won’t ask any privacy questions,” Wang Yandao said.

Shangsheng Shenwei sneered, “Delete the stupid question about why you came to this starry sky. You’ve already come here, so it’s a stupid question.”

“You”, the Wang family cultivator was furious.

Wang Yandao, “The main reason for asking this question is that there are several resettlement sites in Zhongping Realm, which can be arranged according to your destination. Of course, you don’t have to answer. The agreement does mention free travel, but I want to remind you. In a word, you are just going back and forth freely, we cannot guarantee your safety. This starry sky is very big and dangerous.”

The Holy Spirit said majestically, “The practitioners of my Fifth Continent all came out of blood and fire, and are not afraid of death.”

After the words fell, a group of cultivators from the Fifth Continent cheered.

The Wang family cultivators are holding back their anger.

On the other side, there are also many Starry Sky cultivators going to the Fifth Continent. They will not encounter this kind of interrogation in the Fifth Continent, because there is no star source in the Fifth Continent, and they cannot practice even if they go there. Mainly for the inheritance of the fifth tower. If you don’t get it, you will come back soon.

The agreement on free travel is currently beneficial to the fifth continent.

Of course, Sifang Balance is not helpless, and they are doing it now.


“Wen Sansi”.

The Wang family cultivators were surprised, “Surname Wen? Destination.”

“Yixian Academy”.

“Are you from Yixian Academy?”.

“No, I plan to be admitted to Yixian Academy.”


“Enlightenment Realm”.

The Wang family cultivator looked up at Wen Sansi, surprised, “So young.” At this point, he smiled and tried to appear gentle, “Have you ever thought about joining my Wang family?”.

Wen Sansi was surprised, what else happened?

Behind, Shang Shenwei raised his eyebrows and sneered, indicating that he was preparing to win over.

“Since you have come to Tree Starry Sky, you should know the status of our Sifang Balance. You should also know what it means to join our Wang family. How about, if you are willing to join, you will immediately become a member of my Wang family and receive the protection of the Wang family.”

Wen Sansi looked at the Wang family cultivator and smiled, “No need.”

The practitioners of the Wang family were surprised. They probably didn’t expect anyone to refuse. It was an opportunity to join the Wang family. Many people in Tree Star Sky dreamed of getting this opportunity, including those students from Yixian Academy. There are still many students from the Wang family who were from Yixian Academy. The student said, “What I’m talking about is joining the Wang family and officially becoming a practitioner of our Wang family. There is no need to take any exams. It’s straightforward.”

Wen Sansi smiled and shook his head, “No, I like reading.”

The Wang family cultivator is angry, what does it mean? Our Wang family don’t study? He wanted to say something, but Shang Shengwei stared at him, and Wang Yan also stared at him. Helplessly, the Wang family cultivator pointed to a place impatiently, “Go by yourself, you don’t know what is good or bad.”


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