Star Odyssey Chapter 2374: Morning Star

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Lu Yin asked, “What is Crazy Lu’s identity?”.

Wan Zhiyi was helpless and said, “I don’t know. Even your father Lu Qi doesn’t know. In the entire Fifth Continent, only Ancestor Tianyi and Bai Wangyuan, who are from the same era, probably know about it.”

“He actually participated in the exile of the master’s family. If I had known this, Patriarch Tianyi should have killed him.”

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the direction where the evil star had appeared before, “Not only did he banish the Lu family, he almost killed me not long ago.”

Wan Zhiyi frowned and asked fearfully, “Where is he?”.

Lu Yin pointed upward.

“Dominator Realm?” Wan Zhiyi was confused.

Lu Yin said, “The outside world.”

Wan Zhiyi was surprised, “He actually went to the outside world. It seems that Sifang Tianping is also very afraid of him.”

“What’s going on in the outside world?” Lu Yin asked again. He had too many questions to know, but he couldn’t think of them at the moment. He could only ask whatever came to mind, and he would ask again when he thought of it later. Anyway, he knew everything One will not disappear.

Wan Zhiyi thought for a while, “How can I tell you? By the way, you are the original formation master, so it is easy to understand. The outer world is the original treasure formation that guards the starry sky of the tree.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “The outer planet itself is an original treasure?”

Wan Zhi nodded, “As expected, you can understand. Many people never thought that such a big original treasure would appear, but in fact it is integrated with the infinite power. However, very few people know about this. I have never thought about it. The master learned that the seven planets in the outer world, scattered outside the starry sky of the tree, are connected to Infinite Power. This is how they defend the frontline battlefield of mankind. Its importance is the same as that of Infinite Power, so every planet in the outer world has its ancestors. “Environmental protection”.

“When the master was still there, he guarded two planets. Each planet was different. Because of the influence of the original treasure formation, it produced natural conditions that were very different from the starry sky of the tree. I won’t tell you more about this. Anyway, you probably won’t be very good at guarding the outside world in this life.”

“The people guarding the outside world are either beings who are feared by the space masters who control the tree star, or they are voluntary. Among the seven planets now, one has Crazy Lu, and the other six should have farmers and ancestors of the Liu family. Coupled with the ancestral realm powerhouses of Sifang Tianping itself, it should be like this.”

Lu Yin thought of Bai Sheng. He represented the Hanxian Sect and guarded the outer world. In this way, there was an ancestral realm guarding the outer world in each of the four directions. The foundation was very strong, but it was not as good as the Lu family. Back then, Lu The family guards two planets, which means there are two ancestral realms. Even if one of them is the Tianyi ancestor, there is also Madman Lu. One family, three ancestral realms, and one sect with three ancestors, how glorious.

This is how powerful the power in charge of the mainland should be.

On the fourth base battlefield, Lu Yin asked Wan Zhiyi many questions, and Wan Zhiyi answered them patiently. He knew that Lu Yin had lost his memory, not just the memory of being exiled, but the entire memory of Lu Xiaoxuan. , Bai Xianer was the only one who was so cruel to him.

“The most annoying thing is that Tu Qiming was drunk instead of having his memory wiped out,” Lu Yin said angrily.

“Bastard Lu, don’t think you can’t hear me even if I’m far away.” Tu Qiming’s voice came from far away, and he kept listening.

Of course Lu Yin knew. He looked up at Wan Zhiyi and saw the regret in his eyes. His heart moved and he asked, “What is Tu Qiming’s talent?”.

To be recognized as almost the eighth Yingjie at that time, it was not just a matter of recognition by Lu Xiaoxuan or one of the Seven Yingjies. The title of Seven Yingjies came from the entire tree starry sky, not from themselves.

When the Lu family’s deeds on this continent are mentioned, in addition to Dianjiangtai and Tianyi ancestors, the most talked about ones are the Seven Heroes. It was the pride of an era, even if those seven people have not yet Growing up, they all belong to the mark of an era.

The Nine Mountains and Eight Seas belong to the era brand of Daoyuan Sect, the Three Realms and Six Paths belong to the era brand of Tianshang Sect, and the Seven Heroes belong to the era brand before the Lu family was exiled, although that era is not that far away from now.

Looking at Tu Qiming, who was shrinking and eavesdropping in the distance, Wan Zhi sighed, “Morning Star, his name comes from his talent. When the Tu family had a son, the Morning Star fell from the sky, which shocked the people above. The world, and even the ancestral realm, all turned their attention. The Tu family was so happy that they directly changed his name from the original seniority order to Tu Qiming. No one in the entire family objected. His talent is the morning star.”

“What kind of talent is this?” Lu Yin was surprised that a whole family recognized by the Lu family could be named by changing their seniority names. You can imagine the shock this talent brought to the Tu family.

In the distance, Tu Qiming heard the words “Morning Star”, his eyes dimmed, and he turned around and left.

Wan Zhiyi regretted, “The morning star means enlightenment. As long as the glory of the morning star is still there, he will not die. How long can a star live?”

Lu Yin’s expression changed and he blurted out, “He lives as long as the stars?”.

Wan Zhiyi said, “Although it is unlikely, that is what we knew at the time. Not only that, Qiming also had a wise intention. His own cultivation talent is extremely powerful, and he is by no means inferior to any of the Seven Heroes. The Seven Heroes To be the best among his peers, they can only compete with each other, and Tu Qiming is the only child who can compete with them, so at that time, Tu Qiming was equally dazzling, and he would be ranked as the eighth hero when he grows up.”

“This is what Tianyi’s ancestor admits personally, and what all of us admit. His only goal is you, young master. Unfortunately, now that this talent has been abolished, so has he himself.”

Lu Yin didn’t expect that Tu Qiming’s talent was so powerful. It was unlikely that he would live as long as the stars. Any star would have existed for countless billions of years. That was not comparable to humans. Maybe those stars in the sky had witnessed the human race. From the beginning of its birth to experiencing the glory of Tianshang Sect and then to the present.

But even if you don’t live as long as the stars, a morning star is definitely of great use.

A talented person was turned into a **** all his life.

Lu Yin understood Tu Qiming’s sadness, not to mention the inhuman torture he endured every month.

He immediately contacted Yuchen.

Yuchen was released in the Fifth Continent and should be in Hanxian Sect now.

He planted the Death Seal in Yuchen’s body. Lu Yin didn’t know if Bai Wangyuan could break it, but Bai Wangyuan probably wouldn’t help a little guy like Yuchen break it. In his opinion, it would be easier to kill Yuchen with one palm. Chen should also be able to think of it, so he is less likely to reveal that he is being controlled.

The wireless Gu was connected, and Lu Yin knew that Yuchen was still under control, otherwise the wireless Gu would not be able to contact her.

“Daozi”, Yuchen sent a message through wireless Gu.

Lu Yin replied, “I want to find Bai Xian’er.”

On the opposite side, Yuchen hesitated. Few people knew Bai Xianer’s contact information. Once she told Lu Yin, Bai Xianer would definitely find out, but she didn’t dare.

“I said, I want to find Bai Xian’er”, Lu Yin sent another message.

Although there was no tone or demeanor, Yuchen could feel Lu Yin’s anger. If she hesitated again, even if she would not be found out by Bai Xianer, she would be

Lu Yin was executed. After thinking about this, she hurriedly told Lu Yin the contact information of Bai Xianer Yuntongshi.

In order to survive, she took the initiative to tell Lu Yin that she could contact Bai Xian’er. This was her biggest bargaining chip, and now she finally used it.

Lu Yin put away the wireless Gu, took out the Yuntong Stone and tried to contact Bai Xianer.

Across the way, Wan Zhiyi’s eyes narrowed, with a strong murderous intent deep in his eyes. Bai Xian’er, this woman played a key role in the Lu family’s exile. More importantly, she was the one responsible for Tu Qiming’s death. Many of the Lu family’s survivors, including the lunatics in the Red Garden, were the victims of her.

Although Wan Zhiyi was unable to generate hatred because of the loss of the memory of being exiled, Wan Zhiyi’s hatred also increased as he learned more about the situation.

The Yuntong Stone shook, and an image appeared. The background was a sky filled with red flowers, and it was clearly Bai Xian’er.

Bai Xianer appeared, and Wan Zhiyi wanted to kill her immediately.

Lu Yin stared at Bai Xian’er, and Bai Xian’er also looked at him, “You finally found me.”

“You know I will look for you? Can I find you?”, Lu Yin asked.

Bai Xianer smiled lightly, “You can find me as long as you want, and I won’t run away from you.”

Lu Yin didn’t talk nonsense, “What’s going on with Tu Qiming’s talent?”.

Bai Xianer said naturally, “It’s useless.”

“Just because he is a descendant of the Lu family?”.

“No, because he is Tu Qiming, and he once spoke rudely to me.”

Lu Yin looked into the distance, “Tu Qiming, come here.”

When Tu Qiming heard Lu Yin’s shout, he didn’t want to pay attention to it, but after taking a look, he suddenly saw the image of Bai Xian’er, his eyes widened suddenly, and he rushed over at top speed.

Bai Xian’er waited calmly, really calmly, as if she was not facing a mortal enemy like Lu Yin, but a stranger. However, she looked at Lu Yin with soft eyes from beginning to end, gentleness in calmness. .

This kind of gaze should make people feel comfortable, but Lu Yin felt very uncomfortable. He seemed to see pity.

Tu Qiming rushed over and glared at Bai Xianer, “Ugly woman, I didn’t expect your grandpa Tu to be alive, hahahaha.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, ugly woman? Bai Xian’er was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and her temperament was even more unique. If he didn’t have any grudges, he wouldn’t mind praising her, but when it came to Tu Qiming, why did she become an ugly woman?

Wan Zhiyi is not surprised, obviously he has heard of it.

Bai Xianer smiled and looked at Tu Qiming, “Geniuses always have flaws. I thought your face blindness was due to your talent being too high, but I didn’t expect that if your talent was disabled, you would still be face blind. It seems I made the wrong decision.”

“You are face-blind, Grandpa Tu is not face-blind. My eldest sister, fourth sister and sixth sister are much prettier than you, Long Xi is also prettier than you, and even Lu San is prettier than you”, picture Qiming shouted.

Bai Xianer smiled lightly, “It doesn’t matter if your talent is disabled. There are still many things in your body that can be disabled, such as your hands, feet, or tongue.”

Tu Qiming wanted to shout, but Lu Yin stopped him, “Are you threatening him?”.

Bai Xianer looked at Lu Yin and said, “You can’t protect him. You said something rude and you should be taught a lesson.”

“So you make him suffer every month”, Lu Yin’s eyes were cold.

Bai Xianer smiled lightly, “Shouldn’t it?”.

Tu Qiming gritted his teeth and his lips were bleeding. He screamed in joy, but in fact he hated Bai Xianer in his heart, but he could not take revenge. He could only vent it in this way, but Bai Xianer was as helpless as the clouds. The reaction made him even more angry.


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