Star Odyssey Chapter 2365: Evenly divided

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Lu Yin stared at the space in front of him. Was he right? Those murderous intentions were intertwined with each other and turned into a monster?

Mu Shang also stared ahead. He had played this game many times, but the eight Haoran high-level original treasures played against each other very rarely. Each time the original treasures had different killing intent, this time they actually combined into something similar to a creature. , must be one of the original treasures to attract talents.

“White”, Lu Yin said.

Lu Yin chose white, while Mu Shang naturally chose black.

“Choose the chess pieces, let the game begin,” the ancient master announced.

Everyone looked at the two players playing chess. None of them moved, observing the space.

Master Qiuling couldn’t help but step forward and stare at that space. She also had to observe carefully.

There are also original formation masters such as Master Butian and Master Dengguo, who are also staring at that space.

Only by clearly seeing the murderous intention inside can you enter with confidence, and this is also a way to compare the abilities of both parties. Whoever enters first will encounter a greater crisis, but it also means that the person who enters first has confidence.

After three full days, Mu Shang did not move, and neither did Lu Yin, both of them were observing Yuan Bao’s murderous intentions.

Lu Yin has never observed a stable game like Fangyuan for so long. This is the first time.

Actually, if you really want to get in, you can do it at the beginning of the game. With his combat power, he can completely resist the killing intent of the treasure. But now the competition is about interpretation, not combat power. Even if you rely on combat power to resist, it will be useless. It’s meaningless. The combat power can counter the original treasure’s murderous intent, or even disintegrate the original treasure’s murderous intent, but it cannot win the game.

Finally, on the fifth day, Mu Shang moved his hands behind his back. With confidence and caution in his eyes, he raised his feet to step into the dangerous space ahead that was already enveloped by Yuan Bao’s murderous intent. At the same time, Lu Yin also moved.

Mu Shang looked at the opposite side in surprise. How dare he enter?

Not only Mu Shang, but also Celestial Master Guyan, Celestial Master Qiuling and Master Butian were all surprised. The stable Fang Yuan in front of them was quite extraordinary. Even with the abilities of their original formation Celestial Masters, they could only just see the clues. With some certainty, except for the original formation Celestial Master, it is impossible for anyone else to see anything.

Although there is only one level difference between the Jie Yuan Formation Master and the Original Formation Celestial Master, they are worlds apart.

Master Deng Guo and the other Jie Yuan Formation Masters are at a loss at this moment. If they are allowed to play chess, they will be given at least another month before they dare to try to enter. Lu Yin is also a Jie Yuan Formation Master, even the most powerful one. The Jie Yuan Formation Master is still the Jie Yuan Formation Master, not the Yuan Formation Celestial Master. How dare you try it?

Only the original formation masters can see the danger and complexity of this game. The more powerful the original formation masters are, the more they can understand it. As for those who are not original formation masters, even the interpreters cannot understand this. The game is difficult, let alone for a layman.

They only knew that Lu Yin and Mu Shang stepped into the game at the same time, which meant that they were equally matched.

“Still a step too late. Lu Xiaoxuan followed Mu Tianshi after he saw him raising his feet to enter, instead of being confident that he could enter. Just wait, he will lose soon. Going in at the same time seems to be different from Mu Tianshi. They are comparable to each other, but only when he really enters the game can he feel despair. He simply cannot understand the gap between the original formation master and the original formation heavenly master.” An old man spoke with a loud voice. His name was Bai Hong, a member of the Bai family of the Hanxian Sect. A descendant of the collateral line, he is also a Jie Yuan formation master.

Beside Bai Hong, a commentator asked respectfully, “Master Bai, is this game so complicated? Even Master Mu had to watch it for five days before he could enter.”

Many people looked at Bai Hong.

At the very least, only a Kaigen Formation Master can understand the game. Even the rest of the game is difficult for even the Original Formation Master to see clearly. The people around are seeing more excitement at the moment. It would be different if a Kaigen Formation Master could explain it. Well, at least let them know the situation.

As for asking the original formation Celestial Master to explain, they have never thought about it.

Bai Hong glanced around, and many people looked at him with admiration. It was clearly Mu Shang and Lu Yin who were playing chess, but he felt that he was the protagonist. Unconsciously, his rickety waist straightened a little, and he coughed. , “The stable square circle is a game for the original formation masters, but the general original formation masters cannot play it. Only the great original formation masters can play it. The difficulty of the game is also different depending on the level and quantity of the original treasures arranged. Generally, the great original formation masters arrange They are all primary-level original treasures of Bright Eyes and intermediate-level original treasures of Palm Control, and there are only one or two, and there are two or three more. As for the advanced original treasures of Haoran, at least only people like us can afford it.”

The eyes of the people around him became more and more respectful.

At this moment, within the stable circle, Mu Shang and Lu Yin were standing separately. They had found a position where they would not be attacked by Yuan Bao’s murderous intention. Being able to find this step meant that the game had truly begun.

This kind of game has no priority. You can play at any time, as long as you can destroy the opponent’s chess pieces with the original treasure murderous intent. The rules are very simple, but the simpler the rules, the more difficult it is.

“Have you really forgotten what happened?” Mu Shang looked at Lu Yin and asked.

Lu Yin said, “I forgot, you can tell me something.”

Mu Shang smiled lightly, “You all called me Brother Mu back then.”

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “impossible.”

Mu Shang laughed, “Lu Xiaoxuan used to love to laugh, but it’s not your kind of smile. He smiled very cheerfully, relaxedly, and sunny. It was very comfortable to get along with him.” At this point, he frowned, “What a pity. , you are disappointing now.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “It seems that you are not sure you can beat me, so you use words to provoke me.”

Mu Shang shook his head, “I haven’t seen you for decades. I really want to talk to that Lu Xiaoxuan. Unfortunately, you are not him after all.” After saying that, he suddenly took action and pointed out with a finger. The murderous intention of the original treasure was flowing beside him. As Mu Shang touched it, Yuan Bao’s murderous intention spread like crazy. Mu Shang kept taking action, pulling Yuan Bao’s murderous intention in the direction he wanted. He was controlling Yuan Bao’s murderous intention.

Guyan Tianshi and others looked solemn and moved. This moment is the beginning of the game.

They looked at Lu Yin, could he catch it? In fact, games like Stable Fangyuan are sometimes very time-consuming. A game can last for years or even decades. According to rumors, the longest game took thousands of years.

But at the same time, this kind of game sometimes ends quickly. For example, now, if Lu Yin cannot control Yuanbao’s killing intent, the game will be over, which represents a huge gap between the two sides.

“Usually those who can use Haoran’s high-level original treasures to arrange are the interpreters above the original formation masters, and those who can use the four Haoran high-level original treasures are the original formation masters”, Bai Hong was still talking. , an exclamation came, “It’s moving, Master Mu Tian has moved.”

Bai Hong was interrupted, lifeless, and suddenly looked at the game. He was negligent and was just showing off, forgetting that they were still playing chess.

In the game, Mu Shang guided the original treasure murderous intention in the direction he wanted, but even he could not completely control this unknown original treasure murderous intention and destroy Lu Yin’s ten white star energy. His own black star energy will also be affected and destroy three of them. There is no way


This kind of game depends not only on the understanding and mastery of the original treasure’s murderous intent, but also on luck.

Lu Yin saw that Mu Shang was moving, so he also took action. With his experience in interpreting the language of Master Qiuling, he was fully capable of competing with Mu Shang.

No one thought that Lu Yin could also lead Yuan Bao to murder.

The Jieyuan Formation Master shouldn’t be able to do it. Even if he could, it would have to be observed for at least a month. No matter how powerful the Jieyuan Formation Master is, he should be observed for half a month. Why can Lu Yin move now?

Master Deng Guo is confused. They are both Jieyuan Formation Masters. Is the difference so big? He still can’t understand it!

As the two people took action, the whole game came alive, and Yuan Bao’s murderous intent stirred wildly. If it weren’t for these two people playing against each other, others would have thought they were making random moves, and the star energy of both parties was constantly being consumed.

The ancient master was surprised. It was expected that Mu Shang could do this, but why did Lu Xiaoxuan do it? No, even if he recovers the memory of Lu Xiaoxuan, he may not be able to compete with Mu Shang on Jieyu.

Celestial Master Qiu Ling was shocked, and Lu Yin’s performance was beyond her expectations, as if his three views had been subverted. If it was her who was playing against Mu Shang at this moment, the most she could do was this step.

Grandmaster Butian looked deeply at Lu Yin. This person became increasingly difficult to see through.

Throughout his growth history, there are many things that people cannot see through.

Only they were the most shocked. Others were not so shocked. They only knew that Lu Yin and Mu Shang were evenly matched in the game at this moment.

It is obviously not a battle, but it gives others the intense feeling of a battle.

“Master Bai, what’s going on? Please explain it to me,” someone asked.

Many people looked at Bai Hong as if asking for help.

Bai Hong was speechless, the explanation was rubbish, and he couldn’t understand it, “If there’s anything he can’t understand, Lu Xiaoxuan was suppressed.”

The people around him were confused, blinked, and looked at the game. They were obviously moving, and both sides had consumed almost the same amount of star energy. How could they be suppressed?

Bai Hong said confidently, “Look, Lu Xiaoxuan’s face is sweating. Where is Master Mu?” As soon as he finished speaking, in the game, Mu Shang’s coat was torn open by Yuan Bao’s murderous intention. He took a step back, surprised. “I didn’t expect you to be on an equal footing with me. Have you been hiding your clumsiness?”

He couldn’t understand that no matter how hard a Jieyuan Formation Master hid his clumsiness, he couldn’t hide it. How could Lu Xiaoxuan hide it from him?

On the opposite side, Lu Yin avoided Yuan Bao’s murderous intention. This is the advantage of having higher combat power. In fact, they were still tied just now. If their combat power was equal, he would also be affected by Yuan Bao’s murderous intention, but just because his combat power is higher Gao avoided it. Now to outsiders, Mushang looked more embarrassed than him, and he was more calm and relaxed.

Many people looked at Bai Hong with strange expressions. Didn’t they say that Lu Xiaoxuan was suppressed? Don’t you mean sweating? Mu Tianshi was beaten.

Bai Hong pursed her lips and said, “What a great Master Mu. He can do this to support the younger generation. I admire him.”

Everyone was speechless. Can this be brought back to normal?

Celestial Master Qiuling took a few steps forward and stared at Lu Yin, wondering why he made a move to give her a feeling of deja vu? Give her a feeling that this is what she should do? Every time this kid makes a move, it’s like it comes from his heart. If she were in the game, she would do the same thing. It’s strange.

On the opposite side, Mushang looked ugly. This man could hide his clumsiness in front of him. No wonder he dared to play chess. That’s it.


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