Star Odyssey Chapter 2364: Game of chess

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Xia Ziheng’s words are okay, even Quiro can’t find a reason to refute.

Lu Yin looked at Mu Shang with a smile and contempt in his eyes, and nodded, “Let’s still be stable.” He didn’t believe that Mu Shang could beat Qiuling Tianshi. No matter how he said it, Qiu Ling Tianshi was better than This guy became a Heavenly Master earlier, and coupled with his own experience, no one is bound to win.

Mu Shang thought he knew himself, but now he was different from the last time he met.

A Jie Yuan Formation Master and an Original Formation Celestial Master will naturally use Haoran’s advanced original treasure in a stable chess game.

“How many?” Mushang asked.

“How many do you want?”, Lu Yin asked.

Mu Shang placed himself at a higher level than Lu Yin. Regardless of the competition method, time or location, Lu Yin could choose it. He even reminded him that he was supporting the younger generation no matter how he looked at it.

Lu Yin didn’t pay attention. What he saw was the result, not the process.

Mu Shang looked at Lu Yin and said, “I once played against Master Qiuling and used eight Haoran high-grade original treasures. Can you bear it?”

Many people around took a breath. Master Dengguo was shocked. Eight Haoran high-grade original treasures? He can play up to five other Realm Masters, which is already the limit. Normally, there are only three or four, but suddenly there are eight. Only the Masters of the Original Formation can do this.

“It is said that Tianshi Guyan played chess with Tianshi Li and used more than ten high-grade original treasures of Haoran. Is it true or false?” Next to him, a Jieyuan Formation Master asked, “Hey, Tianshi Li is not here?”.

Master Dengguo said in a low voice, “It’s true. Although I didn’t see it with my own eyes, it’s true.”

“Mu Tianshi directly spoke of the eight Haoran high-level original treasures. Unless the original formation heavenly master, it is absolutely impossible to play against them, and even Mu Tianshi himself would have some difficulty,” said the original formation master.

Master Dengguo looked at it, yes, even Master Mu himself may not be able to relax. These are eight Haoran high-level original treasures.

Master Qiuling raised his eyebrows, eight? She did play chess with Mushang, but the battle broke out before the game was completed. It was an unfinished game.

Even with her and Mu Shang’s abilities, it would be very difficult to play against the stable radius of the eight Haoran high-grade original treasures, and Lu Xiaoxuan would never be able to do it.

No one thinks that Lu Yin can do it, including Master Butian. He knows that Lu Yin is very accomplished in interpreting language, but at the level of the original formation master, he is still not close to playing a game of this level.

Lu Yin glanced at Heavenly Master Qiuling, “Have you ever played chess with Heavenly Master Qiuling? Coincidentally, I have also played against Heavenly Master Qiuling, but there were only three original treasures.”

“So, how about eight?”, Muschamp asked, “Or you can choose yourself.”

Lu Yin was curious, “What was the result of the game between you and Qiuling Tianshi?”.

“Not finished,” Mushang said.

“Do you think you can win?” Lu Yin asked again.

Mu Shang frowned, “It’s me playing chess with you now, it has nothing to do with that game.”

“Don’t dare to answer? It seems that you are no longer sure of winning. I thought you said that I would lose in a stable game of Fang Yuan. It turns out that I can’t compare to Qiu Ling Tianshi.” Lu Yin shook his head, as if he was disappointed. Same.

Mu Shang narrowed his eyes and said, “Whether the comparison is good or not is our business, do you accept it or not? It’s up to you to decide how much.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Just eight.”

Master Butian’s face was solemn, eight? In history, it is rare for eight Haoran high-level original treasures to be played in the original array of Celestial Masters. Every addition is a qualitative change

Sometimes people will die while playing games.

Everyone around looked at Lu Yin with mocking eyes. They either knew it themselves or through the interpreter next to them. They knew clearly what the stable square circles of the eight Haoran high-level original treasures represented. I really thought that anyone could do it. A game of this level? Too arrogant.

“You can produce the original treasure,” Mu Shang said.

It was also very difficult for him to play a game of this level. Whoever produced the original treasure would have the upper hand. Unfortunately, Lu Yin only had four high-level original treasures from Haoran. “Everyone can take half, I won’t take advantage of you.”

Qiu Luo was speechless, you didn’t, right?

Haoran’s high-grade original treasure is not cabbage, even the half-ancestor may not have it.

Mu Shang did not expect that Lu Yin could produce four Haoran high-grade original treasures. Even he could not take out eight Haoran high-grade original treasures at once. He planned to borrow them from Qiu Ling Tianshi and others. He thought There are at most one or two on Lu Yin’s side, but now Lu Yin can take out four, and he can take out the other four.

“Guyan Celestial Master, as the first Celestial Master of our Tree Starry Sky, would you like to witness this game?” Mu Shang looked at Guyan Celestial Master in the distance and asked.

Guyan Tianshi walked out with the support of Xiao Cui, looked at the two of them, “I haven’t seen such a wonderful game for a long time, okay.”

Lu Yin is still very relieved about Guyan Celestial Master.

At this time, Tianshi Guyan looked at him, with a bright smile, and rubbed the Ningkong Ring in his hand, “Little guy, this status as my disciple is very useful.”

Lu Yin coughed. This was because Qiu Hou was settling the score. “Actually, this junior never said that he was the senior’s disciple. It was just some people’s guesses based on their own cleverness.”

Xia Ziheng immediately became angry, “Lu Xiaoxuan, you yourself have admitted that you are a disciple of the Guyan Celestial Master.”

Before Lu Yin could speak, Quiro stood up and said, “Old man, you must have used too much force on my concubine, and you are hearing hallucinations. I really think that most of your descendants will be clones. Your ancestors know Neng jumped up in anger, wait, so you are all the clones of the ancestor of the Xia family?”

Xia Ziheng was extremely angry, “Quiluo, I swear to kill you.”

“Unbridled”, a wisp of blade appeared above the empty starry sky and descended vertically, slashing towards Quiro.

In an instant, everyone’s hair stood on end. The murderous intention in the ancestral realm made them tremble. Even Mu Shang and Qiu Ling Tianshi turned pale. The weight of this murderous intention was something they had never felt before.

Guyan Tianshi’s face was gloomy, Xia Shenji’s murderous intention was too terrifying, and this was just them. Quilo, who really faced Xia Shenji’s murderous intention, was experiencing even more terrifying pressure.

Qui Luo was already in a daze. He didn’t expect that he would lead Xia Shenji out with just one sentence. Facing this murderous blade, he couldn’t even avoid it. The terror of the power of the ancestral realm suppressed him. If it weren’t for After reciting the meaning of the Ancestor Sutra for a long time, he would even lose consciousness.

Lu Yin raised his eyes. The ancestral realm runes were blocked above Quilo. He raised his head and said, “Xia Shenji, it’s none of your business, get out of here.”

With a sharp shout, the five formation bases on the battlefield behind shook. Countless people looked back, shocked, it was another collision in the ancestral realm. Why do the forces of the ancestral realm always appear during this time? Shouldn’t that be in the Dominion Realm?

“You dare to insult my ancestors of the Xia family, you will be killed.” Following Xia Shenji’s words, countless people from the five formation bases looked at their heads, huge blades took shape, and both humans and corpse kings stopped moving.

Xia Ziheng smiled cruelly, “It’s time to die, this old bastard.”

Just as Lu Yin was about to take action, a glowing stone appeared above his head. It was Mu Xie, “Xia Shenji, do you want to tear up the agreement?”.

To dominate the world, Xia Shenji looked gloomy.

Besides, Bai Wangyuan said calmly, “This is not the time, stop.”

Xia Shenji took a deep breath and looked at the entrance to the battlefield behind him. “If you dare to speak nonsense again, you will be killed without mercy.” After saying this, the blade disappeared.

The power of the ancestral realm comes and goes quickly, as if it never appeared.

But everyone found that their backs were soaked.

Faced with the mighty power of the ancestral realm, it was even difficult for them to walk, including those half-ancestors.

Qi Luo breathed heavily, bared his teeth, and stared at the Dominion Realm fiercely.

Lu Yin glanced at him and said, “I will find an opportunity for you to scold him alone in the future.”

Quiluo sighed, “Sooner or later, he will dig his Xia family’s ancestral grave.”

Xia Ziheng scolded angrily, “Quiluo, you still dare to speak nonsense.”

Quero rolled his eyes and said, “I’ll find you a hundred concubines.”

Xia Ziheng was extremely angry.

“That’s enough”, Mu Shang’s face turned livid, “Please give me some face and let me play a game of chess with Lu Xiaoxuan.”

Xia Ziheng stared at Kuiluo coldly and retreated unwillingly.

Qiu Luo didn’t say any more, he was still a little panicked.

Before being chased by Tree Starry Sky, it was the Half-Ancestor who came forward, but now he actually got Xia Shenji to blame. He thought that he should go back to the Fifth Continent first, so as not to be tricked to death by Xia Shenji.

The ancient Tianshi no longer mentioned the previous matter, “It’s time to start.” After saying that, he raised his hand and pressed down, and the star energy spread all over the field in front. These are the chess pieces.

At the same time, Mu Shang and Lu Yin both took out four Haoran high-grade original treasures, and eight Haoran high-grade original treasures released their murderous intent at the same time. Various strange murderous intents interacted with each other, tearing the void apart, causing Xia Ziheng and others A power that even half of the ancestors were afraid of.

Liu Song retreated, “These murderous intentions are not simple.”

Wu Yao looked at the four high-grade original treasures of Haoran thrown by Lu Yin, and his face turned ugly. Three of them were given by him in order to win over Lu Yin. Of course, he wanted them as well, in his capacity as Yu Hao.

Although the Hanxian Sect was not as embarrassed as the Xia family, Lu Yin completed the Tianwaitian trial in the Hanxian Sect and got some good things. The Hanxian Sect also suffered losses.

The murderous intentions of the eight Haoran high-level original treasures are no longer visible to ordinary practitioners.

There are overt and covert murderous intentions, and even the ancient master is cautious.

He looked at Lu Yin. This kid was quite ruthless. Three of the four Haoran high-grade original treasures were five-star. The four Haoran high-grade original treasures that Mu Shang took out were all three-star.

Mu Shang did not expect that Lu Yin would directly take out three five-star Haoran high-grade original treasures.

This level of murderous intent is no longer just a question of trying to interpret the language, but also a question of whether it can be blocked.

Ordinary practitioners can only resist forcefully, but their interpreter can choose to avoid it. However, once the murderous intention surrounds him, he will be in danger.

Eight Haoran high-grade original treasures, each with different murderous intentions, finally formed a space after less than half an hour, similar to the inner world of the half ancestor. In this space, outsiders could no longer see anything, only half Only the ancestors and the heavenly masters of the original formation can see the crisis.

In this inner world, there is hidden a fatal crisis caused by the interaction of the original treasure’s murderous intentions, and this fatal crisis actually took shape.

As for the star energy deployed by the ancient master, most of it has been destroyed, and only a few stars are still there.

In ancient times, the Heavenly Master turned half of the star energy into white and half of the star energy into black, “Lu Xiaoxuan, as the challenger, you choose first.”


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