Star Odyssey Chapter 2363: Mushang’s confidence

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Xia Ziheng gritted his teeth, everything was not going well during this period. Ever since Lu Xiaoxuan pretended to be Yu Hao, he had never succeeded in anything. Even the incident with the Yu family was blamed on him, so that he became the God of Xia He became Ji’s punching bag and his temper became particularly violent, “Old bastard, my Xia family will kill you sooner or later.”

Quero rolled his eyes and said, “I believe it.”

His attitude made Xia Ziheng’s anger surge again.

“Two seniors, please calm down.” Mu Shang’s voice deepened. Although he was only a star envoy and these two were half-ancestors, he was the original formation Celestial Master, and his status was higher than that of ordinary half-ancestors. Ancestor can talk to Ancestor Realm and doesn’t care about these two people at all.

Xia Ziheng descended slowly, Kui Luo was a knife man, not afraid of anything, with Lu Xiaoxuan as his backing, maybe even the ancestor would dare to scold him, but he was different, he still had to give Mu Shang face.

Mu Shang looked at Quiro.

Quroro smiled proudly and landed as well.

A cold light flashed in Mu Shang’s eyes. There were too many people in the Starry Sky who had enmity with this old guy. At least half of the people present wanted to kill him, but they were worried about Lu Xiaoxuan. The situation in this starry sky was really because of Lu Xiaoxuan. changed.

Not long after, Qiuling Celestial Master appeared, and Mu Shang hurriedly greeted him. He was also the Celestial Master of the original formation, and he was the youngest.

Celestial Master Qiuling looked at it and smiled lightly, “It seems I was the first to arrive.”

Mu Shang smiled and said, “The arrival of the Heavenly Master really gives the younger generation a lot of face.”

Qiuling Tianshi asked, “Are you sure?”

Mu Shang naturally knew what she was asking, “Lu Xiaoxuan is not weak, let’s compare.”

Celestial Master Qiuling nodded and said no more. Regarding Lu Yin, she did not receive any instructions from the Eternal Clan, and now even the Eternal Clan can no longer control him.

More and more people are coming and gathering at the edge of this fighting battlefield. Anyone who can come here is familiar with the battlefield behind. No matter how the five formation bases are fighting, it is normal in their eyes.

Here comes the Ancient Master, dressed in extremely luxurious clothes, approaching slowly with his maid Xiao Cui and his bodyguard Er Gouzi.

Seeing the arrival of Celestial Master Guyan, Mu Shang looked solemn and greeted him.

Many people stopped talking and looked at Tianshi Guyan.

No one can ignore this first heavenly master of the Tree Starry Sky.

“Thank you, senior, for coming,” Mushang smiled and saluted.

Gu Yan Tianshi hummed reservedly, looking past Mu Shang, “That guy Lu Xiaoxuan hasn’t come yet?”.

Mu Shang frowned slightly, and his words sounded like he was very familiar with Lu Xiaoxuan, “Not yet, senior, please.”

Gu Yan Tianshi did not come here for Mu Shang. Although he did not dislike Mu Shang, Mu Shang was from the Hanxian Sect, so he would not give face like this. He came here mainly to confront Lu Yin.

First of all, the two of them had a relationship in the lower world. If Lu Yin didn’t want to be exposed, he might have become his disciple. Secondly, he and Lu Xiaoxuan were old acquaintances.

Of course, not many people know about this.

Seeing the arrival of Heavenly Master Guyan, Xia Ziheng, Wu Yao and other half-ancestors came forward to greet him.

Guyan Tianshi was still as polite and shameless as ever, and by the way, he tried to find a way to get some gifts from these old guys to give to Xiao Cui.

Quiluo stepped back a little. Apart from the ancestral realm, there were few people in the Starry Sky that he could fear. Guyan Tianshi was definitely among the top, and he had suffered losses before.

When Guyan Tianshi saw Kui Luo, he smiled brightly and said, “Isn’t this Kui Luo? He pretended to be dead for so long and is he willing to show up?”.

Quite a few

People are confused, who is the leader?

Qui Luo was speechless and stared at Guyan Celestial Master. The old boy was really nothing. He exposed him as soon as they met, “I also want to thank Celestial Master for helping me in the first place. Don’t worry, the old man knows it well and will not miss you.” “.

Guyan Tianshi blinked, what the hell?

Many people looked at Celestial Master Guyan, and their eyes were wrong. Did he help Kui Luo? Help this notorious bastard?

As the ancient saying goes, the Heavenly Master was speechless, “Old guy, stop talking nonsense, you’re shameless.”

Qiu Luo smiled strangely. He just said that it was none of his business whether others believed it or not. Who asked this old guy to expose him?

Guyan Tianshi felt that he was not as shameless as this old guy, and the more he talked, the more trouble he got. He looked into the distance and saw the prison dragon, “Isn’t that a thing of the Xia family? Was it really snatched away by Lu Xiaoxuan?”

As soon as these words came out, Xia Ziheng’s face turned ugly.

Mu Shang quickly changed the subject.

“Why hasn’t Lu Xiaoxuan arrived yet? He’s too trusting. He wants to challenge Mu Tianshi, so he should have come earlier,” someone commented.

“Shh–, don’t talk, don’t mess with Lu Xiaoxuan, no one dares to mess with him now.”

“Isn’t it because Sifang Tianping arranged for the Lu family’s relics to appear openly and openly? In the eyes of Sifang Tianping, he is just a bait,” some people said with disdain.

“Hey, where is Qiaoer? You haven’t seen Qiaoer for so long?”.

Many people are silent. Some people know it, and some people don’t know that Qiaoer is the root cause of this challenge.

Mu Shang’s birthday is not very grand. If it were not for Lu Yin’s challenge, many people would not come. Those who are really willing to come to congratulate Mu Shang are either people from the Hanxian Sect or interpreters. In particular, many commentators want to become Mu Shang’s disciples, which is why they prepare congratulatory gifts.

As Mu Shang’s only disciple, Qiao’er is naturally more attentive. Unfortunately, her birthday gift will never be seen again.

A figure walked into the battlefield behind, looking at the starry sky where the battle was taking place in the distance, with a shocked expression. He was none other than the Master of the Butian Kingdom.

How could Lu Yin play chess with Mu Shang and only the Tree Starry Sky Original Formation Celestial Master appeared? In fact, he wanted to bring both the Shangsheng Celestial Master and the Cultivation Master, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t.

The appearance of Master Butian immediately attracted the attention of Guyan Celestial Master, “A strange Celestial Master of the original formation?”.

Qiu Ling Tianshi and Mu Shang immediately saw the Butian Kingdom Master.

Mu Shang’s eyes darkened. He knew this person. It was this person who helped Yixian Academy’s Original Treasure Formation block him. This person was also the Heavenly Master of the Original Formation.

Bu Tian’s Imperial Master arrived, and Quilo approached him without knowing what he said.

Then, the God of Cookery also passed by. Master Butian helped Yixian Academy to block Mu Shang, and the God of Cookery naturally recognized him.

With the roar of the Hell Dragon, Lu Yin’s figure appeared at the entrance to the battlefield at the back, stepped out step by step, and appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone was silent and looked at Lu Yin.

Xia Ziheng’s eyelids twitched. He hadn’t seen Lu Yin since he fought Shen Wutian. When they met again, he found that this person had changed and became extremely domineering.

The huge figure of the Hell Dragon shrouded the entrance to the battlefield at the back. With the Hell Dragon as the background, Lu Yin floated the platform and approached everyone step by step. With every step he took, the sound of footsteps could be heard clearly in everyone’s ears.

As his figure gradually approached, the Dianjiangtai became much clearer, and he used the ancestral realm runes of the Dianjiangtai.

The next duel with Mu Shang and Jie Yu were together. Lu Yin believed that there were countless people who wanted to take action against him. Sifang Tianping would not break the agreement, but it did not mean that no one would help them, and neither did the powerful tree star sky ancestral realm. All here

Square balance.

And even if a strong person from the ancestral realm does not take action, he may have other means, so he must be on guard against it.

Looking at the approaching Lu Yin, Master Guyan’s eyes were complicated. Is this the current Lu Xiaoxuan? It’s a pity that the sunny and optimistic child he once was has become like this.

When Lu Yin appeared, there was no one else in Mu Shang’s eyes. He had been waiting for this moment.

“Brother Lu, how do you plan to challenge him?” Mu Shang stepped forward and asked Lu Yin face to face.

Everyone looked at them. Even though they were so young, they had extraordinary talents in interpreting languages. It was unbelievable.

Most people don’t believe that Lu Yin can defeat Mu Shang at this moment. Jieyu is not a battle. Even if Lu Yin has the ability to fight against the ancestral realm, he cannot be blessed with Jieyu, but this is only now, as time goes by As time goes by, Lu Yin’s achievements in Jieyu are unimaginable. They believe that he will definitely be comparable to Mushang in the future.

In the eyes of many people, Lu Yin’s challenge at this moment was more because of his arrogance. His mentality of fighting against the ancestral realm made him arrogant, thinking that he could be invincible in all aspects.

In the Dominion Realm, Bai Wangyuan and others looked down.

“Is Mu Shang sure?” Xia Shenji asked.

Bai Wangyuan did not answer. Mu Shang gave him a positive answer, but he was facing Lu Xiaoxuan.

He suddenly had the feeling that the empty corridor was wide open and Xia Shenji went to the abandoned place to kill Lu Xiaoxuan. He was so confident at that time.

At the entrance to the battlefield on the back, Lu Yin looked at Mu Shang calmly, “Stable Fang Yuan”.

Mu Shang looked at Lu Yin calmly, “I can give you another chance to choose. Stable Fangyuan, you will definitely lose.”

Lu Yin shrugged, “Let’s try it.”

Mu Shang nodded, “Once upon a time, you called me Brother Mu, and I gave you the opportunity. If you don’t want to accept it, then settle down.”

The stable Fang Yuan looks like a game, but it is the test of the original formation master’s ability. Which one is better and which one is worse can be seen at a glance.

Master Guyan shook his head. If he were to compete with Jieyu, since he dared to challenge, he might have a chance, but the stable Fangyuan would definitely lose.

“Hey, why did that guy confirm that Mr. Lu is definitely defeated than Stable Fangyuan?” Quilo asked as he approached Qiu Ling Tianshi.

Celestial Master Qiuling frowned. She was also disgusted with this notorious **** half-ancestor, “I don’t know.”

“Aren’t you also a Heavenly Master?” Quilo asked.

Celestial Master Qiuling avoided some.

Qui Luo rolled his eyes and looked at Lu Yin, “Shouldn’t it be Jieyu who challenges the original formation Celestial Master? What kind of stable mess, don’t do these useless things, we want to see Jieyu.”

“Yes, we want to see the explanation,” Nong Sanniang shouted.

Liu Song coughed and said, “It’s better to explain the language.”

Mu Shang curled up his lips and looked at Lu Yin calmly. These people were all close to the Lu family. They obviously wanted to help Lu Yin, but it was up to him whether he would appreciate it or not.

Lu Yin didn’t know where Mu Shang’s confidence came from. He had the Tianshi Qiuling’s talent for interpreting speech. He thought he was not much worse than Mu Shang, and his combat power even surpassed Mu Shang. Although his combat power did not mean that he could interpret the language. Although he has some language skills, he still has some advantages within a stable radius. Why is he sure that he will lose?

You still have a chance to choose.

At this time, Xia Ziheng said, “This is the battlefield at the back. Who will be responsible if there is a problem with the interpretation?”

Jie Yu Yuan Bao is very likely to have unknown murderous intentions. On the battlefield behind, it is naturally inappropriate for humans to have unknown murderous intentions behind the Eternals.


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