Star Odyssey Chapter 2354: Take you back

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The field was released directly, and Lu Yin immediately noticed the presence of half-ancestral auras, one on the mountain and the other underground.

This is a place where the more powerful people are, the more likely they can live at the top. Because it is dangerous down there, the Half-Ancestor naturally lives at the top.

When Lu Yin’s field passed by the entire new city, which is the Folding Mountains, his face was ugly, and the number of people was nearly half less than when he came. He saw Zhoutang, Guo Hai, and Tu Qiming. When I arrived at Sister Luosha, I didn’t see Brother Hong, Mother Dongshan, or Wansen.

Lu Yin saw everyone in the new city, and the half-ancestor at the top naturally noticed Lu Yin’s arrival. Surprise flashed in his eyes, and he walked out and appeared directly in front of Lu Yin, “You were punished too? Three times? Source Tribulation, the field is already in the realm of the Sky God.”

“Senior who is?”, Lu Yin was confused.

This half-ancestor is an old man, nearly five meters tall, with a gloomy complexion. His hair is braided, and there are dozens of small skulls tied under each braid.

The old man looked at Lu Yin and even walked around Lu Yin, exclaiming in admiration, “Such tender skin and flesh. With such a level of cultivation at such a young age, he is comparable to the direct descendants of those behemoths. What’s your name?” How did you get punished? Who did you offend?”

Lu Yin frowned. This person’s approach made him smell blood and a disgusting smell. This smell seemed familiar and “offended Bai Qi.”

“Bai Qi? Commander-in-Chief of the Fourth Formation? You are unlucky, she is not an ordinary person, she is the daughter of Bai Ancestor of the Hanxian Sect, it is easier for you not to kill you, no, punishing you here is more painful “The old man smiled strangely, and looked at Lu Yin with strange eyes. “If I slowly torture you, do you think Bai Qi will see it? Will you let me go?”

Lu Yin didn’t answer him. He looked up high and saw Tu Qiming staring at him.

He smiled at Tu Qiming, who opened his mouth wide and said, “Is it you?” After saying that, he stared at Lu Yin with complicated eyes, either excited or uneasy. He knew that Lu Yin was Lu Xiaoxuan.

Lu Yin pretended to be Long Qi and fell here, met Tu Qiming, and beat Tu Qiming for some indescribable reasons. Then someone was punished here and brought the news that Long Qi was Lu Xiaoxuan. When he learned After this news, Tu Qiming and others did not believe it, thinking it was a conspiracy by Sifang Tianping, but more and more people were sent here as punishment, and Mu Shang even arranged the original treasure formation, so they believed it.

Tu Qiming laughed all day long. He was still laughing even under mental torture. Not only him, but Uncle He and the others were also laughing, and there was also laughter coming from the ground.

For them at that moment, the sky in the New World became clear.

No matter what torture they suffered here, they saw hope.

Tu Qiming had been thinking about when he would see Lu Yin again, but he didn’t expect this day to come so suddenly.

“Do you still want to be beaten?” Lu Yin smiled happily at Tu Qiming.

Tu Qiming swallowed, his eyes changed from nervous and confused to excited, and finally became fierce, “I’ll beat you,” and he rushed down to attack Lu Yin.

Lu Yin pursed his lips and avoided it. Tu Qiming hit the ground hard, his mouth full of dirt.

More and more people came out and saw Lu Yin. Some were excited, some were confused, some were curious, and some were excited. Lu Yin’s arrival changed the entire new city.

The half-ancestral old man was confused, “Tu Qiming, do you know this person?”.

“It’s none of your business”, Tu Qiming is not polite


The half-ancestral old man’s face darkened, “You’d better be careful what you say. If you are not the ancestor of Wandao, I will throw you out to feed the corpse king.”

Tu Qiming sneered, “If you weren’t the ancestor, you would be fed to the Corpse King.”

The old man’s face was gloomy.

Tu Qiming scolded him and stared at Lu Yin again, “Don’t run away, let me punch you.”


“You beat me up before.”

“That’s why you deserve a beating.”

“You deserve a beating. If I had known it was you, I would have peed on your face.”

“The more you talk, the more you deserve a beating.”

Tu Qiming shouted and punched Lu Yin. Lu Yin rolled his eyes and threw him away.

Uncle He stood on top and watched with distress, but he did not stop it. It was a very nostalgic scene. This was how the young master was beaten by the Seven Heroes. It had been a long time ago, but it seemed like it had just happened.

At this time, a figure rushed down, grabbed Tu Qiming, stared at Lu Yin, and asked in a low voice, “Why are you here?”.

This person is clearly Zhoutang.

His expression was extremely ugly, “This is the Jedi. Are you caught by the Sifang Scales?”

Tu Qiming gasped and stared at Lu Yin.

In the distance, people who knew Lu Yin one after another and knew his identity were looking at him. Everyone looked ugly, and everyone was waiting for Lu Yin to speak.

Lu Yin glanced at everyone, and just as he was about to speak, the half-ancestor spoke first, “It seems that you have been here before. These people all know you. You must be a descendant of the Lu family.”

Tu Qiming stared at the half-ancestor coldly and said, “Go away, you have no business talking about this.”

The half-ancestral old man was furious, “Tu Qiming, do you really think I dare not touch you?”.

“You try to move.” Lu Yin looked at the half-ancestor.

Tu Qiming was surprised. Zhoutang and the others were also surprised when they looked at Lu Yin. They heard confidence and domineering. It was obviously only three source tribulations, where did the confidence come from?

The half-ancestor didn’t expect Lu Yin to suddenly choke him, with murderous intent appearing in his eyes, and sneered, “Okay, after so many years of absence, has the outside world forgotten the name of the ancestor of my cave? Just any junior can do it. Dare to speak such arrogant words, do you think Wan Zhiyi can really protect you? He has been imprisoned underground for a long time. I will kill you today to see what Wan Zhiyi can do.” After saying this, he grabbed Lu Yin. , in his understanding, Lu Yin’s three source tribulations can be easily captured.

Tu Qiming was shocked and said, “I know my grandfather.”

The Half-Ancestor was wary and his attacks suddenly slowed down. He was afraid of Wan Zhiyi underground.

Although it is certain that Wan Zhiyi’s oil is exhausted, it is Wan Zhiyi after all. Even Sifang Tianping is reluctant to kill him and has to imprison a master who is infinitely close to the ancestral realm. A master who is confirmed to have broken the ancestral realm. Strong.

However, Wan Zhiyi did not take action, and the half-ancestral old man’s hand was already very close to Lu Yin.

Tu Qiming yelled, “He is Lu Xiaoxuan.”

Zhoutang and others were not surprised and watched quietly, but the half-ancestral old man suddenly stopped and looked at Tu Qiming in disbelief, and then looked at Lu Yin, “Lu, Lu Xiaoxuan?”.

Seeing the half-ancestor stopped, Tu Qiming breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the ground, “Grandpa Zhi, you know, he is Lu Xiaoxuan, Lu Xiaoxuan.”

However, there was no response from the ground.

Uncle He and others were surprised that when Lu Xiaoxuan arrived, how could Wan Zhiyi not react at all

Yes? This is wrong.

The half-ancestral old man looked confused and did not dare to take action. Although Lu Xiaoxuan was also a junior, he was not something he could deal with. Even if Lu Xiaoxuan was the target that Sifang Tianping must kill, he would not dare to take action casually. These three words represent He has gained an identity, a will, and an unparalleled hegemony.

Lu Yin looked at the ground and seemed to have noticed that the extremely powerful half-ancestor who was infinitely close to the ancestral realm and even polite to the ancestral realm, Wan Zhiyi, was at least as good as the masters of the Twelve Heavenly Clan, or even surpassed him.

“Grandpa Zhi, why don’t you speak?” Tu Qiming was puzzled. Lu Xiaoxuan was here, and Wan Zhiyi shouldn’t have been unresponsive.

The half-ancestral old man looked gloomy, “Are you sure he is Lu Xiaoxuan? And not a fake?”.

Tu Qiming was startled and subconsciously stared at Lu Yin, fake?

They have been thrown here for so many years, and Sifang Balance has long forgotten them. What awaits them is death. Are they valuable to Sifang Balance? Sifang Balance has never sent anyone to get anything from them, and they have never sent anyone to pretend to be someone, so they barely think about it.

When the news came that Long Qi was Lu Xiaoxuan, they really thought it was a fake, but then this possibility was denied. Long Qi was indeed Lu Xiaoxuan.

The Lu Xiaoxuan of Long Qi at that time does not mean that the person he is now is the same Long Qi as before.

Yes, maybe grandpa noticed something and didn’t show up.

Tu Qiming and others stared at Lu Yin, “Are you fake?”

Zhoutang’s eyes turned cold. If this person is really a fake, even if he is the direct descendant of Sifang Tianping, he will die.

Facing everyone’s gaze, Lu Yin spoke slowly, “There are two possibilities for Senior Wan not to take action. One, I am fake.” After speaking, he paused, and then continued, “Second,” He looked at the half-ancestor and said, “Trash like you is no threat to me.”

The half-ancestral old man’s eyes widened sharply, “What did you say?”.

Lu Yin frowned, “You’re called Cave Ancestor? Do you deserve it?” After saying that, behind him, the Hell Dragon soared into the sky, his body recovered, and he opened his teeth and claws, and the power of the ancestral realm swept across the Folding Mountains.

For a moment, everyone was horrified and frightened by the terrifying aura of the Hell Dragon. However, this half-ancestral old man was targeted by the Hell Dragon. He fell down in just an instant, vomiting blood, and blood splashed all over his face. Look at It looks quite miserable.

He was mentally shattered. Being suddenly threatened by an ancestral realm creature at such a close distance would scare anyone to death, and the half-ancestor was no exception.

Tu Qiming and others were also stunned. Fortunately, the Hell Dragon did not target them and only allowed them to feel the supreme power.

The **** dragon flew across the sky, and the Folding Mountains darkened.

Zhoutang and the others opened their mouths and stared blankly. When had they ever been so close to a creature in the ancestral realm? Is this power the power of Zu? They had never been in contact with it, but they could think in an instant that only Zu’s power made them so desperate.

Lu Yin looked down at the old half-ancestor and kicked him out, “From today on, you are not allowed to be called the ancestor of the cave. You are not worthy of this pronunciation.”

Everyone stared blankly at Lu Yin’s dominance, forgetting everything, and their minds went blank, as if they were dreaming.

Lu Yin pressed his hand, and the **** dragon converged and shrank again.

It took a while for everyone to react.

Tu Qiming swallowed, “you”.

Lu Yin smiled, “I will fulfill my promise and take you back.”


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