Star Odyssey Chapter 2353: Second Coming

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“Not here?” Bai Qi was also surprised. She had contacted Mu Shang first and then Qiao’er. She had never been here before. After knowing that Qiao’er had lost her key, she went to the Fourth Formation Base to find Lu Yin. She herself didn’t know Qiao’er wasn’t here.

Lu Yin looked calm.

The person Bai Qi recruited was an interpreter, who was only a junior member of Mingmu and could be regarded as a follower of Qiaoer. He said respectfully, “It will be Master Mu Tianshi’s birthday soon. Sister Qiaoer went to help Master Mu prepare birthday gifts. not here”.

When Bai Qi was about to speak, Lu Yin spoke first, “When did you leave?”.

The interpreter did not know Lu Yin, and with his level of cultivation, it was impossible for him to see what happened at the fourth formation base “a month ago”.

Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold. He was gone a month ago, but no one told him. He said lightly, “I heard that the key to the original treasure formation was lost?”.

The interpreter said, “Yes, Sister Qiaoer accidentally lost it.”

“Then how to solve it?”, Lu Yin asked again.

The commentator didn’t care, “Solve it? Let’s talk about it later. Sister Qiao’er is still in a hurry to prepare Master Mu Tianshi’s birthday gift, so how can she have time to take care of such a thing?”

Bai Qi looked ugly.

Lu Yin smiled, “Yeah, just throw it away. It doesn’t matter. Those people in the new city are destined to die, so forget it.”

“Sister Qiao’er said the same thing,” the commentator said with a smile, “Those are all people who were exiled by the Sifang Balance. They are all sinners. It doesn’t matter if they die. If they can die on the battlefield, they will be considered as generals. If merit is outweighed, I have to thank Sister Qiaoer.”

“Okay, shut up”, Bai Qi shouted.

The interpreter was shocked and did not dare to say anything more. He felt something was wrong and was a little uneasy, but he was not afraid. He was from Qiaoer, and Qiaoer was a disciple of Master Mu Shang. That was Even the half-ancestor of the original formation Celestial Master did not dare to offend.

Lu Yin laughed again and looked at the interpreter, “Does Master Mu know that the key is lost?”

The interpreter thought for a while and did not answer.

“It seems that I don’t know anymore. If Mu Tianshi knew that Qiaoer kept it from him, he would definitely be angry. Should I tell him?” Lu Yin murmured.

The commentator immediately said, “Of course Master Mu knew that the key was lost, but birthdays are important. He said everything would be done after the birthdays.”

Lu Yin smiled and nodded, “It seems that those in the new city will have to wait until after Mu Tianshi’s birthday before they can come out.”

What else did the interpreter say? Bai Qi frowned and said, “Let Qiao’er do it.”

The commentator was confused, “Sister Qiaoer is preparing Master Mu Tianshi’s birthday gift, so it’s not convenient to come.”

“It’s okay. There’s no rush. Mu Tianshi’s birthday is important. Let’s wait until she’s done with her work.” Lu Yin said. After speaking, he waved his hand, “You can go too. It’s Mu Tianshi’s birthday. Don’t you give me some birthday gifts?”.

“Thank you, senior. I’ll be leaving now.” The interpreter was overjoyed and hurriedly left without asking Bai Qi. The anxiety in his heart was completely gone. He felt that Lu Yin was easy to talk to, and he also wanted to talk to him. Build a good relationship with Mu Tianshi. If you have a chance in the future, you can put in a few good words for him.

After the interpreter left, Bai Qi wanted to say something, and Lu Yin’s lips curved up, “Do you think the key will be lost?”.

Bai Qi’s original attitude became hesitant. She knew that it would take a certain amount of time to use the key to unlock the original treasure formation. This time would be at least five days. As Mu Shang’s birthday was approaching, Qiao’er was in a hurry to prepare birthday gifts. Then Just

Some thought about it, maybe she really lost her key, or maybe she didn’t want to waste this time, or even more likely, she just threw the key away just to not waste this time.

Bai Qi hopes that Qiao’er just doesn’t want to waste time and can open the original treasure formation if he finds her now, instead of really losing the key. If that happens, the situation will become troublesome.

She was about to discuss it with Lu Yin, but Lu Yin directly summoned the Hell Dragon and said to Bai Qi, “It’s not that troublesome to crack the original treasure formation.”

The next moment, the roar of the Hell Dragon came, shaking the first formation, and countless people were shocked. The Hell Dragon swept across the first formation, blocking the starry sky of the first formation, and then a huge force lifted Countless people and the Corpse King flew away, and Bai Chi was almost thrown away.

He stared into the distance in anger, but dared not say anything in anger. This was an ancestral realm creature.

Xia De’s expression was ugly. This was their Shenwu Tian’s prison dragon, and now it was reduced to Lu Xiaoxuan’s mount. It was hateful.

Seeing the arrival of the Hell Dragon, Bai Qi was shocked, “Lu Xiaoxuan, what are you going to do?”.

With the power of the creatures in the ancestral realm, any action will attract everyone’s attention, including those who dominate Bai Wangyuan in the realm.

Lu Yin said, “Don’t worry, I don’t plan to do anything, but this original treasure formation must be broken, otherwise my people won’t be able to get out.” As he said, he looked at Bai Qi, “You still want to Let me wait”.

Bai Qi didn’t say anything and asked him to wait? Today, only the ancestral realm dares to do this in the Starry Sky of Trees. Mu Shang has gone too far, and Qiaoer has gone too far. Does such a well-behaved and smart girl have any grudge against the Lu family?

Even if you have a grudge, you should not take revenge at this time.

The **** dragon arrived and opened its teeth and claws at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi was wary and uneasy. She had experienced life and death on the battlefield behind her for so many years, but she had never been threatened by a powerful person from the ancestral realm at such a close range.

Lu Yin stood on the back of the prison dragon and “walked”.

The original treasure formation does not have to be cracked, it can also be torn apart. The **** dragon can completely tear apart the original treasure formation below.

As for the threat of the New World, for the creatures in the Ancestral Realm, the New World and the formation base are actually the same, there is no difference. If the Eternals can pose a threat to them in the New World, they can do the same on the formation base.

Seeing Lu Yin rushing towards the New World without any care, Bai Qi was envious. Ancestor, a distant realm that countless people could not reach despite all their efforts. How many ancestors have been born since ancient times? The number seems to be a lot, but compared to the base of the entire human race, it is unimaginably low. It can no longer be calculated as one part in a billion.

It is quite good that one of the one hundred cultivators who are qualified to become an ancestor can actually become an ancestor, and these so-called one hundred qualified people are almost the Fourth Young Ancestor, the master of the Twelve Heavens Clan. And the base of that kind of person among all human beings is also too low to be calculated.

Looking at the entire Fifth Continent, there are only so many people at the Ten Jue level who have been born, and not everyone at the Ten Jue level is qualified to become an ancestor. Even if they are qualified, they have to pass three levels, which is the level of the Fourth Young Ancestor. How big is the Fourth Young Ancestor? What is the chance of becoming an ancestor? Too low, too low.

However, a strong person in the ancestral realm with such a low probability of achievement would be conquered by Lu Xiaoxuan, a third-time Origin Tribulation cultivator. She really couldn’t figure out how Lu Xiaoxuan could do it.

Lu Yin didn’t care what Bai Qi thought. Let alone Bai Qi, even Bai Wangyuan and others couldn’t figure out how Lu Yin did it. The one who regretted it the most was Xia Shenji. If he had known that it was possible to tame the prison dragon, he would have done it long ago. tried.

In their opinion, what is the ancestral realm?

They have no idea of ​​how it is possible to become a mount. They only know how to lock the Hell Dragon in Shenwu Tian and promise the number of attacks. Each time it helps Shen Wutian, the chance will be reduced by one. When the opportunity is used up, the Hell Dragon will be free.

This is the only way Xia Shenji can think of to use the Hell Jiao. He can’t think of taming this way, and the Hell Jiao has never had such an idea. If he has a choice, the Hell Jiao would rather be tamed by Xia Shenji, at least he can If you go out and show your teeth, you will be trapped in Shenwutian anyway.

One of them had no thought and the other had no wisdom, and Lu Yin was finally fulfilled.

Lu Yin stood on top of the Hell Dragon and rushed towards the New World. How long had it been since he fell from the Second Formation to the New World? Only a few decades later, when he went to the New World again, everything was different, and he had the qualifications to take these people away.

He promised to take them away when he left, and this day finally came.

The closer he got to the original treasure formation, the more Lu Yin marveled at Mu Shang’s ability. This entangled original treasure formation had no offensive and defensive capabilities, but it was interlocked and locked layer by layer, forming a formation that even the half-ancestor could not defeat. The original treasure murderous intention.

Looking at the original treasure formation, Lu Yin pondered. It seems that this original treasure formation can be stacked. As long as the right original treasure is found, it can be stacked infinitely. He can see it, but he doesn’t know that this is Mu Shang’s intention. He still got it. If he created it, this person would be worthy of the title of the youngest original formation Celestial Master in history.

Originally Lu Yin wanted to tear apart this original treasure formation, but that would be a pity. He could understand it through this original treasure formation, and with his understanding of Jieyu, he could learn it.

The reason why Mu Shang went to Yi Xian Academy to decipher the Fire Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Original Treasure Formation left by Wenzu was because of the idea of ​​comprehending and learning. For any Original Formation Master, comprehending and learning the Original Treasure Formation is very important. Opportunities are rare, except of course on the battlefield.

This original treasure formation gave Lu Yin the urge to learn it.

But we still need to bring Zhoutang and the others out first. They have been in the new city for too long and can leave long ago.

Since the original treasure formation was not destroyed, Lu Yin let the **** dragon shrink and then entered. This original treasure formation could only be entered but not exited. He would not be blocked if he wanted to enter.

In fact, based on his understanding of the original treasure formation, he can completely pass through most of the original treasure formations. It is difficult for an original treasure formation to trap people at the level of the original treasure formation. Mu Shang can travel through Yi Xianshu at will. The academy’s original treasure formation, and even if he is not the original formation heavenly master, his experience is not inferior to that of the original formation heavenly master.

Looking at the murderous intention of the original treasures on both sides, they are entangled like knots. Although this arrangement is not difficult, it is very tedious. One or two knots are easy, but looking at it, there must be tens of millions of knots, each one The knots are all composed of original treasures of killing machines, which are hundreds of times more complex than the original treasures of Jieyu. It is difficult to arrange them without being a master of the original formation.

Lu Yin did not study much. After entering the original treasure formation, there was a new city below.

The new city is silent. From a high altitude, the ground is dark red.

Lu Yin frowned. With this original treasure formation shrouded in it, not only Zhoutang and the others could not get out, but also the Corpse King, which meant that any battle would be a fight to the death.

Unless he kills all the zombie kings, the zombie kings will not be able to get out, including the half-ancestor-level powerhouse of the Eternal Tribe. The battlefield here is more cruel than any battlefield he has ever seen.

And the result of this cruel fighting is death. How many people are left in the new city?

Lu Yin asked the Hell Dragon to calm down, and his body slowly descended, appearing on the land of the new city. This place was back again.


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