Star Odyssey Chapter 2352: lost

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“It seems that Bai Zu agreed. In this case, please ask Bai Zu to let Xia Ziheng and the others evacuate, and don’t disturb the students’ assessment,” Lu Yin said.

Bai Wangyuan stared at Lu Yin, “I also hope that you will abide by the agreement and do not send people to maliciously intercept my people from Sifang Tianping. Otherwise, this decision will be invalidated at any time. This is not a starry sky high-five agreement, just a verbal agreement.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen,” Lu Yin said.

Bai Wangyuan turned around and was about to leave. Wait, he suddenly looked at Lu Yin, and unknowingly he was involved. When did he agree to the first choice?

Lu Yin smiled at Bai Wangyuan.

Bai Wangyuan took a deep breath, forget it, it doesn’t matter, the mountains and seas of the Fifth Continent can also be tested, and there is an extra fifth tower. They are not at a loss, “If you want to protect Yixian Academy, don’t do useless things, and stay less involved. “My decision of the Four Directions Balance”, after saying this, his body disappeared.

After Bai Wangyuan left, Lu Yin raised his wireless Gu and gave some instructions.

A few days later, Lu Yin thought he should wait for Zhoutang and others to arrive, but they still didn’t. As for Yixian Academy, everything was fine.

Xia Ziheng and others received the notice and left Yixian District, and Yixian Academy returned to calm.

Dean Wen contacted Lu Yin to thank him and asked him how he managed the Sifang Balance.

He didn’t know how Lu Yin reached an agreement with Sifang Tianping, but even so, it was unlikely that he could help Yixian Academy. He contacted Lu Yin before with only one ten thousandth hope, but he didn’t expect it to succeed. .

Lu Yin did not hide anything, and told Dean Wen the terms of his relationship with Bai Wangyuan. Dean Wen was silent for a long time, and finally only had two words – thank you.

Although it is only two words, it is worth a thousand words.

Some words are useless no matter how much you say, but for some words, two words are enough.

A few days passed, and Lu Yin couldn’t wait any longer and contacted Bai Wangyuan directly. As for others, there was no need to contact him.

Bai Wangyuan didn’t even know that Zhoutang and the others had not left Xincheng. In fact, he had never cared about those people. Their life and death had nothing to do with him, and it didn’t matter if they were let go. But now that Lu Yin asked, he would tell the matter Leave it to Bai Qi to take charge. Anyway, Bai Qi resigned as the commander-in-chief of the Fourth Formation and had nothing to do. Moreover, he was still on the battlefield behind, counting his military exploits.

Bai Qi came to the fourth formation base and found Lu Yin, “People from the new city can’t come up temporarily.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, “This is the agreement Bai Wangyuan promised me.”

At this time, countless corpse kings came towards the formation base. Although the fourth formation base was far more difficult to defeat than the other formation bases, they still had to be defeated. Not only that, but there were also zombie kings at the level of Star Envoys constantly tearing through the void and walking out. , rushed into the formation to fight.

Lu Yin paid no attention to the war outside, but stared at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi said, “Since your identity of Long Qi was exposed, the Bailong clan was furious. Everyone related to Long Qi’s identity has been investigated, and Xincheng is no exception, especially there are too many Lu family officials there, Bai The Dragon Clan believed that they must know that Long Qi was Lu Xiaoxuan, but kept it secret, so they paid conditions to ask Mu Shang to arrange the original treasure formation above the new city.”

“That original treasure formation can only be entered but cannot be exited. The key is in Mu Shang’s hands.”

Lu Yin frowned, “Mu Shang? He is in Yixian Academy, so the original treasure formation cannot be opened without him?”.

Bai Qi shook his head, “Everything on the back battlefield must be resolved on the back battlefield. When Mu Shang left the back battlefield, he had to hand over the key. He gave it to his disciple Qiao

Son, but”, she hesitated a little when she said this.

Lu Yin was puzzled, “But what?”.

Bai Qi said, “Qiaoer lost the key.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened, “What did you say?”.

Bai Qi said helplessly, “Qiaoer, I lost the key.”

Lu Yin looked at Bai Qi blankly for a while. Bai Qi’s face looked unnatural. She did not expect this result.

“The key is lost?”, Lu Yin confirmed again. When Bai Qi nodded, he laughed. The laughter spread throughout the fourth formation and reached countless people’s ears.

Jiu Yao looked around and saw that this was the first time he heard Lu Yin smile like this. This was not a happy smile, it was full of chills.

Old Chan also heard it, and his laughter was full of anger.

Even the Hell Dragon heard it. He lowered his head and looked in the direction of Lu Yin with confusion in his eyes. He subconsciously raised his paws a little bit and wanted to show his teeth. But looking around, there was no one, not to mention people, not even the Corpse King. It didn’t dare to get close, it was showing its teeth and claws, and no one was watching. Its claws were bent and drooped.

Bai Qi saw Lu Yin laughing and felt uneasy in her heart. Although she had been in charge of the Fourth Formation all year round and knew the former Lu Xiaoxuan, the person in front of her was Lu Yin, not Lu Xiaoxuan. He had disguised his identity twice in the Starry Sky of Trees. The genius who brought chaos to the upper world and brought out Shen Wutian, this person dared to do anything.

“She didn’t mean it,” Bai Qi said. After saying this, she didn’t even believe it. A cultivator would lose such an important thing? The key is definitely placed in the Ningkong Ring. How could it be lost in the Ningkong Ring?

If Bai Qi knew Gu Xiaoer, Lan Si, and Yao Gu, she would not have such doubts.

Lu Yin smiled happily. How should I put it? He hasn’t felt this way for a long time. Was he being provoked? Being treated like an idiot? And it was at a time when he had just fought with Xia Shenji and threatened each other with Bai Wangyuan. What was this?

Even if you beat Lu Yin to death, you didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen. Let alone him, I guess Bai Wangyuan and those old guys didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen either. They all dreamed of killing Lu Yin, but they would never use this method. means.

“Let’s go, take me to see the original treasure formation,” Lu Yin said, with a calm expression, showing no emotion or anger.

Bai Qi looked at Lu Yin and said, “Based on my understanding of Qiao’er, she didn’t do it on purpose. There are too many uncertainties in the battlefield behind.”

Lu Yin said, “I know, I don’t blame her, let’s go.”

Bai Qi didn’t understand Lu Yin, so she couldn’t tell what Lu Yin was thinking.

Lu Yin did not ride the Hell Dragon, and just followed Bai Qi to the first formation base. There was a point general platform floating beside him, which made Bai Qi look at it several times. She couldn’t understand that this point general platform was obviously a talent. Can it always exist?

She didn’t know that this dianjiang platform was not Lu Yin’s, and she couldn’t imagine that it was a dianjiang platform made by someone.

If it weren’t for Zhu Shen’s experience, Lu Yin would not have thought of this.

Of the five formation bases, the one closest to the new city, and the one that can even lead directly to the new city, is the first formation base.

Lu Yin and others fell from the second formation base, looking for the direction of the new city, and that direction was also the direction to the first formation base.

The five formation bases seem to be not far apart, but in fact they are enough to stack up across the stars. If Lu Yin and others did not fall from the second formation source, but from the fifth formation source, they would never be able to reach the new city, because Too far away.

The original treasure formation that Mu Shang arranged for the new city can only be entered but not exited, and can be unlocked through the key from the first formation base.

Dang Lu Yin

After arriving at the first formation base, what you see is the battlefield of fighting.

The commander-in-chief of the first formation was Bai Chi. Lu Yin had heard of this person.

When he wanted to redeem Yunlu clothes, he was booked by Bai Chi. If it weren’t for Xia Yan’s face, it would be difficult for him to get it.

The first formation is Sha De.

Seeing Xia De again, Lu Yin acted as if he didn’t know him. He glanced directly at Bai Chi. Yin said it in public, although many people already knew it.

At this time, Bai Chi was also looking at Lu Yin.

He didn’t expect that Lu Yin would grow up so fast. In just a few years, he would go from needing to exchange Yunlu clothes for self-protection to being able to reach an agreement with the ancestor of Sifang Tianping?

Lu Yin was not interested in talking to Bai Chi. The only ones he cared about in the entire Hanxian Sect were Bai Wangyuan and Bai Xian’er.

But Bai Chi was very interested in him. To be precise, he was interested in Bai Jian’s death. “Did you kill Bai Jian?”

Lu Yinli ignored it and looked at Bai Qi, “Where is the original treasure formation?”

Bai Qi glanced at Bai Chi and then led the way.

Bai Chi’s face darkened, “Arrogant thing”, after saying that, he looked at Xia De, “If it weren’t for your women’s kindness, the remnants of the Lu family would have died, and now not only are they leaving a big problem, but also you yourself They were almost killed.”

Xia De said, “Yes, we women are benevolent. Lu Xiaoxuan is there now. He has been cultivated for three source tribulations. Go and kill him.”

Bai Chi snorted coldly, turned around and left.

Kill now? Not to mention whether he can be killed or not, Sifang Tianping and Lu Xiaoxuan have already reached an agreement. He broke the agreement by killing Lu Xiaoxuan. The result is not something he can bear. After all, this is an agreement made by his ancestor.

Furthermore, he also knew that Lu Yin could not do it no matter how powerful he was against the four half-ancestors in Shenwutian. More importantly, they had just watched Lu Yin fight against the Forgotten God. Killing him ? It’s almost suicide.

Xia De disdains, “all talk without practice.”

On the other side, Lu Yin saw the original treasure formation hanging over the new city.

You can see the original treasure formation from the first formation base, which means that the original treasure formation is not too far away from the first formation base, which means that it is far away from the new city, or even very far away.

“This is light and shadow?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Bai Qi nodded, “Yes, it’s light and shadow, otherwise you would never be able to see the original treasure formation standing on the formation base.”

Lu Yin marveled, he was indeed the original formation heavenly master. Where did the original treasure formation below come from? Lu Yin didn’t know, but this light and shadow method should have been created by Mu Shang. He was looking for the original treasure formation related to the murderous intention of light and shadow. , adding a layer to the existing original treasure formation, allows people no matter how far away they are to see this original treasure formation.

This is not to increase the power, it is just for people to see, and has no effect on the power of the original treasure formation itself.

Normal people would not do this, but it is needed here, because no one is willing to go deep into the New World to help Xincheng unlock the original treasure formation. Doing so allows the person holding the key to see and lift it on the first formation base. Very effective means.

“The name of this original treasure formation – Intertwining, Qiao’er told me, its origin is unclear, its function is to prevent people in the new city from getting out, they can only enter, but not get out,” Bai Qi said.

Lu Yin asked, “Where is that Qiaoer guy?”.

Bai Qi was also surprised. After asking someone to ask, he found out that she was not there.


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