Star Odyssey Chapter 2339: Recognition

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After completing the high-five agreement, clouds appeared behind Bai Wangyuan, and soon after, figures appeared one after another. They were the remains of the Lu family that he had promised to release. Among them, Lu Yin saw the lunatics in the red garden.

At this moment, those people were not crazy, their eyes were clear, and they had obviously regained their consciousness.

Lu Yin suppressed his excitement, took out the Supreme Mountain, and let Long Xi and others appear.

Looking at the cultivators walking out of the Supreme Mountain, Bai Wangyuan frowned. He thought there were only people from the expeditionary force, but he didn’t expect that Lian Yun Tingting and others were also there. They were people who disappeared decades ago. In addition, Shang Bai Teng, Xia Yuan, Wang Zheng and others, Lu Yin really released all the people from Tree Star Sky this time.

Because of the agreement with Bai Wangyuan, previously free people such as Long Xi and Liu Hao were also brought by Lu Yin. They could choose to go back to Tree Starry Sky or stay.

Long Xi walked out of the starry sky and saw Bai Wangyuan, and quickly saluted.

One by one, the Tree Starry Sky cultivators paid homage to Bai Wangyuan.

Bai Wangyuan lets them enter the clouds.

Long Xi didn’t want to leave, but it had been so many years and he had appeared, so it was unreasonable not to go back.

Lu Yinwei nodded to her.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, you despicable villain, you still know how to let me go. Just wait, my Xia family will not let you go.” Finally, she felt something was wrong. What did she see? “This, this, a **** dragon?”

” Confidence.

It was then that they realized that Lu Yin looked calm and showed no fear when facing Bai Zu. What was going on? Facing Bai Zu, shouldn’t he be caught immediately? Why is it still like this?

Lu Yin’s lips curled up and he glanced at everyone, “Congratulations on your freedom. Thank you for your ancestor Bai. We have reached an agreement that Sifang Tianping will never attack me again, so I will let you go.”

Ni Huang and others looked at Bai Wangyuan. It was impossible, based on their understanding of the powerful people in the ancestral realm, how could they give up chasing such a gifted prodigy.

Old Ghost Bai became anxious, “Ancestor Bai, I beg you to kill Lu Xiaoxuan. This son is a genius. He single-handedly killed Wang Si and suppressed the geniuses of his generation. If this son does not die, the balance of our world will be uneasy.”

Xia De also said respectfully, “I respectfully ask Bai Zu to take action.”

The rest of them saluted one by one and said, “I respectfully ask Bai Zu to take action.”

“Respectfully request Bai Zu to take action.”

Bai Wangyuan’s face was ugly. His eyes were always fixed on the corner, where was Xia Shenji’s clone. The dignified ancestral realm clone was also captured, looking quite miserable.

The appearance at this moment will naturally not be ostentatious, and it will directly enter the clouds.

Qiu Luo suddenly shouted, “Isn’t that the ancestor of Xia Shenji? Why is he locked up, are you okay?”.

Xia Shenji made a sudden movement, his face was extremely ugly, and he glared at Quiro angrily.

Lu Yin also said, “Original Shenji has been on a good journey, but the younger generation did not entertain you well and did not give you time to reminisce with the younger generation. I will make up for it next time.”

The rest of the expeditionary force turned to look at Xia Shenji one by one, and then froze.

Xia De looked at Xia Shenji as if he had seen a ghost, “God, the ancestor of Shenji?”.

Xia Taili was stupid.

All the Xia family practitioners were dumbfounded.


Xia Luo, who is named Luo, is also confused at this moment. Is this okay?

Bai Wangyuan’s eyes flashed, and he waved his hand to put Xia Shenji into the clouds.

Lu Yin looked at Bai Wangyuan with deep eyes.

In fact, Bai Wangyuan could have taken Xia Shenji away the moment he appeared, but he did not. If Xia Shenji was allowed to be discovered, the Xia family would eventually become a laughing stock.

Looking at the stunned cultivators, Lu Yin laughed, “Your ancestor Bai Wangyuan will not take action. Let me let you go this time. Next time you fall into my hands, it will not be so easy to escape. Get out of here.”

Bai Laogui reacted from the shock of Xia Shenji being arrested, mainly because he heard the three words Bai Wangyuan and shouted as if his tail was stepped on, “How dare you, Lu Xiaoxuan, you dare to call Ancestor Bai by his first name.”

“Enough”, Bai Wangyuan shouted, and the power of the ancestral realm overwhelmed everyone.

He glanced at everyone and said, “Come back with me.” After saying that, with a wave of his hand, the cultivators entered the clouds obediently, not daring to say any more.

Of course, not everyone is willing to leave with Bai Wangyuan. Prince Gui Qian won’t leave, and Gui Yuan and Sifang Tianping can’t deal with it. It’s okay for Lu Yin, at most he will be trapped, and Lu Yin is still a dead energy practitioner, so No matter how you look at the descendants of the God of Death, they all belong to the same family, but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to Bai Wangyuan. He feels that he has no future in this life.

Bai Wangyuan looked at Prince Ghost Thousand.

Prince Guiqian quickly begged Lu Yin, “I won’t leave, I won’t go to Sifang Tianping. You are the descendant of the God of Death and my young master. I must follow you.”

Lu Yin nodded, pointed at the Supreme Mountain and said, “Go in by yourself.”

Oni Qian Taizi jumped in quickly.

Bai Wangyuan didn’t care about a person from Guiyuan. Although Prince Guiqian was the direct descendant of Guiyuan, he was just a junior and could not catch his eye.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, don’t forget the time. You must take over the fourth formation within ten days, otherwise, the agreement will be invalidated,” Bai Wangyuan stared at Lu Yin coldly.

Lu Yin said, “Don’t worry, I will take over the fourth formation. Also, my name is Lu Yin.”

Bai Wangyuan narrowed his eyes and said, “I hope your name is Lu Yin.” After saying that, he turned and left.

With Bai Wangyuan leaving, the starry sky of the Fifth Continent became much clearer, and the Hell Dragon even lowered its claws. He had been baring his teeth and claws just now, hoping to scare Bai Wangyuan. It always believed that this trick was effective.

At this moment, Lu Yin looked at the group of Lu family relics. There were thousands of them. Most of them came from the Sifang Tianping family and had been imprisoned, such as the group that Shenwutian was going to execute. Lu Yin was most concerned about The same people in the Red Garden.

He looked at the people.

Those people were looking at him too.

Looking at each other, “Young Master?” The thin man who was constantly looking for the Young Master in the Red Garden looked at Lu Yin and spoke hesitantly.

Lu Yin looked at him and said, “I’m sorry for making you suffer.”

The man was excited and stepped forward, staring at Lu Yin, “You, are you really the young master?”.

At this time, the fat old woman pushed the man away and ran towards Lu Yin excitedly, “I recognize him, I recognize him, young master, you are the young master.”

Lu Yin supported the old woman and saw that the old woman was shaking with excitement and her eyes were red. He apologized, “I’m sorry, I have lost my memory and I don’t remember you.”

The fat old woman shook her head, tears streaming down her face, “It doesn’t matter, young master, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are not dead. That day, that day, I really thought you were dead. Young master, are you hungry? I will make you something to eat.” ?”.

“Young Master

Do you still remember me, old man? I am your enlightenment mentor, the one who teaches you how to read.” The crazy old man at the bottom of the lake stepped forward excitedly.

Immediately afterwards, the little girl who looked to be only ten years old came forward and said, “Young Master? I am your sister, Young Master, my biological sister.”

In the back, the man who would bury himself in the ground pulled the girl away, “Don’t take advantage of me, Master. Don’t believe her. She is just an old woman who has become obsessed with cultivation. She has been like this for hundreds of years. Back then, You took her back to the Lu family because you thought she was pitiful. This old woman has been taking advantage of you all the time, and she must be your sister.”

The girl angrily said, “Lu San, you are just a housekeeper, don’t slander me. I am the young master’s sister. Hello, the young master only buried his head in the soil to scare you once when he was a child. Do you think the young master likes this? “Play, you are so old and you still bury your head in the ground just to scare the young master. The young master is trying to save face for you and didn’t tell you anything.”

“Shut up, how can you be so arrogant in front of the young master?” The thin man turned around and shouted.

His words were still useful, and several people quickly shut up.

Lu Yin looked at them complexly and understood a little. The crazy old man at the bottom of the lake was a teacher. When he was crazy, he was immersed in his own world and still teaching. Perhaps, he was the one he taught.

The fat old woman is a cook, so she cooks even when she is crazy, just to cook for herself.

The little girl is a cultivator he took in and likes to play with him.

The man who likes to bury his head in the soil is the housekeeper. Because he was playful when he was a child, he buried his head in the soil to scare him once. After he went crazy, he would always remember this scene and repeat it, just to play with himself. , even if he is crazy, he still has fun. In his world, he is also there.

There is also that thin man who is frail but dignified. He should be regarded as a guardian or something. He is the half-ancestor.

These people are the people who were closest to me when I was a child, so they were locked up in the Red Garden. There are many people like them.

Listening to those people calling Young Master, Lu Yin felt uncomfortable.

The thin man looked back with a stern look on his face, “Young Master is tired, please don’t disturb me yet.”

Those people suddenly became quiet and just looked at Lu Yin hopefully.

Lu Yin asked people to settle them down. The fat old woman and the others were naturally placed in Tianshang Sect. Regardless of whether they have amnesia or not, they should be the closest people to him. People who remember him even if they are crazy, they are family .

In addition to them, there are also a group of Lu family relics on the battlefield behind them, like Tu Qiming and the others. Those people will be brought back after he takes over the fourth formation. This is the agreement with Bai Wangyuan.

The rest of the people left, but the thin man stayed. “I am the protector of the young master. I will never leave the young master. Even if I die, I will die in front of the young master.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? How could the young master die?”

At this time, Quiro came up and said, “Old Shan, long time no see, haha.”

The thin man looked at Quero, stunned for a moment, then rubbed his eyes, “Quero?”.

Qui Luo laughed, “It’s me, Lao Shan. I didn’t expect there would be a chance to meet again.”

The thin man smiled and looked at Quiro in wonder, “I didn’t expect that you would still be alive. You have been protecting the young master?”.

Quiluo said, “Of course, this kid would have died long ago if it weren’t for me.” After saying this, he looked at Lu Yin, “This guy is your protector. You keep calling him Master Shan, even though he is so weak. In fact, what he is best at is defense, a very stubborn defense, and he is speechless even if he knows how to defend.”


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