Star Odyssey Chapter 2333: This moment

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Lu Yin groaned, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. He was just using Chen Zu’s power, but it did not mean that he was Chen Zu. Even if Chen Zu faced Xia Shenji at this moment, it would not be so easy to defeat him.

After so many years, Xia Shenji’s power has continued to increase, even Wu Zu was amazed, but the power left by Chen Zu was still from the Daoyuan Sect era.

The Ancestral World fought against the Ancestral World, and the Divine Martial Sword Realm was continuously torn apart, the endless blades shattered, and the starry sky of the fifth continent was broken.

The countless cultivators and starry sky beasts who gathered were shocked, what kind of power is this? Even the mere aftermath can destroy them.

Mingnu, Lu Buzheng and others were shocked. This power was extremely strong even in the Tianshang Sect era. The enemy Lu Yin faced was so powerful?

The elder Gong was worried. He saw the stars in the sky shattered. Chen Zu’s power would not be exhausted by that boy.

Lu Yin was also worried. He stepped on the stars in the sky, but they were broken one by one. Xia Shenji fought like crazy. He was injured. crack.

But Xia Shenji still didn’t give up, “Xia Shang, come out, get out of here”, he roared angrily, and the Shenwu Sword Domain continued to spread, trying to find Xia Shang.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth, this was not going to work. Even if Xia Shenji was destroyed, he would be useless, and it was impossible to destroy Xia Shenji with the power left by Chen Zu.

Not to mention there is Bai Sheng in the distance.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin immediately took out the left arm of the God of Death and tried this. He held half of Goulian in the left arm of the God of Death. For a moment, he seemed to see the starry sky still, the passage of time, and a familiar line. The shadow walked out of the long river of time, overlapped with him, and held Gou Lian. It was the God of Death.

Lu Yin couldn’t control himself anymore. His body overlapped with the shadow of the God of Death. The God of Death was him, he was the God of Death.

Gou Lian slowly lifted up, and what he guided out was not only the death energy in his left arm, but also Kunze.

At this moment, the Shenwu Sword Realm is shaking with the stars in the sky.

At this moment, countless people were fearful and desperate, feeling the power of God’s power.

At this moment, Bai Sheng was retreating.

At this moment, the Hell Dragon covered his head and kept retreating.

At this moment, Lu Yin couldn’t control himself, but his body was moving and lifting Gou Lian.

At this moment, Kunze’s death energy boiled, and then turned into a black rainbow across the cosmic sea, the inner universe, and connected to the endless territory. The death energy spanned the starry sky, was pulled out by Gou Lian, and slashed at Xia Shenji.

Xia Shenji’s face changed drastically, the power of death appeared, Gou Lian slashed, a black light passed by, the death energy disappeared, as if nothing happened.

Only the Shenwu Sword Domain was cut horizontally. Xia Shenji spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes red, “God of Death?”.

Lu Yin watched in shock. With one blow, all of Kunze’s death energy was consumed. He didn’t know how the God of Death did it. This was a strike that spanned the ages.

The Shenwu Sword Domain disappeared. Bai Sheng appeared behind Xia Shenji. He grabbed him and left. It was too late if he didn’t leave. He was afraid that Gou Lian would strike a second time. He was not as durable as Xia Shenji. If it were replaced by He took one blow and died.

Only the strong ones at the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas level can withstand this attack.

Xia Shenji and Bai Sheng left, Kunze’s death energy was exhausted, and Lu Yin’s body was able to move again. He quickly retracted his left arm of the **** of death and looked at Gou Lian with a look of shock that could not go away for a long time. He actually merged with the God of Death and sent out a blow, severely damaging Xia Shenji.

At that moment, he had a strange feeling, not only the power of death, but also – time. He felt the long river of time. When the power reaches a certain level, is it possible to span the years without special training? Long river?

He couldn’t understand it, but he felt it.

For a moment of dizziness, Lu Yin quickly canceled the summons. The death energy in his body was almost exhausted, and he could not support the summoning of General Evil Chi.

The Hell Dragon was watching him carefully from a distance. Lu Yin’s power of stars in the sky and Gou Lian’s slash had scared it, and it instinctively felt that it should not approach.

Lu Yin put away Gou Lian and exhaled, it was over this time, and Chen Zu’s stars in the sky had consumed too much. Fortunately, he could severely damage Xia Shenji with the death strike, otherwise he would really be unable to stop that madman.

If he was facing Bai Wangyuan or Wang Fan instead of Xia Shenji, Lu Yin believed that they would not fight him to the death like this. It was only because of the great grudge between Xia Shenji and Xia Shang.

Xia Shang even robbed Xia Shenji of Shanhai. In the words of the Xia family, Xia Shenji had no chance, not unwillingness. In fact, how could Xia Shenji not want to inherit Shanhai.

No matter how powerful he is, he will never be able to conquer the world.

After wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Lu Yin waved to the prison dragon, who came over carefully.

Lu Yin stood above it and headed towards the place where the cultivators gathered.

Soon, he arrived.

Looking at the huge body of the Hell Dragon, countless cultivators and starry sky beasts looked at it, their eyes full of admiration and fanaticism.

Although they couldn’t see the battle just now, the power of destroying the world was enough for them to imagine that the power of the ancestral realm that could destroy the universe at will made their senses towards Lu Yin change again.

Nothing increases prestige more than defeating the ancestral realm.

At this moment, no resentment or jealousy can be seen in the eyes of all cultivators, only fanaticism, worship and admiration.

“I know what you are thinking,” Lu Yin said, facing all the practitioners.

At the front are a group of half-ancestors, followed by Star Envoys, Enlightenment Realm, Hunting Realm, Cruise Realm, Exploration Realm cultivators, and countless starry sky beasts.

Most of these practitioners are from the Fifth Continent, and many are from the Sixth Continent.

Facing countless fanatical and admiring looks, Lu Yin curled up his lips and said, “Yes, the enemy just now is the ancestral realm.”

The breath of countless cultivators is stagnant. Ancestor, an unreachable word, is obviously the end of their practice and the goal of all of them, but they can never reach it.

“I defeated the enemies in the ancestral realm. I am what you think of as ancestral, synonymous with invincibility, but it does not mean that I am truly invincible.” Lu Yin looked at everyone, “Do you know what realm I am in?”

“Three source tribulations, only three source tribulations of cultivation, I defeated the ancestor, only three source tribulations.”

A group of cultivators were shocked again. Three origin tribulations can lead to the retreat of the ancestors. Even biographies dare not write this.

“I can tell you that in the future our enemies will have ancestors. Do we need to be afraid? Is it worth being afraid? Because of me, I, Lu Yin, can retreat from the ancestors after three origin tribulations. When I become a half-ancestor, I can kill the ancestors. , with my leadership, will you be afraid?”

“No”, someone said.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened sharply, the **** dragon roared, and the power of the ancestral realm swept away. This power made it difficult for them to breathe, but it was the power to protect them, “Are you afraid?”

“No”, more

People shout.

“Are you afraid?”.

“No”, all the cultivators shouted, even Jiuyao, Cai’er, Lu Buzheng and other half-ancestors were shouting, forming a momentum, a force that dared to charge even if they faced the strong ones in the ancestral realm. They dare to bite.

Outside the new empty corridor of the Science and Technology Star Territory, Bai Sheng walked out with Xia Shenji. The scar almost cut him in half, and the wound was still filled with death energy, making it impossible to recover. Even Xia Shenji’s ancestral realm power could not eliminate it.

Xia Shenji was breathing heavily, and every time he took a breath, blood would come out of his mouth, along with a black aura of death.

Bai Sheng smiled bitterly, looking at the endless territory, hearing the shouts of countless cultivators, and feeling the indomitable momentum, “The descendants of the Lu family are ruthless enough.”

” Xia Shang, the more he thought about it, the deeper the anger in his heart became.

Xia Shang is the biggest pain in the Xia family. He and Xia Shang are the same generation, almost the same age.

When he was young, he was a direct descendant of the Xia family, and Xia Shang was just a collateral descendant. At that time, Xia Shang could only be his sparring partner, and even had to fight for the qualifications to be his sparring partner. However, current events have changed, and that person turned out to be He broke out after the death of his parents, practiced the method of nine clones, and used the giant clone to fight in the starry sky, defeating all the masters of his generation, and he was also defeated by Xia Shang.

Since then, he has no qualifications to compete with Xia Shang. He has overwhelming resentment and jealousy towards Xia Shang.

So when Wuzu appeared in the starry sky of the tree, he deliberately used the Divine Sword Domain just to let Wuzu compare his power with Xia Shang. He wanted to surpass Xia Shang, and just now, Xia Shang’s stars appeared in the sky, He wanted to destroy it like crazy and would not allow any of Xia Shang’s power to appear, no matter what the cost.

In the end, he fought against Xia Shang’s stars, but was severely injured by the power of death.

“Senior Shenji, go back, I will guard this place,” Bai Sheng advised. With Xia Shenji’s condition, it was impossible for him to take action again.

And he was a little panicked. It was so evil. A star envoy could not only summon the ancestral realm, but also exert the power of the ancestral realm and enslave the creatures of the ancestral realm. In the end, he even used the power of the ancient ancestor Death God. This It frightened him so much that he didn’t want to take action again.

To outsiders, the ancestral realm seems to be immortal, but only after reaching this realm do we realize that the ancestral realm is also a human being, and will die and be afraid of death.

Although Xia Shenji was unwilling to accept it, he still retreated to the starry sky of the tree. “Keep here. If Lu Xiaoxuan wants to destroy the Xinkong Corridor, tell him that we will slaughter all the Lu family’s remaining officials.” After saying that, he left.

Bai Sheng’s face turned bitter. Can he be allowed to say this? Wouldn’t that make him offend Lu Xiaoxuan to death? He is not afraid of a star envoy, but Lu Xiaoxuan is too weird. This kind of person can even repel two ancestral realms, and there is nothing he can’t do. It’s too weird, and he doesn’t want to offend him.

I hope Lu Xiaoxuan won’t come.

Xia Shenji returned to the Dominion Realm. Soon, the Dominion Realm was shaken. Bai Wangyuan and others looked at the injured Xia Shenji in disbelief.

They could accept that Lu Xiaoxuan used various powers to defeat Xia Shenji, but they could not accept that Xia Shenji was injured and suffered such a serious injury. This was impossible. Xia Shenji was almost the same as them.

Wu Zu and Mu Xie both came out. They didn’t expect this.


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