Star Odyssey Chapter 2331: One person

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After listening to Lan Xian’s words, Fan Shun said respectfully, “This junior knows.”

Lan Xian looked at those people with the nine surnames again, “Recruitment on the battlefield is no small matter, don’t make the mistake.” After saying that, his body disappeared.

Those people with the nine surnames breathed a sigh of relief and glared at Fan Shun angrily, but they did not dare to take action again.

Fan Shun didn’t even look at them and went to the recruiting place alone.

Lu Yin summoned the entire Fifth Continent to gather in an area. Conflicts would naturally arise when countless people gathered together. The hatred and grievances in the past gradually unfolded, but with the roar of the Hell Dragon, the entire starry sky became quiet, and no one dared to act arrogantly. , gathered in silence and left.

Lu Yin stood on top of the prison dragon and watched countless people gathering, including half-ancestors, star envoys, those in the Enlightenment Realm, the Hunting Realm, and countless cultivators. These people now listen to him. He is the leader of the fifth continent.

As more and more people gathered together, more and more people looked with reverence, fear, and fanaticism. Whether these people hated Lu Yin or supported him, they only obeyed his orders at this moment. , Lu Yin does not need to consider whether he has enemies here, does not need to consider balancing all parties, he does not need to consider anything, even those strong men from the Tianshang Sect era, even if they have their own plans, they must listen to him at this moment.

Suddenly, a surge of heroic spirit surged from his chest, transforming into a war dynasty, boiling in the void, spreading continuously, from the first three miles to ten miles, a hundred miles, then a thousand miles, spreading more and more, three thousand miles, Five thousand miles, ten thousand miles away, the void curled up like burnt paper, spreading with Lu Yin as the center, as if it was igniting the dark universe.

The indescribable arrogance made Lu Yin’s heart almost burst. He clenched his fists, and the Warring States Period suddenly paused. Then it was released with a bang, as if it had broken free of the reins and spread directly to millions of miles away.

The universe is so vast, millions of miles away is just a drop in the ocean. However, when Lu Yin condensed this fighting spirit, the intensity increased far beyond what it had been before.

Lu Yin used the six points of the dice to integrate into Henye’s body, comprehending the realm of the sky **** in the field, and surpassed Mr. Tang. He is no longer a shortcoming, and now with the gathering of the entire fifth continent, both humans and giant beasts obey He ordered, and this heroic spirit made him directly break through the Warring States Period.

Now I don’t even know how powerful his Warring States power is.

Lu Yin withdrew his hand, and the Warring States Period shrank from a distance and finally disappeared.

The Warring States Period is very strong. He can feel that with the Warring States Period alone, he can defeat the seven or eight source calamity experts. But the Warring States Period is only the Warring States Period after all. What he wants more is the purple-black substance like Henxin, which is It was stronger than the power of the Warring States Period, but he had only seen two people use it in the current era, one was Hen Xin, and the second was the Ancient God. It was impossible for him to get the cultivation method from the Ancient God. If he wanted to learn it, Hen Xin was the only one.

But we have to wait until the tree starry sky is solved.

In the starry sky **** realm of the tree, all the zombie kings of the ancestral realm of the Eternal Tribe who were originally entangled with Bai Wangyuan and others retreated just as Xia Shenji entered the fifth continent.

Before Bai Wangyuan and others could recover, Xia Shenji came back.

It didn’t take long for him to fight Lu Yin on the fifth continent. The one who came back this time was the ancestral realm clone.

“Why are you back? Did you deal with Lu Xiaoxuan?” Wang Fan asked, looking at Xia Shenji, surprised, “You are not the original body.”

Xia Shenji’s clone told the story of the battle on the fifth continent with a low expression.

Bai Wangyuan and others were silent. At the same time, an uncontrollable murderous intention spread in their hearts.

Bai Wangyuan sneered, “A little guy who has been robbed for three times actually knocked back your Xia Shenji

Come here, should I be glad that I discovered it early or regret that I discovered it late? “.

Wang Fan said in a deep voice, “This is only three source tribulations. Once he reaches six source tribulations or even half-ancestor, will anyone be able to restrain him?” At this point, he looked at Xia Shenji’s clone, “Whose is that general station?”.

Xia Shenji’s clone said, “You guessed it right, it should be Lu Jian’s.”

“Lu Jian? He should be dead, right?” Long Zu was surprised.

They are all people of the same era. Although Longzu became an ancestor later, his long life is entirely due to the longevity of the White Dragon clan. To be honest, when he was born, these parents were not born, so he naturally knew Lu simple.

Xia Shenji’s clone said, “I just guessed that the only person in the Lu family who could cultivate the power of Old Fu to that extent was Lu Jian. He shouldn’t be able to become an ancestor, but now it seems that Old Fu’s power allowed him to break the ancestor Otherwise, there is no way to defeat me.”

“With one Lu Jian, one Hell Dragon, and the Evil Chi summoned from the general station, you have indeed gone through a tough battle.” Bai Wangyuan looked deeply at Xia Shenji, “But with these alone, it shouldn’t be able to stop you. You kill Lu Xiaoxuan.”

Xia Shenji raised his eyes and said, “You will know after you try it.”

“You still want to go to the Fifth Continent?” Wu Zu’s voice came. She came and looked at Xia Shenji with interest, “It seems that she has suffered a loss.”

Xia Shenji stared at Wu Zu, “You know Lu Xiaoxuan’s ability in the fifth continent, so you didn’t stop me. Are you sure I can’t kill him, right?”

Wu Zu raised his eyebrows, “Am I obligated to explain to you?”.

“You”, Xia Shenji was furious.

Bai Wangyuan took a step forward and walked to Xia Shenji’s side, “I’ll go with you, Lu Xiaoxuan, you must die.”

Xia Shenji nodded and was about to leave without looking at Wu Zu.

Wuzu frowned, “The Eternals are retreating at this time just to cause us to fight among ourselves. If you go to the Fifth Continent, a war will definitely start, and only the Eternals will benefit.”

“If you don’t kill Lu Xiaoxuan, he will always be a hidden danger to mankind,” Wang Fandao said.

Wuzu shouted coldly, “I can prevent him from starting a civil war, but if the Eternals benefited, he wouldn’t be willing.”

“Why not start a civil war?” Bai Wangyuan looked at Wu Zu, “If you can really make him stop”, he paused after saying this.

The others looked at him, waiting for his words.

Wu Zu felt excited and stared at Bai Wangyuan.

Bai Wangyuan raised his head and said, “I want to kill him even more.”

“Why?” Wu Zu was puzzled.

Bai Wangyuan said coldly, “Lu Xiaoxuan will never forget his hatred for me, Sifang Tianping. He is giving up now just for better revenge in the future. With his talent, even if he can never break the ancestors, he is still a threat to us. I will wait. He has lived longer than him. Even if he can’t deal with us, he can still deal with our descendants. In this day and age, who among our peers can stop Lu Xiaoxuan?”

“The reason why the Lu family dominates the fifth continent is because they have never cut off their supreme bloodline. From the legendary ancestor of the Lu family to the later Lu Tianyi and then to Lu Feng, Lu Qi, who is not a supreme genius? Which one cannot rule a person? Era? The people of the Lu family are too scary. Once we let Lu Xiaoxuan grow up, the surname will still be Lu in the future.”

Wuzu didn’t refute. This is a fact. No matter how outstanding the Bai family, Xia family, and Wang family are, they are far inferior to the Lu family. The Lu family is too terrible. As long as there is a direct lineage with awakening points and general talents, all There is no solution.

Xia Shenji’s face turned ugly, “A mere one will never be able to do anything

Lu Jian, who is the founder of Fa Chengzu, has the ability to fight against the ordinary ancestral realm by virtue of the general ancestral realm, and he himself has cultivated a power close to that of Lao Fu. This is the direct line of the Lu family. We How is it possible to let Lu Xiaoxuan live?”

Wu Zu was surprised, “Lu Jian?”.

Xia Shenji sneered, “Don’t you know Lu Xiaoxuan very well? Stop pretending, he was able to defeat me only because of Lu Jian’s skill.”

Wu Zu raised his eyebrows, what do you mean? Why didn’t he mention Xia Shang’s power? With Xia Shenji’s personality, he shouldn’t not mention Xia Shang, unless that kid didn’t use Xia Shang’s power to make a move, Lu Jian’s commanding platform? She remembered that there was indeed such a point.

That boy actually forced Xia Shenji back with just a few generals? What happened to this starry sky?

Even though Zu Wu was well-informed, he was a little unable to react in time at this moment.

Bai Wangyuan stepped over her to go to the fifth continent.

At this time, another figure walked out, and it was Mu Xie.

The appearance of Mu Xie alerted Xia Shenji and others.

“Mu Xie, if you don’t protect your territory, why are you here?” Xia Shenji yelled angrily.

Bai Wangyuan stared at Mu Xie, “What are you going to do?”.

Mu Xie calmly raised a finger and said “one”.

“What do you mean?”, Long Zu said in a low tone.

Mu Xie said calmly, “Here, only one person is allowed to trouble my junior brother. One more person is not allowed.”

Xia Shenji was extremely angry, “Mu Xie, you are determined to fight against our Sifang Balance. Do you want to die?”.

Mu Xie looked at him and said, “You can’t kill me.”

Xia Shenji subconsciously wanted to take action.

Bai Wangyuan frowned, “Mu Xie, who is your master?”.

Wuzu also looked at Mu Xie curiously, what kind of person is a master who can cultivate monsters like Zujing and Lu Yin?

Throughout history, such people should be very famous.

“You don’t know each other,” Mu Xie said.

Wang Fan said in a cold tone, “Stop making up stories. With our status, how could we not know each other? Mu Xie, you have defected to the Lu family a long time ago. Of course you will help Lu Xiaoxuan when he appears. There is no such person as the so-called master.” .

“No,” Wu Zu interjected, “I remember that boy also had a senior brother in the Fifth Continent. What was his name? Qing, Qing Ping, yes, that’s Qing Ping.”

“Qing Ping? Why does it sound so familiar?” Long Zu muttered to himself. Suddenly, he remembered, “Qing Ping, the one who once sneaked into the Dominion Realm to fight for the origin of things and defeated the elites of the Lu family. Qingping?”

Bai Wangyuan looked at Wu Zu with a sharp look, “Is this Qingping who came to the last Yuan Lun Festival?”

Wu Zu rolled his eyes, “How do I know him? I only know him by this name.”

Others looked at Mu Xie.

Mu Xie said, “Yes, my junior brother has been here before and defeated people from the Lu family.”

Bai Wangyuan and the others looked at each other. He was really this person. So they were really brothers? They always thought that Mu Xie made it up just to find a reason to save Lu Xiaoxuan, but now it seems that it may not be the case.

Wang Fan stepped forward, “No matter what, Mu Xie, your ambition is to eradicate Red Back. In order to protect mankind, Lu Xiaoxuan’s existence must be the source of human civil war. Are you going to give up so many years of persistence for him?”.

Mu Xie clasped his hands behind his back, “My junior brother alone will be enough to carry the entire human race in the future.”


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