Star Odyssey Chapter 2329: Unfathomable

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The Blood Ancestor looked at the starry sky overturning, “If the ancestral realm is coming, why not come?” He looked at Lu Yin, “Although I almost fell to the ancestral realm, it is still okay to delay it a little. If something happens, let you Leave immediately.”

“Senior”, Lu Yin was about to say something, but Blood Ancestor raised his hand to stop him, “You can use Chen Ancestor’s power, but do you know that even Chen Ancestor can’t deal with the same nine mountains and eight seas so easily, you Just using the power of Chen Zu does not mean that you are Chen Zu. Lu Yin, you are the most gifted human being I have ever seen. I firmly believe that you will never be inferior to Chen Zu in the future, and you can even touch the ancient Dao. At the ancestral level, as long as you are here, mankind has hope.”

“I’m not doing it for you, I’m doing it for humanity. Live as long as possible. A semi-disabled person like me should do something if he can. And I also hope to leave some good deeds for the Sixth Continent.” .

Lu Yin admired him, “The senior’s broadmindedness makes the junior admire him, but to deal with Xia Shenji, the junior is more than prepared.”

The Blood Ancestor was surprised, “Is there anyone else who can help? Or is it a rare treasure?”.

Of course it’s not an exotic treasure. Xia Shenji has been on guard against things like slippers for a long time. He wanted to use the slippers to sneak attack Xia Shenji. Don’t let the sneak attack fail and the slippers be robbed instead, which would be more than worth the loss.

With a wailing cry, the body of the Hell Dragon suddenly fell. Several huge chains bound it, making it unable to move. Evil Chi raised his knife and slashed upwards, with an invisible shadow of the knife. It should be some kind of ancestral realm battle. Technique, stepping on the stairs made of dense bones, each step up, its power will increase by one point.

Xia Shenji’s eyes were stern, and he let Echi slash out. In an instant, Echi disappeared and appeared in the position a second ago.

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat, no, the power of time.

Xia Shenji casually struck a palm with his hand, and the Shenwu Gang Qi contained the power of changing the world and crushed Echi, with half of his body broken to pieces.

The Blood Ancestor’s face twitched, “This is the power of the top ancestral realm at that time. Boy, no matter what back-ups there are, run away first.” After saying that, he was ready to fight for his life. It seemed that even if the Hell Dragon and the strong Han Lian is no match.

Lu Yin knew that Xia Shenji was very powerful, comparable to the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas, but his power was still a bit unexpected. At the same time, he also had a deeper understanding of the power of Senior Brother Mu Xie.

In the starry sky of the tree, Xia Shenji did not take many shots. At first, he made random shots, but was blocked by Wuzu and himself through various means. Later, in order to show his true strength, he showed off in front of Wuzu. The Ancestral World erupted, and its power was unmatched. Lu Yin could not understand it at all, and Wu Zu had no chance of stopping it.

The appearance of senior brother Mu Xie saved Lu Yin’s life.

At that time, Lu Yin could not intuitively feel the power of Xia Shenji, because there was no other ancestral realm to compare with, only senior brother Mu Xie.

Now he saw the comparison. After all, that evil Chi was in the ancestral realm, but was crushed by Xia Shenji. He was helpless against the power of time. How did Senior Brother Mu Xie fight against Xia Shenji?

“I really have to fight for my life,” Lu Yin murmured, looking at the general platform, his pupils turned into runes, and the Candle God villain also appeared on his shoulders.

He has to find a way to use the power of the runes of the Dianjiangtai.

The Candle God practiced the Creation Realm Zhou Yan Sutra and transformed himself into a candle. Based on this, it is speculated that this general platform was transformed by Lu Jian. Since the Candle God can be restored to a villain and let him use his power, then It may not be impossible to point the general station.

Always give it a try.

Lu Jian and the Candle God are not on the same level. The Candle God is a Star Envoy who is at the peak of his cultivation of the Zhou Yan Sutra. He turned into a candle and now has half-ancestral level runes.

As for Lu Jian, he is the half-ancestor. He practices the Zhouyan Scripture in order to destroy his ancestor. He is a practitioner of the Zhouyan Scripture second only to Fuzu. If he can use his power, does that mean he can use it? The power of a strong person who cultivates the Zhouyan Scripture?

Although it is just a guess, guesses should be tried in this case.

Chen Zu’s power is his last resort. Now there is only Xia Shenji. If Bai Wangyuan or Wang Fan also comes, what can he do to fight with all his cards?

Zhou Yan Sutra – Infinite Realm, Lu Yin grabbed the Dianjiang Platform, and with the help of the Candle God’s runes, he kept trying to bring out the runes in the Dianjiang Platform.

He didn’t know how to borrow the runes of this general platform, so he could only try.

In the distance, the Hell Dragon and Evil Chi were constantly being suppressed. Xia Shenji seemed impatient. A clone walked out and faced Lu Yin. He waved his hands and chains formed from the void and wrapped around them.

The Blood Ancestor stepped out and prepared to fight.

Lu Yin threw the slippers directly to him, “Senior, use this to shoot.”

The Blood Ancestor subconsciously took it, raised his slippers and patted the chains.

With the half-impaired strength of Blood Ancestor, even the ancestral world is gone. It is probably not as powerful as Senior Brother Qingping, so why should he block his identity? Even if it is just a clone, you must know that this clone is also in the ancestral realm.

The Ancestral Realm is not that easy to achieve, but Xia Shenji belongs to the Daoyuan Sect era. In that era, strong men emerged in large numbers. He can compete with those strong men. No matter in which era he is placed, he is an extremely elite. If it were not for being compared to Chen Zu Going down, Xia Shenji’s brilliance can be traced back to the Tianshang Sect era.

With a bang, the chains were scattered and turned into Shenwu Gangqi. Xia Shenji’s clone looked at the slippers in the Blood Ancestor’s hand with fear, and at the same time stared at the Blood Ancestor, “Is that you?”.

He recognized it. When Lu Yin broke through the Star Envoy and looked at the starry sky of the tree, the Blood Ancestor was the ancestral realm powerhouse behind him. If not for the Blood Ancestor, they would not be afraid of the Fifth Continent. After all, they could not touch it. The Qingxue Ancestor is shallow, but now it seems that he is a waste.

The Blood Ancestor was shocked by the power of the slippers in his hands. He had many questions to ask, but he had no time now.

Lu Yin didn’t know how many ancestral realm clones Xia Shenji could create. He couldn’t be like Chen Zu, who had all nine ancestral realm clones, but even if there were only three ancestral realm clones, he could still create one more.

Just as he was thinking about it, the number of runes on the surface of the general ordering platform suddenly skyrocketed. The surge was so terrifying that others could not see it, but Lu Yin could see it.

At the same time, in the new universe, the home of the gods, the Mirror God stared blankly in the direction of Lu Yin. He saw the endless runes covering them in an instant, spreading to the entire fifth continent. This is, the runes were The power of ancestors?

The Dianjiangtai is naturally not the power of Fu Zu, but Lu Yin guessed it right. Lu Jian and Zhu Shen have cultivated themselves into their own talents. Zhu Shen is at the peak of Star Envoy, and after becoming a candle, he has the Rune Dao of Half Ancestor. Numbers, and Lu Jian was originally a half-ancestor. After he became a general, he had the runes of the ancestral realm.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened suddenly and he laughed wildly. On the other side, Xia Shenji’s body was horrified. His divine sword domain was once again pushed away by a force, and it was the power of the ancestral realm. What happened? He stared at the Blood Ancestor, who was he? No, he didn’t use the Ancestral Realm, and he was so weak that he fell out of the Ancestral Realm. Where did it come from?

He never dreamed that this power came from Dianjiangtai. He was surprised that Dianjiangtai could summon generals Evil Chi. How could two ancestral realm powers come from one Dianjiangtai? Unless the owner of Dianjiangtai is from the ancestral realm.

But it happened.

Lu Yin felt the unimaginably majestic ancestral realm runes and suddenly looked at Xia

The clone of Shenji raised his hand and made a fist with his palm. The expression of Xia Shenji’s clone changed drastically. He couldn’t see the runes, but he really felt the power of threats coming from all directions. This threat made him disappear directly and merge into his body. in vivo.

With a roar, the **** dragon rolled and crashed into Xia Shenji. Evil Chi rushed madly. He was summoned to come out. Even if he was broken into pieces, as long as Lu Yin had an endless supply of death energy, he would Able to continuously recover, he became a monster that made Xia Shenji sick.

Xia Shenji looked ugly. Although the Hell Dragon had no wisdom and no ancestral world, it was quite difficult to fight and had extremely high defense. The evil red made him feel how difficult and disgusting the Lu family was. It’s a nightmare for people with talents. Even the monsters of the Eternals can’t stand it. The people who summon generals can’t be beaten to death. There is so much power in the Lu family for summoning generals. He can’t figure out why Lu Yin summons generals to the ancestral realm. , is that half of Goulian?

Not only that, Lu Yin used the power of the runes of the Dianjiangtai to forcefully break open a space in the Shenwu Sword Domain. Although the space was very small, it was still broken open. Coupled with the evil sea of ​​blood, it made Xia Shenji is in trouble.

The most difficult thing for him was the power that appeared at the end. He could see that it was Lao Fu’s power.

Among the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas, Hui Wen is shrewd, Xia Shang is a fighting maniac, Xi Wei is good at thinking, exhausted and lazy, and Lao Fu is unfathomable.

Facing the power of Lao Fu, coupled with the Hell Dragon and Evil Red, as well as the strangeness of the starry sky without star sources, he decided to retreat temporarily.

If one person can’t take it, two people will do it.

Thinking of this, Xia Shenji suddenly retreated, looked at Lu Yin in the distance, and disappeared with murderous intent, and the Shenwu Sword Domain disappeared at the same time.

The **** dragon jumped into the air, baring its teeth and claws, as if it had won.

Seeing Xia Shenji retreating, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief and lifted the summons. Evil Chi disappeared. The Blood Ancestor held the slippers and said, “He’s gone?”

Lu Yin nodded.

The Blood Ancestor said solemnly, “Are you sure?”.

Lu Yin said, “OK.”

The Blood Ancestor breathed a sigh of relief, squatted down in an imageless manner, and said bitterly, “Two ancestral realm creatures, plus me as a semi-crippled person, and the power of the Fu Ancestor that you finally relied on to force him away. As expected of Xia Shen Ji, the ultimate master in the Daoyuan Sect era.”

Lu Yin looked towards the direction of the Science and Technology Star Territory. If Xia Shenji tried his best, these powers might not really be able to do anything to him, but his enemies were not only himself, but also the Eternals, and he even had to guard against the other three families of Sifang Tianping. He It’s impossible to fight hard.

This time I retreated just to find a safer way to deal with myself.

He will come a second time.

Lu Yin took out the wireless Gu and ordered, “Gather”.

He wants to gather the power of the entire Fifth Continent and show the Starry Sky what an abandoned land is. This is the Fifth Continent.

The gathering place is located several territories away from here. He gathered to show the starry sky of the tree, not to be affected by the battle in the ancestral realm. These people cannot be affected and die.

The battle between Lu Yin and Xia Shenji almost turned the Fifth Continent upside down. Although it did not affect anything, the power of the Ancestral Realm was felt by the entire Fifth Continent.

Many people are worried and anxiously awaiting the results.

In the end, they were waiting for two words – assembly.

These two words represent that Lu Yin defeated a strong enemy, and that strong enemy was the ancestral realm.


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