Star Odyssey Chapter 2306: Prestige

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Since the Daoyuan Sect era, there has not been an ancestral realm in the Fifth Continent. Now, the power of the ancestral realm has swept across the fifth continent, shocking countless practitioners, causing the starry sky to boil, the void to push across, and almost changing the world.

Although countless cultivators cannot see the **** dragon in the void, they can feel the supreme pressure.

The Hell Dragon looks up to the sky and roars, exuding majesty wantonly.

Lu Yin didn’t stop him, or in other words, he needed this majesty.

Before going to the Tree Starry Sky, he stepped into the starry sky and relied on the power of Chen Zu to suppress the Fifth Continent. Now, even without the help of Chen Zu’s power, he can suppress the Fifth Continent.

Thinking of this, he thought of Wuzu again, which was a pity again.

Now I just hope that Sifang Tianping will help Wu Zu come out, instead of hiding and never being able to show up. He will have one more task. He lost the mirror, and he has the obligation to find it back.

In the new universe, the Seven-Character Royal Court was originally occupied by the Sanjue Tianmen. However, as Hen Xin was transferred to the Behemoth Star Territory, the Sanjue Tianmen kept a low profile and obeyed the orders of the Tianshang Sect.

As the roar of the Hell Dragon came out, no matter it was the Sanjue Tianmen, the Hall of Glory, the Tianxing Sect, the Home of the Gods, etc., all the major forces were shocked. Every cultivator saluted respectfully to express their respect for their ancestors. Respect and obey the power of the environment.

The Hell Dragon is extremely fast, and it only takes a few breaths to travel from the Glory Realm to the Cosmic Sea. When it descends on the Cosmic Sea, the original climate-changing Cosmic Sea is directly pressed down, and the sea surface sinks.

Shang Shengren looked up at the direction of the Hell Dragon and laughed wildly.

Lu Yin had told Saint Rain before he came, otherwise he was afraid that Saint Rain would misunderstand him and think that he was showing off his power to him. No matter what height he reached, the Rain Legion would always be his home.

“Good boy, hahahaha”, I am happy to go to St. Rennes.

Everyone in the Ren’an Battle Group was equally happy. Tens of thousands of Ren’s Battle Group practitioners and countless pirates secretly loyal to Saint Ren’s all saluted respectfully in the direction of the Hell Dragon.

The Hell Dragon swam across the cosmic sea and reached the inner universe. Major forces such as the Sword Sect and the Lingling Clan saluted at the same time.

The Hell Dragon quickly crossed the starry sky of the inner universe and reached the galaxy. On the galaxy, the giant boat shook and was almost overturned by the breath of the Hell Dragon.

Everyone on the giant boat saluted together, not even daring to look at the prison dragon.

The hugeness and invincible power of the Hell Dragon are so shocking.

Finally, the Hell Dragon passed through the True Universe Star and reached the solar system, letting out a roar.

Inside the gate of Tianshang Zongshan, each cultivator bowed and saluted, “Welcome the return of Daozi.”

“Welcome to the return of Daozi.”

“Welcome to the return of Daozi.”

Before Lu Yin set out for the Glory World, he had people spread the word, telling everyone that he was back, and this was what he wanted.

With the help of the Hell Dragon, his prestige in the Fifth Continent will reach its highest level.

Who can use an ancestral realm creature as a mount? Who can cultivate as a Star Envoy and use an Ancestral Realm creature as a mount? No, from ancient times to the present, there has never been one. Even the legendary God of Death, Destiny, and Wutian have no such records. How can a Star Envoy suppress an Ancestral Realm creature? ? No ancestral realm creature will surrender to the Star Messenger.

But Lu Yin did it. He is the first person in history, and his image at this moment will be deeply imprinted in everyone’s hearts.

The Fifth Continent belongs to him, Lu Yin, and he can decide countless lives and deaths with just one word. Only he, Lu Yin, is qualified. This is true now and even more so in the future.

Facing the upcoming

Under the threat of the Sifang Balance, Lu Yin must raise his prestige to an unprecedented height before he can integrate the entire Fifth Continent to contain the Sifang Balance.

At this moment, there is only one voice in the Fifth Continent, which is – “Welcome to the return of Daozi!”.

Even though Chu Yuan, Helo Mebis, Tian Tian Jialan and others who were unruly and confident that they could become ancestors, after seeing the Hell Dragon as Lu Yin’s mount, they had to bow obediently and say, “Welcome Daozi.” Return”.

Even if Lu Buzheng is an elder of the Lu family in the Tianshang Sect era, he is still the same at this moment. This is his attitude, and no one can be an exception.

Lu Yin was satisfied with everyone’s attitude, but he was attracted by another scene, which was the ancestral turtle.

The solar system is not big, and it is even smaller than the Tianshang Sect that can encompass the stars. The size of the Ancestral Turtle is comparable to that of the Tianshang Sect, so it has never stayed in the solar system, only outside the solar system. The Hell Dragon is about the same size as the Ancestral Turtle. I stayed on the other side of the solar system and didn’t go in.

At this moment, the ancestral turtle bent its neck and stared at the **** dragon with its huge eyes, full of curiosity.

The Hell Dragon also stared at the Ancestral Turtle, equally curious.

The two huge creatures just met their eyes.

It stares at it, it stares at it, it is not afraid of it, it is not afraid of it.

Lu Yin is weird, how dare the ancestor turtle look at the **** dragon? It was a prison dragon, an ancestral realm creature, and even Xia Shenji had to rely on the broken sword to suppress the ancestral realm creature. Although his brain was not easy to use, the power of an ancestral realm creature was far greater than that of Xia Shenji’s clone.

As for the Ancestral Turtle, in Lu Yin’s impression, it has always been a semi-ancestral level existence. Otherwise, how could he be so frightened when he saw the Corpse God?

But now it seems that the ancestral turtle is not afraid of the **** dragon.

Lu Yin was surprised.

The **** dragon moved, raised its upper body, raised its claws high, and roared. It wanted to scare it, and it bared its teeth and claws.

The roar of the **** dragon came out, shaking the void.

The ancestor turtle heard it, then shrank its neck, and still stared at the **** dragon through the turtle shell. His movements seemed to be scared, but his eyes looked like curiosity, not fear.

Lu Yin suddenly remembered that Zhong Pinghai, Bai Weiwei and Mr. Bai were looking for a creature with a source of calamity cultivation, and they also encountered a turtle with a source of calamity cultivation, but Bai Weiwei couldn’t do anything about it.

Bai Weiwei is in the Enlightenment Realm and wants to challenge the Star Envoy by leapfrogging. The Ancestral Turtle faces the Hell Dragon, but the half-ancestral faces the strong ones in the Ancestral Realm. It is not a concept. Moreover, the Ancestral Turtle is so timid, it dares to stare directly at the Hell Dragon. Look, there is only one explanation, and it confirms that there is nothing the **** dragon can do to it.

Although this ancestral turtle is called ancestral turtle, it is only the honorific name of the Mabis family. It was raised by the Lu family and was attracted by the fruits of the Mabis sacred tree. It is greedy, timid, and sleepy, so it is called ancestral turtle. It doesn’t mean that it is an ancestral realm creature, but it doesn’t seem to be necessarily the case now.

The Hell Dragon was unhappy. It finally saw one of similar size. It would be very unhappy if it could not be frightened. It raised its claws again. The five claws were extremely sharp and penetrated the void. Just when it was about to roar louder, it He was slapped by the slipper and almost fainted, “What are you talking about? Shut up.”

The **** dragon whimpered and rolled its eyes, full of grievances.

Across the way, the ancestor turtle’s eyes widened. It saw the slippers, and the heart palpitations it had felt before came back. The screams of the **** dragon were so different from its original screams. Thinking of this, it looked at Lu Yin with fear. , then close your eyes and pretend to sleep.

Nothing is more disgusting than slippers.

This is the first time the Hell Dragon and the Ancestral Turtle have met, separated by a moon

Yang systems, looking at each other.

And in the Tianshang Sect in the solar system, there are people waiting to flatter you, and they are eager to try.

When the Hell Dragon descended, countless words flashed through its mind, finally converging into a sentence that made no sense but fully demonstrated its admiration. It was just waiting to see Lu Yin.

Similarly in the solar system, on the earth, on the bustling streets, everyone salutes in the direction of the Hell Dragon. There are thousands of statues of Lu Yin standing on the earth. Lu Yin has long been the most revered object on the earth throughout the ages. They don’t know that the **** dragon The dragon is terrifying, but its size alone is beyond the control of ordinary people.

At the corner of the street, Xi Qi held a drink cup, bit the straw, and looked in the direction of the **** dragon, “Brother Lu is so awesome.”

Overhead, the cheap fish kept flapping its fins, “Girl, Master Yu is here, suppress it no matter what it is. Master Fish will teach you the art of falcon training. When you encounter a big eagle in the future, you must cooperate with Master Fish to tease it. Your benefits are indispensable.”

Xiqi felt aggrieved, “Look at Brother Lu, he can subdue such a huge creature. Where is the eagle you mentioned? Can we fight it? I’m afraid.”

“It’s worthless. What the **** is that? Mr. Fish flicked it to death with his tail. Hey, Mr. Fish has seen that thing before. Where did it come from?” The cheap fish stared at the **** dragon and recalled it, but he just couldn’t remember it.

Lu Yin didn’t know about their conversation. He placed the Hell Dragon outside the solar system and never allowed it to roar. He returned to Tianshang Sect and took the remaining Star Alliance practitioners with him.

In Tianshang Sect, Lu Yin is in the upper position, with Lu Buzheng and Leng Qing sitting on both sides. The other half ancestors are not here.

One hundred and two people from the Star Alliance stood quietly in the main hall, all of them were Star Envoys.

“Brother Qi, are these all your prisoners? You are too strong, just like that light shining in the starry sky, burning for eternity for billions of years, you are like…” After Lu Yin, Gui Hou finally got the chance and started going crazy. Flattery.

Lu Yin frowned and said, “Shut up.”

Guihou quickly shut up, not daring to say another word.

Lu Yin looked at the one hundred and two Star Alliance cultivators and said, “The survivors of the Lu family, come out.”

More than a dozen people walked out of the one hundred and two people, and some hesitated.

“I’m warning you, you will die if you pretend to be a member of the Lu family,” Lu Yin shouted sharply.

The hesitant cultivators’ hearts trembled and they quickly suppressed their thoughts. They saw with their own eyes the scene of Lu Yin’s fight against Xia Shenji. Although they only saw a little bit before being taken away by the prison dragon, Lu Yin was able to return to the fifth continent, which was enough. What was proved, and they also saw the surrender of the Hell Dragon, for Lu Yin, these people were filled with shock.

Lu Yin ignored the other cultivators, but looked at the remaining officials of the Lu family.

Over the stone forest, the old woman who first called him Young Master died. She rushed towards Xia Shenji with all her strength, just to give him a chance to escape. There were eight people who died with the old woman, including the old woman. A relic of the Lu family rushed toward Xia Shenji like a moth to a flame, and died without a complete body. This filled Lu Yin’s heart with pain, just like the old servant buried in the Supreme Mountain. He didn’t even know his name and the tombstone was not there. Can’t engrave.

The remaining ministers of the Lu family have far less affection for the Lu family than those who did, but since they were assigned to the Star Alliance by Sifang Tianping, it means that they have not surrendered to Sifang Tianping. They are also recognized by Lu Yin as the residual ministers of the Lu family. .

Lu Yin looked at Lu Buzheng and said, “Third uncle, they are left to you, treat them well.”

Lu BuZheng nodded and looked at the dozen or so people complexly, “My name is Lu BuZheng. I come from the Tianshang Sect era. In terms of seniority, I am even higher than Lu Tianyi.”


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