Star Odyssey Chapter 2305: The method of nine parts

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Xia Yuan was thrown into the Supreme Mountain casually at that time, but he only remembered it now.

Xia Yuan looked around blankly, and was attracted by the huge body of the prison dragon at first sight. His legs went weak and he almost fell, “Prison, prison dragon?”

Lu Yin raised his eyes and stared at the **** dragon.

The **** dragon roared, baring its teeth and claws.

Xia Yuan was paralyzed with fear and fell directly to the ground. As a star envoy, he should not be so timid, but he grew up in Shenwutian. The prison dragon is heaven to every Xia family member, even though they are imprisoned. But when this heaven wakes up one day, the impact on the Xia family can be imagined.

Don’t talk about Xia Yuan, even Xia Ziheng was afraid. After the prison dragon was released, he didn’t dare to say a word. Even when Lu Yin and the others fled to the Zhongping Realm, they didn’t dare to approach it.

The prison dragon is too great a deterrent to the Xia family.

“Xia Yuan”, Lu Yin shouted coldly.

Xia Yuan slowly turned his head and looked at Lu Yin, “You, who are you?” He felt that Lu Yin looked familiar.

The Lu Yin at this moment did not look like Yu Hao, but his original appearance. Xia Yuan did not recognize him immediately.

Lu Yin pointed at Xia Shenji’s clone, “See if you recognize him.”

Xia Yuan lowered his head and saw Xia Shenji lying on the ground. His pupils shrank sharply and he blurted out, “Ancestor?”

Xia Shenji’s expression changed and he was about to speak.

Lu Yin grabbed Xia Yuan and appeared directly under the prison dragon. Above his head, the prison dragon’s sharp-toothed jaw slowly dropped. Xia Yuan was so frightened that he couldn’t react at all. The only face in his mind was Xia Shenji’s face. , and the miserable appearance of him lying on the ground.

Why is this happening? How could the ancestor be like this? Impossible, fake, all fake.

With a roar, the Hell Dragon raised its claws and opened its teeth.

Xia Yuan was startled again and looked up at the prison dragon in shock, his whole person in a sluggish state.

“I ask and you answer, otherwise Xia Shenji will serve as a warning to you,” Lu Yin said slowly.

Xia Yuan finally reacted and looked at Lu Yin, “I remembered, you are Lu Xiaoxuan.”

Lu Yin stared at him coldly, “Where is the method of nine clones?”.

Xia Yuan and Lu Yin looked at each other without saying anything, with confusion, confusion, and fear in their eyes. He looked at Xia Shenji in the distance and saw the anger and shock in Xia Shenji’s eyes.

“Ask you again, where is the method of nine-part bodies? If you don’t tell me, I will throw you into the mouth of the Hell Dragon. For the Xia family, it still likes to eat,” Lu Yin said slowly.

Xia Yuan was desperate, “Why, how could the ancestor be like this?”.

Lu Yin frowned, grabbed Xia Yuan and appeared in front of the prison dragon. Both of the prison dragon’s eyes looked forward, forming cross-eyes. It just stared at Lu Yin and Xia Yuan. It couldn’t figure out what these two people were going to do. , and Xia Yuan faced the huge eyeballs of the Hell Dragon so close at hand, and thought of the mouth full of sharp teeth, his face instantly turned pale.

“Nine clones, the method of nine clones is on the head of the **** dragon, I’ve heard of it”, Xia Yuan shouted hurriedly.

“I know this, but where is it specifically?” Lu Yin asked. Xia Yuan was on the verge of collapse after seeing the Hell Dragon and Xia Shenji. At this moment, he was frightened by Lu Yin, so he naturally said anything.

Xia Yuan shook his head, “I don’t know. I didn’t learn the method of nine clones. That can only be learned by direct descendants. But, I heard that you have to look down from a very high place. It is carved on the head.” .

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, and he took Xia Yuan back to the Supreme Mountain, jumped up, climbed up, and looked down at the Hell Dragon, “Lie down, lower your head, don’t turn over, just lie down like this.”

The Hell Dragon’s head lay on the ground in aggrieved condition, eyes rolling straight.

Lu Yin ascended into the sky, getting higher and higher, and the Hell Dragon’s head became more and more complete. Gradually, he realized that something was wrong. There was a patch of color above the corner of the Hell Dragon’s mouth that changed. The higher he got, the more complete it looked. The more obvious this change becomes, conversely, the closer he lands, the closer this change becomes to nothing.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, he identified the location, landed, and appeared next to the place where the color changed.

The prison dragon stared at the corner of his mouth and groaned, obviously unhappy.

Lu Yin looked at the prison dragon, “What, this position makes you uncomfortable?”.

The Hell Dragon’s eyes turned away and looked away.

Lu Yin thought for a while, squatted down, and pressed his hand on that position. For a moment, he felt in a trance. Under his palm, the scales that should have no difference in color suddenly turned blood red and spread out. He raised his head, and faintly He saw a drop of blood falling from the sky of nothingness, and it landed at this location. Then, various scenes appeared in his mind. It was a person, with a series of movements, sometimes separated, sometimes overlapped. When they separated, Lu Yin looked at When everyone had an invisible gas connection, and when they overlapped, he saw the changes in the body of the only figure.

His brain roared, and power suddenly emerged in his heart. The stars in the sky fell, and his body took a few steps back. At some point, his palm was torn apart, exposing the white bones, which stung his nerves.

This is a conflict of bloodlines. Lu Yin looked at his palm. He found the method of nine body parts, but the bloodline conflicted. It is not that the blood of the Xia family is necessary to practice the method of nine body parts, but the bloodline in this direction. When countering him, if it weren’t for the powerful strength in his heart, his body would have been torn to pieces.

This kind of counterattack has nothing to do with cultivation level. Even the half-ancestor will be torn apart in an instant. It depends on whether this counterattack force can be resolved.

And the power in his heart is one of all-changing. Not to mention the blood of the Xia family, even the power of Jialan, the helm of the sixth continent, can be resolved. The power of Jialan is comparable to the blood of the Lu family.

Looking at the scales under his feet that were no different from other scales, Lu Yin knew that this was the method of nine clones that he had dreamed of. What he needed now was the counterforce to suppress this bloodline.

He can suppress it with the power of his heart, but he can’t practice it himself. It seems that he still needs the blood of Chenzu.

Leaving the top of the prison dragon’s head, Lu Yin came to Mr. Chan and others, smiled lightly, “It seems they are all waiting for me.”

Chan Lao smiled bitterly, “Come back as soon as you come back. What’s going on?”.

Lu Yin briefly told what happened in the Starry Sky of the Tree.

He said it easily, but it sounded unbelievable to Mr. Chan and others, even a bit fanciful.

“Capturing the Sifang Tianping sect leader, disrupting the top world, forcing his way into Shenwutian, subduing the Hell Dragon, and even fighting Xia Shenji, none of these things can be done by us. You only have three Origin Tribulation cultivations. , to be able to achieve this step is incredible.” Mr. Zen was shocked.

He has lived from the Daoyuan Sect era to now, what has he not seen? He had even seen the mother tree being removed. Even so, what Lu Yin did shocked him, quite shocking.

Shangsheng Tianshi, Jiu Zhi and others, not to mention the elder Gong, are constantly glad that Lu Yin is not dead, otherwise the soles of his feet

The board is gone.

Xiu Ming Celestial Master is still concerned about interpretation, “The Guyan Celestial Master you are talking about is the first Celestial Master of Tree Starry Sky? How many original formation Celestial Masters are there in Tree Starry Sky?”

Lu Yin said, “Four of you, this Guyan Celestial Master is the first Celestial Master. He has a weird temper and can’t stand Sifang Balance, but Sifang Balance can’t do anything to him.”

Celestial Master Xiu Ming smiled, “If you can become the first Heavenly Master in the Starry Sky of Trees, your language interpretation skills must be astonishing. No matter how stupid Sifang Tianping is, you will not dare to offend such a person. You are teasing Sifang as his disciple.” The balance is normal, right.” After saying this, he paused and looked at Lu Yin strangely, “Have you reached the level of Jieyuan Formation Master?”

Lu Yin nodded.

Celestial Master Xiu Ming marveled, “I thought that although you have talent in interpreting language, it would be difficult for you to improve. Unexpectedly, I still underestimated your talent. Come to my place when you have time, and we will play a game of chess. “.

Lu Yin couldn’t ask for more. The further he goes, the more likely it will be of great use. Huizu himself does not judge his own combat power, but he created the infinite power original treasure formation and protected mankind for countless years. No one can compare with him. No matter how strong a person’s achievements are, their strength may be limited, but the original treasure formation, a means of turning decay into magic, can do things that the strong cannot.

Lu Yin asked himself that he had six points on the dice and practiced as if he was cheating. When he merges into the body of Xiu Ming Celestial Master, into the body of Mu Shang, and then into the body of Gu Yan Celestial Master, he may be able to become the first Celestial Master in this era. He He aspires to achieve the original treasure formation that will bring blessings to future generations like Huizu did.

But the six-point integration of the dice is a method after all, and he still needs to be familiar with it. Playing against Master Xiu Ming is the best choice.

Qing Ping left and successfully broke through the half-ancestor, adding a half-ancestor to the fifth continent, and a half-ancestor who considered himself invincible in the same realm.

Qui Luo also left. The old man had his own place he wanted to go. Lu Yin guessed it was fishing. Thinking of fishing, Lu Yin thought of the stars. In the starry sky of trees, he realized that the stars actually flowed around the mother tree. Yan is the decayed root of the mother tree, which is called the mother soil. There is no Yan in the starry sky of the tree, but there are many in the galaxy. You have to find time to dig it out.

Looking back at the original treasure formation, this time the Tree of Stars and Sky line up, less than half of the goal was accomplished, but it alarmed the balance in all directions, and a head-on confrontation was about to follow.

He would like to see how Sifang Balance deals with him.

Liu Shaoge was left behind in Shenwutian. His fate depends on his own fate, but it shouldn’t be too bad. He didn’t even ask him. It was obvious that he had abandoned him. Shenwutian can do it even if he is not stupid. Thinking of this, people who have been abandoned by them may use it.

But Liu Shaoge can’t get rid of himself unless he removes the Death Seal.

Tong Yu also stayed in the Starry Sky of the Tree. It wasn’t that she was abandoned, but that she didn’t have time to take her away.

Now there are Bai Teng and Wang Zheng in the Supreme Mountain, plus those people captured before, these people are all bargaining chips in negotiations with Sifang Tianping.

The most regrettable thing is the mirror. Wu Zu’s mirror was lost and he didn’t know how to get it back. When facing Xia Shenji, his thoughts were confused and he didn’t expect that. Thinking about it now, Wu Zu wouldn’t blame himself, right? Sifang Tianping Will you hide the mirror?

With this thought, Lu Yin grabbed Xia Shenji, rode the Hell Dragon, and headed towards the outer universe.

He himself couldn’t believe that one day he could capture and ride an ancestral realm. Ancestor was the pinnacle of human cultivation.


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