Star Odyssey Chapter 2295: Domineering figure

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In the distance, everyone in Shenwu Tian looked at Lu Yin. Their eyes were different from before. Regardless of their stance, Lu Yin’s performance had conquered them. There was no one before or after him.

Mr. Tang, Mr. Wei and other people from Yixian Academy turned pale. It was unfair to see Lu Yin helplessly facing the siege of the three half-ancestors, but this is the reality.

In front of Lu Yin, the blade was raging. He hurriedly avoided it, and a huge **** hole was torn open on his chest.

Besides him, the half-moon ring slashed horizontally. The power spreading from his heart faded, as if it had dried up. Even the Death Transformation state could not be maintained. Facing the half-moon ring’s slashing, his pupils turned into runes, and he slashed The attack paused for a moment, and the body stepped aside. The neck was still hit, and the entire head was almost gone.

Master Yu slapped his palm from top to bottom, and the huge pressure shook Shen Wutian, shattering the earth and the void.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, he raised his hand, used the diversion diagram to resist, and at the same time released his energy and energy, deflecting Young Master Yu’s attack, and his own body was also thrown away.

What followed were countless slashes from blades and half-moon rings. They would not give Lu Yin the slightest chance to breathe.

Liu Que watched silently, if one day he could be surrounded by four half-ancestors and beat him to silence, then his death would be worth it.

Bai Weiwei stared at Lu Yin. The budding feelings in Hanxian Sect not only did not disappear, but grew stronger. This person could single-handedly suppress the four young ancestors decades ago, and now, he is fighting a decisive battle with the half-ancestor. Has such a person ever appeared in the past? Can Senior Sister compare to him?

Qingfeng thought of Master Qingchen’s words. Whether it was the era of the Seven Heroes or the era of the Four Young Ancestors decades ago, Lu Xiaoxuan was the best and unmatched. He now realized it.

Xia Shenfei released his palm and it was over. This person will never appear again, but he will never disappear. He will remember it for the rest of his life, remembering this opponent who made him not even qualified to take action.

The God of Cookery took a step forward and wanted to take action. He couldn’t stand it anymore. If there was even a slight chance that Lu Xiaoxuan could survive, it might be worth it. With his talent, he could carry the entire human race.

Whether they are hostile to the Lu family or indifferent to what is happening, seeing Lu Yin face the several half-ancestors alone at this moment, the tragedy is enough to shock their hearts.

Lu Yin’s body hit the ground heavily and he couldn’t help vomiting blood. Behind him, the blade and the half-moon ring followed closely.

At this time, a scorching flame swept across the void, pushing the blade and the half-moon ring away.

Lu Yin looked into the distance and saw the God of Cookery, was it him?

Xia Ziheng and the others suddenly turned around and stared in the direction of Yixian Academy.

Everyone in Yixian Academy was also surprised and looked at the God of Cookery.

“Master, are you protecting the Lu family?” Young Master Yu’s feminine voice came.

After hearing his words, all the students of Yixian Academy were frightened.

The God of Cookery sighed, “Lu Xiaoxuan’s life has value. There is no need to kill him. Just throw him to the battlefield behind. With his strength, he can be used for greater purposes.”

“The Lu family is the biggest red back in our tree starry sky. Throwing him to the battlefield behind is not letting him go?” Mr. Yu said.

The God of Cookery was furious, “It’s not up to you to decide whether the Lu family is red-backed or not.” “The God of Cookery” shouted sharply. Xia Ziheng looked over, “You really want to interfere in the grudge between our Sifang Tianping and the Lu family.” ?”.

A half-moon ring rotated around Wu Yao’s body, “God of Cookery, is it your attitude now, or the attitude of Yixian Academy?”.

The God of Cookery has an ugly face, the balance of the four directions is already forcing Yixian Academy, the place

The reason why they didn’t take more drastic measures was because they were worried about their reputation. After all, there were many cultivators from Yixian Academy who came from the Tree Starry Sky, but if he helped Lu Xiaoxuan, no one would be able to say anything for Yixian Academy.

The Lu family is taboo in the entire tree and starry sky.

“Senior,” Mr. Tang couldn’t help but speak.

The God of Cookery looked at them with complicated eyes.

In the distance, Lu Yin’s voice came, “I don’t need others to interfere with my Lu family’s affairs.”

Everyone looked at him.

At this moment, Lu Yin stood up, covered in blood, and looked at the God of Cookery in the distance, apologetic flashes in his eyes, followed by determination, “When my Lu family was exiled, what did you do? No matter what you do now, I, the Lu family, will not accept your favor, and the favor you owe me has been repaid, so get away.”

Many people frowned, Lu Yin’s attitude was too bad.

Some students in Yixian Academy are also dissatisfied.

The God of Cookery sighed. He knew what Lu Yin meant and didn’t want them to be implicated.

Xia Ziheng sneered and looked back at Lu Yin, “Lu Xiaoxuan, don’t blame us for not giving you a chance to leave a last message. It’s your honor to let you die next to the broken sword of your ancestors.”

At this time, everyone discovered that Lu Yin’s current position was next to the broken knife of the Xia family. The broken knife penetrated the tail of the Hell Dragon, inserted into the earth, and suppressed the Hell Dragon.

Before the Xia family worshiped their ancestors, every Xia family member also came here to pull out the broken sword. This is the place of glory for the Xia family.

Hearing Xia Ziheng’s words, Lu Yin slowly turned around and saw the broken sword. He didn’t even realize that he had landed here. The broken knife, the broken knife. His eyes were bright. He raised his head and looked at the huge broken knife. , but there are still two bottles of Chenzu’s blood in his Ningkong Ring. He had speculated before whether he could pull out the residual sword. Could he?

“You can go die.” Wu Yao couldn’t wait any longer and slashed out the half-moon ring.

Lu Yin stepped forward, stepped on the broken sword, and came to the handle.

Wu Yao’s half-moon ring slashed out horizontally, not caring about the remaining sword. Xia Ziheng and Master Yu also took action at the same time.

The Broken Sword cannot be destroyed at all, otherwise it would be impossible to suppress the Hell Dragon.

They don’t have to worry about taking action.

Lu Yin was standing next to the broken sword at the moment. Above his head was the roar of the battle between Wuzu and the Hell Dragon. Below, three Half-Ancestors were attacking and approaching.

He took a deep breath and shouted, “Senior, I’m going to die.” After saying that, he took out two bottles of Chen Zu’s blood and poured it directly on his hands.

In the distance, Xia Xing saw it, his pupils shrank sharply, what was that?

As Chen Zu’s blood poured into his hands, Lu Yin grabbed the handle of the knife, roared to the sky, and began to pull it out.

At the same time, the three half-ancestors attacked.

Overhead, the fog ancestor appeared. He saw the attacks of the three half-ancestors at a glance, waved his hand, and the fog blocked Lu Yin’s side.

Behind Wu Zu, huge sharp claws descended and grabbed her.

Wuzu has no choice but to avoid it, but it doesn’t matter. He is just manifesting a micro-made clone. However, once it is broken by the **** dragon, it will be difficult to manifest another clone. Boy, please wish yourself well. .

Lu Yin did not see Wu Zu help him block the attacks of the three half-ancestors, nor did he see the huge sharp claws coming from behind Wu Zu. He only saw the broken sword. The moment he held the broken sword, he knew that he could Pulling it out, this is how it feels, so he exerted force, using all his strength, Warring States was released, boiling the void.

Then, under everyone’s incredulous gaze, the broken sword was drawn out.

In an instant, the power from ancient times swept across Shenwu

The sky swept across the entire upper realm, causing the mother tree to tremble.

In an instant, Lu Yin pulled out the remaining sword, and the sound of the blade being unsheathed could be heard in his ears.

In an instant, the Hell Dragon’s sharp claws stopped, and it stared blankly in the direction of Lu Yin. The broken sword was gone, and it was free.

In an instant, a numbing gaze fell from above, coming from an Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

The shocking changes in Shenwu Tian finally made the ancestors of the Dominion Realm unable to sit still. Before, no matter what, Lu Yin was just fighting a trapped beast and was not worth the price they paid to kill him. But now it is different.

No matter who was looking at him, at this moment, Lu Yin pulled out the broken knife, lifted his body into the air, and raised the broken knife high. Blood flowed down the handle of the knife to his body. His whole body was dyed red, but there was an indescribable feeling. The domineering power soared into the sky.

In Shenwu Tian, ​​some people were paralyzed subconsciously, and then one after another. They felt the power of their ancient ancestors. At this moment, Lu Yin was like their ancestor Xia Chan, raising the broken sword high, even if Xia Zihengdu trembling.

Wuzu looked at him in surprise, this kind of domineering attitude seemed to be similar to before.

The huge eyes of the Hell Dragon were staring at Lu Yin, or to be precise, staring at the broken knife. It wanted to take away the broken knife, and it did whatever it wanted. The Hell Dragon’s sharp claws passed over Wuzu and grabbed Lu Yin directly.

Lu Yin did not expect that the first person to attack him after pulling out the broken sword was not the three half-ancestors, but the Hell Dragon.

The Hell Dragon is an ancestral realm creature. If an ancestral realm creature attacks him, it is impossible for him to escape.

But holding the Broken Knife in his hand, Lu Yin didn’t know why, but he couldn’t feel the pressure of the Hell Dragon, as if it was not an ancestral realm creature, but a pitiful creature that could be suppressed by the Broken Knife. He raised his head and stared at the Hell Dragon. The remaining sword slashed hard, “unbridled”.

The Hell Dragon’s claws suddenly stopped, not far from Lu Yin, and the broken knife fell down. The blade passed by, causing the claws to be torn apart.

Even Ancestor Wu found this scene unbelievable. How could this broken sword have such destructive power on the Hell Dragon?

The Hell Dragon was frightened and quickly retracted its claws. It glared at Lu Yin angrily and panicked, with ferocious eyes and roared threateningly.

Lu Yin raised the broken sword and stared at the Hell Dragon, his eyes flickering. The destructive power of this broken sword against the Hell Dragon was somewhat unusual. What’s going on? Isn’t this what Xia Shenji used to suppress the **** dragon? If the destructive power is so great, the Ordinary Ancestral Realm can suppress it. Why does it feel like it is not just as simple as suppression? And why did the prison dragon want to **** the broken sword?

High in the sky, Lu Yin held the broken sword in his hand and stared at the Hell Dragon.

The huge eyes of the Hell Dragon were also staring at him, and their eyes were full of ferocity. The long dragon whiskers were fluttering, and the four sharp claws were raised, with standard fangs and claws.

It is obviously an ancestral realm creature, and it is unbelievably strong. Even the Wuzu at this moment cannot resist it. It is obviously not something that Lu Yin can fight against, and even a breath of breath is not something that Lu Yin can bear. But he holds the broken sword and It felt like he could suppress the **** dragon. It was just a broken sword, but it gave him this feeling. It was so unusual.

Even if the broken sword is a thing from the ancestral realm, it shouldn’t be so powerful.

Lu Yin couldn’t figure it out, but if he couldn’t figure it out, he didn’t want to think about it. Anyway, he was very sure that the residual knife had incredible destructive power against the **** dragon. “Senior, come, let’s deal with it together.” Although he was confident, after all, he faced As it was an ancestral realm creature, he felt that he should be cautious.

Wu Zu appeared next to Lu Yin, looking at the broken sword strangely, “Boy, take some time to study this broken sword for me.”

“Okay”, Lu Yin agreed simply.


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