Star Odyssey Chapter 2294: Kill the Half-Ancestor

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Since the people who were executed were not from the Red Garden, there was no need for Lu Yin to stay, and the Lu family’s relics that Shen Wutian originally captured were to lure him here. As long as he escaped from the Starry Sky of the Tree, those people would It’s okay, unless they’re sure he’s here again.

As long as he escapes from the Tree Starry Sky, Sifang Balance will definitely focus on all the people he cares about as a threat, trying to force him to rescue him. However, he also has the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force in his hands, acting as bargaining chips for each other. As long as he finds a way to attract some more people, In the Fifth Continent, he will arrest as many as he comes. As long as he escapes this time, there is no telling who has the initiative.

No matter how sophisticated Bai Xianer’s methods are, she is just an ant when faced with herself who can draw on Chen Zu’s power. Lu Yin does not believe that she can resist Chen Zu’s power. Wu Zu’s power is only partial, so she has no choice but to do so. , as long as she goes to the fifth continent, as long as she dares to come.

What we have to do now is to escape, escape from this starry sky, escape in front of everyone in Sifang Tianping, just escape.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, if you dare to escape, those Lu family members will be cut into pieces with thousands of swords,” Xia Ziheng shouted, threatening Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked back, without saying a word. It was useless to say anything now. As long as they escaped from the Starry Sky in front of them, they would not be able to take action against the Lu family’s survivors, because it was meaningless and he couldn’t even see it. , what’s the use of attacking the Lu family’s surviving ministers?

They will only gather all the remaining members of the Lu family and wait for a showdown with him, instead of venting their anger in a meaningless way.

At this time, a roar came from above, shaking Shen Wutian, and making Lu Yin who was escaping hastily stop, cover his ears, and raise his head. The white mist was torn open, and Wu Zu fell, his face a little white. , “It’s really difficult to deal with. No wonder Xia Shenji wants to suppress it with the broken sword of their ancestors.” After saying that, he looked at Lu Yin and said, “Boy, are you leaving?”

“Let’s go”, Lu Yin replied.

Wu Zu flew with his hands, and the mist above his head turned into a knot, and rolled up directly, tying up the **** dragon, “Let’s go quickly, we won’t be able to trap it for long.”

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he could escape.

“You guys underestimate me, Shenwutian. I am one of the four powerful balancers. How can you escape if you want to?” Xia Ziheng’s voice came, and then, the chains that originally went up from the earth broke free from the shackles of the mist. , swung towards Lu Yin and Wu Zu.

Wu Zu frowned, “If you trap the **** dragon, you can’t stop Shen Wutian’s original treasure formation. Boy, give me your needle.”

Lu Yin took out the needle and handed it to Wu Zu.

He has upgraded this needle twice. Once it cost 100 billion, which was enough to break through the inner world of Half Ancestor. Wang Si was severely injured. Once on Shaozu Planet, he spent 460 billion crystal marrow to upgrade it to the level of letting the fog rise. To the extent that the ancestor shows the power of the ancestral realm, this needle has the strength to resist the ancestral realm.

Wuzu took the needle, and the mist shuttled like silk threads, controlling the needle to fly past, directly piercing the chain, breaking a huge chain, and the chain smashed into the earth, crushing several mountains.

The people of Shen Wutian fled in a hurry. They were shocked that the original treasure formation that protected Shen Wutian could be broken.

Xia Ziheng couldn’t believe it either, his face turned pale and he clenched his teeth.

“Can you keep them?” Mr. Yu asked in a deep voice.

Xia Ziheng said coldly, “Yes.”

Chains come out of the earth one after another. These chains are manifestations of the original treasure formation and are made with extremely rare materials. Each chain has the strength to bind the Half-Ancestor. However, under Wu Zu’s flying needle, one The chains broke and fell to the ground. This scene had never appeared in Shenwutian.

Even when the Lu family decided to establish the fifth continent, Shenwutian was second only to the Lu family. No matter in the fifth continent or in the starry sky of the tree, Shenwutian’s mountain gate had never been destroyed like this.

Lu Yin was anxious and looked up at the Dominion Realm. He was afraid that Xia Shenji would appear and the ancestors of Sifang Tianping would appear. At this moment, they must know what happened here.

I thought there weren’t many chains, but Wu Zu’s flying needles had already pierced more than a hundred of them, and there were still chains sweeping out from the earth, blocking their way.

Another roar came, and Wuzu’s expression changed, “No, that beast is out of trouble.”

Lu Yin looked ugly, took out the slippers from Ningkong Ring and handed them to Wuzu, “Senior, use this.”

Wu Zu glanced at the slippers, gritted his teeth, and took them with a look of disgust on his face, “After this battle, you must find a way to compensate for my mental losses.” After saying that, he climbed into the starry sky, raised his slippers and faced them. The prison dragon is all of a sudden.

Hell Jiao didn’t take Wuzu’s attack seriously at all. In its previous battle with Wuzu, it was the main attack, while Wuzu had been passively defending. Now Wuzu suddenly attacked, and it didn’t even care. Then, its head was hit by a slipper. After a twitch, the roar that was originally earth-shattering and capable of shaking the upper world suddenly stopped, as if it was blocked in the throat, and then, he was stunned.

Xia Ziheng and others stared blankly at the sky, watching the **** dragon as if it had been beaten unconscious, its claws constantly stretching and contracting, unable to move.

Lu Yin swallowed, Wu Zu’s move was serious.

When he got the slippers for the first time, he whipped the ancestor turtle, which made him cry. Even though the ancestor turtle was not in the ancestral realm, the power of the slippers was enough to show. This time, the slippers were used Lu Yin couldn’t even imagine how it would feel to smoke an ancestral realm creature.

Wuzu held the slippers, looked at the Hell Dragon curiously, and blinked. Was he fainted?

Shenwutian was silent.

Wu Zu was so happy that she fainted. She hurriedly found Lu Yin and said, “Hurry and leave.”

Chains appeared in all directions again, and Lu Yin couldn’t understand why there were so many chains in Shenwu Heaven.

One of the chains did not attack them, but instead whipped the **** dragon.

Neither Lu Yin nor Wu Zu noticed.

Then, the chain was pulled on the head of the prison dragon. The prison dragon suddenly woke up and subconsciously touched its head with its paws. Its eyes were confused at first, and then it remembered something. The red color covered its eyeballs and it suddenly stared at Wuzu. It became angry. , it was stunned by the slippers. It felt like a normal person being slapped. The humiliation and anger surged uncontrollably. Then it roared and clawed at Wuzu and Lu Yin with both claws.

Wu Zu was shocked, “Why are you awake?”.

“Senior, go beat him again.”

“You may not be able to draw it, I’ll give it a try.” After saying that, Wu Zu climbed up to the sky again and drew towards the Hell Dragon.

Hell Dragon learned his lesson this time and stared at the slippers in Wuzu’s hand, so as not to be drawn.

Without Wu Zu, Lu Yin couldn’t live without Shen Wutian. Chains from all directions trapped him like walls.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, I said, you can’t escape, even if you have the help of a strong person from the ancestral realm, you deserve to die.” Take action.

The God of Cookery looked at Complex. He wanted to help Lu Yin and return a favor. Unfortunately, there was no other way. This was Shenwutian, and it was impossible to escape from the ancestral realm. Shenwutian.


Lu Yin

After being hit by Mr. Yu’s punch, his body recovered again. He continued to move, but he kept recovering and was attacked again and again by the four half-ancestors.

Finally, things must turn against each other when they reach their limit. When he was hit by the half-moon ring, his body could no longer dry up after he recovered. Things must turn back to their extremes and he is not invincible. The gap between him and the Half-Ancestor is too big. Any blow from the Half-Ancestor can kill him. It has reached the upper limit of what his body can bear, let alone the four half-ancestors.

Time after time of material extremes accumulated huge strength in the body. With the last recovery, Lu Yin suddenly raised his head, stepped out with one foot, reversed the chaos of time and space, visualized the image of the Immovable Heavenly King appearing above his head, and his body appeared in front of Chai Banzu. , punched out, this punch contained the power he had accumulated over and over again. Visualize the Immovable King Elephant, the power accompanied by the power of the Warring States Period and the Death Transformation, as well as the power in the heart that offsets the inner world of the Half-Ancestor. .

This punch is the strongest punch he can unleash.

One punch directly exploded Chai Banzu’s head.

Everyone watched in shock as Chai Banzu’s body fell from the air. The dignified Half Ancestor died just like that.

No one thought that Lu Yin could kill one half-ancestor under the siege of four half-ancestors. This is impossible, and it is even more incredible than the challenge of leapfrogging. The three origin tribulations are essentially different from the half-ancestors. Logically speaking, let alone To kill the half-ancestor, even if the half-ancestor stands there and does not use the inner world, it is impossible for the cultivator of the three source tribulations to harm him at all.

But Lu Yin killed a half-ancestor without any suspense. Not only that, Yu Wei even knocked back Mr. Yu who was just behind half-ancestor Chai, causing Mr. Yu to vomit blood.

Lu Yin’s punch could kill anyone present. He chose Chai Banzu because the inner world of Chai Banzu had a great influence on him. He could not release the power in his heart all the time. Once this power faded, , he will be unable to fight back.

Stained with the blood of half-ancestors, Lu Yin stood in the void gasping for breath. He was still a half-ancestor on three sides. At this moment, the eyes of the three half-ancestors looked at him full of vigilance and fear, and there was also a trace of imperceptible fear.

Even if they are both half-ancestors, it is not that easy to kill another half-ancestor, but Lu Yin did it, which they couldn’t understand.

However, it also made their murderous intention soar to an unprecedented level.

No need to talk nonsense, no words of death, Xia Ziheng and the other three silently attacked Lu Yin. The more silent they were, the greater their murderous intentions. They had no time to be distracted, and they didn’t even want to say anything. I want to kill this son to prevent future troubles.

The feeling that Lu Yin gave them at this moment was like that of the Lu family, that kind of unparalleled power that would one day be able to control everything.

If this son develops, what they have done before will be meaningless.

The three silent half-ancestors are terrifying. It is difficult for Lu Yin to use the ultimate counterattack of things. He has exposed too many methods, reverse step, the power of the heart, the ultimate counterattack of things, the transformation of the **** of death, the Sutra of Zhou Yan, and the Thirteen Swords. , revealed his cards one by one, including the Original Treasure Formation, which he had already used, but the diversion map could not distract the Half-Ancestor’s attack at all.

Half of Lu Yin’s body was torn apart by the half-moon ring, blood was scattered high in the air, and his whole body fell to the ground.

What other powers does he have? Point the general station? The highest general calls the sky to fight, and the nine suns transform into a cauldron? The Nine-Yang Cauldron is definitely the most powerful and powerful weapon, but it takes too much time to use. These three half-ancestors will not give him time to use it.

Lu Yin held the ground with one hand. In front of him, Xia Ziheng and the other three appeared with gloomy expressions. It was too difficult. Not only Lu Yin, but also their half-ancestors felt it was too difficult. Who had ever wanted to deal with a three-time Origin Tribulation cultivator? , they turned out to be so difficult.


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