Star Odyssey Chapter 2292: Stand Half Ancestor

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At Yixian Academy, many students were still immersed in the fact that Mr. Haoyu was Lu Xiaoxuan. Suddenly, they were roared by the prison dragon, and nearly half of the students vomited blood and fainted.

The God of Cookery’s face turned pale, and it was the power of the ancestral realm. This **** dragon was really a strong person in the ancestral realm.

Below, Wu Zu raised his head and looked at the Hell Dragon, “It’s difficult to deal with.”

The Hell Dragon is still bound by the broken sword and chains, but in this world of divine martial arts, it can move out.

The huge claws pressed down on the head, and the space was shattered layer by layer. Wu Zu sighed, “Boy, you can ask for your blessings. The most I can do is help you stop this **** dragon. Whether you can escape or not depends on you.” , after saying that, she jumped up, and the white mist turned into another layer of sky, blocking Shenwutian, dividing the **** dragon and the land of Shenwutian, and similarly divided herself, and the whole Shenwutian became bright. , the mist illuminated the land of Shenwutian, dividing this Shenwutian into two.

The power of the ancestral realm disappeared at the same time.

Xia Ziheng and others breathed a sigh of relief and stared at Lu Yin, “You little beast, you are so vicious. You pretended to be Yu Hao and captured the Lord of the Sifang Balance to lead us into internal strife. If we hadn’t discovered it early, this sky that tops the upper world would have been destroyed.” Everything has been disturbed by you, you are the biggest red back in mankind, and you, the Lu family, are complete red backs.”

Lu Yin turned his back to everyone, feeling relaxed or angry? He didn’t even know that Bai Xian’er had tricked him. These people who were executed were not the people in the Red Garden, but the criminals determined by Shen Wutian. He should be relaxed, but what about those people in the Red Garden? Where did Bai Xian’er take them?

“Lu Xiaoxuan, because of certain things decades ago, it was inconvenient for me to take action and let you escape from Longshan. This time, you can’t escape,” Mr. Yu said.

Chai Banzu also said, “All the remnants of the Lu family should be killed. I don’t know how you escaped from the abandoned land and returned to this starry sky. Maybe you and the Eternals destroyed the Xinkong Corridor. It doesn’t matter. Wait. If you are executed, the new empty corridor will be repaired and the result will not change”.

Further away, countless people are watching, some are thankful, some are regretful, and some are complicated. The Lu family was exiled, but a Lu Xiaoxuan appeared decades ago, amazing the era. Now, this legendary figure is coming to an end. , it is impossible for this son to escape from Shenwutian, absolutely impossible.

What he faced was the Half-Ancestor and the entire Shenwutian.

Lu Yin exhaled, slowly turned around and looked at Xia Ziheng and the others, “You are very noisy.”

Xia Ziheng’s eyes widened sharply, “Kill the remnants of the Lu family.” After saying that, he stepped out and landed in front of Lu Yin. He did not directly use the inner world. In his opinion, once the inner world came out, this child It was the end. He didn’t want this child to end his pain so quickly. As much expectation as Yuhao brought to Shenwutian, and how happy Shenwutian was to get Yuhao, how angry he was at this moment.

Lu Yin pretended to be Yu Hao and completely tricked him. After this incident, even if Lu Xiaoxuan died, it may not be able to make up for the consequences of being tricked. The ancestor of Shenji may not let him go. He has to pay the price. Then Let Lu Xiaoxuan feel this price in advance.

Even without using the inner world, Xia Ziheng still possesses the peak combat power of the Star Envoy, and he believes that he can completely crush Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes were awe-inspiring. He had experienced this kind of opponent before, that is, Wang Si. At the founding ceremony of the Tianshang Sect, he used the sword of the ancestor to obliterate Wang Si. This kind of power was not unfamiliar to him, but here, The Sword of the Ancestor cannot be used, at least for the time being.

Faced with Xia Ziheng’s strong suppressing palm, Lu Yin’s body became calm and automatic. Then, a black and white wind swept over him.

The whole image of the person changed, becoming the appearance of the God of Death. Pure black eyes stared at Xia Ziheng. He raised his hand, the hair hanging down from his waist rose up. In his hand, a huge Gou Lian slashed out and struck Xia Ziheng with a palm. Collision.

With a crash, air waves tore into the void and spread in all directions.

Under normal conditions, Lu Yin was strong enough to fight against over a million powerful men. After the Death God Transformation, his strength experienced a qualitative change, and he could directly block Xia Ziheng’s palm.

Xia Ziheng’s pupils shrank, it was impossible, how could he block his attack after just three source calamities.

In the distance, Xia Shenfei’s face looked ugly. This was the power of the God of Death. He had been investigating since returning from the battle in the Dominion Realm and found out that the black power belonged to the God of Death. It was an invincible power. Once, Lu Xiaoxuan used this power. He needed to turn into a cocoon, but now he transformed directly. His strength has increased so much.

How did he do it against the Half-Ancestor with three source tribulations?

The students of Yixian Academy were all shocked. This kind of image?

Nong Siniang’s eyes are hot. She likes Mr. Hao Yu because of his face. Now, looking at Lu Yin’s state after the death **** transformation, although his appearance is not as handsome as Yu Hao’s, he has unparalleled domineering and killing power. His strength is far inferior to that of Yu Hao, but he looks even more handsome like this.

Bai Weiwei looked in shock, Yu Hao, Lu Xiaoxuan, he turned out to be Lu Xiaoxuan?

Watching the battle between Lu Yin and Xia Ziheng, Bai Weiwei couldn’t believe it. She was so young and had lost her memory and cultivation. Why did she become so powerful again? Are these the Seven Heroes?

“How many moves can you block me?” Xia Ziheng shouted. It was a shame for him to be blocked by Lu Yin, a cultivator of three source tribulations. The divine martial energy on his body suddenly mutated, forming a divine martial transformation. The huge divine martial transformation was overwhelming. Pressing Lu Yin, Lu Yin raised his left arm. The shield formed by the white gas blocked the bombardment of the Shenwu Transformer, but his body was pressed into the earth.

” After pulling him up and throwing him away, Lu Yin put down Gou Lian, held the Xingyuan sword in his palm, and slashed out with one sword, the thirteenth sword.

Lifting the sword and slashing out, there was no movement. However, Xia Ziheng coughed up blood. This is the thirteenth sword. Anyone who has feelings can turn into a sword.

Liu Que suddenly stepped forward and stared at Lu Yin, Thirteen Swords, yes, these are the Thirteen Swords, Lu Xiaoxuan really knows the Thirteen Swords.

” Uncontrollable murderous intent spread out, directly unleashing the inner world, cutting off the chains with the blade, and slashed towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin frowned. In the Death God state, no one of his generation could defeat him. Even Chu Yuan and Helo Mebis had a hard time breaking through the chain’s defense. They needed to attack many times, but the half-ancestor was different. Xia Ziheng was in the inner world. The moment he came out, his chains were cut off. This is the power of the half-ancestor.

The biggest difference between half ancestors and star envoys is the inner world. Each half ancestor’s inner world is different, and Xia Ziheng’s inner world is extremely murderous.

Seeing Xia Ziheng using the inner world, the others calmed down. Lu Xiaoxuan is dead. There is a possibility for the Star Envoy to leapfrog and challenge the Half-Ancestor, but there is no possibility of three Origin Tribulations to leapfrog and challenge the Half-Ancestor. This is impossible. The gap is too big.

It is incredible that three source tribulations can challenge six source tribulations, and Lu Yin has shown the power to challenge the top star master of eight source tribulations,

Enough to record in the annals of history, but unfortunately, it is impossible to challenge the Half-Ancestor again.

Lu Yin also knew that it would be difficult to defeat the Half-Ancestor with his own strength, but he had more than just his own strength.

Countless blades came at him, and Xia Ziheng struck out fiercely. The birdcage formed by these blades was enough to chop Lu Yin into pieces.

The God of Cookery clenched his fist and wanted to take action, but this was Shen Wutian. Not only would he not be able to save Lu Yin, but he would also be in trouble. He was not ready to break through the ancestral realm.

“Xia Ziheng, spare his life,” Chai Banzu couldn’t help but say.

Xia Ziheng stared at Lu Yin with red eyes, cruelty in his eyes.

Lu Yin is surrounded by blades from all sides. In the inner world, even the realm of the Sky God cannot avoid it, including the Secret of Secrets. This is the tyranny of the inner world.

So at this time, a little man appeared on his shoulder, which was the Candle God. “History has not been cut off in this starry sky. It’s time for you to recall the power of Fuzu.” After the words fell, he looked up. The blade fell, “Zhou Yan Zhen Jing, do you know the realm?”

A huge roar came out, and the blades formed a birdcage where Lu Yin stood. The birdcage was the size of a person. Xia Ziheng did not intend to kill Lu Yin. He wanted to cut off Lu Yin’s limbs and suffer all the pain. , so the control of this move is tight.

Nong Siniang closed her eyes subconsciously, her heart sinking to the bottom.

Who can remain safe and sound in the inner world of the Half Ancestor? Unless half ancestor.

Mr. Tang sighed, Lu Xiaoxuan is a genius, a real genius, what a pity.

Xia Ziheng dusted himself off. He was injured by a junior who had been robbed for three times, which was enough for others to laugh at him for a lifetime. He would make Lu Xiaoxuan repay this shame a thousand times.

Huh? Suddenly, he stared at the blade birdcage. With a wave of his hand, the blade spread out, revealing the scene inside.

Lu Yin is safe and sound.

Everyone’s eyes widened and they couldn’t believe it. How could it be possible that he could withstand the blow from the Half-Ancestor and still be unharmed?

Wu Yao was also stunned. He had just fought against Xia Ziheng and had a deep understanding of the destructive power of those blades. How could this boy be fine at all? impossible.

Lu Yin was not completely fine. His clothes were torn to pieces by the blade, and his Death Transformation state was also knocked back by the blade. After all, the birdcage was approaching, leaving only a human figure, and he was in the Death Transformation state. There were chains, hooks, nebulas and shields, all torn to pieces by the blade.

No matter how exaggerated the power of the Death God is, it is impossible to make up for the gap between him and the half-ancestor. This is what he expected.

But the Zhou Yan Scripture relies on the power of the Candle God. Although the Candle God cultivated himself into a candle, in the end his rune numbers were comparable to those of the half-ancestor. The world, by virtue of knowing whether the situation is enough to keep him safe.

But this move also consumes a lot of runes for the Candle God villain, so it is impossible to use it frequently.

No one expected that Lu Yin would be safe and sound.

The color on Xia Ziheng’s face faded, and he suddenly struck again, “Little beast, do you think you can block my inner world with external objects? How many times have you been able to block it?”

Lu Yin was faster than Xia Ziheng this time. He had disappeared. Not only did he not stay away from Xia Ziheng when he reappeared, he even walked past him and walked backwards.


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