Star Odyssey Chapter 2280: New principal

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Lu Yin and Xia Xing looked at each other for a moment, then smiled, “I understand, okay, twelve is twelve, but resources must not be lacking, and” he paused and stared Xia Xing raised his hand and said, “Look at this.”

Xia Xing looked at the mirror that suddenly appeared in Lu Yin’s hand and asked, “This is it?” As soon as he finished speaking, the mist pulled him into the mirror.

Xia Xing did not react slowly. After dropping the mirror, he quickly used Shenwu Gangqi and at the same time used the secret technique – lock, not to lock others, but to lock himself.

Although the secret technique of lock locked himself, it also became a defense.

Lu Yin entered the mirror and looked at Xia Xing in surprise, “This is the first time I have seen a secret technique used like this. You are worthy of being the head of the Xia family.”

Xia Xing stared at Lu Yin, confused, “Yu Hao, this is Shenwutian, how dare you take action against me?”.

Lu Yin curled up the corners of his mouth and shook his head, “Wrong, this is not Shenwutian.”

“You are looking for death,” Xia Xing shouted fiercely, and struck decisively. The secret technique disappeared, and the figures suddenly dispersed, and then suddenly merged. The divine martial energy spread from outside the body, and he raised his hand to press on Lu Yin, which was directly a divine martial transformation.

Lu Yin has never underestimated Xia Xing. Xia Xing is the master of Shenwu Tian. He has cultivated six times in the Origin Tribulation. After using the Shenwu Transformation, his strength is even close to that in the Seventh Origin Tribulation. With all the means at his disposal, even if the Star Envoy is at his peak, No one could do anything to him, but he was facing Lu Yin. Facing Lu Yin without any preparation, the result was doomed.

When Lu Yin passed by him, the chaotic time and space caused Xia Xing to spit out a mouthful of blood, and the Shenwu Gang Qi collapsed directly. He couldn’t believe it, “Impossible, how can you have such strength?”.

Lu Yin returned to his original appearance and looked at Xia Xing, “Sect Master Xia, you are fine.”

Xia Xing’s pupils shrank sharply when he saw Lu Yin’s appearance, “Long Qi, no, Lu Xiaoxuan.”

At this moment, Xia Xing’s brain was roaring, and many things were connected in series. Yu Hao had three source calamity cultivations and had a very high talent for interpreting languages. These were all things Lu Xiaoxuan could do, and his clone was missing. The Lu family’s living palm was left at the scene. At that time, Lu Xiaoxuan was not far from the place where the accident occurred. He was also accompanied by Half-Ancestor Kui Luo, but they mistakenly thought that the living palm was Hanxian Sect Xian Fanyao.

Wangyu, not long after Lu Xiaoxuan left, Bai Teng disappeared. Naturally, Yu Hao couldn’t do it, but Lu Xiaoxuan might not be able to do it.

If the disappearance of his clone and Bai Teng was caused by Lu Xiaoxuan, what about Wang Zheng and Long Ke? Who controls Long Ke? Who controlled Xia Yuan, and his clone appeared in the direction of Hanxian Sect. At that time, Lu Xiaoxuan was in Hanxian Sect.

For a moment, Xia Xing thought about many things, and he found another kind of truth.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Lu Yin revealed his identity, which made Xia Xing feel in a daze. In addition, the attack just now directly hit him hard. He had been waiting for this moment.

While Xia Xing was staring at him blankly, behind Lu Yin, the missing clone walked out and took action against Xia Xing without hesitation.

A mirror. Outside the mirror, Yu Hao and Xia Xing were talking normally, but inside the mirror, there was only one Xia Xing left, which was the clone. But at this moment, he was no longer the clone, he was Xia Xing.

Lu Yin applauded, “Congratulations, you will be the subject from now on.”

Xia Xing was breathing heavily. He had just merged with the main body. His body was unstable and a little illusory.

He looked at Lu Yin and said, “Not only is he the head of the Xia family, he is also your puppet.”

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “Why do you say that, win-win cooperation

That’s it. You don’t want to die, and I also want someone to help me. Isn’t that great? “.

At this time, Wuzu walked out, looked at Xia Xing strangely, and exclaimed, “Is this the main body of the clone fusion? I didn’t expect to see it after so many years. It’s really interesting and inspired me.” After saying that, the body disappeared, She wants to study Weihe blood refining.

Xia Xing stared blankly at Wu Zu’s leaving figure, horrified, “She, who is she?”.

Lu Yin made a silent gesture, “Senior doesn’t like to be disturbed. Sect Leader Xia, it’s time for us to go out.”

Xia Xing recognized Wu Zu. The history of the Tree Starry Sky was not cut off as severely as the Fifth Continent. Some things were recorded in the Tree Starry Sky history, such as the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas, the Daoyuan Sect, and even The Tianshang Sect era.

The image of Wuzu is not secret. There is a portrait of Wuzu in the You family, which is an opportunity for the You family to become a disciple of Wuzu. Lu Yin is not surprised that Xia Xing can recognize Wuzu.

Leaving the mirror, Yu Hao and Xia Xing outside turned into mist and merged into the mirror.

Xia Xing hadn’t recovered yet and looked at Lu Yin in shock, “What was that just now?”

Lu Yin smiled proudly, “Now you know the benefits of cooperating with me.”

Xia Xing’s pupils flickered, “Wu Zu?”.

Lu Yin looked outside, “You Shenwutian doesn’t seem to have nine mountains and eight seas. This is strange to me. With the nine clones of Shenwutian, Shenwu Gangqi and various secret techniques, they didn’t appear during the Daoyuan Sect era. “Nine mountains and eight seas, you are even worse than the Hanxian Sect and the Wang family.”

What he said naturally excluded Chen Zu.

Xia Xing said, “The ancestor of Shenji is no better than Wang Fan, and Bai Wangyuan is no different, but he is not suitable to inherit Shanhai. Shanhai not only looks at strength, but also his own understanding and opportunities.”

“In the Daoyuan Sect era, the era when nine mountains and eight seas came together, the Fifth Continent was so glorious. Before that, except for the Tianshang Sect era, there was no other era where nine mountains and eight seas came together.” Lu Yin sighed with emotion , glanced at Xia Xing, he thought he didn’t know that Chenzu had robbed the Xia family of Shanhai, and the reason why he said that was to save face for the Xia family.

Xia Xing breathed out, “Yes, before the era of Daoyuan Sect’s Nine Mountains and Eight Seas, the most they had was four mountains and three seas, and one of them was your ancestor Tianyi of the Lu family.” After saying that, he looked at Lu Yin Back, “I didn’t expect that I would be lucky enough to meet Wu Zu.”

Lu Yin turned to look at him, “Okay, let’s not talk nonsense. The few outside will rush in if they wait any longer. Anyway, as promised, I will help you replace the main body. You are me in the Xia family People, I want the method of nine parts.”

Xia Xing’s eyelids twitched, “I can’t give you the method of nine clones.”

“Why?”, Lu Yin’s face darkened. He helped Xia Xing clone. In addition to placing an internal agent in the Xia family, the greater purpose was to use the method of nine clones.

Ever since he learned about the unique skill of the nine-part body method, he had kept it in mind and would definitely learn it whenever he had the chance.

Xia Xing was helpless, “After merging with the main body, I realized that the method of the nine-part body cannot be taught to outsiders at all. The main body’s method of nine-part body is learned within the clan. Any direct descendant of the Xia family who wants to learn the method of the nine-part body must go through the clan. Unless you awaken the bloodline of your ancestors and learn from the bloodline like Zu Chen did back then.”

“Did Ancestor Chen learn the nine clones from the bloodline of the ancestors of the Xia family?”, Lu Yin was confused.

Xia Xing nodded.

Lu Yin looked back, is that so? He didn’t know how Chen Zu learned the nine clones. It couldn’t be in Shenwutian anyway.

The Caixing Girl and Xia Jiuyou are the same ones

Time Changhe spied on and obtained the method of nine clones. This is also the source of Lu Yin’s guess that Chen Zu obtained the method of nine clones. After all, Chen Zu is very likely to have the power of time, but Xia Xing’s statement is also possible. His Mr. Mu learned the secret of Ce by letting him watch the chessboard through the blood of the Ce family. Bloodline is as invisible as time and time.

“Where is the place to learn the method of nine clones?”, Lu Yin asked.

Xia Xing pointed upward, Lu Yin raised his head, “Where?”.

“Above the prison dragon,” Xia Xing said.

Lu Yin was surprised, “On top of the **** dragon? On the back of the **** dragon?”.

“To be precise, it’s the top of the head,” Xia Xing said. “By the way, the **** dragon is alive.”

Lu Yin took a breath, “Is this **** dragon really alive?”.

“Yes, I only found out after merging the main body that the Hell Dragon is alive and has unimaginable power. Everyone thought that the Hell Dragon was suppressed by the ancestor of Shenji. In fact, if it weren’t for the ancestor’s broken sword, the ancestor of Shenji would also It cannot be suppressed, this **** dragon possesses the power of the ancestral realm, it is not only the former enemy of my Shenwutian, but also the last strength to protect my Shenwutian,” Xia Xing said.

Lu Yin was shocked, and Xia Shenji couldn’t suppress it. How strong is this **** dragon?

“The broken knife inserted into the ground came from your Xia family ancestors?” Lu Yin asked again.

Xia Xing said, “My ancestor Xia Chan left a broken sword to suppress the **** dragon and protect our Xia clan. Even if you Lu family mention my Xia family ancestor Xia Chan, you respect me. The law of nine clones is hidden on the head of the **** dragon. It couldn’t be safer. Without my Xia family to lead the way, anyone who approaches the Hell Dragon will only end up with no bones left.”

Lu Yin had to admit that Xia Xing was right. If the Hell Dragon really had the power he said, no one would be able to obtain the method of nine clones. Even the ancestors like Bai Wangyuan might not be able to obtain it. It would be safer than anywhere else.

Not long after, Xia Xing walked out of Lu Yin’s residence. Before leaving, he smiled and shouted, “Yu Hao, when you come back from the Lord Realm, just don’t forget me, hahahaha.” After saying that, he left.

Around, Wu Yao, Chai Banzu, and Master Yu looked at each other, shook their heads and sneered. It was too fake. Xia Xing deliberately used words to force them to leave, making them mistakenly think that Yu Hao had joined Shenwutian and could still go. Who can’t see the dominance of the world?

If Xia Xing left without saying anything, they would be worried. Now, there is no need to worry.

In the valley, Lu Yin sat calmly. He didn’t know who would come next. There should be no one there. If Xia Xing could stop Xia Ziheng, he would have more than ten days to rest, and after ten days, he would This is your last chance to roll the dice.

I have to say that this kind of luck is really difficult.

He already knows the location of everyone in the Star Alliance. Sifang Tianping has arranged the original treasure formation there to go directly. It is for the Seven Gods. The newly opened defense is not tight. Unfortunately, he can’t go there. Tamagawa is alone. A person was imprisoned in Shenwutian, and there was no reason to find the Star Alliance.

Perhaps if you face that direction when rolling the dice, you may still be successful.

On the other side, Xia Xing saw Xia Ziheng after leaving the valley.

Although the Xia Xing at this moment is a clone, it is integrated with the original body. It is no different from the previous Xia Xing. It is impossible for Xia Ziheng to see the problem.

“How is it? What’s this guy’s attitude?” Xia Ziheng asked.

Xia Xing said, “He agreed to the conditions I proposed and contacted Celestial Master Guyan in front of me. Unfortunately, Celestial Master Guyan did not want to come.”


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