Star Odyssey Chapter 2270: Step by step to immortality

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Lu Yin reached 20,000 feet, and this time, he saw a teapot. A teapot, too?

What happens to a teapot? Making tea, pouring tea, and breaking it, this is the life of a teapot that Lu Yin experienced.

He really couldn’t understand how he could become a teapot? A six-point die can be integrated into a living thing, but it can never be integrated into a dead object. The closest thing to a dead object is a mechanical ant, but the mechanical ant is also a living thing. The one it integrates also has perception and consciousness, and is essentially an intelligent life. , but there is no way a teapot can be intelligent life.

Becoming a teapot, what Lu Yin felt most was that time passed slowly. In his mind, it seemed that decades had passed. The teapot he had become was already a quasi-antique and was eventually broken.

Twenty thousand feet later, Lu Yin was still rising slowly. He was numb to life and death. Because he was undergoing trials in the outer world, he didn’t know that at this moment, the black and white comma in his heart was spinning crazily and expanding. Life and death awakened death. The birth of Qi has continuously strengthened his unique power, which he currently doesn’t know.

The practitioners of Hanxian Sect arrived one after another, looking at the sky in surprise, watching Lu Yin heading towards the clouds, although the speed was slow, but still steady.

Wu Yao looked shocked. He was able to reach this height for the first time. If he was given a few more chances, would it be possible to touch the clouds?

Climb the clouds and become an Immortal. This may have been excluded by those who understand the trials of Tianwaitian. Many Hanxian Sect’s expectations for their disciples are just to touch the clouds, and Lu Yin showed the possibility of touching the clouds. .

Looking at this possibility, few practitioners of the Hanxian Sect have been able to achieve it.

If this son can really touch the clouds, Wu Yao’s eyes suddenly widened, then his value to the sect would not only be Jieyu but also the Ancient Confucian Master, not only the Hanxian Sect, but also the Xia family and the other two families. She will definitely want to get him crazily.

Lu Yin became a piece of dried fish, yes, it was a dried fish. He had no self-awareness, but he was strangely self-aware. It was not the fish, but the consciousness of the dried fish, a new kind of consciousness. The consciousness is given to this piece of dried fish, and then it is quickly eaten. The horror of being chewed can make people go crazy.

He slowed down, not as fast as he had started, but still rising steadily.

No one is more familiar with this feeling than Lu Yin. He has committed suicide, more than once. He is very familiar with death.

Everyone has a different will, a different perception of death and a different attitude towards facing death again. This is also the trial of heaven and earth.

Lu Yin surpassed Bai Weiwei, which shocked the Hanxian Sect.

Bai Weiwei looked up to see Lu Yin surpassing her previous position. Under the clouds, the light pulled Lu Yin to look more sacred. Especially staring at Yu Hao’s face made countless women drunk.

It is a hurdle to rise from the ground to a height of 10,000 feet, and it is also a hurdle to go from a height of 10,000 feet to 20,000 feet. The last hurdle is at the last height of 1,000 feet, which is called reaching immortality in one step. Countless talented people have stopped here.

For example, Bai Weiwei, if given another chance, maybe she can reach the final height of 1,000 feet. Bai Shaohong before, as well as the top prodigies of Hanxian Sect in the past, can almost reach the last 1,000 feet, which is only 20,000 feet from the ground. Nine thousand feet, it will be difficult to go further. Most of the trial wizards stop here. Only a few people can set foot in this high altitude and climb towards the clouds


“Wu Yao, how was Bai Xian’er’s trial in Tianwaitian?”, the God of Cookery suddenly asked, this question attracted everyone.

Bai Xian’er is a legend. He is the same generation as the Seven Heroes, but is considered to be an existence beyond the Seven Heroes. He has reached an unknown level at a young age. Some people say he is a star envoy, some say he is a half-ancestor, and some say he is a half-ancestor. She is attacking the ancestral realm, and no one knows what kind of cultivation she has.

Even Wu Yao, the rebellious half-ancestor, spoke of Bai Xian’er with respect. When he faced persecution from three other families before, it was with Bai Xian’er’s instructions that he resolved the crisis. It can be said that in the entire tree, In the starry sky, apart from the strong men in the ancestral realm, the one Wu Yao respects and fears the most is Bai Xianer.

Everyone knows that Bai Xianer passed the trial, but they are curious about the process.

“I don’t know,” Wu Yao replied.

“What about Bai Shaohong?”, the God of Cookery asked again.

Wu Yao looked at the God of Cookery and said, “There is no point in asking this for someone who is already dead.”

“Isn’t it convenient to say?”, the God of Cookery asked again.

Bai Su said, “In the last thousand feet, one step is one foot, one step at a time to ascend to immortality. Young Ancestor Bai Shaohong ascended to the 700th step, which is enough to rank among the top ten in the history of our Hanxian Sect.”

Everyone is surprised that he can be ranked in the top ten?

How many Ancestral Realm powerhouses have the Hanxian Sect produced in its history? Which of these ancestral realm experts is not the most talented person? Which one is weaker than his peers, even so, Bai Shaohong can still be ranked in the top ten, which shows that his talent is extraordinary, but it is a pity that he died too early.

“The most hateful thing is the **** of the Lu family. If it weren’t for Lu Xiaoxuan, the young ancestor would not have died young. In the future, there will definitely be one more powerful person in the ancestral realm in our tree starry sky,” an elder of the Hanxian Sect said resentfully.

Bai Su sighed, “Yes, in history, no matter whether it is inside or outside our Hanxian Sect, there are very few people who can climb within 700 steps. As long as these people do not die young, without exception, they can reach half-ancestor and become ancestor.” It’s not impossible, it’s a pity.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were gloomy. Each Hanxian Sect disciple can try the Tianwaitian trial three times. She has already tried it twice. Even if she tries it again, she is not confident that she can enter the thousand feet, let alone the seven hundred steps. She and Bai Shaohong Is the gap in strength really that big? Bai Shaohong can do all these, what about Senior Sister? How far could the former Seven Heroes achieve?

Thinking of this, all her pride disappeared. She subconsciously looked up at Lu Yin who was climbing slowly. How high can this person reach? Can he rival Bai Shaohong? He may be the genius who can truly rival the Fourth Young Ancestor.

One day later, under everyone’s shocked gaze, Lu Yin reached the last thousand feet, which was the starting point of reaching immortality step by step.

Wu Yao’s breathing was stagnant, how could he be so talented? Even the original Bai Shaohong could not reach this height during the first trial, or even far from it. Could it be that he could really touch the clouds?

Entering the last thousand feet, Lu Yin turned into a stone. God knows how a stone can be conscious, and it is very clear.

‘I am a stone, a stone cannot move and has no life’.

‘I am a stone, a stone cannot move and has no life’.

‘I am a stone, a stone cannot move and has no life’.

Lu Yin knew very well that he was a stone and knew nothing else, but he had an extremely clear consciousness. This consciousness allowed him to see the earth along with the wind and sand, the vast grassland, and various strange creatures.

It has been trampled on, used as a weapon and thrown out, and it has also fallen into the river. After many, many years of floating, it has entered the bottom of the river and entered an unknown depth.

The consciousness is very clear, so clear that a stone feels the existence of time, creates the word time, creates the word flow, creates various words that the stone itself understands the earth, and also makes the stone feel the existence of time. The horror of time.

How long? Countless years, really countless years, any creature would have gone crazy if it had maintained such a clear consciousness and turned into stone, but Lu Yin didn’t, because he saw time, time is an invisible existence, but he just saw it. , the long feeling brought by time was all erased in the moment he saw it. No matter how long, no matter how long the years are, it is just a feeling. This feeling can drive people crazy, but just get rid of this feeling.

Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes and took a step forward, not one step, but directly across nearly half of the distance, reaching five hundred steps.

Below, Wu Yao’s pupils shrank sharply, “impossible”, he stared blankly.

Bai Su was also sluggish.

Anyone who climbs the last thousand feet takes one step at a time. There are only a few exceptions, such as Bai Sheng, Wen Zu, those strange people who can climb on the clouds, and Bai Xian’er, except No one among them has ever managed to cross tens of feet in one step, and this person is not tens of feet, but five hundred feet, which has never been recorded in history.

The God of Cookery raised his eyebrows. Based on his understanding of the Tianwaitian trial and the reactions of Wu Yao and the others, this Haoyu has done something extraordinary again. It seems that the consequences may be more serious than those of the Wang family and the White Dragon clan.

Lu Yin didn’t know the legend of the last thousand feet. He only knew that his sense of time was getting clearer and clearer. Before coming to the Starry Sky of Trees, he used Wendy Yushan to sense time, but to no avail. Later, he used Shaozu Star to sense time. The resources were upgraded to the dead wood of the years, and with the help of the dead wood of the dead tree, the material pole must be reversed and combined with the reverse step, he successfully reversed the chaos of time and space, and initially sensed the time, but it was always vague.

Just now, he seemed to be able to feel time. If he does it again, he might really be able to feel it if he does it again.

At the same time, he also knew why some people became weird after the trial, just like just now, if he hadn’t woken up, he would have turned into stone.

How long have people lived until now? How many decades? Hundreds of years? How long can a stone last? Thousands of years, tens of thousands of years? Or longer? Compared with the clear consciousness of a stone, a person’s existence only lasts for a moment, so some people become another kind of creature after the trial, because in their perception, the life that a person has experienced up to now may be just a fantasy.

Fortunately, I have a sense of time, otherwise it might be like that!

Looking up, the clouds are within reach, so go on, sense the time, there is nothing to be afraid of.

The triangular-faced star envoy had already landed on the ground. Seeing Lu Yin ascending to immortality step by step, he couldn’t help but glance at Wu Yao and asked him when he came here that he promised to compare with this person. Is this what he can compare with?

At this point, no one is thinking about whether to compete or not. Everyone wants to see how far Lu Yin can go.

Especially because he had just taken a step of 500 feet, Wu Yao came to an incredible conclusion. This person could not climb the clouds, could he?

Bai Su swallowed, as for that? He just wanted to show his kindness and win over him if possible. He didn’t want to make such a big fuss. The noise was too big. Even if this person stopped now, it would attract the attention of the ancestor. It would be troublesome. If this person still chooses in the end Shen Wutian, he is the sinner of Hanxian Sect.


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