Star Odyssey Chapter 227: Ten decisive names and taboos

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Aftershocks hit the ground from high altitudes. It was unknown how deep the ground was hit. Suddenly, a black shadow rushed out from the ground and attacked the two of them.

No one expected such a change. This is a war spirit, a war spirit hidden deep in the earth. The previous battles did not affect him. Only this battle destroyed the earth too deeply.

The black fighting spirit uses stars to transform into a long stick, and the stick sweeps the world, making the whole world covered with black stick shadows. This is a field-matching combat skill.

High in the sky, an instructor was surprised, “This is the combat skill used by the chief of the Second Academy hundreds of years ago.”

With a cry, the figures of Lu Yin and Yan Qingye King passed by the fighting spirit. The fighting spirit stagnated in place, then collapsed and dissipated, and the stick shadows in the sky also disappeared.

Many people’s scalps were numb. The chief fighting spirit of the second hospital couldn’t even hold on for a second. The gap was too big.

Bang Bang

With two soft sounds in succession, Lu Yin blocked Yan Qingye King’s punch with his left arm, and grabbed Yan Qingye King’s elbow with his right hand, “Is this what you call the Night King’s body that is comparable to the five lines of fighting spirit?”.

King Yan Qingye breathed heavily, with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, and glared at Lu Yin fiercely.

Lu Yin mocked, “The Night Royal Family is nothing more than that.”

King Yan Qingye roared angrily and bumped into Lu Yin with his leg. Lu Yin did not even dodge. He pressed King Yan Qingye into the ground with one palm and stared into her eyes, “Zhenwu-Ye King.”

King Yan Qingye’s pupils shrank, “Have you ever heard of the Ten Jue Name Taboos?”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Is he Shijue?”.

King Yan Qingye looked at Lu Yin and sneered, “So you don’t know, King Zhenwu Ye is an unparalleled genius in my Yewang family. He is one of the ten masters and is also my brother.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. Sure enough, the powerful Ye Wang clan in the universe really had one of the Ten Jue. He was just curious to ask about this person, but he didn’t expect to find out the name of the Ten Jue.

“Do you dare to kill me? Do you dare to defeat me? I am the princess of the Night King Clan, the sister of Zhenwu Night King, one of the ten finalists,” Yan Qing Ye King roared.

Lu Yin looked at her with contempt in his eyes, “I thought you were strong, but I didn’t expect you also have a weak side. It’s over.” After saying that, he used a single palm to exert force, and the nine-fold seventeen-fold wave palm not only shattered the earth, but also King Yan Qingye completely turned into dust.

Everyone was silent, watching Lu Yin slowly rising into the air. He had won this battle.

Everyone in the Tenth House cheered.

Wu Da was so excited that he almost jumped up. The college newspaper was expected to sell well. He looked at Lu Yin eagerly. This person must be followed up carefully and he is a proper news maker.

The Caixing Girl looked at Lu Yin deeply. It was not until this moment that they faced this person squarely and acknowledged that he was on the same level as them.

High in the sky, more than a dozen instructors looked at each other, and the shock in their eyes did not dissipate. This Ten Academy Competition really exceeded their expectations. Fortunately, they had already decided to end the Ten Academy Competition with this battle. The top four War is not suitable for exposure.

In front of the light curtain, countless people in the universe looked at Lu Yin in shock. Fusion Realm, Tenth Institute, Five Patterns of War Qi, so powerful. This person is just a small figure on the edge of the outer universe, but he has become the heir to the top forces in the inner universe. What can’t be done, who says there are no miracles in the starry sky?

The earth is already cheering. They can’t understand it, but they can understand the shock of this battle. After all, it is a battle between the top four.

San Dios and Wendy Yushan are also shocked, but they are just in the Fusion Realm. Once they break through the Extreme Realm or even the Exploration Realm, this person can quickly rise and challenge the top 100 battle list is right in front of him.

In the inner universe, in the dark room, the wine glass is broken, “waste”.

Behind him, Liu Shaoge looked at Lu Yin on the light screen, a glimmer of light flashing in his eyes.

In the afterlife world, inside and outside the arena plain, all the students looked to the sky. This was the first time that the instructor from the Battle Academy appeared.

Teaching in the Starry Sky Battle Academy is very free. The Battle of Worlds and the Trial Realm are all controlled by the students themselves. The instructor can at most give advice occasionally. Many students have not even had contact with the instructor. Rather than being a mentor, they are more like the Starry Sky. Protector of the War Court.

“Listen, all students, the following is the decision of all the instructors of the Starry Sky War Academy in collaboration with the Ten Finals Council. The Ten Academy Competition is temporarily over. The Starry Sky War Academy responded to the call of the human star field battlefield, led by the top four, and led the team. Go to the star field border to contribute to humanity. The final battle time will be notified again.” He repeated, “The competition of the ten academies is temporarily over. The Starry Sky War Academy responded to the call of the human star field battlefield, led by the top four, led the team to the star field border. Contribute to humanity, and we will notify you again when the final battle will take place.”

Many students were surprised. The competition between the ten houses was over?

In front of the light curtain, countless people cursed that it ended just after the top four were decided. It was so disgusting.

Lu Yin breathed out and said it was over. The Realm Master reminded that this was the last battle. As for when the real decisive battle of the Ten Academy Competition will be, it depends on the decision from above. However, what about the rewards from those sponsors? manage? He remembered that the Nalan family contributed a harmless original treasure suitable for mastering intermediate interpretations. It was said that it also had top skills and so on. Many people came here for this.

Caixing Girl, Han Chong, and Grandini appeared on the plain and came to Lu Yin. “The time for the decisive battle has not been determined yet. Let’s take advantage of this time to improve ourselves.” Caixing Girl said with a smile. She speaks softly and is very comforting.

Lu Yin moved his arms, “I’m so tired from fighting these days, I really should relax.”

Grandini sneered, “Relax? Little brother, I’m afraid you haven’t been to the Starfield battlefield, where strong men walking in the starry sky die every day. You go there and still want to relax?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “We probably won’t go to the front line.”

“I’m not sure. With our strength, we are qualified to go to the front line. At least even the strong ones in the exploration realm won’t be able to defeat us that easily,” Han Chong said.

The Caixing Girl looked at Lu Yin, smiled lightly and said, “Just a reminder, that woman from King Yan Qingye is very stingy. If you win against her, be careful of her revenge.” After saying that, she waved her hand and left the afterlife.

Han Chong nodded, said, “Yes, that woman is stingy”, and left after saying that.

Grandini Mebis stared at Lu Yin with a serious expression.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Did you remind me too?”.

Grandini shook his head and said, “I want to ask you a question.”


“What’s your relationship with Lulu?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “What’s the relationship? Classmate, or friend.”

Grandini was disappointed, “I thought they were a couple, but it’s a pity, it’s not like a scene of beating mandarin ducks.”

Lu Yin was speechless, “Why beat a mandarin duck with a stick?”.

Grandini smiled strangely, “It is difficult for the Mavis family to marry with the outside world, what do you think?”.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes and left directly.

Opening his eyes, Xia Luo and others had left Jieyu Mountain, leaving only Hui Baiye looking at him complicatedly.

Lu Yin looked at Hui Baiye and said indifferently, “What’s the matter?”.

Hui Baiye shook his head and left Jieyu Mountain.

Lu Yin seemed to have remembered something, and hurriedly left the Boundary Mountains and headed to the Tenth Yard Space Station, but unfortunately, the Nalan family spaceship had already left, and he did not have time to say goodbye to Nalan Fairy.

A message came from the personal terminal, asking Lu Yin to go to the Treasure Pavilion to meet Mr. Cai.

In front of the Treasure Pavilion of “Cai Lao”, Lu Yin saluted respectfully.

Cai Lao looked at Lu Yin strangely and said, “Little guy, you are amazing.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “We had some adventures.”

Mr. Cai nodded without asking any further questions, “The Star Territory Border summoned me. You four will lead the team to practice. Take a rest and leave tomorrow.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “So fast?”.

Mr. Cai rolled his eyes and said, “This is a summons from the Star Territory Border. Can the army order it quickly? You thought it was a mission.”

“Where to go?” Lu Yin asked.

Cai Lao said calmly, “Wenfeng Liujie Border Battlefield, Kona Star”. As he said this, he remembered something and threw a Sky Condensation Ring to Lu Yin with his hand. “This is a reward for the top four. It’s an advantage for you kid.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. He was just about to ask about the reward.

“Don’t look at it, there are 500,000 cubic star energy crystals and a harmless original treasure inside,” Cai Lao said enviously, his tone a bit sour.

Forget about half a million cubic star energy crystals, Lu Yin was surprised that it was a harmless original treasure.

“Cai Lao, who provided the original treasure?” Lu Yin had a vague guess.

Mr. Cai smiled strangely, “Nalan family, by the way, little guy, when did you get involved with the rich widow of the Nalan family? This is a reward for the leader, but the Nalan family gave it to you.” .

The shadow of Nalan Fairy appeared in Lu Yin’s mind. His heart was shaken, and when he saw Mr. Cai’s wretched mustache, he quickly said, “She is my savior. I can thank her for coming back this time.”

“Yeah, forget it, your kid’s personal affairs have nothing to do with the academy, but I have to remind you that that woman has something to do with the Sword Sect, so just take it easy,” Mr. Cai said calmly.

Lu Yin didn’t care. He knew this a long time ago, otherwise Mrs. Nalan would not know about Liu Shaoqiu and would not take Liu Xiaoyun with her. She had a close relationship with the Jianzong, but it had nothing to do with him.

“By the way, speaking of Sword Sect, a message came yesterday saying that the headmaster is willing to accept you as his direct disciple. How about it? Are you going?” asked Mr. Cai.

Lu Yin was shocked, “Headmaster of Sword Sect? Personal disciple?”.

Lao Cai nodded, curled up the corners of his mouth, and twirled his mustache, “Yes, the headmaster’s direct disciple has the same status as Liu Shaoqiu.”

Lu Yin was shocked. The Sword Sect was a behemoth in the inner universe. It was in charge of the first-class realm, far beyond Wanjian Mountain. Once he became a direct disciple, his status would be higher than Wendy Yushan, the senior sister of Wanjian Mountain. It was too tempting. .

Cai Lao carelessly twirled his mustache and looked sideways at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin struggled for a while and then exhaled, “Forget it, Sword Sect is not suitable for me.”

Mr. Cai was surprised, “Boy, think about it clearly, that is the Sword Sect, the first-class Sword Sect. As long as you agree, you will immediately become the top powerful person in the inner universe. With one sentence, you can even make an entire territory in the outer universe bow to you. , much better than your Purple Mountain King, can you bear the temptation?”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “Cai Lao, please don’t seduce me. It takes courage to refuse.”

Lao Cai looked Lu Yin up and down and said, “Tell me why.”

“It’s very simple. Sword Sect is not suitable for me. They value me probably because I am immune to the third sword after fighting Liu Shaoqiu. In fact, other than this, even if I understand the five lines of combat energy, I will not be able to compete with this behemoth of Sword Sect. It’s still insignificant in front of me, they even have the Ten Jue, I’m just a subject to be studied, and that kind of cultivation environment is not conducive to my progress,” Lu Yin said.


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