Star Odyssey Chapter 2268: Thriller

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This scene did not go beyond the expectations of the God of Cookery, but it deeply shocked other students.

Although the current trial is for students under the cultivation level of the Exploration Realm, the ones sent by the Hanxian Sect are also at this level. When the students of the Exploration Realm, Cruise Realm, and Hunting Realm are tried, the Hanxian Sect will There were also corresponding disciples who came out.

They were really suppressed, which made many students confused. What about the unexpected friendliness? how so?

Many students thought that the Hanxian Sect would be the same as the Wang family and the White Dragon clan, but they were wrong. What the Hanxian Sect wanted was to suppress and then rebound, rather than blindly win over. What would this have to do with the Wang family and the White Dragon clan? the difference?

Wang Xiaofan and Xia Shenguang looked at each other with fiery eyes. In fact, they had wanted to try the Tianwaitian trial for a long time. They did not expect to get the chance at Yi Xian Academy. They asked themselves that they were no worse than the four young ancestors back then. The only difference was that Luck, now, luck has turned to them. Not to mention the four young ancestors, even the older and more glorious Seven Heroes have not tried Tianwaitian. No, Bai Shaohong must have tried it.

They can’t wait.

“Classmate Bai, have you ever tried this outside world?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Weiwei said, “I tried, but failed. The most I can climb is ten thousand feet, and there is still more than half a distance from the clouds.”

“Even you can only climb ten thousand feet, it’s really difficult,” Lu Yin sighed.

“Sir, do you want to try it?” Bai Weiwei asked.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Can I?”.

Bai Weiwei smiled lightly and said, “I’ll ask later, it should be okay.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered and he looked up at the sky. If he could, would he try? During the Seven Heroes era, I didn’t try it. Was it because the Lu family blocked it or something else? There must be a reason why none of the Seven Heroes tried. Is this reason good or bad?

Just thinking about it, in the sky, those young people fell down one by one. The best disciple of Hanxian Sect climbed thousands of feet and looked down at everyone else. Unfortunately, he was still far away from Bai Weiwei’s ten thousand feet. Not to mention climbing into the clouds.

The highest-ranked student in Yi Xian Academy is less than half of the Hanxian Sect disciple, leaving many students silent.

Suddenly, there was a wailing sound, and a student fell to the ground holding his head.

The God of Cookery quickly went to check, and Lu Yin also came closer, staring at the student.

No matter how the God of Cookery shouted, this student was as if he had lost his mind. His eyes were lifeless, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. On the other side, a disciple of the Hanxian Sect shouted in horror, saying that he could no longer practice. No matter how hard he tried, he could no longer mobilize the star energy in his body.

The other students of Yixian Academy were frightened by what they saw, and many students felt like withdrawing.

Lu Yin frowned, not understanding why this was happening.

The God of Cookery did not blame the Hanxian Sect. Wu Yao and Bai Su both reminded him before the attempt. At the same time, he also asked the cultivators who tried to promise that everything they knew should be kept secret if they could climb the clouds.

Whether you remember it or not, the Tianwaitian Trial will never be spread out.

The frustrated and crazy student was taken back. The God of Cookery glanced at the many students and said in a low voice, “Cultivation will not be smooth sailing. Some of you are casual cultivators and have experienced life and death on the way to the academy, but some of you have family behind them. , there is a sect, everything goes smoothly, but without these, what do you have?”

“Whether you are practicing in the academy or venturing outside, you have to experience life and death. From your

In my eyes, I saw both fear and expectation. You can make your own choice at this level, you don’t have to go through the trial.

Wu Yao and the Hanxian Sect practitioners looked at the students of Yixian Academy with great interest. Those Hanxian Sect disciples looked at them with arrogance and superiority. This is the purpose of the Hanxian Sect. No one wants to Being compared, since you can’t stand that position in Yixian Academy, let’s come to Hanxian Sect.

Students from the Exploration Realm to the Hunting Realm walked out with firm eyes. Now that they have made a decision, they are willing to accept the consequences, even if they are mad.

On the side of Hanxian Sect, the eyes of those disciples have not changed. They know much more about Tianwaitian than the students of Yixian Academy. They had known that this would happen and were used to it.

As for the disciple who cannot use star energy, the fate he faces is to be abandoned. This is the world of cultivation, cruel and ruthless.

Cultivators climbed up one by one, their eyes dull. This time, Yixian Academy was not so miserable. There were several students who could rival or even surpass the Hanxian Sect disciples. For example, the little fat man looked fat. , but the speed was very fast, he kept climbing up, fat and steady, surpassing one Hanxian Sect disciple after another, making Bai Su and Wu Yao look sideways.

Very few people were so fast when they first tried Tianwaitian. This speed was comparable to that of Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei didn’t expect the little fat man to be so fast, and was a little surprised.

However, the little fat man was quick in the early stage, and slowed down when he reached a height of more than 5,000 feet. He was closely followed by a female disciple of the Hanxian Sect. Although the female disciple was slower, she was more stable. , gradually caught up with the little fat man.

The two of them kept pace, and the others were left behind.

In the end, the little fat man surpassed the female disciple and failed when he was close to the height of eight thousand feet, almost reaching Bai Weiwei’s original height.

After landing this time, two students from Yi Xian Academy had problems. One kept meowing like a cat and completely lost his mind. The other was as motionless as if he was dead. No matter how you messed with him, he died. Still, his eyes were open, and his vision was very penetrating.

As for the Hanxian Sect, there were also two people who had problems. One was in a very weird posture and dared not put it down. The other kept laughing, so disgustingly, so chilling, immersed in his own world. .

Lu Yin exhaled, this thing is really weird.

The Tianwaitian trial does not depend on cultivation. Even if you fail the half-ancestral trial, you may have various strange symptoms. And this is just the beginning. The others are fine now, but they may also appear after they return. Strange symptoms.

The God of Cookery looked at the remaining students. They were Xia Shenguang and Wang Xiaofan. They were the only ones left.

Actually, strictly speaking, this group of people is not from Yi Xian Academy. They all represent Sifang Tianping, or Seed Garden, a behemoth like the Liu family, but it is natural that they can use the name of Yi Xian Academy to try the Tianwai Tian Trial.

The Hanxian Sect also has three people who are disciples of the Enlightenment Realm.

The appearance of the three people shocked the students who had already passed the trial in Yixian Academy. The three people meant that among their peers, there were three strong men in the Enlightenment Realm in the Hanxian Sect. What a shock.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, this was the background of the behemoth.

Wang Xiaofan and Bai Weiwei are both the same age as the former Shijue. The total number of universes inside and outside the Fifth Continent is only ten. Even if the new universe is added, there will not be more than twenty people. Some of these twenty people

You are still in the hunting realm, and you will only reach the enlightenment realm after you are over forty years old, but the Hanxian Sect family can produce four.

Bai Weiwei is even more qualified to challenge the existence of the Star Envoy with her enlightenment level cultivation. What kind of background is this.

In comparison, the White Dragon Clan is far behind. They can’t even find any decent elites in this generation. There may be cultivators with other surnames, but it’s better not to show them out.

When the three Enlightenment Realm disciples saw Bai Weiwei, they saluted respectfully, “Senior Sister.”

Bai Weiwei glanced at them lightly and said, “Let me see what progress you have made.”

The three disciples looked at each other and said, “Yes.”

When the trial started, a total of ten people climbed towards the clouds. The most conspicuous one was naturally Bai Weiwei. Her speed was so fast that the little fat man was stunned. Although his eyes were dull, he rose rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he was already a thousand feet, and then continued upward. the climb.

What followed closely was not the three Enlightenment Realm disciples of the Hanxian Sect, but Wang Xiaofan, followed by Xia Shenguang and the three disciples of the Hanxian Sect, and then Qingfeng, Nong Siniang, and Jin Chongshan. At this moment, Everyone’s eyes were focused on the last person, and that person was clearly Liu Que.

No one expected that Liu Que was the slowest, not even Wu Yao.

Among the young prodigies of this generation, Liu Que is said to be the one closest to the Four Young Ancestors. He is the most supreme master of his generation. He can kill Jin Zhongshan instantly with just a flick of his finger. Such a person was actually thrown away by Jin Zhongshan.

It’s not that Jin Chongshan is talented. If he was talented, he wouldn’t be ranked behind. It’s that Liu Que performed too poorly in this trial.

“The Tianwaitian trial does not depend on cultivation, and no one knows what will happen. It is obvious that Liu Que is not suitable for it,” Mr. Tang sighed.

“Not necessarily”, the God of Cookery looked at Liu Que rising slowly, “Let’s wait and see”.

After a while, Bai Weiwei had reached an altitude of ten thousand feet, and ordinary people could not see it from below. As for Wang Xiaofan, who was not far away from her, he had stopped, and Xia Shenguang also stopped not far away from Wang Xiaofan.

Everyone looked up at the sky. The clouds emitted a soft white light, like beams of light falling down, making Bai Weiwei look like a fairy, beautiful and unattainable.

Bai Weiwei is still rising, and Wu Yao has hope in his eyes. If the Hanxian Sect produces a person who can become an immortal, it will have a great impact on the future situation. They are also approaching the direction of the Lu family. One step forward.

The reason why the Lu family can control the fifth continent is not only the ancestors of the Lu family, but also the ancestral realms, and can even summon the ancestral realms. This is something that other families can never match. All they can do is try their best. Cultivate strong men in the ancestral realm.

However, Wu Yao’s idea came to nothing as soon as it rose. Bai Weiwei stopped when it reached an altitude of nearly 20,000 feet. However, there were still 10,000 feet of altitude away from the clouds, which was out of reach.

Wang Xiaofan, Xia Shenguang stopped when it rose to an altitude of 13,000 feet, far from Bai Weiwei’s level.

Qingfeng was still thousands of feet away from Wang Xiaofan and the others, not even ten thousand feet high. Nong Siniang was second only to Qingfeng, and finally Liu Que and Jin Chongshan.

Unknowingly, Liu Que had passed Jin Zhongshan and was not far from Nong Siniang and Qingfeng.

As for the three Hanxian Sect disciples, they are second only to Xia Shenguang and Wang Xiaofan. However, they have already experienced trials and are still not as good as these two.

Now everyone should have reached their limit. What should have stopped has stopped. Only one person is still climbing slowly, and it is Liu Que.


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