Star Odyssey Chapter 2257: Zu Mang Blood Pool

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The Wang family did not force these qualified students to stay. They had to go to three other schools for training.

Watching the paper boat flying towards Longshan, Wang Yan was envious, “It would have been great if I could have gone to various schools to gain experience.”

He is the leader of the branch clan, has resources, and has no worries about cultivating to the Star Envoy level, but he does not know the other three parties of the Four Directions Balance. It is also a chance to have the opportunity to experience the Four Directions Balance at the same time.

However, this is just a special case, and it only targets these students. When these students are completely won over by the Sifang Balance, Yixian Academy is sidelined, and the teachers and students of Yixian Academy are alienated, things will not be so good in the future.

The development was originally going smoothly, but unfortunately it was disrupted by Yu Hao. After those students came out of the desperate situation of San’a, they were only grateful to Yu Hao. The students who used the original treasure formation to obtain training qualifications gave their excess training qualifications to other students. , and it was also thanks to Yu Hao that the Wang family’s efforts to win over students were in vain. Wang Yan didn’t know how to explain it to others.

After saying goodbye to the Wang family, the God of Cookery was in a good mood and praised Lu Yin so much that Lu Yin was embarrassed.

“This is what juniors should do. As a mentor, you naturally want to benefit your students,” Lu Yin said humbly.

The God of Cookery laughed, “The Wang family not only lost resources, but also failed to get the gratitude of the students. It suffered a dumb loss. Mr. Haoyu has made great contributions to the academy and won benefits for these students. I believe they will not forget it in the future. gentlemen”.

Mr. Tang also praised, “I have always heard that the original treasure formation can do things that even the strong people in the ancestral realm may not be able to do. Today is an eye-opener. Most of us Star Sky Interpreters of the Tree are on the battlefield behind us, taking the lead. Even if There are interpreters out there, but they are also monopolized by major families. Normally, there are no interpreters at all, let alone the original formation master. Mr. Haoyu’s interpretive ability shocked even the Wang family, it is amazing.”

Speaking of this, Lu Yin became curious, “I heard that the dean is also a Jieyuan Formation Master, why doesn’t he teach students to interpret the language?”.

Mr. Tang said, “If you want to learn interpretation, you can apply to go to the interpreter headquarters on the battlefield behind you at the beginning of your enrollment. As for the college, it will not specifically teach interpretation. Mr. Haoyu also has a research project that involves understanding interpretation. , that’s why we teach, even Mr. Xiaowen’s language interpretation ability was learned on the battlefield behind.”

“Why is this?”, Lu Yin was confused.

The God of Cookery looked at the mother tree, “There are always people who must sacrifice for the race, and this is the case for interpreters. This is the rule. Any interpreter, even the original formation master worshiped by the Sifang Balance, must experience life and death on the battlefield behind, which is impossible. Staying in the starry sky, this is the rule set by Huizu.”

Lu Yin admired Huizu for really worrying about mankind. Even the Interpreter’s lineage had to take the lead. However, he had been to the battlefield behind and knew that the Interpreter did not really want to stay there, and they were also forced to do so. Yes, forced by this rule, I can only try unlimited enjoyment in a limited time.

He deeply remembered that when he first saw Master Zan on the battlefield behind him, he was served by several maids, which was incompatible with the atmosphere of the battlefield. Now that he thought about it, it was more like a silent protest.

They hope to return to the Tree Star Sky and live a normal cultivator’s life, but because of their identities, they can only stay on the battlefield behind them, and that’s all they can do.

Lu Yin also understood more and more why the cultivators on the battlefield behind them accommodated the Interpreter, not only because of the Interpreter’s strength, but also because of sympathy. The Interpreter had a transcendent status, but had to endure more.

This is very similar to the Lu family’s experience.

There is no interpreter in the fifth continent

There is this rule, but they are never afraid of death, and they never retreat on the battlefield.

“Next is the White Dragon Clan. The White Dragon Clan does not have as deep a foundation as the Wang Clan, but they also have the capital they can afford. It depends on how far they will go,” Mr. Tang said.

As he spoke, a huge creature flew through the void from a distance, burning with flames and roaring loudly. Two heads stared at this side with ferocious eyes.

Is this–?

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, isn’t this Long Kui’s mount? Long Kui joined the Tree Starry Sky Expeditionary Force. At that time, Lu Yin was surprised that he didn’t see him and thought he was dead, but he stayed here.

Seeing it, all the students were amazed.

Even in the starry sky of the tree, it is not that easy to become a star messenger, and a star messenger is a creature and a mount. Both men and women are extremely envious and hope to get such a mount.

Long Tian stood on his back and personally came outside Wangjialu to greet him.

“Junior Long Tian, ​​see Senior God of Cookery”, Long Tian stood on his clasped head and saluted respectfully.

On the paper boat, Nong Siniang’s eyes widened.

Liu Que raised his fighting spirit.

Qingfeng took a deep breath and felt the pressure. Long Tian, ​​one of the former four young men, finally saw it.

Bai Weiwei and others all looked at Long Tian. They didn’t care about the elders and masters, but Long Tian was only one generation older than them. According to the algorithm of the Daoyuan Sect era, they were still peers and could compete. .

In today’s starry sky among trees, one of the peers standing at the top is Xia Shenfei, and the other is Long Tian.

Yixian Academy has a bad attitude towards Sifang Tianping, but among Sifang Tianping, they have a better impression of the White Dragon Clan. In the final analysis, the White Dragon Clan did not participate in many things. It is not because they don’t want to, but because they are incapable and have no background. The result is that in the eyes of outsiders, the White Dragon clan is the most talkative among the four directions.

The God of Cookery’s attitude towards Long Tian was not as cold as towards Wang Yan or Chai Banzu. “It was actually Long Shaozu who personally greeted him. Thank you for your hard work.”

Long Tian said respectfully, “Of course, something unexpected happened to my father. Otherwise, I must personally welcome the senior. Senior, please.”

The God of Cookery nodded and followed Long Tian to Longshan.

Long Tian did not board the paper boat, but sat on his body and flew towards Longshan.

Liu Que was eager to challenge Long Tian, ​​but Lu Yin stopped him, “You are not enough as you are now.” He did not care about Liu Que, but he did not want to get too close to Long Tian. The White Dragon tribe was already a mutated person. Both his lifespan and shape were different from ordinary people. He was sure that he could hide his disguise from the Half-Ancestor, but when he thought about the smell, it was a bit doubtful that Long Tian would recognize him because of the smell.

Liu Que said in a deep voice, “I don’t know enough, but I want to try.”

Lu Yin had a headache, this was a stubborn idea, “Let’s wait until we get to Longshan before challenging. The White Dragon Clan is welcoming the Academy. This is not the right time.”

Liu Que is a fighting maniac, but he is not stupid, “I understand.”

It takes a long time to get to Longshan from Wangjia Continent, not as close as going from Yunti to Wangjia Continent.

The four directions of the heavens are equivalent to dividing the upper realm, so they are naturally far apart from each other.

But no matter how far you are, there is still time to arrive.

Exclaimed, “I saw it, it’s Longshan.”

Lu Yin looked up with complicated eyes, Longshan, he’s here again.

The God of Cookery sighed, “I went to Longshan once when I was still in the Zhongping Realm, but I didn’t expect it to be so long

Come again after so many years.”

Mr. Tang also expressed emotion. He had also been to Longshan when Longshan was still in Zhongping Realm.

Lu Yin believes that no one has deeper emotions than him. He has experienced life and death in Longshan.

The Bailong clan is the same as the Wang family. When everyone from Yixian Academy arrived at Longshan, the first thing they did was to introduce the glorious history of the Bailong clan. However, after all, the Bailong clan’s heritage is not as good as that of the Wang family, and there is no ancestor like Zhong Yue who can serve as a leader. Although the Wang family is shameless as a banner figure, Zhong Yue does play his cards well.

Long Tian personally took everyone to visit Longshan and talked about the glory of the White Dragon Clan. Unfortunately, the students were still talking about the Wang Family Continent. The contrast was too strong.

Long Tian felt that the effect was not good, so he skipped the original few days of the trip and no longer introduced the history of the White Dragon clan. Instead, he took everyone to a cave hidden in the mountain in Longshan.

Before this, Liu Que approached Long Tian and wanted to challenge him, but Long Tian rejected him. In fact, it was not considered a rejection, but he was asked to wait.

“As expected, the White Dragon Clan has no new tricks.” Nong Siniang rolled her eyes after seeing the huge blood pool in front of her.

Lu Yin was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”.

Nong Siniang said, “The White Dragon Clan can communicate with Zu Mang. This is the only place where they surpass the other three families. In fact, in terms of background, they are not as good as the Hanxian Sect, nor our Seed Garden and Liu family. Therefore, apart from our unwillingness to exile the Lu family, the only reason why we are ranked in the Four Directions Balance is that they can use Zu Mang to turn themselves around. Other than that, there is no other advantage.”

“And their advantage in attracting practitioners with other surnames to join is also related to Zu Mang, it is Zu Mang’s blood.”

At this time, Long Tian’s voice sounded, “Everyone, my White Dragon Clan’s experience is not as time-consuming as the Wang family’s, and there is no need to experience life and death. The experience is very simple.” He pointed to the blood pool, “Go in and soak, the longer the better. “What is here is the blood of Zu Mang. A practitioner can absorb the substances in the blood and strengthen himself by soaking it. The longer the soaking time is, the more beneficial it is to his body. After one soaking, any cultivator’s combat power will increase by at least 10 to 20%.”

Long Tian’s words shocked many students.

“One to two percent? Improved by so much?” Qingfeng asked, somewhat disbelieving. He had heard of the White Dragon Blood Pool from Qingchen, but he didn’t expect it to improve so much.

Long Tian was satisfied with the students’ performance, “Not bad. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Senior God of Cookery.”

Many students looked at the God of Cookery.

Although the God of Cookery did not want to admit that the blood pool was too attractive to cultivators after all, he still said, “It is true.”

The students no longer had any doubts and looked at the blood pool with eager eyes.

Lu Yin remembered the blood pool. He had seen it in Long Ke’s memory and remembered that there seemed to be something wrong with the blood pool.

My original name was Long Qi, and I was from the White Dragon tribe, so I had never been here before. This place was specially used by practitioners with other surnames from the White Dragon tribe, and what he used was the essence and blood of Long Xi, who had ancestors when he first used it. Mang Weixiang, looking back now, Long Xi has paid a lot for himself.

Seeing the eager gazes of the students, Long Tian’s lips curved, “Each realm can be entered and improved once, so there are countless cultivators in the Tree Starry Sky, and anyone who knows the blood pool wants to join our White Dragon Clan, but I, Bai Long The Dragon Clan also has to select people, so you don’t see many practitioners with foreign surnames in Longshan. It’s not that they don’t want to join, but that we, the White Dragon Clan, don’t want to accept them.”

After saying that, he looked at Liu Que and said, “Don’t you want to challenge me? Come and try.”


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