Star Odyssey Chapter 2255: Lu Yin and Wang Fan

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Lu Yin doesn’t understand. What’s the point of going to such great lengths to raise Servant to five source tribulations?

He can understand that raising Gu means letting a group of people fight and leaving an elite in the end, but he can’t understand the meaning of Puyi’s existence, which is just to clean up the leftovers?

In addition to these, there are also corpses I saw accidentally.

Although Puyi has no awareness of the outside world, he can reach five source tribulations in almost numb cultivation, which shows that his talent is extremely high. He accidentally cultivated out of the field and used the field to see A corpse. Apart from that, there is really nothing else underground.

As for what the body looked like and who it belonged to, he had no idea at all.

Lu Yin could only see a corpse through his memory.

Following the route in his memory, Lu Yin came to a piece of debris. Some of these debris were metal, and some were the corpses of animals and plants. There were even books and tokens, but through these, the debris could only be vaguely seen. What was originally there is now bitten into pieces.

Lu Yin naturally put the residue into the Ningkong Ring, his movements were not unfamiliar at all, exactly the same as his former servant.

Pu Yi has done this action countless times. As a practitioner of the Five Origin Tribulations, he has been here underground for no less than a thousand years.

If this person hadn’t grown up underground and had no knowledge of the outside world, Lu Yin wouldn’t know how to persevere.

In Pu Yi’s world view, this underground and these roads are his entire universe.

Lu Yin has no intention of withdrawing from the fusion immediately. He can cultivate cultivators of five source tribulations, and Pu Yi has never lacked resources in his memory. The person or force represented by this place is definitely not simple. He wants to know more about the bite. What kind of creature was it that shattered these residues?

Thinking about it, he picked up his feet and continued walking forward. There were some debris in front of him, but Puyi had never been close to it before. There were too few debris, and he was not allowed to enter inside.

Lu Yin controlled Pu Yi’s body and walked step by step until he reached the corpse he saw in his memory, a thousand meters away. He only had to go around two roads to see the corpse.

“Why go forward?”, an unpleasant voice came, making Lu Yin very uncomfortable.

“There are residues there,” Lu Yin replied.

“Go back”, the voice came.

Lu Yin responded respectfully and backed away slowly, stepping on water under his feet.

In this dark and humid underground, it is normal for water to accumulate on the ground. He had stepped on it on the way here, but at this moment, the water he stepped on was not ordinary water, but the Styx River.

Lu Yin lowered his head and looked in surprise, is this really the Styx?

He would not admit his mistake. The moment he stepped on it, his body suddenly moved, moving uncontrollably. This is exactly the characteristic of Styx, and it is the Styx after being promoted by him. Styx is actually here, It seems that there are only residues left. So, is this place – Unbounded?

Lu Yin looked inside and saw that the Styx River was given to Wujie as a deposit for assassinating Xia Xing. The presence of the Styx River here meant that it must be Wujie.

Yes, he has heard rumors that the so-called Wujie headquarters that was previously destroyed by Shen Wutian is not the real headquarters. The reason why Sifang Tianping monitors Mr. Qiu is not only to dig out the Duanyi Society, but also wants to dig out Wujie through Mr. Qiu. Headquarters, because the Duanyi Association has been providing funds for Wujie, and Wujie has eliminated some troubles for the Duanyi Association, the two parties have been cooperating.

I didn’t expect that the real headquarters of Wujie is here. So, where is this place? Who is making the sound inside?

Lu Yin had too many questions, but unfortunately, Puyi couldn’t answer them for him.

This may be the reason why the creature inside cultivated Servant Yi. He wanted to cultivate a servant that was completely blank but easy to use. Even if it was discovered here, the outside world would not be able to get any information from Servant Yi, and Servant Yi’s Cultivation can also play a role to a certain extent.

Lu Yin controls Pu Yi’s body to return to its original place and cancel the fusion. It’s not necessary. Pu Yi can’t know the location here at all in his memory. He can’t control Pu Yi to rush out. Even idiots will know that something is wrong. Unbounded The headquarters must change location, and it would be useless even if he found it here.

The consciousness passed through the dark space and returned to the body. It did not consume much this time. Firstly, the time did not last long, and secondly, the level of cultivation was not too high after being integrated.

Just how to find that place?

Pu Yi, those remnants, Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, Styx, yes, Styx, maybe we can find the Unbounded Headquarters through this.

The Styx River comes from the bottom of the Great Styx River of the You Family. Perhaps the You Family has a way to know the directions of all the Styx Rivers. Through this, it is possible to find the location of the Unbounded Headquarters.

After returning to the Fifth Continent, I must go to Youjia again.

Wujie must be eradicated. It would be fine if it was just a killer organization, but it is not only a killer organization, but also cooperates with the Duanyi Society to affect the battlefield behind, and does not report the knowledge of Hongbei Anzi. Lu Yin can guarantee that, Once humanity is defeated in the future, they will be the first group to seek refuge with the Eternals. With the intelligence and killers they have mastered without boundaries, once they join the Eternals, it will be too harmful to humanity.

With this matter deeply imprinted in his heart, Lu Yin raised his hand and continued to roll the dice.

I wasn’t so lucky next time. Except for the four points once, the other two times were two points, which was of no use.

After several times of time-still space practice, Lu Yin has reached the number of 110,000 stars in the Tianxing Gong, but he is still far away from the completion of the 380,000 stars in the sixth level.

This skill requires time to practice and cannot be achieved overnight.

I wonder how much the stars could move if Zu Chen were alive?

Twenty days have passed since the students entered the San’a Desperate Realm to experience. It’s time to go out and wait for them.

Just as Lu Yin was about to leave, the Yuntong Stone shook. He looked at the table and forgot that there was a Yuntong Stone here. Couldn’t the person opposite him sit still?

Pick up the Yuntong Stone and connect it.

“Yu Hao?”, no image appeared in Yuntong Stone, only the voice came out, deep and deep, which shocked people’s hearts. It was just two words, but it gave people a feeling of being in control of everything.

Although it is a bit exaggerated to judge a person by his voice, this is how this voice made Lu Yin feel.

He did not dare to underestimate the person opposite him, “It is this junior, who is your Excellency?”.

“My name is Wang Fan”, these four words made Lu Yin’s fingers tremble and his breathing became heavy unconsciously.

Wang Fan, the ancestor of the Wang family, was one of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas in the Daoyuan Sect era. He was an extremely talented person who once competed with Chen Zu, Fu Zu, and Ku Zu. Now he is the person who stands at the top of the tree starry sky. One of the people currently standing at the pinnacle of mankind.

The more you understand the past era, the more you can feel the horror of the nine mountains and seas.

Chenzu, Fuzu, and Kuzu left countless legends in the Fifth Continent. This does not mean that Wang Fan, Bai Wangyuan, and the others are not good, but the legends they left behind are not in the Fifth Continent.

Wu Zu thinks that she is not good at fighting, but the help she brings to Lu Yin is immeasurable. Without her, Lu Yin would not be able to thrive in

This tree’s starry sky confounded the balance in all directions and even captured Xia Xing and others.

Wang Fan is as famous as Wu Zu and others, whether it is fighting or other aspects, it is not something Lu Yin can imagine at the moment.

He guessed that someone from the Wang family would contact him, but he didn’t expect that it would be Wang Fan.

“Junior Yu Hao, please see Ancestor Wang Fan,” Lu Yin said in a respectful tone. From Yu Hao’s position, he should be respectful.

“In just a few decades, you have grown from an ant to where you are now. Yuhao, you are very good.” Wang Fan praised him without hesitation.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and he said respectfully again, “This junior is far from being able to bear the praise of our ancestors.” His voice was not only respectful, but also filled with anxiety and awe for the strong men in the ancestral realm.

Ancestor, just like heaven to ordinary people, for ordinary people, heaven is out of reach. People kneel down and worship heaven and earth, praying for blessings. Even if natural disasters take away countless lives, the living people will not only not hate it, but Thank God for mercy and allowing them to live.

In the eyes of cultivators, ancestors are heaven, and heaven is ancestors. Appreciation from the ancestors is the greatest affirmation for a cultivator. Similarly, even if the ancestors grant death, they should be honored, because not every cultivator has it. The opportunity was granted by the ancestor himself. Not every cultivator has the opportunity to spread his name to the ancestor’s ears.

Lu Yin expressed his anxiety, respect, admiration and awe for his ancestral realm through his voice.

“You can afford it. I know your experience. The Xia family has gone too far. Now you are qualified to negotiate terms with the Xia family. If you are willing, I can help you negotiate,” Wang Fan said.

Lu Yin pretended to be frightened, “Juniors do not dare to bother ancestor Wang Fan with common matters. It is the greatest honor for juniors to be known by ancestors.”

“I hope you will join the Wang family, not only because you are a disciple of Guyan Celestial Master, but also because you are qualified for me to invite you personally. Yuhao, you will not only be the next Celestial Master of the Original Formation, I will try my best to I will train you to become the youngest Heavenly Master of the Original Formation in history, and erect your statue on our Wang Family Continent.”

“Today, as you, the students of Yixian Academy, worship Chongyue, in the future, more people will worship you as well. You will be a guest of my Wang family, more than a direct descendant, and your freedom will never be restricted. The resources you want Everything you need”.

Lu Yin was shocked. He underestimated his ability to interpret language, and even Wang Fan was alarmed.

It could be heard that Wang Fan was serious about what he said. He valued not only his so-called master, Guyan Celestial Master, but also himself.

Wang Nian should have said something to him.

Lu Yin was silent, thinking about how to answer. Since he had successfully attracted Wang Fan’s attention, it would be a pity not to take advantage of it. As he thought about it, his eyes unconsciously fell on Yuntong Stone.

“Junior’s grandfather Yuchuan lives in Shenwutian,” Lu Yin said, without saying much, just this sentence.

“I’ll take care of it,” Wang Fan said, ending the call.

Lu Yin took a deep breath and picked up the Yuntong Stone. Wang Fan, he could actually contact Wang Fan directly. Has he reached this level without knowing it? Next, the ancestral realm strongmen will appear one by one. This time it is the Wang family. Will the next one be the White Dragon clan?

These ancestors are not stupid. They are qualified to attract Wang Fan to talk to them, and the same should be true for other ancestors.

I just don’t know if Wang Fan can take Yuchuan away.

Thinking of Yuchuan, Lu Yin’s eyes were complicated. If his plan went well, Yuchuan might be the only victim.

Putting away the Yuntong Stone, Lu Yin walked out of his residence and headed to the desperate situation of San’a.


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