Star Odyssey Chapter 225: Lu Yin VS Yan Qingye King

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On the plain, Grandini Mebis clenched his fists and stood out in green clothes.

Daobo is helpless. Among all the opponents, the one he least wants to encounter is the Mebis family. He is the interpreter. His control and understanding of star energy exceeds everyone else. He is confident that he can fight even against Han Chong. But the Mebis family is an exception. This family fights purely based on strength, and a strange force makes him unable to use his strength.

Outside the plain, many interpreters of the academy also sighed. There is no doubt about Dobo’s power. He even defeated Mira at the same time. He was a monster, but he chose the wrong opponent. The Mebis family can be regarded as interpreters. nemesis.

“Come on” Grandini shouted and punched Daobo.

Dao Bo was speechless. He didn’t like this kind of opening statement. It would be great to fight Charlotte. The contest between two civilized people was very elegant. However, the woman in front of him gave him the illusion of returning to the wilderness.

Hurrying to avoid it, a huge crater was blasted out on the spot, followed by several loud noises, the crater became larger and larger, and even a wave of air swept towards him.

Daobo sighed. When his feet landed, the whole world changed, turning into silver-grey. Terrorist fluctuations swept across the plains and outside. He was using the field to suppress Grandini.

Within the field, Grandini’s every move is under Daobo’s surveillance. The strength of her punches, movement trajectories, and even the direction of avoidance, etc., are all hidden from Daobo. If Grandini really wants to rely on her current It is impossible to defeat Dao Bo with strength. Fortunately, she has fighting spirit.

The next moment, the domineering purple fighting spirit soared into the sky, and everyone was shocked, with four lines of fighting spirit.

Looking at Grandini’s fighting eyes, Daobo felt helpless and raised his hand to admit defeat.

Grandini was about to rush over to fight, but Daobo choked him and became furious, “Are you a man to give up so quickly?”

Dao Bo sighed, “The Mabis clan understands the four lines of fighting spirit. My attacks can’t break through the defense, but it’s impossible for you to defeat me. Your attacks can’t hit me at all.”

“Then you still admit defeat?” Grandini was dissatisfied and eager to give it a try.

Dao Bo was helpless, “None of us can beat the other. If a good man doesn’t fight with a woman, I will give up.”

“You look down on women? Are you looking for death?” Grandini rushed over again and punched her in the head.

Lu Yin looked up at the sky. This scene was very familiar. In the Tenth House Freshman Competition, Lulu beat Xiuzi like this and asked Xiuzi to apologize to her.

Dobo exited the afterlife very directly, leaving Grandini’s punch to miss. She was very uncomfortable. Although she was more gentle than Lulu on the surface, the Mavis family could never change some bad habits, such as being warlike. .

Thinking about it, Grandini glanced at the peak, especially looking at Lu Yin, his purple fighting spirit became even more high-spirited.

Lu Yin stopped laughing, stood up, and looked at King Yan Qingye, “It’s our turn.”

Ye King Yan Qing stood up and looked at Lu Yin with cold eyes, “I remind you, it’s best not to admit defeat, otherwise, the Night King will let you know what despair means.”

Lu Yin’s smile faded and his tone was cold, “Yeah, it seems you want to target me.”

“The Night King does not need to target anyone. It is difficult to meet an opponent who is qualified for me to crush. I just don’t want it to end too soon.” Yan Qing Night King stepped forward and appeared on the plain.

Lu Yin looked downcast. The Night King Clan, the Night King Clan, this race has been involved with him from the beginning, including Qingyu from the Earth, Zhuobai Ye from the Butterfly Shadow Territory, Gray White Night from the Tenth Courtyard, including the King Yan Qingye in front of him. , he is really destined to this race.

“Brother Lu, don’t mind, she just has that temper. Women, they always feel uncomfortable for a few days.” Feng Shang appeared and sat shamelessly on the peak. None of the other defeated chiefs came back, but he was the only one who came back.

The star-collecting girl looked at Feng Shang, “What did you say?”.

Feng Shang was embarrassed, “What, I didn’t say anything, haha.”

The star-collecting girl looked at Lu Yin and said nothing.

Lu Yin stepped out and appeared on the plain, facing King Yan Qingye directly.

Many people thought that this ten-house competition would definitely determine the leader. In fact, this was the last battle, and only a few people knew it.

If Sword Sect Liu Shaoqiu is not famous in the eyes of many people, then the Night Royal Family is different. Their iconic long black and white hair has a streak of gray in the middle. This is the Night King, the most powerful race famous in the entire universe. .

Whether it is the outer universe or the inner universe, the White Night Royal Family is terrifying and has countless legends.

The Daewoo Empire, Huo Xiaoling, Jenny Ona, Granny, Guleis, Erde and others who had fought with Qingyu were all wide-eyed. The last battle of the Earth Trial was still vivid in their minds. Yu’s power shocked everyone. It was Lu Yin who defeated him at that time. The process was quite difficult. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, Lu Yin would face this clan again.

King Yan Qingye is not Qingyu. Qingyu climbed up as a member of the Baiye clan. However, King Yan Qingye was born into the Night clan. The training resources and combat skills she received were not comparable to Qingyu’s.

No one had any intuitive feelings about the battle between Liu Shaoqiu and Lu Yin, but when they faced Yan Qing Ye King, they felt a chill from the bottom of their hearts. The three words “Ye Wang Clan” were enough to represent everything.

The two stood facing each other on the plain, neither moving. Lu Yin stared closely at King Yan Qingye’s eyes. He had not forgotten the scene where Caron was instantly petrified. That was the talent of King Yan Qingye, and this talent cannot be broken. , it is impossible for him to stop King Yan Qingye.

The corners of King Yan Qingye’s mouth curved in a charming arc, his eyes were arrogant, a wisp of purple flickered, Lu Yin’s scalp exploded, and the four lines of fighting aura on his body were covered, dangerous and dangerous, a strange wave was swept by the four lines of fighting aura. Blocked and isolated from the outside of the body, but even so, a layer of the four lines of fighting energy was wiped off, and it was dim.

Many people were shocked. King Yan Qingye’s talent was so terrifying that it could weaken the four lines of fighting spirit at just one glance.

“Let’s see how long you can block it.” King Yan Qingye said with disdain. She simulated several battles with Lu Yin. Although this man was very powerful and fast enough to dodge the first of the Thirteen Swords, no matter how fast he was, Can you look past it quickly? Her purple pupil talent happens to be the nemesis of speed, and this person has no chance of winning against her.

Lu Yin frowned, the air flash disappeared, broke through the void, and rushed directly towards King Yan Qingye.

Wang Yan Qingye’s purple eyes glanced back and forth, never leaving Lu Yin for a moment, causing the four lines of fighting energy on his body to continue to be weakened. Once the four lines of fighting energy disappeared, he would be petrified and end up like Caron.

This is an unsolvable battle. What you need is to buy time, either defeat King Yan Qingye before the four lines of fighting spirit disappear completely, or wait to be petrified.

Lu Yin chose the first path and rushed towards her despite the purple pupil talent of King Yan Qingye. He raised his palm and used the nine-fold fifteen-fold wave palm, causing the void to collapse. He pressed down with a single palm, which was comparable to thirteen He didn’t believe that King Yan Qingye could easily block the power of the second sword.

Yan Qing Ye Wang’s eyes were awe-inspiring, his purple eyes twinkling alluringly. He stood on the spot, suddenly raised his head, and on the soles of his feet, purple fighting spirit burst into the sky, “Ye Wang Technique – Night King Fist”.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank, four lines of fighting spirit?


The earth sank, and the terrifying air waves swept around, directly tearing apart the energy that isolated the plain. Fortunately, the instructor arranged a second energy to block it, otherwise the aftermath would be enough to kill many students instantly.

When night falls, the Night King’s Fist changes the sky, leaving Lu Yin with only one punch left in his eyes.

He stared closely at the Night King Fist. He was very familiar with it. He was very familiar with it. When he came into contact with the White Night Clan inheritance stone for the first time, he saw this fist. Through this punch, he understood the White Night Fist, and Yan Qingye King The stronger Night King Fist was used.

Day and night alternate, tearing away people’s energy and energy. This is the pinnacle punch that King Yan Qingye unleashed with his four lines of fighting spirit. Although the power of the punch is not as powerful as the third sword among the thirteen swords, it is still powerful. It was also very close, which even moved Liu Shaoqiu.

Bang bang bang…

More than a dozen explosions were heard, and the Ninefold Fifteen-fold Wave Palm and the Night King’s Fist clashed head-on, bombarding the world and causing the void to completely collapse. Space cracks swallowed up the surroundings one after another, absorbing the smoke and dust. Lu Yin and Yan Qing Night King were extremely fast Traveling through the cracks in the void and colliding head-on.

Originally Lu Yin thought that King Yan Qingye would use the Baiye clan’s combat skills and talents to deal with him, but he did not expect that what King Yan Qingye was good at was actually fighting spirit, and his physical body was also terrifyingly powerful, even surpassing Chaozhi.


With a loud noise, Lu Yin tightly grasped King Yan Qingye’s fists, and they both smashed into the ground at the same time. King Yan Qingye’s purple eyes stared at him, constantly wearing down the fighting spirit of the four lines, “You can really do this to me. The Baiye tribe is immune to combat skills, so what is your talent?”

Lu Yin’s knee directly hit King Yan Qingye, and King Yan Qingye’s long white legs were raised at the same time, blocking Lu Yin’s leg. “Your four lines of fighting spirit will not last long, you are dead.”

“Yeah, try again” Lu Yin shouted, releasing King Yan Qingye’s fists, his right palm retracted, the muscles bulged, severe pain spread to the nerves, gritted his teeth and growled, “Nine Levels – Seventeen Times – Wave Palm “.

King Yan Qingye was shocked, “impossible”.

With a bang, the air wave from Lu Yin’s right elbow shattered the void, and he struck out with a palm, blasting King Yan Qingye’s entire body out of the ground. Seventeen loud noises erupted in her body, almost shattering the four-mark battle. Angry, King Yan Qingye spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face turned pale, and he was suspended in the sky.

Lu Yin slowly rose into the air, breathing heavily, his right arm dripping with blood. The nine-fold seventeen-fold wave palm was almost the limit of his right arm. It would be difficult to hit the same blow again in his current state.

In front of the light curtain, everyone was silent and watching intently. This battle has been exciting from the beginning. The four lines of fighting energy are clashing. Who is the better?

In the inner universe, in a dark room, a young man was shaking his wine glass and looking at the light curtain faintly. His black and white hair was breathtaking, and a strand of long gray hair was vertical to his shoulders.

Behind the young man, Liu Shaoge also looked at the light screen and Lu Yin, his eyes flickering, and there was a strange color deep in his eyes.

Over the plain, King Yan Qingye wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. His originally charming purple eyes were cold and cold, and he glanced at Lu Yin, “The strength of your body is beyond my expectation. The wave palm is seventeen times stronger. Even in the ordinary exploration realm, Neither can be done”.

Lu Yin looked serious, “You are also very good, you can actually hold on and not die.”


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