Star Odyssey Chapter 2242: Bloodbath

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“That’s great, please trouble Mr. Zheng,” Lu Yin said happily. In fact, he had no interest in training, but he couldn’t show it. As for Mr. Zheng, he knew that he had no hope of leading the team, but he was worried about Lu Yin. , so I would like to mention something. This person is devoted to the academy, and is a rare good tutor. However, he is too serious. To use the description he has experienced on Earth, he is a standard dean.

For the next half hour, Mr. Zheng talked about the experiences he had with students, including the Zhongping Realm, the Lower World, the Zhongping Sea, and the battlefield behind. Yixian Academy is not ivory. Tower, the students it teaches are not limited to cultivation.

“That time at the second formation base, if the original treasure formation had not been repaired at the critical moment, all of us would have died. Dean and Mr. Ce were delayed by the twelfth generation of the Eternal Clan, Lu.” At this point, Zheng The teacher suddenly stopped and changed the subject, “I just want to tell Mr. Haoyu that experience is very important to the academy, and it is the first time to go to Sifang Tianping to experience, so be careful.”

Lu Yin nodded, “I know, by the way, Mr. Zheng mentioned Lu just now. We were also accompanied by the Lu family that time?”

Mr. Zheng waved his hand, “Just pretend you didn’t hear it. In fact, the most elite disciples of Sifang Tianping are all in my Yixian Academy. Going to their mountain gate to practice is not considered training. The real training is to descend to the mortal world, which is the battlefield behind. Here After the Sifang Balance experience, the college will organize instructors to take the students to the battlefield behind, and that is the real experience.”

“Have Mr. Haoyu been to the battlefield behind?”

Lu Yin was startled. Has Yu Hao ever been to the battlefield behind? Probably not. He was a waste before committing suicide and was not qualified to go. “No.”

Mr. Zheng looked at Lu Yin, “Then going to the battlefield behind is not only a training for the students, but also a training for the instructors. Mr. Haoyu, you are not the only one who has never been to the battlefield behind. When the time comes, you will see the most cruel human beings face. the truth”.

After talking for a while, Mr. Zheng was about to leave. Before leaving, he said, “When you go to the battlefield behind to experience, you will experience life and death, but when you go to the Sifang Balance to experience, it is to refine your heart.” After that, he left .

Lu Yin was surprised that Mr. Zheng seemed to know something. It was clear that the academy had never had any experience in Sifang Tianping before.

But when he thought about it, he figured out, what can the students of Yixian Academy learn by going to Sifang Tianping? The most elite students here are also Sifang Tianping’s geniuses. They are basically the same group of people. Rather than giving them experience, it is more about giving Sifang Tianping an opportunity to recruit and make a name for themselves.

Those who can be admitted to Yixian Academy are not ordinary people. These people can be valued by Yixian Academy, and they can also be valued by Sifang Balance.

Lu Yin looked above his head. If this was really the case, he would have to do something. He couldn’t let these elite students be deceived by the Sifang Balance.

Far away, the Yinshan District has long been blocked. Sifang Tianping confirmed that the disappearance of Xia Xing and others was caused by the Forgotten God. Hanxian Sect pointed out that the Forgotten God had appeared in the Yinshan District. Believe it or not, Sifang Tianping will investigate Tan, no matter how big the Yinshan District is.

In the Hanmen Branch of Yinshan District, the sect leader Zhuo Si was as usual, lounging around and unwilling to care about anything.

When Lu Yin disguised himself as Long Qi and joined Linjiang Yi, he joined the Hanmen in Yinshan District. At that time, Zhuo Si had two captains, Wang Dashuai and Mo Gaohe. Although he caused trouble all day long and liked to fight in groups when nothing happened, it was at least lively. Now, Wang Dashuai and Mogao River are gone, the Hanmen branch in Yinshan District is quiet and a bit cold, just like the name of Yinshan District.

This place is prepared for those branch disciples of Sifang Tianping who are not valued but whose status is not too low, so that they can have a place to hang out. However, after the incident of Long Qi, Sifang Tianping did not eat those people. The disciples who were waiting for death were thrown over, which made Yinshan District become what it is now.

But Zhuo Si is quite satisfied, quiet and quiet.

Suddenly, the terrifying coercion came, and Zhuo Si’s expression changed. The next moment, he was captured without any resistance. The person who took action was Wu Yao, the half-ancestor of Hanxian Sect.

“You clearly have the cultivation level of five source tribulations, but you are hiding in this Yinshan District. The sect has done a good job in investigating. You have an old relationship with the Lu family.” Wu Yao’s cold voice sounded, frightening those in the Hanmen branch of the Yinshan District. tremble.

Zhuo Si did not fight back, and he had no ability to fight back, “Who is the senior?”.

With a bang, Zhuo Si was thrown down and hit the ground hard.

Many cultivators appeared from all directions, all from Sifang Tianping, among them was Long Tian, ​​who was staring at Zhuo Si.

“I Wu Yao, Zhuo Si, you have a history with the Lu family, and the sect has let you go for too long.” Wu Yao’s voice fell.

Zhuo Si stood up with difficulty, his shoulders slumped, and was beaten badly by Wu Yao, “I am the sect leader of Yinshan District of Han Clan. If you want to touch me, have you asked Lord Qingchen? Have you asked Patriarch Muxie?” .

Wu Yao glared, and the pressure came, and he pushed Zhuo Si down again, “Don’t use your poor family to pressure me, I am here to represent the balance of the world. I didn’t move you before just to fish, but now”, “How are you now?” , with a sharp shout, the void tore apart, and another pressure swept out, crushing Wu Yao.

Wu Yao raised his eyebrows, and the surging star source suddenly released. At the same time, a star source appeared on the opposite side that was so surging that it suffocated the star envoys. The two star sources tore open the sky in the Yinshan District, making countless people tremble with fear.

Zhuo Si breathed a sigh of relief, Governor Qingchen was here.

This is Qingchen. When he learned that Sifang Tianping blocked the Yinshan District, he knew something was wrong. Many people knew about Zhuo Si’s past. He was afraid that Sifang Tianping would take action against Zhuo Si. This time Sifang Tianping sent out for There are many semi-ancestral experts to deal with the Seven Gods. Once they attack Zhuo Si, Zhuo Si has no power to fight back.

The truth was just as he guessed, Wu Yao took action against Zhuo Si without mercy.

The two half-ancestral forces clashed, causing chaos in the Yinshan District. In the end, they only stopped after the mediation of half-ancestor Wang Jiachai.

Wu Yao stared at Qingchen coldly, “You are not aware of the past between Zhuo Si and the Lu family. The ancestor said that anyone who colludes with the Lu family will either be caught or killed.”

Qingchen shouted coldly, “That happened a long time ago. I am also involved with the Lu family, and I even visited the Lu family. Do you want to arrest me too?”.

Wu Yao’s eyes turned cold, “It’s my ancestor’s business to arrest you. What I want to arrest is Zhuo Si.”

“Qishentian couldn’t find it, so he wanted to use Zhuosi to overcome it. Wu Yao, you are also the half-ancestor, and you are still as ruthless as ever. You want to use people from my humble family to help you win credit. If you have the ability, you can find Mu “Evil Ancestor”, Qingchen was not polite.

Wu Yao was furious, “Don’t use your poor family to oppress others. If it weren’t for your poor family, the remnants of the Lu family wouldn’t have been able to escape. Sooner or later, my ancestor will settle this matter with you.”

“It’s not your turn to settle the matter,” Qingchen shouted.

Chai Banzu walked out, “Both of you are here to capture Hongbei and Qishentian, there is no need to argue like this.”

Wu Yao glanced at Zhuo Si and said, “The expeditionary army has already gone to the abandoned place to kill the remnants of the Lu family, so why not let you, the remnant of the Lu family, live for two more days to wait for the new year

The empty corridor is repaired, and when they come back with Lu Xiaoxuan’s head, all the Lu family’s relics will be exposed in this starry sky.

Zhuo Si suddenly raised his head, he knew the expeditionary force and hoped that Lu Xiaoxuan would be fine.

Qingchen didn’t say much about this matter. He looked to the other side and Xia Ziheng walked out, “If the Seven Gods are not found, our own people will be in civil strife first. It is best not to be seen by outsiders, otherwise what is the prestige of our Sifang Balance? “.

“This governor is not a man of balance,” Qingchen said bluntly.

Xia Ziheng looked at Qingchen, “Actually, Wu Yao’s attack on Zhuo Si was not sudden. Does Lord Qingchen know who came to this starry sky?”

Qingchen was surprised, “This starry sky? What do you mean?”.

Xia Ziheng’s eyes were gloomy, “Quiluo, he’s back.”

Qingchen was surprised, “Quiluo? Didn’t he grab the Wang family and flee to the abandoned land?”.

“That’s why we want to capture Zhuo Si and check if he has seen Lu Xiaoxuan. Quero has rescued Lu Xiaoxuan several times. He probably went to the abandoned place to find Lu Xiaoxuan. He shouldn’t come alone. If Lu Xiaoxuan is not dead, Maybe he has also come to our starry sky, he has stayed here, maybe Zhuo Si can know his whereabouts,” Xia Ziheng said.

Qingchen looked at Zhuo Si subconsciously.

Everyone else also looked at Zhuo Si.

Zhuo Si said hurriedly, “Master Governor, I have never met Lu Xiaoxuan and Kui Luo. If you lie, you will be unable to improve your cultivation for the rest of your life, and you will be hopeless for the rest of your life.”

Wu Yao was disdainful, “Are you the only one who still wants to reach the level of half-ancestor?”.

Qingchen frowned and glanced at Wu Yao and Xia Ziheng, “I believe Zhuo Si, don’t look at him like this, which cultivator doesn’t want to reach the semi-ancestral or even ancestral realm.”

“In order to keep Lu Xiaoxuan, it may not be impossible to sacrifice one’s own cultivation,” Xia Ziheng said.

Wu Yao also said, “Believe it or not, he is with us, let us take him away. Don’t worry, it is just an interrogation and will not harm his life.”

“It’s impossible to arrest Zhuo Si unless ancestor Mu Xie speaks up. He is one of the nine sect leaders of our Han Clan and has made great contributions to mankind. You are not qualified to arrest him,” Qingchen said resolutely.

Wu Yao and Xia Ziheng looked at each other, and Xia Ziheng shook his head slightly. He did not believe that Zhuo Si knew the whereabouts of Lu Xiaoxuan. If Lu Xiaoxuan really came to this starry sky, it would be impossible to tell anyone.

Furthermore, he also has a guess, that is, Quilo was chased by the expeditionary force in the abandoned land and could no longer survive, so he escaped again. Although he did not know how he came back, as for Lu Xiaoxuan, he may not be able to come back. Because the expeditionary force’s target is him.

Allowing one Quiro to escape is already the limit. If Lu Xiaoxuan is allowed to escape again, what use will the expeditionary force have?

That was a gathering of four half-ancestors, including the Great Elder Nihuang. The Abandoned Land was by no means unstoppable. The only variable was the ancestral realm powerhouse.

“The Xinkong Corridor will be restored. By then we will all know what happened to the abandoned place. Let Zhuo Si live here for a few days,” Xia Ziheng said.

Wu Yao said coldly, “Someone reminded me to think about the worst. Just think that Lu Xiaoxuan is hiding in this starry sky and planning something. He has even won over some of the Lu family’s relics. According to this situation, I, Han Xian, Zong plans to carry out a bloodbath for the captured Lu family officials.”

Xia Ziheng was shocked, and everyone else who heard it was shocked. Bloodbath?


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