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Lu Yin smiled, “I said, Kui Luo is not here, Yixian Academy has mountains and seas, Kui Luo went to rob it, and it is not here.”

“The mountains and seas of Yixian Academy have appeared?” Wang Zheng was surprised.

Lu Yin said, “It seems that you are all staring at Yixian Academy for the mountains and the sea. Do you want to get the mountains and the sea?”

“Who doesn’t want to know that in the Daoyuan Sect era, the nine mountains and eight seas were overwhelming the starry sky, which was not on the same level as the ordinary ancestral realm. It is said that there are tactics in the mountains and seas, which can turn decay into magic like a secret. Inside the Yixian Academy There is no one to inherit the mountains and seas. They are too wasteful. If they can’t inherit it, everyone should try.” Wang Zhengdao.

Lu Yin was surprised that Sifang Tianping didn’t seem to know that the mountain and sea had an owner.

“Why do you say that there is no one to inherit the mountains and seas of Yixian Academy?”, Lu Yin was surprised.

Wang Zheng stared at Lu Yin, “If you want to inherit the mountains and seas, almost all ancestral realms can do it. Yixian Academy only has half-ancestors, God of Cookery, Wen Lai, and Ce Donglai. They are simply unable to inherit the mountains and seas.”

“Not only us, the Eternals are also staring at the mountains and seas. Once the Eternals destroy the mountains and seas, Yixian Academy will be the sinners.”

Lu Yin shook his head, “You speak of a sinner. In your eyes, who is not a sinner?”.

Wang Zheng said in a deep voice, “Those who resist the battlefield behind are not sinners, including those from the Star Alliance.”

Lu Yin looked deeply at Wang Zheng, “I just said that Quilo is not here, so I will give you a chance to escape from me. As long as you can escape, don’t worry, there will definitely be no second person to take action against you. Here, only you and me”.

Wang Zheng looked sharply, “Are you serious?”.

Lu Yin put his hands behind his back and “try it.” Everyone has different control over themselves. He didn’t know if Wang Zheng would forcefully suppress the urge to use the restraint. The only way was to make him unable to suppress it, that is, to inflict heavy damage.

Wang Zheng moved his hands and looked at Lu Yin with surprise and admiration in his eyes, “No matter you are Lu Yin or Lu Xiaoxuan, this confidence has never changed.”

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Maybe he is arrogant.”

“If it were you in Lu Xiaoxuan’s era, you would definitely not be my opponent after practicing so far. With Lu Xiaoxuan’s talent, even if you are not as good as half-ancestor, you are not far behind, almost the same as Bai Xian’er, but you lost your memory and were thrown away You have to practice again in the abandoned land. Now you can have three source tribulations, which is quite scary, but so far, with your current strength, you can’t stop me,” Wang Zheng said, he has five source tribulations.

After saying that, he directly used the Pearl of the Four Jue Sanshou to seal Lu Yin’s physical strength. For Lu Yin, the Four Directions Balance had studied it and knew that his physical strength was strong, especially the Kongkong Palm that had been exposed before and could not be seen. Even he is afraid of his palm skills.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Zheng stepped forward, appeared in front of Lu Yin across the Star Source Universe, and slapped out with a palm.

They are in the Supreme Mountain at the moment, and Wang is using the Kuixiong of the Four Jue Sanshou. Its power is extremely rare.

A palm strike missed, and Lu Yin retreated, but his steps clearly felt like he was moving forward.

Wang Zheng’s eyes flashed, and he took action again, increasing his speed. He waved his hand with the Four Jue Sanshou Heavenly Sword, and slashed horizontally with the sharp blade, covering the surrounding area. With the speed of the Heavenly Sword, no matter how fast the person was, he would have to catch him head-on. And he has cultivated five source tribulations, while Lu Yin has only three source tribulations. It is difficult to catch it forcefully, and even if he catches it, there will be flaws.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, moved his body, obviously retreated and then moved forward, his body collided head-on with the blade of the heavenly sword, and then passed through it under Wang Zheng’s incredible eyes.

Wang Zheng’s pupils shrank sharply, “

Impossible, the Heavenly Sword slashes across the Star Source Universe, how can you possibly pass through it? “.

Lu Yin still had his hands behind his back, “Clan Chief Wang Zheng, continue.”

Wang Zheng is in trouble. He underestimated Lu Yin. He has never moved his hands except moving his legs. What’s going on? It shouldn’t be like this.

He stared at Lu Yin, his fingers bent, and a black rope appeared in the void to bind him, the secret technique – forbidden.

Lu Yin’s body moved again, and he avoided the forbidden secret technique.

Wang Zheng’s scalp was numb. Impossible, impossible. This is a secret technique. This is a secret technique. How could the secret technique created by ancestor Wang Fan be avoided?

He once again used the Supreme Secret Technique in an attempt to imprint his invincibility on Lu Yin’s mind.

But Lu Yin’s eyes were calm with a smile. The Supreme Secret Technique was actually useful to him. He was stunned for a moment, but it was only for a moment. With Wang Zheng’s strength, how could he feel invincible? The gap between the two is too big.

Although he has suffered three source tribulations, he is enough to defeat the masters of six source tribulations. Especially Nibu Xiaocheng, who can reverse chaos in the void and crack all combat skills like Chenzu. This is not limited by cultivation. Yes.

Wang Zheng used all kinds of means, but they all looked pale and powerless under the reverse step.

Wang Zheng pressed down with one palm, and Wang Jia sat down and forgot about his work.

Lu Yin still relied on reverse steps to forcefully crack it.

Back then, Chen Zu used his reverse step to forcefully break through the state of knowing the Zhou Yan Zhenjing with his enlightenment level cultivation, not to mention the mere sitting and forgetting skills.

Wang Zheng looked pale and looked at Lu Yin in disbelief. He had used all the power he had, but opposite him, Lu Yin still had his hands behind his back.

He was not fighting a three-time source tribulation cultivator at all. It was like facing a half-ancestor. The powerlessness and despair completely broke his mood.

“Impossible, how could you do this?” Wang Zheng was horrified.

Lu Yin pity, “You keep saying you want to inherit the mountains and seas, but do you know what kind of people are likely to inherit the mountains and seas? Do you really understand the nine mountains and eight seas?”.

Wang Zheng was trembling all over.

Lu Yin shook his head, “You don’t understand, you can’t understand Chen Zu’s invincibility, Hui Zu’s wisdom, Wu Zu’s creativity, and you can’t understand the terrifying power of your own ancestor Wang Fan. , is another level, just like you and me now.” After finishing his words, Lu Yin stepped out, obviously retreating but then moving forward, appearing directly in front of Wang Zheng, then passed by, still holding his hands behind his back, nothing Do.

But Wang Zheng spit out blood and knelt on his knees, sweat dripping from his forehead. He stared at the blood stains on the ground as the blood stains expanded. He couldn’t understand. He couldn’t see clearly. How did he get injured? Did Lu Xiaoxuan take action? He doesn’t understand at all.

Lu Yin looked back at Wang Zheng, who was gradually falling. The moment he passed by Wang Zheng with reverse steps, the void was chaotic.

The void contains space and time. The reverse chaos of time and space made the normal space where Wang Zheng was unable to bear and directly collapsed, which soon led to Wang Zheng’s collapse.

This trick seems simple, but how many people in the past and present have been able to do it?

Just by going backwards, he can be invincible under the Half-Ancestor, and his cultivation level has long been unable to limit him.

With three Origin Tribulation cultivations, he embarked on the path of creating his own cultivation system ahead of schedule. This is understandable to Wang Zheng.

Lu Yin not only severely injured Wang Zheng, but also caused Wang Zheng’s mentality to collapse.

Taking this opportunity, he put his hand on Wang Zheng’s back and activated the restraint he controlled to invade Wang Zheng’s body, causing Wang Zheng to bleed again

Spit out, his mind was dizzy, and what he saw in front of him was blurry. He didn’t know what was happening in his body, he only felt a familiar power intruding, and he also had this power.

Lu Yin stared at Wang Zheng, feeling the collision between his restraint and the restraint controlled by Wang Zheng. He felt it, but it was difficult to understand. He quickly took out Hui Gen and made tea to drink. After taking the first sip, his mind became clear and his eyes became bright. After learning a lot, he once again felt the restraint of fighting in Wang Zheng’s body, and he understood.

On the stone pillar, Lu Yin sat quietly, tapping his fingers on the table, thinking about the restrictions in his mind.

The ban obtained through this method is definitely more reliable than others said, and through this method, he also verified the authenticity of the ban given by Xia Xing’s clone, Bai Teng.

They are not lying, the ban is true.

In this way, he obtained all the restrictions imposed by the Four Directions Balance, only leaving it to the Star Alliance to lift them.

This is no easier than getting a ban from Sifang Tianping, Lu Yin’s eyes flickered as he kept thinking.

Soon after, Mr. Wei came to visit and brought a newly discovered biography about Wen Zu.

“If you guessed it correctly, Wenzu once reduced his own cultivation, or in other words, sealed his own cultivation and became an ordinary person to travel around the world…” Mr. Wei said.

Lu Yin is not very interested in Wenzu. He is just taking classes. There are too many powerful people in the ancestral realm born in human history. He cannot possibly want to know about them all. However, Mr. Wei is kind-hearted and will tell him if he finds anything. Okay Let him solve the first problem faster.

After listening for a long time, Lu Yin heard it, “So the reason why Wenzu became an ancestor is because he traveled around the world and saw all the ups and downs of the world as an ordinary person?”.

“It’s possible, but you and I don’t understand the ancestral realm, but every ancestral realm walks its own path. Maybe this is the path of Wenzu. I found the poems and articles that were sung a long time ago. The meaning of the scriptures must have been written by Wenzu under his pseudonym,” Mr. Wei said, taking out a pile of books from Ningkongjie.

Lu Yin admired him, “Mr. Wei’s spirit of historical research is admirable.”

Mr. Wei looked at Lu Yin and said, “Mr. Haoyu doesn’t seem to be very interested in Wenzu’s affairs.”

Lu Yin said, “Of course not, it’s just that Wen Zu has existed for a long time. It’s really difficult to understand his life story. I want to know more about Fire Phoenix and Dark Phoenix.”

“There may be clues here,” Mr. Wei said, and then looked at these ancient books carefully.

Lu Yin looked at her profile. This Mr. Wei was a woman disguised as a man, with a mysterious identity. He wondered what it would be like to have her dress up as a woman again. Thinking about it, he just kept staring at Mr. Wei.

Mr. Wei didn’t pay attention to him at all, he was focused on reading ancient books.

On another stone pillar, Wen Zhao came back and saw this scene, which was a bit strange.

Mr. Tang also saw it and smiled.

After a long time, Mr. Wei closed the ancient book. She looked at it for several hours, then turned her head and looked at Lu Yin. Lu Yin looked at her for several hours.

The two looked at each other, relatively speechless.

Lu Yin coughed and said, “Have you finished reading?”

Mr. Wei nodded with a natural expression, “After reading it, there are no poems related to Fire Phoenix and Dark Phoenix.”

“What a pity,” Lu Yin said, “By the way, why is Mr. Wei so interested in history?”.

Mr. Wei put away the ancient books and said, “Actually, I am interested in a person, but to understand that person, I need to understand the entire history.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Who?”.


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