Star Odyssey Chapter 2231: Go with the flow

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Lu Yin and the others walked out of the light pillar and looked around. They were no different from the ones below. It was the same mountains, rivers and jungles, but there should be no cities, just huge family courtyards.

“There are hundreds of millions of people living in the Wang Family Continent, all direct and collateral descendants of the Wang Family who have multiplied and flourished for countless years, as well as those practitioners and their descendants who have made meritorious deeds for the Wang Family and are qualified to live here. Of course, , there are also some criminals captured by the Wang family, this is the core civilization of the Wang family,” Lei Wu said briefly.

Long Tian said indifferently, “Let’s go, go directly to Clan Chief Wang Zheng.” After saying that, he left in one direction.

They only used Lei Wu to board the Wang Family Continent. This level was easily detected by the Hanxian Sect. As long as they boarded the Wang Family Continent, there was no need to hide it. If someone from the Hanxian Sect was watching them here, it would be unfair to them. It’s better to talk about it, as long as you find it, you won’t be afraid that the Wang family won’t unite.

The Wang Family Continent is not big, at least for Star Envoys.

Lu Yin and Long Tian easily found the location of their master’s house. Long Tian had been here after all, but Lu Yin pretended to be injured and followed him to avoid being seen missing the place.

Long Tian had no doubts and contacted Wang Zheng after arriving not far from the main line of the Wang family.

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the ball of light. Is this ball of light burning to death those who have been in the ancestral realm? Is it true? The most powerful person in the history of the Wang family should be Wang Fan, who ranks among the most powerful people in the world. Is this Wang Fan’s method?

The two of them did not speak. In the silence, someone from the Wang family, a star messenger, took them into the main gate of the main house.

The main branch of the Wang family is Wang Zheng, which has never changed. Wang Zheng is also a descendant of Wang Fan. As long as Wang Fan lives one day, the main family will always be this branch, including now studying at Yixian Academy. Wang Xiaofan is the son of Wang Zheng, the youngest son.

Among the four directions in the balance, the main branches of the White Dragon Clan are the least stable. They have the weakest background. Whoever is stronger will be the main branch. The other three main branches are very stable because they all come from the descendants of the ancestors. Among them, the main branch of Shenwutian is more important than the branches. The deprivation was the most severe, but the Wang family and the Bai family were fine.

On the way Lu Yin was brought into the Wang Family Mountain Gate to meet Wang Zheng, he saw many practitioners of the Wang Family. They could not all be direct descendants, most of them were collateral descendants.

I have to say that the Wang family is worthy of being a powerful family that has flourished since the days of the Tianshang Sect. Even the descendants of the collateral descendants have many elites, which the White Dragon Clan cannot compare to.

Soon after, they met Wang Zheng in the main hall.

“Meet uncle”, Long Tian saluted respectfully.

Lu Yin also saluted, “Senior,” he said. Despite his identity as Xia Yuan, he didn’t know how to address Wang Zheng, so he could only say this.

Wang Zheng looked at Long Tian and said, “You are here because of your father’s affairs.”

Long Tiandao, “Yes”.

Wang Zheng said in a deep voice, “I just told what I saw and had no intention of framing your father. If your father is innocent, the Hanxian Sect will let him go, otherwise the Dragon Ancestor will not agree. You Let’s go back”.

Long Tian and Lu Yin looked at each other and handed the letter to Wang Zheng at the same time.

Wang Zheng was puzzled.

“If uncle has any doubts, you can tell at a glance,” Long Tian said.

Wang Zheng took the jade and inspected it. His expression suddenly changed, and then he inspected Shenwutian’s jade.

Lu Yin had seen the jade stone, which recorded Shen Wutian’s guesses in detail. He believed that the jade stone from the White Dragon Clan was similar, and he expected Wang Zheng to have such a reaction.

After Wang Zheng looked at the jade, he looked at Lu Yin with a solemn expression, “Is this the guess of Xia Xing and Xia Ziheng?”

Lu Yin nodded and coughed twice, “Various signs have confirmed the guesses of the sect master and ancestor Zi Heng. Seniors can think about it carefully. If it was not the Hanxian Sect, why would Bai Teng disappear? That was under the eyes of the God of Cookery. The God of Cookery is the half-ancestor of our Tree Starry Sky who is closest to the ancestral realm. He can stand side by side with the great elder Nihuang of the White Dragon Clan. For such a person, no one can capture Bai Teng quietly unless he is strong in the ancestral realm.”

Long Tian also said, “My father has absolutely no intention of dealing with Bai Teng. In fact, my uncle knows the situation of the Bailong clan. Our background is too shallow and the main line has withered. If I were not still there, there would be no branch lineage to compete with me. The rival, the father may not be the clan leader, the father is always concerned about the clan’s internal affairs, why would he suddenly take action against the Bai Teng clan leader?”

Wang is deep in thought.

Lu Yin continued, “Yu Hao from Yixian Academy is backed by Guyan Celestial Master. Han Xian Sect has been letting Bai Weiwei get close to Yu Hao. I don’t know what kind of promise he made, but Yu Hao and Han Xian Sect are getting closer and closer. , If the speculation is true, Hanxian Sect not only wants to win over Guyan Tianshi, but also wants to get the Star Alliance. Once successful, we will be at a disadvantage under the ancestral realm.”

Wang Zheng raised his eyebrows, “Even if the Star Alliance joins the Hanxian Sect, they will not be able to completely overwhelm the three of us.”

“Uncle also said that it is the three of us. We guessed the purpose of Hanxian Sect, so we came to this uncle in secret, and together we are the three parties. What if we didn’t guess?” Long Tian put forward a hypothesis.

Lu Yin couldn’t help but glance at him. This guy was quite good at talking.

Wang Zheng was brought in by Long Tian’s imagination. Once they didn’t know the purpose of Hanxian Sect, the Guyan Heavenly Master and the Star Alliance were all under the control of Hanxian Sect. It would be impossible for a single family to be Hanxian Sect’s opponent. .

“Even if Hanxian Sect defeats our three families at the level of Star Envoy and Half-Ancestor, what about the Ancestral Realm?” Wang Zheng still didn’t believe it, “Can Hanxian Sect still defeat our three ancestors on its own? ?”.

Long Tian frowned, “We haven’t figured it out either. Maybe the Hanxian Sect didn’t think we would guess their purpose, so they secretly took away the Star Alliance first. Uncle, don’t forget how the Lu family was exiled in the first place.” .

Wang Zheng’s heart sank and his brows furrowed.

Lu Yin’s eyes were stern, did Long Tian know the truth behind the Lu family’s exile? It’s impossible. He asked Xia Xing’s clone. Xia Xing’s clone didn’t know. Even Xia Yingxiong didn’t know. Even if Wang was the clan leader, he shouldn’t know based on his strength. After all, Long Ke didn’t know, otherwise he would The memory has been read a long time ago, so what does Long Tian know?

Wang Zheng sat down and stared at Long Tian, ​​”You just want me to help you rescue your father.”

Long Tiandao, “I don’t deny it, but if the speculation is true, does the Wang family want to become the next Lu family?”

Wang Zheng’s fingers trembled unconsciously.

Lu Yin said in time, “Regardless of whether the speculation is true or not, the three of us should boycott the Hanxian Sect. The Hanxian Sect is too strong, especially her.” He did not deliberately name who he wanted to point out. In fact, he did not know who he wanted to point out. , let these two people guess that he is not the real Xia Yuan, and he doesn’t know much about Sifang Balance, so he can only speak to the point.

But his words are still very effective.

“No one knows what she will do once she comes out of seclusion. No one wants to experience what the Lu family went through again.” Wang Zheng murmured to himself, then looked at Lu Yin and Long Tian, ​​”Everything is guessed. These are all just speculations, but since you are here, I have temporarily agreed to form an alliance with you. The purpose is only to contain the Hanxian Sect, not anything else, let alone actively deal with the Hanxian Sect. You must know that the biggest enemy of mankind is always the Eternals. “.

Lu Yin and the other two nodded.

Zheng rubbed his head and said, “Actually, whether Bai Teng is missing or not, even if he is dead, has nothing to do with me. I will go to Hanxian Sect again when I have the opportunity to find a way to rescue Long Ke.”

“Thank you uncle”, Long Tian was grateful.

Long Ke was imprisoned in the Hanxian Sect because he was suspected of being involved in Bai Teng’s disappearance. If the Bailong clan did not want to fall out with the Hanxian Sect, they could only ask Wang Zheng to come forward and change his testimony, otherwise they would have to go to war.

It is unlikely to start a war. Bai Teng is nothing to the Hanxian Sect, and Long Ke is nothing to the White Dragon Clan. Although the White Dragon Clan has a shallow background and few masters, they are one of the four balances after all. As long as they recruit widely Outsiders, there are always experts who defect to us.

The only person in the entire White Dragon clan who wants to save Long Ke the most is Long Tian.

“Senior, with all due respect, how many people in the Wang family know the Star Alliance’s prohibition method?” Lu Yin asked, getting to the point.

Wang Zhengdao said, “Four people, the ancestor, me, elder Wang Si and half-ancestor Wang Xun who is on the battlefield behind.”

Wang Xun is the head coach of the third formation and a powerful person at the semi-ancestor level of the Wang family.

“Old ancestor, I don’t care. Elder Wang Si is now hunting down the remnants of the Lu family in the fifth continent. As long as I don’t leave this continent, there is nothing the Hanxian Sect can do,” Wang Zhengdao said.

“So the only one left is Commander Wang Xun,” Lu Yin said.

Wang Zheng laughed, “Impossible, no one dares to plot against the commander-in-chief on the battlefield behind and cause internal strife. Once this is done, all parties will be killed together. This is an iron rule, so Duanyi will secretly control the materials on the battlefield behind, exposed. We took action and uprooted them.”

“According to speculation, the Hanxian Sect has arrested Xia Xing, the leader of the Shenwutian Sect, and detained my father, which is equivalent to obtaining two bans. Adding their own, the ban has been three, leaving only my uncle’s Wang family and Hanxian. Zong will surely find a way to take action against his uncle, and he can only take action against his uncle,” Long Tiandao said.

Wang Zheng sneered, “As long as I don’t leave this continent, no one can do anything to me.”

Lu Yin suddenly said, “Don’t forget how our sect leader disappeared.”

Wang Zheng narrowed his eyes.

Xia Xing’s disappearance was in the Zhongping Realm. No one expected that Xia Xing would suddenly go to the Zhongping Realm, but he just went.

“Why did Xia Xing go to Zhongping Realm?” Wang Zheng asked.

Long Tian also looked at Lu Yin.

About Xia Xing’s disappearance, they had some rumors, but they didn’t fully understand it. After all, it was related to Yu Hao, and it was considered a scandal for Shen Wutian. They used the Yu family to intimidate Shuzhi Xingkong, but in turn wanted to win over Yu Hao. This kind of thing It doesn’t sound good if it gets out.

Only Hanxian Sect understands that Bai Weiwei and Yu Hao are too close.

Lu Yin was in a dilemma, but still told the reason why Xia Xing went to Zhongping Realm.

Wang Zheng frowned, “Gu said that Tianshi is indeed worth winning over. It makes sense for Xia Xing to go to the Zhongping Realm for him. Is this Yu Hao suspicious?”

“Not yet. The sect master was bribed by the Unbounded Killer to assassinate him. At that time, apart from us, only Yu Hao and Dean Wen knew the reason for going to the Zhongping Realm. However, ancestor Zi Heng guessed that Bai Weiwei could also know. , Bai Weiwei and Yu Hao are too close,” Lu Yin said.

Various signs began to shift towards the Hanxian Sect again, and Lu Yin began to follow the trend. It would be best if these three families could be hostile to the Hanxian Sect, but this hostility would disappear after Yuhao’s identity was exposed, because many The origin of suspicion lies with Yu Hao.

Once it is revealed that Yu Hao is himself, and Sifang Tianping is not stupid, many things will not be established. Naturally, the so-called three alliances will also collapse.


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